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Tony Chapman chats with inspiring people to learn how they overcome circumstances to chase their dreams, at times change the world. It is a show about positivity and the possibility to counter the negativity and growing feelings of impossibility.


Steve Paikin - What's on his agenda?
A sold-out event at the Toronto Hunt Club, ending with a loud and sustained standing ovation for my guest Steve Paikin, the anchor of the flagship current affairs program, The Agenda. I was so happy with this interview that I brought it to Chatter that Matters.  Steve Paikin is a recipient of the Order of Canada, an author, a documentary producer, and one of Canada’s most admired journalists.  We cover so much ground and with so much laughter.  We learn about Steve’s upbringing, the values he learned from his parents and mentors, and what led him to journalism.    I found Steve fearless but surprisingly modest and humble for someone who has accomplished so much. Steve shares several behind-the-scenes stories, including his interview with Mikhail Gorbachev, the eighth and final leader of the Soviet Union. That alone is worth your time. And wait to hear what guest ripped his microphone off and walked off the set while the cameras were still running.  Steve and I discuss the State of Media and whether Democracy can survive the divide-to-conquer mentality seeping into politics and the media.  Steve's answer. It must.  Steve talks about the intersection between journalism and democracy and what matters most.  We then discuss Steve's new book John Turner, an intimate biography of Canada's 17th Prime Minister, and Steve's award-winning documentary - Return to the Warsaw Ghetto.  Tanis Feasby, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at RBC, joins the show.  I asked Tanis the same question I asked Steve Paikin - what must we do to preserve the truth and democracy?  Tanis shares her thoughts and talks about the role Leaders of organizations must play to contribute to a narrative of possibility and positivity.  Put this show on your agenda.  To buy Steve's book on John Turner: To learn more about Steve's documentary - Return to the Warsaw Ghetto        
49:46 3/24/23
Jane Enright - In the blink of an eye.
In the blink of an eye, the unthinkable can happen, an event in your life that cause you to ask - why me? Jane Enright survives three life-altering and tragic events in the span of a year, including a severe and sudden brain injury that left her almost speechless. This is Jane's story of how she used acceptance to acknowledge her fate and gratitude to reclaim her love of life. These moving stories are powerful lessons on managing grief, stress, loss, stagnation, indecision, and recovery. Today, Jane Enright is the author of two books, including her bestseller - Butter Side Up-How I Survived My Most Terrible year and Created my Super Awesome Life. Brain Awareness Week is March 13-19, 2023.  Every three minutes in Canada, someone suffers a brain injury. Add to that our aging population coming to terms with degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer's, Dementia, and ALS.  Wayne Bossert, Deputy Chairman of RBC Wealth and a Director of the Brain Canada Foundation, talks about how Canadian researchers are leading the way to improve brain health. To learn more about Jane and to buy her books: To learn more about the Brain Canada Foundation:      
44:44 3/17/23
Lori Nikkel - Changing her world, and ours, for the better
I couldn't be happier with how my International Women's Day Episode turned out, as I want it to be remarkable. My Mother was my rock, my two daughters are my inspiration, my three sisters are my remaining family, and my wife rocks. I am breaking my Friday format and bringing it out today, as this is every women's day of honour and celebration. I begin with a personal story that I share not for pity or applause for how far I have come but for context why I chose my guest and why she matters to the tens of millions of North Americans dealing with food insecurity. Lori Nikkel came from circumstances far more challenging than mine. As a child, Lori was psychologically, physically and sexually abused. Lori left home at age 15 without a high school diploma. In her mid-twenties, with three children in tow, she was abandoned by her partner and woke up to the reality that he had left their apartment rent $10,000 in arrears. So how did Lori become our country's most admired CEO, top 25 Women of Influence, and Order of Ontario recipient, and sitting on our Food Policy Advisory Council? Lori found someone to believe in her, and then she believed in herself. Lori found that within her lay exceptional leadership qualities. Today Lori Nikkel is the CEO of Second Harvest, the largest food rescue organization in the country.   Lori is amazing, and what she offers you is inspiration, lessons and, most importantly, food for thought. Andrea Barrack, Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and ESG, joins the show to talk about how her mission - 'to work with others to create, amplify, and execute ideas that help organizations build a better world' - led her to RBC. After you listen to Andrea, you will know why I want to do an entire episode on her journey.   To find out more about Second Harvest: To connect with Andrea Barrack:        
43:41 3/8/23
Tim Stewart - A bus ride to St. Louis turned his addiction into his calling.
