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The Future of Multichain with SushiSwap w/ Sarang Parikh, Core Developer of Sushi – 72
Sarang Parikh, core developer of SushiSwap is here to discuss everything you need to know about one of the most famous Defi platforms in the crypto space. Hot topics such as Layer 0, staying competitive, thoughts on multichain, and Sushi's long-term plan are all well covered in this podcast.Timestamp1:35 Intro 2:08 How Sarang got into crypto3:41 What is SushiSwap?5:40 What is Sushi X Swap?8:09 What is Layer 0?18:38 How many chains do Sushi support?19:42 How Sushi stays competitive21:43 Opinion on DEXs building own cross-chain swaps?23:13 Thoughts on multichain27:50 Downsides of multichain32:20 Sushi's long-term plan34:30 OutroLinksSushi: https://www.coingecko.comSocial MediaTwitter:
35:33 09/23/2022
How Sudoswap Is Changing The NFT Game w/ Owen, Co-Founder of Sudoswap – 71
Owen, co-founder of Sudoswap is here to discuss everything you need to know about the decentralized NFT marketplace while answering all questions related to Sudoswap and NFT in general. Hot topics such as royalties debate, devaluation of NFT collaterals, short-term and long-term projects are all well covered in this podcast.Timestamp2:01 Intro3:23 What is Sudoswap?4:20 Why choose Sudoswap over Opensea?6:12 Interesting facts about Sudoswap’s protocol?7:48 Recent surge of Sudoswap’s popularity10:30 NFT royalties debate14:33 NFT Collectors vs Traders16:18 Is Sudoswap inevitable?18:40 The future features of Sudoswap19:43 The effect of NFT lending24:24 Sudoswap’s short-term and long-term plan25:23 OutroWatch the Podcast on YouTubeLinksSudoswap: https://www.coingecko.comSocial MediaSudoswapTwitter:
26:01 09/09/2022
Is Solana Stepping Up? with George Harrap, Co-Founder of Step Finance - Ep. 70
 George Harrap, co-founder of Step Finance is here to discuss the protocol as a portfolio manager, answering questions that are aimed to grant you further insight into the Solana ecosystem and how it differentiates from other projects! Timestamps 01:33 Intro03:10 Comments on the bear market? 05:04 Step Finance explored12:07 Interesting statistics on the Solana ecosystem 16:56 What is Solana floor? 20:44 Has the hackings on Solana affected the protocol in any way? 24:52 Thoughts on the Macalinao brothers propping up Solana's TVL? 28:20 Anything interesting so far in the ecosystem that people should be aware of? 38:16 Is the shape of the Solana community becoming clear? 34:51 WIll step Bridge the gap in the Solana community? 35:54 Step's plans for the next few months Watch the Podcast on Youtube Links Step Finance: CoinGecko: Social MediaStep FinanceTwitter: CoinGecko:      
40:00 08/26/2022
Is Tron's USDD the next UST? with Justin Sun, Founder of Tron Network - Ep. 69
Justin Sun, Founder of Tron Network is here to discuss on USDD, the network's stablecoin, answering questions to grant you further insight into USDD and how it differentiates itself from other stablecoins! Timestamps 01:30 Intro 02:03 An overview of the Tron Network 05:50 What is USDD and why did TronDAO issue it? 12:15 How is USDD different as a stablecoin? 19:10 Any plans to add collateralized assets in the future? 21:27 How is Tron bootstrapping liquidity and to promote the use of USDD? 26:06 Where is the USDD's yield coming from? 32:00 Is fear on USDD's depeg affecting adoption rate?  Watch the Podcast on Youtube Links TronDAO: CoinGecko: Social Media Tron Network: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: CoinGecko:      
40:29 08/19/2022
Building Layer-2s with Erick De Moura, CEO of Cartesi - Ep. 68
