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2 sisters and 2 doctors. Dr Jess is a doctor who worked in the NHS, she is one of the leading natural health experts in the UK, trained in 8 other specialties including functional medicine, Chinese medicine, Western herbalism and homeopathy. Her sister Dr Xandra is a doctor of Chiropractic who runs the largest wellness Chiropractic practice in the North West training over Chiropractors to look beyond pain. Together they will teach you how to find your root causes and give you natural health and wellness advice that works. *We'll be back on May 23rd with our new episode*


Overcoming Procrastination and Perfectionism
How to become perfect? Make 1000 mistakes first!Jess and Xandra open up about the mistakes they’ve made along the way and what they’ve taught them about themselves.   Find out more about Xandra’s A-Z approach, how to reimagine the humble list and what’s the first thing you should do each day to set yourself up for success. They both mention their favourite book “The Wealthy Spirit” by Chellie Campbell and Jess talks about this enlightening NASA study:NASA's Study on children: How Traditional Schooling Reduces Creative Spark | YourStory
31:07 6/13/24
Arthritis, what is your body telling you?
After a very eventful break, Jess and Xandra are back to host another conversation around optimal health and wellbeing. This time the spotlight is on arthritis - what it is exactly and most importantly, what the body is trying to tell us through this diagnosis. As always, the gut and the immune system are places to focus our attention so that we can dampen those fires of inflammation and live a flexible, pain-free life despite signs of arthritic wear and tear. Jess and Xandra use their many years of experience treating patients to explain how calcium supplementation is far from ideal. What vitamins, minerals and herbs you should be prioritising instead and what exercises you can do to support your joints. Jess also mentions her awesome manual treadmill desk from Walkolution* supplied by their lovely UK supplier* And Cell-active curcumin plus from Cytoplan*. *We are not sponsored by any companies and are fully independent, any companies recommended are one's that have worked well for us
32:40 5/29/24
The exciting future of modern medicine: a conversation with Dr Noyan
Dr Jess is delighted to welcome Dr Noyan Muini to her practice as a fellow medical and functional medicine doctor who is passionate about personalised medicine, the power of lifestyle changes and treating the root causes of disease.As a highly experienced NHS doctor and GP, Dr Noyan's frustrations over the lack of time spent with patients, the limited framework of treatment  and the slow uptake of cutting edge science led him to find functional medicine. And to literally find Dr Jess at a previous Integrative and Personalised Medicine Congress! Together, they share the same views and passions about how best to treat patients and to give them back their health and happiness. This episode is an exciting conversation with Drs Jess, Xandra and Noyan about the future of their clinic and the future of modern medicine. If you are interested in finding out more about Dr Jess' practice, please visit 
32:40 4/11/24
To fast or not to fast?
It’s a topic that more and more people are talking about and considering as a potentially powerful way to support their health. Jess and Xandra have a lot of experience with time-restricted eating and have recently tried out longer periods of fasting. They discuss the benefits of the different types of fasting, who should and shouldn’t fast and how to make the whole process as easy as possible.
31:43 3/28/24
Who’s caring for you whilst you’re caring for them?
So many of us become carers in our lifetime, whether that be for children or for parents....or for both. And the physical and emotional responsibilities can take their toll on our health. Self-care is not selfish, in fact it's absolutely crucial to preserving our own health so that we can then help those we love. Jess and Xandra ask how can you show yourself the love you're showing for someone else? They offer words of encouragement and practical tips to those in the caring role and share their own experiences of looking after others. As a highly experienced doctor homeopath, Jess discusses which supplements and remedies are her favourites. And how to find those vital windows of calm to recharge. 
31:27 3/14/24
How do you avoid toxins and detox your life?
Detoxing goes way beyond a juice fast or a few visits to the sauna. When you consider what contributes to your toxic burden, Jess and Xandra encourage you  to examine your whole life. Every change you make, however big or small, can make a powerful difference and in this conversation, they show you how.When it comes to our food, do we think about what's nourishing us and what is harming us?  We can make positive changes easily and cheaply by buying in bulk, going straight to the producer, batch cooking, avoiding inflammatory oils and considering organic where possible. Visit the Pesticide Action Network and see which foods are on their Dirty Dozen list.Looking at your home environment, what about the air we breathe? The water we drink? The mattress we sleep on? If you're planning a house renovation, what can you consider to make it as clean as possible?We love the natural and organic mattresses from Natural Mat and they have kindly offered our podcast listeners 10% off Naturalmat and Naturalmat Baby branded products online or in-store until 31st May 2024. Use the code NATURALDOCTORS at the checkout or at one of their UK showrooms. We also love Air Doctor purifiers and paint from Earthborn. Food wise, we're big fans of Unicorn Grocery and Gazegill Organics. Our favourite cleaning products are from Ecover, Bio-D and Method.  And watching Nancy Birtwhistle on Insta! :)
31:23 2/29/24
How to use the ketogenic diet for optimal health...