After conquering his addictions, Tim Stewart changes his world and others for the better. Tim Stewart's substance abuse began at an early age. Growing up on his family's farm, which included a bar and a hotel of dubious repute, Tim abided by the family code that put work ahead of everything, including play and education. Tim's influencers were adults who introduced him to tobacco, alcohol, pot, and prostitution. Over time, the drugs and alcohol consumed his life, and Tim enlisted in the Air Force to escape. The discipline he learned on the farm and in the military, combined with his gift for the gab, enabled him to be a functional addict until harder and harder drugs took over his life. Tim went into rehab eleven times to break his substance abuse, only to fail himself and his family.   At age 40, Tim's world collapsed. Homeless, with two pairs of pants, two shirts, and eight dollars in his pocket, Tim Stewart found himself on a bus to St Louis. The trip changed his life and his calling. Instead of depending on drugs, he found and chose a path where those in need could count on him. Today, his speaking handle is "TalkMan Talk." As a life coach, Tim Stewart shares what it meant to live on the street and the 12 principles that saved his life. In doing so, he hopes to make a profound difference in the lives of others.  Mark Beckles, Vice President, Social Impact and Innovation at RBC, returns to the show. As always, with grace and heart, Mark talks about their Future Launch platform and other RBC initiatives to help Canadian youth find a purposeful path in life. To connect with Tim Stewart: To learn more about RBC Future Launch:          
44:33 3/3/23
Dr. Emmanuel Taban - The Boy Who Never Gave Up
After growing up amidst the worst of humanity, Dr. Emmanuel Taban models the best of humanity. My guest today is Emmanuel Taban. He was born in Sudan, one of the most impoverished countries in the world. He had little and lost it all before overcoming his circumstances and changing his world and ours for the better. Listen generously as his accent differs from yours, but his message is universal, powerful and inspiring. Emmanuel Taban was among five children raised by a single mother in an environment of abject poverty and a country at civil war. A gifted student denied an education, captured, and tortured at age 14, escapes and makes his way, often on foot. His perilous odyssey took him through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, arriving in South Africa just short of his 18th birthday. He had no passport or money. Drawing strength from a nurse's comment when he was seven years old that he would one day become a famous doctor, Emmanuel Taban finished high school. Then he spent twelve years earning three medical degrees, including specializing as a pulmonologist. Dr. Taban has become one of Africa's most influential doctors and is renowned for challenging Western norms with his ground-breaking treatment for COVID-19. He is also very involved in improving his birth country's literacy level.  Dr. Emmanuel Taban, who wrote the book The Boy Who Never Gave Up, was awarded Africa's person of the year in 2021. An epic and moving tale that will lift your spirits. Amy Deacon, the Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, returns to Chatter that Matters to talk mind over matter and the importance of having people who believe in you.    To purchase Dr. Taban's book:
44:49 2/24/23
Jesse Palmer - The Host of The Bachelor - Believe in Your Dreams
I am so happy about how my interview with Jesse Palmer, the host of the Bachelor, went. Jesse is engaging, intelligent, funny and gracious, offering so much in this episode on how to make the most out of the opportunity including believing in your biggest dreams and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you.   Many of you will know Jesse Palmer from the Bachelor, others from his work on Good Morning America, and sports fans will see him as only the second Canadian ever to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I know Jesse as a friend. I met him twelve years ago when we were both on a television show called Recipe to Riches.    Some fantastic lessons in life from a great human being; I encourage you to share Jesse's positive and proactive playbook to life, especially with younger generations.   And I close the show with Sasha Braganza sharing breaking news on RBC X First Up. Aspiring musicians will not want to miss what Sasha has to say.
46:16 2/17/23
Dr. Talia Varley - Your path to possibility and positivity.
Chatter that Matters is a show that counters the storm of negativity and a growing sense of impossibility. I share inspiring stories of people who overcome their circumstances to chase their dreams and, for some, to change our world.  My guest is Dr. Talia Varley, whom I first met at the Economic Club of Canada Conference I was hosting. I was blown away by her insights and intelligence for a good reason. Dr. Varley has a Master of Public Health from Harvard University, an MD from McMaster University, and is now the Physician Lead of Advisory Services at Cleveland Clinic Canada. My original intent with this episode was to tackle the health of corporate cultures. I wanted to understand why so many are dissatisfied at work and looking for a new path. As the interview unfolded, I realized Dr. Varley offers all of us, not just the culture leads of organizations, how to find our way to possibility and positivity. Dr. Varley talks about how our confirmation bias often locks us in a manner where our perceptions become our reality. She talks about how we must tune out the negative to create a healthier you at home, in the community, and where we study and work. Dr. Varley also shares her thoughts on the type of leadership we need across society to inspire significant and lasting change. To offer context, I end the show chatting with Alan Richardson, SVP of Talent Strategy and Solutions at RBC, to share his thoughts on how organizations can create purposeful and productive cultures.  We all deserve more positivity and possibility in life. Pura Vida.