 Erick De Moura, CEO of Cartesi is here to discuss the thought process behind building Layer-2 solutions, and how the project differentiates itself from other chains by revolutionizing the coding scene for newcomers to Web3!Timestamps01:30 Intro04:54 What is Cartesi? 06:31 How does Cartesi compare to other chains 10:08 Cartesi's accessibility for people with not much coding knowledge 11:47 What separates Cartesi from other existing L2 solutions? 15:27 Cartesi's testnet timeline 17:04 Are there too many L1/ L2 solutions now? 20:55 Is Cartesi looking to partner with smart device companies to boost adoption? 23:50 Thoughts on ZK-proof 29:11 Where do you see the future for L2s? Will traditional OS's implement blockchain tech? 33:13 Additional info tidbits! Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Cartesi: CoinGecko: Social Media Cartesi: CoinGecko:
36:56 08/12/2022
How Oracles can be Optimistic with Hart Lambur, Co-Founder of UMA - Ep. 67
Hart Lambur, Co-Founder of UMA is here to discuss the thought process behind Oracles and how they play a role in providing accurate information with the aim of revolutionizing the Web3 space! Timestamps[01:30] Intro [03:52] What is UMA? [06:16] As an Oracle, how do you ensure that information provided is accurate? [09:07] What goes on behind the scenes for oracles?  [14:01] Can the system handle situations where market participants are 'irrational'? [19:35] UMA's token discussion [20:27] A dive into UMA's other products [24:10] An overview of the Oracle ecosystem and the state of the industry [29:50] What kind of role do Oracles play in cross-chain systems? [32:30] Could we see a future where Oracles and bridges fuse into one product? [37:44] What would you say is an underrated issue that Oracles addresses in the industry? [44:20] Any extra bits of info on UMA? Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks UMA: CoinGecko: Social Media UMA: CoinGecko:
46:41 08/05/2022
The Future of Cross-Chain Bridging with Alex Smirnov, Co-Founder of deBridge- Ep. 66
Alex Smirnov, Co-Founder of deBridge is here to discuss the thought process behind the creation of deBridge and how the project aims to innovate and revolutionize blockchain bridges securely and efficiently!Timestamps[01:30] Intro[05:04] What is deBridge and how many cross-chains are supported? [07:40] What makes deBridge different? [11:50] Bridge vulnerabilities to hacks [18:31] What factors need to be considered, infrastructure and security-wise? [19:59] Are there any challenges faced when building? [28:54] Anything you'd like to share? [30:11] Addressing fragmented liquidity issuesWatch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks deBridge: CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial Media deBridge: CoinGecko:
34:25 07/29/2022
Why is dYdX migrating to Cosmos? with Corey Miller, Growth Lead of dYdX - Ep. 65
Corey Miller, Growth Lead of dYdX is here to discuss the thought process behind the migrational shift to the Cosmos ecosystem. This podcast covers all you need to know about the shift and how it aims to revolutionize the platform in the world of DeFi! Timestamps [01:30] Intro [05:50] What is dYdX? [07:08] Why is dYdX moving to Cosmos? [10:36] Why Cosmos? What is the appeal? [11:51] Are there any potential risks for the change? [14:59] Is this migration a bet on the Cosmos ecosystem? What about Ethereum? [17:40] Has dYdX planned the move for a while? [18:40] Thoughts on the decentralization/ centralization dynamic? [21:00] Challenges with the Cosmos implementation? [23:20] Do you think protocols will migrate out of their basechains to manage their own chains? [25:56] dYdX's plans in a timeline [26:31] What core features will be added or changed on dYdX in the future? [27:23] Will there be airdrops and incentives in the future? Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks dYdX: CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial Media dYdX: CoinGecko:
29:27 07/22/2022
The Importance of Zero-knowledge Proof with Alex Pruden, COO of Aleo - Ep.64