Jess & Xandra are very experienced keto-ers! And this conversation gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge plus lots of useful tips and tricks to get the most out of the ketogenic diet.Find out exactly what keto is and why it might just be the reset you're looking for. They discuss the various health benefits of keto and the long term rewards, including better metabolic flexibility. What's that and why should you care? Take a listen and find out!Dr Jess has created Refresh,  a comprehensive nutrition programme using a ketogenic/low carb approach to nutrition.  It's an incredible 30 day anti-inflammatory health reset  that demonstrates the true power of food as medicine.Refresh contains everything you need to master a ketogenic diet. Using years of experience and research, Dr Jess has created a wide variety of meal plans, shopping lists and tasty recipes. Plus you will find a huge number of supporting  articles, videos, quizzes and evidence-based research to keep you on track.Thousands of her patients have benefited from following the programme, realising how simple, small changes in the choices that they make can transform how they feel.Refresh is available to buy by emailing Dr Jess' natural health practice at 
30:39 2/15/24
Our top tips for thriving not surviving this winter
For many of us, winter can be a struggle and although light nights are ahead, Jess and Xandra want to offer their top health hacks for making the most of now!
31:36 2/1/24
Creating an optimal inner circle
Jess and Xandra discuss the Circle Of Life and no, that's not the Elton John song! Who and what do you surround yourself with? Who's nourishing you and who's depleting you?What's the environment like that you've created? Do you feel like you have the power to create the life you really want?The sisters open up about their own support network and how they've had to make some hard decisions in recent years. They explore their own spiritual beliefs and ask "does everything happen as it's meant to?"
30:12 1/4/24
Questioning the status quo: listen, test, learn
In this episode, Jess & Xandra open up about the discomfort (and ultimately, the freedom!) of questioning their fixed beliefs and being willing enough to change.  Do you withstand a strong opposing voice? Or do you listen and accept the possibility that they might be right? The Covid pandemic taught us so much about questioning the party line, trusting our instincts and finding our own ways to take back control of our health.Is a research trial really the gold standard? Jess & Xandra discuss the power of their years of clinical experience, of listening to their patients and of not being afraid to push the boundaries and continue to experiment. They look at what their "universal truths" are and what things they're rethinking. Their answers might shock you!
31:02 12/21/23
What is toxin overload and how do we improve our ability to detoxify?
We're bombarded by approximately 7,000 different toxins each day and our bodies are overloaded. But how many of us take the time to consider how these are affecting our skin, hormone balance, digestive health and weight? And do we know what to do about them?Jess and Xandra are passionate about living clean and doing it one step at a time. Whether it's thinking about the cleaning products we use in our home, the make-up we put on our face or the water we drink, there's always something we can do to make a positive difference. They highlight some of their favourite, non-toxic brands like Ecover, Earthborn and Carr Greens. Plus how certain supplements can make a big difference to support our detox pathways including gut, liver, kidney and skin.. They also discuss the power of saunas and coffee enemas in helping our bodies to detoxify and work optimally. 
31:08 12/7/23
Who has authority over you? The importance of an open mind
Are we encouraged to question the status quo? Is healthy debate allowed? Are institutions like our school and medical systems truly set up with our best interests at heart?Jess and Xandra query everything. And in this episode, inspire you to do the same! They discuss the devastating impact of the Covid pandemic on democratic freedom of speech and our health outcomes.They look at the amazing research that shows how people can learn very effectively but very differently than our current education structure. And how we can take back control of our own health by interrogating what we're told, seeking out alternate viewpoints and trusting our gut instincts. It's a powerful conversation that we hope will get people talking!
31:18 11/23/23
How flexibility is key for optimal health: what is allostasis?
Human beings must be able to adapt to external pressures and stressors in order to survive and thrive. Through conventional medicine and modern technology, our bodies are being suppressed and restrained with potentially devastating consequences.  Xandra and Jess discuss the importance of flexibility across three key areas for optimal health.  They discuss the crucial concepts of homeostasis v allostasis and proprioception & nociception. Big words but simple philosophies that can make a huge difference to our health!