41:18 2/10/23
Jean Muenchrath - If I live until morning.
Jean Muenchrath should have trusted her gut when it told her something terrible would happen during her and her boyfriend Ken’s winter trek to cross-country ski on very rugged terrain, cross the 220-mile John Muir trail from Yosemite Valley to o the summit of Mount Whitney, which is the highest point in the contiguous United States at 14,505 ft (4,421 m) above sea level. To do so requires climbing and navigating 14 mountain passes. On their final day, a week ahead of schedule, Jean and Ken are caught on the summit in a freak lightning storm that would take no prisoners. They had to scramble to get off the mountain. Scrambling is never good when facing darkness, the fury of Mother Nature, and your fastest route from being electrocuted is climbing the sheer face of the mountain. Ken and Jean separate so Ken can push forward as a scout to mark the trail. Jean, alone, falls, suffering broken bones in her spine and pelvis. Her buttock is badly bruised, and before long, gangrene will set in. That night, Jean makes a spiritual vow to herself that becomes the title of her book. She says: " If I live until morning, I will live my greatest dreams." A true story of adventure, tragedy and transformation. Amy Deacon, CEO and Founder of Toronto Wellness Counselling, joins me to unpack how the human mind can unleash superpowers at times of great distress.   To buy Jean Muenchrath's book:
42:19 2/3/23
Ted Nolan - Hockey is what I do, not who I am.
I interviewed Ted Nolan at a conference I hosted for the Coffee Association of Canada. I could see how moved the audience was by his life story, as was I. Thankfully our conversation was recorded so I can share this incredible story with you. Ted Nolan was the third youngest of twelve children in a house without plumbing or electricity on the Garden River First Nation in northern Ontario. Ted's first pair of hand-me-down skates were so big he had to stuff his rain boots inside to wear them. The more the school system tried to strip away his indigenous identity, the harder the family fought to preserve it. This is the inspiring and enchanting story of someone who made it to the NHL in the most unconventional way. It was Ted's passion, skill, grit, and ability to deal with rejection. Ted had to battle racism with fans, opponents and even fellow teammates and coaches. The episode touches on his career as both a hockey player and a coach who knew how to win by caring for his players. It also showcases Ted's dedication to his community. His foundation has provided over 300 scholarships. Ted and his two sons, Brandon and Jordan, who also played in the NHL—created the 3Nolans, to create hockey skills development camps for First Nation youth in First Nation communities across Canada. Ted is a great storyteller, and he unpacks some great lessons on how to realize your dream, even with very little, and prioritizing what you value versus what others value. Alan Richardson, SVP of Talent Strategy and Solutions at RBC, and someone who returns to talk about Future Launch, a $500 million commitment to help Canadian youth find and pursue their path in life. Alan has so much to say about attracting, developing and retaining talent; I hope to have him anchor an entire future episode.
47:26 1/27/23
Fennella Bruce - a minority of one to the one and only.