 Alex Pruden, COO of Aleo is here to discuss on the thought process behind the creation of Aleo, and the importance of zero-knowledge proof blockchains and how they aim to elevate privacy in the world of Web3! Timestamps [01:31] Intro [05:18] What is ZK proof and where does Aleo come into play? [10:30] How is online data stored nowadays and how does ZK proof tie in? [15:56] How does this balance in with accountability and transparency  [20:20] Aleo uses a Proof-of-Succinct-Work consensus model, why choose this? [25:40] Could you describe the different standards of privacy and where does ZK proof stand in it? [31:31] Why did Aleo build it's own blockchain? [34:20] What are Aleo's plans for 2022? [35:20] Extra bits to share? Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Aleo: CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial Media Aleo: CoinGecko:
40:23 07/01/2022
Growing your portfolio through Investment DAOs with Ramon Recuero, Founder of Babylon Finance - Ep. 63
Ramon Recuero, founder of Babylon Finance is here to discuss the thought process behind the creation of the project, how it offers various investment services to its users, and how the project aims to revolutionize the investment DAO space in the near future! Timestamps[01:30] Intro[04:14] What is Babylon Finance and how does it work? [06:51] What kind of products does Babylon Finance offer? [09:11] The pros and cons on investment DAOs as opposed to self-investing [13:03] Interesting stats on the protocol [15:15] How does Babylon manage community expectations?[17:22] What actions did Babylon take during the Luna catastrophe? [21:39] Is Babylon planning to implement robo-advisory and automation?[23:30] Any discussions on supporting MEV bots? [25:52] Thoughts on the investment DAOs and it's future direction of the industry?[30:24] What are Babylon's plans for 2022[32:57] Any extra sharing points? Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Babylon Finance: CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial Media Babylon Finance: CoinGecko:
36:00 06/23/2022
What's Next for the GameFi Space? with Daniel Tamas, CEO of WAM - Ep.62
Daniel Tamas, CEO of WAM is here to discuss the thought process behind the creation of WAM, a hyper-casual focused gaming platform, and how it aims to revolutionize the GameFi space in the near future! Timestamps[01:30] Intro [02:42] What is WAM? Is it a game or a platform? [06:57] What are hypercasual games? [08:36] Stats on WAM [11:01] How many games on WAM right now? [14:44] Why the hypercasual game business model? [18:23] What does the WAM token do? [19:52] How would NFTs fit into WAM? [24:14] What are your thoughts of GameFi today? [28:31] Why did WAM build on Binance, and any plans to expand? [31:09] Additional thoughts [32:36] What are WAMS future plans? Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinksWAM: https://www.coingecko.comSocial MediaWAM:
35:14 06/17/2022
Earning Sustainable Yield In DeFi with Uddhav Marwaha, CEO of Friktion Labs - Ep.61
Uddhav Marwaha, CEO and co-founder of Friktion Labs is here to discuss the thought process behind the creation of Friktion, how the project aims to capitalize on the growth of financial instruments in DeFi, and bridging the complexity gap between traders and financial tools!  Timestamps[01:30] Intro [03:36] What is Friktion protocol? [03:50] What are Volts? What kind of portfolio strategies do you offer? [08:54] Would the protocol grow to advise users on strategies? [11:23] Why the decision was made to share on preferred strategies [13:54] Bridging the gap between traders and complex financial instruments [16:01] Why the Solana chain? [18:55] Thoughts on where the industry is going [21:45] Tokenized futures [23:00] Any hint on what Friktion's token would look like? [26:02] Any opportunities for Friktion to tap into NFTs? [28:50] Closing thoughts Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Friktion Labs: CoinGecko: Social Media Friktion Labs: CoinGecko:
32:51 06/10/2022
Building A Web3 Employment Cooperative with John Paller, founder of Opolis - Ep.60
