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My African Clichés ( English)

On the back of the bird Sankofa, this mythical bird that flies forward, head turned back, carrying in its beak an egg that symbolizes the future, this podcast takes you to every episode in the glorious history of African continent. Develop your knowledge of African history to better understand the continent today.


How was the African pie divided (and eaten) by foreign settlers? 05:00 07/15/2019
From dictatorship to democracy in Benin Republic in 1990 05:17 07/16/2019
How did Egypt become a free Nation: The political birth of Gamal Abdel Nasser 04:34 07/17/2019
Colonial Italy defeated by Ethiopia in 1896: the unforgettable shame 05:13 07/18/2019
Miriam Makeba: Freedom fighter and life lover! 05:46 07/19/2019
Mariama BA: Pioneering African Feminist 05:45 07/23/2019
Prophetess Kimpa Vita (Dona Beatriz): she freed the pride of Africans ( well.. she tried lol) 06:15 07/24/2019
Sarah Bartman: Painful life..... Finally at peace! 06:03 07/25/2019
Wangari Maathai: Ecologist, Feminist, Peace Nobel Prize ! 06:12 07/26/2019
When will Moroccan territory be totally free from colonization? 05:37 07/27/2019
Mauritius: an African Miracle. Inspiration for the USA? 05:30 07/28/2019
Africa was in total darkness until colonization... REALLY? 05:34 07/29/2019
First declaration of human rights in 1948? Not at all! 1222, In Mali Empire! 05:26 07/30/2019
Soundiata Keita's history, oral tradition? ... so what?! 05:29 07/31/2019
Mabanckou/Baldwin/Iweala: same struggle? 06:09 08/01/2019
Mansa Musa, King of Gold; Richest man in history, was an African King! 05:59 08/02/2019
From Beylicat to modern Tunisia: The long road to freedom! 06:26 08/03/2019
Namibia: from the genocide of Hereros to freedom in 1990! 06:11 08/04/2019
Who really owns the "discovery" of America? 06:26 08/05/2019
Sharpeville: the Massacre that gave birth to Nelson, before Mandela 06:10 08/06/2019
Queen Nzinga's fantastic resistance to the Portuguese 06:14 08/07/2019
Dulcie September : the last woman standing! 06:35 08/08/2019
One country, Two independences, Four baptisms...and Bob Marley! 07:25 08/09/2019
Welcome to the First Ever World Negro Arts Festival! 06:52 08/09/2019
Come and marvel at Shona people genius! 06:25 08/09/2019
Togo's Olympio murdered: first parricide in post-independence Africa 07:01 08/10/2019
Kwame Nkrumah: The leader Africa never understood. 06:52 08/11/2019
Who are the AFRICANS? My first attempt to climb the mountain! 06:06 08/12/2019
African Literature and its triple heritage 07:16 08/13/2019
Literature and War in post-colonial Africa 06:54 08/14/2019