Fennella Bruce was the 2022 Businesswoman of the Year and one of the 100 Most Accomplished Black Canadian women in 2020.  In this episode of Chatter That Matters, Fennella shares her incredible climb to the highest ranks of television as a writer, editor, and producer. With humour and grace, Fennella takes us deep inside the world of news and morning television glamorized in the Apple TV hit "The Morning Show."  An immigrant who, at university and early in her career, often found herself as a minority of one. One of the few women and women of colour. Instead of trying to fit into the status quo, Fennella chose to stand out. Fennella graduates with stellar marks but stalled without a network.  She shares how she went from a standing start to overdrive when she fell in love with television and, from there, has never looked back. Respected by her peers and sought after by all the major networks, Fennella talks about a decision many of us dream about but few do. In 2018, Fennella left the trappings and insecurity of a job in media to start FKB Media solutions, focusing on Public Relations, Media Training, Livestream Production, Television Production and much more.  Once again, Fennella becomes "the one and only." The one to watch, the one to make waves, the one to earn the respect of a new business community and the only one to get her clients the attention they need and deserve. In this episode, cheer a woman who succeeds on her terms while offering powerful lessons in overcoming imposter syndrome, creating opportunity, managing stressful situations and how to stand out and stand for what matters most to you and everyone around you.  And if you are starting your career, or work in the news and mass or social media world, listen with a pen and paper! Alan Richardson, the Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy and Solutions, closes the show with some powerful thoughts on the power of a diverse culture.  To connect with Fennella Bruce:
43:07 1/20/23
David Chilton - The Wealthy Barber on why your money matters
In this special edition of Chatter that Matters, taped in front of a live audience, I chat with David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns. You will soon hear why David Chilton is a beautiful human being with a fantastic sense of humour and a gift as a storyteller. Learn how he became one of Canada’s best-selling authors, a sought-after speaker, venture capitalist, mentor and one of the most popular Dragons. David takes you into the Den and shares some behind-the-scenes stories. You will also learn that David didn’t have overnight success. The Wealthy Barber took over two years to write and a year to become a runaway best-seller. David initially considered the Wealthy Bartender the title, based on his love of the television show Cheers. David offered his sister ten percent of the profits to edit the book, as he had no money – it was the worst deal he ever made as sales topped 2 million copies. The timing and content within this show couldn’t be better given the state of our economy, inflation that is eating into our purchasing powers, and a looming recession. David talks about why your money matters and shares ideas on how you can grow your wealth. Two that stood out for me are the difference between own and a loan and the importance of having a will, keeping it updated, and never having a friend or family member be your executor.  Why? You will have to listen to find out. Please share, rate and subscribe.   To purchase the Wealthy Barber -    
46:40 1/13/23
Danielle Kaplan - Miracles do happen
A riveting story of defying all odds, three miracles, and the power of love. Danielle Kaplan is my guest, and we tell her story in three parts. We begin by talking about her roots, a South African growing up in a life of privilege but living with the guilt of apartheid, and why she and her husband came to Canada.   The second part is when Danielle Kaplan's thrill-seeking husband, Steve Kaplan, crashes his motorcycle on a solo trip that has taken him from Toronto to a deserted road in the Yukon. Steve is thrown off his bike, breaks his spine, and damages his heart. Hungry Grizzly Bears are nearby. No one knows where he is, and he has zero chance of survival. What happens next is spellbinding and genuinely miraculous. The third part is about how Steve survives the crash, but at the Vancouver General Hospital, his organs begin to shut down. Danielle credits the team there, EMCO, a miracle healthcare invention that took over his heart and lungs until he could get stronger and the healthcare workers who made it all happen.  She also reminds us how fortunate we are to have universal health care. And my three takeaways from Danielle Kaplan's sharing excerpts from her book I Married A Thrill-Seeker is how much anxiety thrill seekers create and leave in their wake for their family and friends to almost drown in when they chase their dreams. The second is how important it is to have love, a caregiver and an advocate on your side when you fight back from death's door. And finally, how remarkable Danielle Kaplan is.   To provide further context, I invite Amy Deacon, Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, back to Chatter that Matters to talk about how opposites attract, and why some people are addicted to risking all that matters for the chase of a thrill. To purchase I Married A Thrill Seeker:  
51:06 1/6/23
Kim Scott - Caring Personally and Challenging Directly
Best-selling author and acclaimed thinker Kim Scott provides the framework for giving and receiving exceptional feedback and having more meaningful conversations. What was the worst feedback that you ever received? I remember working part-time at a drugstore when I was in my teens, and my boss told me I was useless. I had an English Teacher who told me repeatedly that I would never amount to anything. I would like to know if these attacks were why I was horrible at giving feedback. For most of my career, I sugar-coated or even avoided it for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. I am closing the year with a Chatter that Matters show that will carry you for years to come. My guest is Kim Scott, and what Kim offers will positively and profoundly change how you provide and accept feedback as a parent, mentor, coach, leader, and peer. Some fantastic lessons for life and livelihood. How did this show come about? Feedback from my daughter, Mikahla Chapman, who also co-hosts this show with me. My youngest daughter Mikahla has a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology from London Metropolitan University. In November, she sent me this text - “Dad, I just read this article on radical candor, and the concept reminds me of you.”  This text and our subsequent conversation inspired us to reach out to Kim Scott, the author of the best-selling book Radical Candor author. Kim Scott draws upon her experiences working in Silicon Valley for clients, including Apple and Google, and Kim shares many entertaining stories to illustrate her points on how we can all get better at giving and receiving feedback. Alan Depencier, the CMO of RBC, returns to the show to talk about how RBC applies the principles of radical candour to create a culture where everyone has a voice. Alan offers some great points for anyone who has the honour of leading a team. To purchase Kim's book.