John Paller, founder of Opolis is here to discuss on the thought process behind the creation of Opolis, and how the project aims to create an employment co-operative with various benefits unique to Web3! Timestamps[01:30] Intro [07:15] What is Opolis? [12:24] Why is Opolis important for independent workers as opposed to traditional HR systems? [18:29] What are the features of the 'work' token [31:27] Examples of services and benefits Opolis members currently have [36:02] Are there benefits unique to Web3? [38:21] How is this executed? [41:20] What is the role of Decentralized Employment Organizations in the Opolis ecosystem? [44:39] What are Opolis's plans for 2022? Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinksOpolis: CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial MediaOpolis:
49:32 06/03/2022
Disrupting Traditional Music Industry with Roneil Rumburg, CEO of Audius - Ep.59
Roneil Rumburg, co-founder and CEO of Audius is here to discuss on the project itself and how it aims to disrupt the traditional music industry, and to share deep insights on the direction of the music industry and how Audius fits in these plans as we transition to the world of Web3! Timestamps [01:30] Intro [04:53] What is Audius and how does it solve issues within the music industry? [09:42] What separates Audius from web2 counterparts? [12:53] Thoughts on a subscription model like Patreon?[16:23] The role of $AUDIO token [20:06] How many artists and subscribers do Audius have? [22:22] Audius and music censorship[30:05] Unique challenges Audius faced [32:10] Does Audius have any NFT integration plans? [34:48] Where do you see the future of the music industry?[40:41]  Audius' plans for 2022 [42:30] Closing thoughts Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Audius: CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial Media Audius: CoinGecko:
44:16 05/25/2022
Understanding Bitcoin Lightning Network with Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex -Ep. 58
Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex is here to to discuss about the exchange as well as all things bitcoin! You'll be filled in on the facts of the exchange itself, from upcoming Bitfinex products to its role in the Lightning Network. Timestamps[01:30] Intro[05:14] What does your day-to-day look like at Bitfinex? [09:25] Could you share more on new BitFinex product innovations? [18:27] What development support is provided on the Lightning Network and why this network in particular? [29:43] Proof-of-Work has been commonly criticized due to energy consumption, how is this being addressed? [36:12] What are your thoughts on El Salvador’s “volcano token”? [40:13] How much progress do you think the industry is making as far as looking for alternative and more sustainable sources? [41:03] What are Bitfinex's plans for 2022? [44:47] Closing thoughts Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Bitfinex: CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial Media Bitfinex: CoinGecko:
46:29 05/18/2022
Uncovering Sports Memorabilia NFTs with Niko Hosn, CTO of RareMint -Ep. 57
Niko Hosn, CTO of RareMint is here to discuss on the crossover between sports memorabilia through NFTs and Web3. You'll be filled in on the project itself, the potential of the market and RareMint's unique role in the space. Timestamps[01:30] Intro[03:03] What are sports memorabilia and Raremint's NFT role in it? [05:37] What is Raremint's role in regard to NFT collectables? [07:07] How does RareMint differentiate itself from other NFT platforms? [08:42] How often to NFT drops occur and it's participation rates? [14:54] What is the biggest or most exciting NFT sale yet on RareMint? [16:09] Can RareMint owners redeem their corresponding physically backed-asset? [18:17] One of the biggest barriers of entry to NFTs are intangibility. How does RareMint's address acceptance gap fpr collectors who want to hold their assets IRL? [21:47] How big is the sports memorabilia market? [25:13] Any tips and tricks for budding sports memorabilia collectors/investors? [27:16] What are RareMint's plans for 2022? Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinksRareMint: https://www.coingecko.comSocial MediaRareMint:
30:32 05/12/2022
Scaling Proof-of-Work Consensus with Francesco Melpignano, CEO of Kadena Eco -Ep. 56
Francesco Melpignano, CEO of Kadena Eco is here to discuss on the though process behind the creation of Kadena, and to give us deep insights into the inner workings of the Kadena ecosystem, how it aims to scale Proof-of-Work consensus, and the future opportunities the protocol presents! Timestamps[01:29] Intro[04:00] What is the Kadena Chain and Kadena Eco? [07:17] How does Kadena plan to tackle the blockchain trilemma? [12:03] Answering the bridging issues [14:30] How does Kadena address PoW energy consumption? [15:58] What does Kadena Eco specifically offer? [25:10] Interesting data on Kadena [26:40] Biggest challenges faced building the ecosystem [28:11] How does Kadena plan to cultivate the community whilst extracting mindshare and talent of other altchains? [31:08] Kadena Eco's plans for 2022 Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Kadena:    CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.comSocial Media Kadena: CoinGecko:
36:06 05/05/2022
Bringing Privacy to NFTs and DeFi with Guy Zyskind, Co-founder of Secret Network - Ep. 55
Guy Zyskind, co-founder Of Secret Network is here to discuss with us his journey of creating Secret. He shares the importance of privacy in blockchains, Secret’s encryption methods, and some practical applications for having this level of privacy on the blockchain.Timestamps[01:30] Intro[03:11] What is Secret Network? [04:28] Privacy level difference between conventional blockchains and Secret? [09:20] What separates Secret from other chains and altcoins? [16:28] What utility does SCRT token have? [18:25] Why did Secret choose the Cosmos ecosystem? [21:09] How do you reconcile privacy with principles like accountability and privacy? [26:39] How to encourage users to protect themselves and their privacy using platforms like Secret? [32:40] What are Secret's plans for 2022? [37:08] Closing thoughts on Secret Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinksSecret Network: https://www.coingecko.comSocial MediaSecret Network:
40:17 04/27/2022
Are Institutions Coming Into Crypto? with Philippe Bekhazi, CEO of XBTO - Ep.54
We are joined by Phillippe Bekhazi, CEO and Founder of XBTO. Bezhaki gives us an insight into XBTO, cryptofinance, and the fintech environment as a whole! Watch on Geckos! Timestamps[01:30] Intro[03:48] What is XBTO[04:36] How much of XBTO’s revenue comes from market-maker services?[06:03] What is the institutional demand of XBTO’s market-making services?[07:21] What is XBTO’s core investment thesis?[10:18] What’s an underrated piece of market infrastructure you believe is lacking in the space?[13:37] With XBTO members having strong TradFi backgrounds, how has this help with XBTO’s edge?[17:18] Has recent events impacted valuations, whether in your portfolio or the broader crypto/ fintech environment?[19:51] Insights on the miner network and demand amidst recent events[23:40] To what extent has institutions are in the crypto space?[28:52] Is the crypto ecosystem mature enough to handle these players?[33:39] What are XBTO’s plans for 2022?Watch the Podcast on YoutubeLinksXBTO: https://www.coingecko.comSocial MediaXBTO:
36:56 04/24/2022
Empowering Web 3.0 Adoption with Josh Neuroth, Head of Product at Ankr Protocol - Ep.53
We are joined by Josh Neuroth, Head of Product of Ankr Protocol. Neuroth gives us an insight into Ankr and Web3, the revolutionary new iteration of the world wide web and how Ankr fits in it. Timestamps [01:30] Intro[02:50] Web3 in Josh’s words[05:40] Ankr’s role within Web3[07:27] How Ankr enable the ‘average’ joe’ to participate in providing / supporting Web3?[09:01] Josh’s thougts on Alchemy, a similar service to Ankr[11:09] Companies that approached Ankr [11:54] What new plans/developments are there in the pipeline for Ankr? [14:12] Insight into Ankr bridges[16:09]How will Ankr mitigate the Web3 centralization risk?[17:41] How has the node industry develop over the last few years?[19:14]  Thoughts on the user experience for Web3 and the generational divide?[22:34] What are your predictions for the Web3 infrastructure ecosystem in the future?[25:09] Is Web3 a Web2 killer? Can Web3 and Web2 coexist?[27:09] Closing thoughtsWatch the Podcast on YoutubeLinksAnkr Protocol: https://www.ankr.comCoinGecko: Social MediaAnkr Protocol:
29:32 04/13/2022
Building Successful Crypto Bridges with Sunny Aggarwal, Co-founder of Osmosis Labs - Ep.52
 We are joined by Sunny Aggarwal, Co-Founder of Osmosis Labs. Aggarwal gives us an insight into Osmosis, a proof-of-stake automated market maker for the Cosmos ecosystem. We also covered the importance of blockchain bridges and how to successfully build them! Timestamps[01:30] Intro [04:30] What is Osmosis and why building on the Cosmos ecosystem?[08:11] What separates Osmosis from other cross-chain automated market makers? [13:15] Challenges in bridging assets from chains like Ethereum[19:45] Technical differences between SDK chains and non-SDK chains [28:02] Do you see centralized exchanges as your competitors[32:19] The role of the Osmosis token (OSMO) [40:19] Osmosis' plans for 2022 Watch the Podcast on YouTubeLinks Osmosis: CoinGecko - Media Osmosis Labs: CoinGecko:
46:14 04/05/2022
Bringing DeFi Into NFTs with Ben Lakoff, Co-founder of Charged Particles - Ep.51
In this episode, we are joined by Ben Lakoff, Co-founder of Charged Particles. Lakoff gives us an insight into Charged Particles, a unique protocol that lets you put digital assets inside your NFTs. We'll cover all you need to know about this groundbreaking new project! Timestamps [01:56] Intro [03:14] Ben’s favourite NFT [03:57] What is Charged Particle?[05:30] How is the ‘bundling’ function achieved?[09:01] What users do you see using the platform? [11:04] Charged Particle and gaming guilds[12:06] Are the gaming guilds part of the DAO?[13:10] Role of Charged Particle tokens [13:56] Interesting protocol statistics [16:07] Implications of ‘Charging’ from the perspective of other contract functions[18:02] Can you mint NFTs on the platform directly?[19:19] Plans to move onto other chains?[19:49] What is ParticlonWatch the Podcast on YoutubeLinks Charged Particles: CoinGecko: Social Media Charged Particles: CoinGecko: 
24:20 03/29/2022
100x Growth For Crypto Options Market? with Pankaj Balani, CEO of Delta Exchange - Ep.50
In this episode, we are joined by Pankaj Balani, CEO of Delta Exchange. Pankaj gives us an insight into Delta Exchange, one of the leading derivatives exchanges in the crypto space and also covers all you need to know, from opportunities to advice on trading crypto derivatives!Timestamps[01:29] Intro[02:40] What is Delta Exchange?[05:30] Why is there surging interest in crypto derivatives?[13:48] What are options and why are they popular?[20:26] Interesting statistics on options[26:00] Relationship between BTC and it’s underlying derivatives[35:10] Pakaj’s thoughts on the high leverage market[42:12] The growing popularity of BTC future ETFs and US legalization of BTC Spot ETFs[47:30] Will decentralized derivatives affect the success of centralized derivatives?[53:22] Pakaj’s advice for starting derivatives trading in cryptoWatch the Podcast on YouTubeLinksDelta Exchange: Social MediaDelta Exchange: CoinGecko:
56:49 03/22/2022
Discovering Crypto Alphas with Alex Svanevik, Founder of Nansen - Ep.49
In this episode, we are joined by Alex Svanevik, founder of Nansen. Alex gives us an insight into Nansen, the blockchain analytics platform and breaks down crypto alphas with Nansen's data. Timestamps [01:29] Intro [02:05] What is Nansen?[04:01] What type of product/data Nansen offers? [07:18] Nansen and AI [12:17] Nansen's "State of the Industry" Report- Smart money[23:50] How does one get better at NFT trading? [31:00] Alex's thoughts on gaming chains [40:02] What inferences can be draws on success of DAOs? [42:49] Obstacles faced for institutional adoption [47:42] Alex's crypto predictions for 2022 [50:55] Nansen's plan for 2022Watch the Podcast on YoutubeWebsite Nansen - CoinGecko - Social Media Nansen: CoinGecko:
54:47 03/17/2022
Building Decentralized Autonomous Companies with Elena Sinelnikova, Co-founder of Metis - Ep.48
In this episode, we are joined by Elena Sinelnikova, co-founder and CEO of Metis. Elena gives us an insight into Metis, an Ethereum L2 scalability solution and platform that allows to create and manage Decentralized Autonomous Companies and how the project uniquely differentiates itself from other L2s.Timestamps[01:30] Intro[04:18] What is Metis?[06:14] The Metis architecture, security and decentralization[12:48] What are Decentralized Autonomous Companies?[17:25] What is the Metis token?[21:53] What are the current issues with DAOs and why DACs are needed?[25:06] Are there mechanisms to mitigate the centralization of power within DACs?[27:19] What separates Metis from other L2s?[29:48] Metis and stablecoins?[31:43] Elena’s thoughts on the exponential growth of L2 solutions for Ethereum[33:45] Metis’s plans for 2022 Watch the Podcast on YouTubeLinksMetis Protocol- - Social MediaMetis DAO:
36:39 03/04/2022
Disrupting Mortgage Industry Through NFTs? w/ Karl Jacob, Founder of LoanSnap - Ep. 47
In this episode, we are joined by Karl Jacob, founder of LoanSnap. Karl gives us an insight on how Bacon protocol aims to provide DeFi wallet owners with access to the mortgage markets and allow these owners to preserve and grow their wealth![00:00:54] Intro[00:01:41] Why the name Bacon? [00:02:31] The relationship between LoanSnap and Bacon Protocol[00:03:00] What is Bacon Protocol?[00:07:45] What is the bHOME token?[00:10:01] Is Bacon a stablecoin issuer backed by mortgage loans?[00:10:44] How is return generated for investors?[00:13:09] What houses does Bacon accept as collateral?[00:14:39] How Decentralized is Bacon Protocol?[00:19:08] What makes Bacon Protocol unique from competition like Centrifuge?[00:21:30] Interesting stats on Bacon Protocol[00:23:41] What can the mortgage industry take advantage of beyond the usual NFTs?[00:26:44] Bacon Protocol’s future plansWatch the Podcast on YoutubeWebsiteBacon Protocol - - Social MediaBacon Protocol:
30:57 02/17/2022
What's next for Rarible? with Alex Salnikov, Co-founder of Rarible - Ep. 46
In this episode, Ben, research analyst at CoinGecko is joined by Alex Salnikov, Co-founder of Rarible. Alex gives us an insight into the world of Rarible and how it uniquely differentiates itself from other NFT marketplaces in this booming NFT space![00:00:00] Intro[00:01:44] Alex’s background and his favourite NFT(s)[00:03:47] What is Rarible?[00:12:10] Rarible’s differentiation to other NFT marketplaces [00:14:25] The motive behind decentralizing Rarible through governance tokens[00:18:47] How is the Rarible community different from other communities?  [00:20:42] Minting directly from marketplace contracts vs self-created contracts[00:22:38] Thoughts on the current state of infrastructure for buying and selling NFTs[00:24:45] What's the most essential feature that's missing from the NFT marketplace?[00:26:00] Rarible’s plans for 2022 onwardsQuotes from the episode:“The state of the industry is quite peculiar these days. I think the industry grown very, very fast.” [00:22:50]“So we'll see how this NFTs penetrate, like basically every part of the media industry I would say.” [00:24:32]Watch the Podcast on YouTubeWebsiteRarible - - MediaRarible:
29:43 01/28/2022
What is the future of NFTs? With Stephen Young, Co-Founder of NFTfi - Ep. 45