31:30 11/9/23
It's Autumn! Our Natural Doctors survival guide
Jess and Xandra discuss do's and don'ts for Autumn following ancient wisdom, traditional food recommendations and their experience in practice to keep you and your family healthy and happy as the nights draw in. 
31:00 10/26/23
Our top food myths that might surprise you!
What is a healthy diet? We discuss the common food industry myths that we inherently believe as a society and easy habits and changes  to your diet from our clinical experience that will transform your health. 
32:25 10/12/23
Can you become confident with a strong mindset?
Xandra describes her own journey to trust her inner confidence and the many ways she helped her sister  overcome her low self esteem and self confidence.  Together they describe their top tips for developing a strong mindset and projecting confidence. 
30:21 9/28/23
Is there hope for chronic pain? Dealing with the root cause...
How to break the cycle of chronic pain and address the root causes. Dr Jess and Xandra share their extensive clinical experience treating chronic pain and showing their patients that by working on their underlying root causes they can break the pattern of pain and heal.
30:42 9/14/23
Our Top 10 Daily Habits - Part 2
Jess & Xandra’s top 10 list of things they do (mostly) daily to supercharge their health now and in the future…Part 2! 
33:36 8/31/23
Our Top 10 Daily Habits For Health
Jess & Xandra’s top 10 list of things they do (mostly) daily to supercharge their health now and in the future, they didn’t manage it in 30 minutes so part 2 is next time!
35:06 8/17/23
Our business journey and top tips for success!
The last few years have had some big ups and downs and we've gained a lot of experience and grown a lot. These are some of the things we've learnt which we hope can help you become successful faster!
31:46 8/3/23
Sugar 101 - Why we should all be looking at our sugar levels...
Sugar is one of the hardest to deal with and most prevalent addictions of the 21st century, how did this happen? Why is it so important to work on our sugar control? and how can you change your own relationship to sugar.  
31:11 7/20/23
Understanding cholesterol and how to and whether you should work on it
Jess & Xandra discuss cholesterol, what your tests mean, what other tests are useful, how to change and understand your risks and how to naturally support your cholesterol. Dr Jess has done this with thousands of patients and statins are not the only answer!
30:31 7/6/23
All about methylene blue, the ultimate biohack - The Natural Doctors talk with Dr Scott Sherr
Jess and Xandra talk to Dr Scott Sherr from Troscriptions all about the awesome science and patient experiences using methylene blue.  This safe and easy biohack can transform your energy and focus. Troscriptions is available from their clinic. 
49:50 6/22/23
Our top tips for a happy, healthy summer
Jess & Xandra discuss their favourite ways to make summer great including the best tips for dealing with heat and sun, safe sunscreens, whether you can build sun tolerance and supplements and healthy foods for summer and the benefits of grounding. 
30:59 6/8/23
Beating Long Covid
Long COVID has been a common issue in both Jess & Xandra’s clinic. They discuss the research, what they have seen work in their patients and how to recover if COVID has knocked your health off track. 
30:23 6/1/23
Dealing with food allergies and sensitivities and hayfever
Jess and Xandra explain the different categories of allergies (food and seasonal), sensitivities and intolerances, how these might be affecting you, how to test for them and how to heal from them. 
31:09 5/18/23
How inflammation drives disease and health issues in the modern world
Jess & Xandra discuss exactly what inflammation is, how this response goes wrong, what can trigger it, their experiences treating patients with chronic inflammation and how you can reduce it in order to heal
30:50 5/4/23
The most powerful driver to change your health - mindset
Dr Jess and Dr Xandra discuss the impact that mindset has had on everything in their life and how they stay positive and on track during life's many different setbacks. This is the advice they wish someone had given them growing up!
31:55 4/24/23
How to lose weight and what might be blocking you, simple tips
Dr Jess & Xandra have lost a whopping 7 stone between them and kept it off so losing weight and body confidence is a topic close to their heart. They give you the latest evidence based tips for losing weight and what they found has worked for themselves and hundreds of their patients. 
31:51 4/6/23
Surviving winter - our hints and tips for a great beginning to 2023
January and February are dark, cold and damp and many of us struggle with energy levels, mood and our immune health at this time of year. Jess & Xandra discuss how to combat winter bugs and bring up your energy and mood naturally.
31:14 1/19/23