54:30 12/30/22
Dany Assaf. What makes Canada Special.
I saved this episode for the holidays, as it is an excellent time for reflection. If you do listen and feel the way I do about Dany's message, please share it with others. The best way to lift and unite Canada is through our collective spirits. First and foremost, we are not East or West, left or right, gay or straight, Liberal or Conservative. We are Canadian. Together we can make this the greatest country on Earth for generations to come. So what is this episode all about? Imagine, for a moment, that this scenario happened to you. You are Muslim, a proud Canadian, and part of a family that has lived in and contributed to its community and country for generations. Like many other kids, you dream of playing hockey in the NHL. 9/11 happened, and overnight a sign appeared on your neighbour's lawn. OSAMA BIN LADEN LIVES CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. The sign points to your house. That moment puts my guest, Dany Assaf, on a lifetime quest to unite Canadians and remind us of who we are and why and what truly matters. Today, Dany is respected globally as one of the world's top competition lawyers, with Torys LLP, a former adjunct professor at Western University and an author. Dany has just released a remarkable book titled: Say Please and Thank You & Stand in Line: One man's story of what makes Canada special and how to keep it that way. This is Dany's inspiring and moving story and message, which will warm your hearts over the holidays. I invite Alan Depencier, CMO of RBC, who I have come to know over the past two years. Alan joins the show to talk about the episode, and I ask him about the role organizations like RBC can play in supporting all Canadians and their dreams during these challenging times. Alan speaks from the heart versus marketing speak. To purchase Dany's book:  
47:09 12/23/22
Vasek Pospisil - Winning on and off the Court
What does it take to win on the court? Preparation, Perseverance and Perspiration. What does it take to win off the court? Curiosity, Compassion, Charisma, and Connections. In 1988, Milos, Mila Pospisil, and their two sons unlawfully drove from Czechoslovakia to Austria to escape the Communist regime. The family worked long hours at low wages to save money to move to Canada. Here, Vasek Pospisil was born. If you enjoyed the movie King Richard, where Richard Williams is determined to see his two daughters, Venus and Serena, make history, this story has many parallels. Vasek started his tennis career at age three as a ball boy as his father coached his older brothers in tennis, but he was winning international tournaments by age six.   Vasek's rise to the top tennis ranks would take years, with many setbacks, but always with the support of his parents. Vasek learns how to compete against the likes of Federer and Djokovic. Even career-threatening injuries Vasek sees as opportunities to grow individually and to support other tennis players. In 2020 Vasek teamed up with Novak Djokovic to form a grassroots movement that would protect player interests. That movement would become the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA).  One of the great takeaways for the listener is Vasek's approach to life. First and foremost a tennis champion, but Vasek is also an astute investor and entrepreneur with a circle of friends that includes people like Richard Branson. And what did Team Canada accomplish in 2022 that no other country has ever done? After winning the ATP Cup to start the year, Canada closed it with its first-ever Davis Cup title. Game, Serve and Match.  
41:09 12/16/22
Ken Wong - Teach our Children Well
Ken Wong on Teaching our Children Well. Ken Wong is one of Canada’s most acclaimed educators. To better appreciate his impact on academia, I posted a tribute on LinkedIn when I heard he was retiring. Overnight, it garnered over 50,000 impressions and an outpouring of love from all over the world. This is Ken’s incredible and inspiring story, and, as you would expect, it's packed with many life lessons for building your career and brand, combined with what we must do as a society to teach our children well. Shannon Cole returns to the show to explain marketing and why it matters. I ask her how organizations can leverage their marketing dollars to better the communities they do business in.