In this episode, Ben, research analyst at CoinGecko is joined by Stephen Young, Co- Founder of NFTfi. Stephen gives us an insight into the world of NFTs, the challenges faced unique to NFT-type loans and how NFTfi aims to pave the way for NFT loans! [00:00:44] Intro[00:01:52] Stephen’s professional career and artistic background[00:02:37] What is NFTfi and how does it work?[00:06:04] Stephen’s favorite NFT?[00:08:57] Challenges faced: NFT vs. DeFi type loans[00:13:07] Why is provenance important?[00:16:56] What creates value for NFTs?[00:23:55] The correlation between mindset and value in NFTs[00:29:03] Thoughts on fractionalization NFTs[00:31:51] How to address the core issues faced by NFT holders?[00:37:54] How do you spot a fake NFT?[00:43:00] Stephen’s thoughts on NFT collecting[00:50:40] NFTfi’s plans for 2022Quotes from the episode:“when NFTs came around and, you know, really allowed me to take my professional career where like having a history in software development, as well as finance and combine it with one of my private passions, which is art” [00:02:25] “...what we allow on NFTfi is, it allows people with NFTs to get a cryptocurrency loan using the NFT as collateral.” [00:02:43]“NFTfi is a peer to peer marketplace, where people with NFTs can list their NFTs on our platform and people with capital, can then make them offers to give them loans on those NFTs, using them as collateral.” [00:02:52]Watch the Podcast on YouTubeWebsiteNFTfi - - MediaNFTfi:
57:45 01/20/2022
Tackling Miner Extractable Value with Caleb Sheridan, Core Developer of the Eden Network - Ep. 44
In this episode, Ben, research analyst at CoinGecko is joined by Caleb Sheridan, Core Developer of the Eden Network. Caleb gives us an insight into MEV, the current issues faced with transactions, and how the Eden Network aims to solve it.[00:00:45] Intro[00:01:12] Caleb’s background and how he started in crypto[00:03:14] How miners process transactions on the Ethereum Network[00:05:23] MEV and miner networks explained[00:07:25] Eden Network’s role in overcoming the issue with MEVs[00:09:05] Eden Network and how it allows priority queues in NFT mints[00:11:15] Is this the best method to process blocks? How the Eden Network benefits miners[00:13:04] ETH 2.0 and what impact it has on Eden Network[00:14:57] Should we be concern with Proof-of-Stake?[00:21:21] Thoughts on EIP4488 and it’s effect on the Eden Network[00:23:41] Eden Network’s big role in ETH 2.0[00:25:23] Caleb’s advice on shaping the future network's successQuotes from the episode:“It's very easy to lose money using Ethereum, even when submitting transactions.” [00:25:39] “My advice would be to do your own research and look into alternative ways to submit your transactions, to get better results.” [00:26:00]“If everybody on Ethereum did this or everybody on Ethereum, used all of the options that are at their disposal, we would be seeing a lot less money going into the pockets of harmful MEV bot operators.” [00:26:06]Watch the Podcast on YouTubeWebsiteEden Network - - MediaEden Network:
27:25 12/29/2021
Diving into Stablecoins and Unit of Accounts with Evan Kuo, Founder and CEO of Ampleforth - Ep. 43
In this episode, Ben, research analyst at CoinGecko is joined by Evan Kuo, Founder and CEO of Ampleforth. Evan gives us an insight into the mechanism of Ampleforth, its algorithmic unit of account AMPL, and how he thinks stablecoin will evolve and co-exist with fiat.[00:00:40] Intro[00:01:08] Evan's background and how he started in crypto[00:04:10] What is AMPL?[00:06:12] AMPL versus stablecoin[00:09:09] What separates AMPL from other units of account?[00:13:50] Thoughts on the stablecoin mechanisms[00:18:16] The mechanism of Ampleforth protocol[00:20:33] How do we increase adoption of stablecoin outside crypto?[00:25:25] Thoughts on regulator’s concern on stablecoin risk[00:27:25] Will stablecoins replace fiat currency?[00:29:28] Ampleforth’s plan for the next five yearsQuotes from the episode:“So what can't Bitcoin do? What can't ETH do? Well, they're vulnerable to unit price volatility, and that undermines their ability to be used for contract denomination.” [00:13:24] “We need to build a decentralized unit of account that is better than existing alternatives.” [00:13:34]Watch the Podcast on YouTubeWebsiteAmpleforth - - MediaAmpleforth:
32:03 12/24/2021