45:00 12/9/22
Christine Sinclair - The Greatest of All Time
The 'GOAT' is how fans and broadcasters describe the greatest athlete of all time.  It's also the fuel that has fired debate since sports began. I can certainly make a case for my guest this week, Canadian soccer phenom Christine Sinclair being in that exclusive club.  No male or female on the planet has scored more international goals, and she is the second footballer of either sex to score at five World Cup editions. Her legacy is a testament to her athleticism and perseverance: five FIFA Women's World Cups, Four Olympic Tournaments with three medals and one Gold, three championships with professional teams, and twice the National Collegiate Division Championship in the United States. In January 2022, Sinclair was awarded the Best FIFA Special Award as the world's all-time leading scorer. Christine has just released a fantastic memoir called Playing the Long Game. Christine reflects on her rousing successes, the role her family played, why she wants to level the playing field for women athletes and why Canada and Canadians need to support professional women's soccer in Canada. I also invite two people who have played with Christine to share their thoughts on why 'Sinc' is the greatest and why she matters beyond the field.  Karina LeBlanc, who backstopped Canada's national team, is now the General Manager of Portland Thorns FC, where Christine plays, and Shannon Cole, the VP of Marketing at RBC, played with and against Christine in college. As you would expect from someone who has accomplished so much and for so long, Christine offers many powerful life lessons on perseverance leading to possibility.                  
41:05 12/2/22
Leslie Ehm - The Undisputed Queen of Swagger
Have you noticed the bright yellow and magenta book in bookstores titled Swagger - Unleash everything you are and become everything you want? Grab one before they are gone. The author Leslie Ehm is the undisputed Queen of Swagger who has discovered the secret to tapping into your authentic self and turning it into a superpower at work and in life. And no, this is not the old Swagger—that show-off, in-your-face, arrogant kind. This brand-new Swagger is unshakable, unstoppable, and utterly irresistible, and Leslie Ehm will show you how to unlock and unleash it.  Leslie also shares her life story; the only way to describe it is energetic, eclectic, and electrifying. Leslie offers powerful lessons from each step of her journey, including chasing her dreams of being a New Wave Punk Singer in her teens to England to becoming a songwriter, script reviewer, creative director, world-renowned corporate trainer, and best-selling author. Carmela Trombetta joins the show, and she is someone with a swagger. Carmela is recognized as one of Canada’s most powerful women by the Women’s Executive Network in recognition of her community involvement in Hamilton.   To buy Swagger: Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want:    Indigo: Amazon:   To connect with Leslie: FB @LeslieEhmSpeaks Insta @LeslieEhmSpeaks LinkedIn @LeslieEhm      
44:08 11/25/22
Mitch Joel. Say it is so Joel.
Mitch Joel is a renaissance man with much to say about the relentless digital disruption and how it impacts you. His opinions have been shaped by a nomadic career that began when computers were rudimentary and the internet was the domain of a handful of universities. Add Mitch's insatiable appetite for reading, observing, writing, music, creativity, design and speaking — combined with being a serial entrepreneur — and you have someone who not only decodes the future but helps you map yours. Mitch shares his life story and the lessons he learned along the way.  His first book was the best-seller Six Pixels of Separation, followed by his most recent book CTRL ALT Delete. His latest venture, ThinkersOne, provides personalized and bite-sized insights from some of the most sought-after thinkers in the world, democratizing thought leadership for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Sharing his insights on technology, the pandemic, decoding the future, customer experience and more, Mitch Joel reveals his thoughts on what it will take to realize your future.  
44:11 11/18/22
Natalie Marchesan - Fought for her country, now fights for the underserved.
A Canadian woman who flew for her country in combat brings her leadership skills to the private sector to champion the underserved.    Why are no women at the altar if God made us equal? This was the question teenager Natalie Marchesan wrote to her Bishop. His response was you are equal but different, and that answer didn't sit well with Natalie. In fact, it began her lifelong quest to level the playing field, to create equal opportunity for all.  Why are no women serving at the altar if God made us equal?  This was the question teenager Natalie Marchesan wrote to her Bishop. His response was you are equal but different, and that answer didn't sit well with Natalie. It began her lifelong quest to level the playing field to create opportunity. In 1987, as her friends were heading off to University, Natalie applied to the Royal Military College (RMC). Natalie later became one of the first female members of the Canadian Air Force to see combat, spending eight years as a navigator of a C130 Hercules aircraft, flying search and rescue operations and supporting Canadians in combat zones.  As the only woman in her squadron, Natalie alludes to "stories that would make your toes curl" as minorities like her had to navigate an often-toxic and unwelcoming environment.  She refused to quit as her mission was to right the wrong. After almost a decade, Natalie left the Air Force, got her MBA and relying on the skills she learned in the military, she went into the private sector, first as a consultant and then working in positions where she could push for equality. Today Natalie is the head of global procurement at RBC, with 145 people on her staff. Natalie is an extraordinary woman who has found a way to shatter glass ceilings with courage and conviction. A standing ovation for Natalie Marchesan, her service to Canada, and lifting those around her. As Natalie says, diversity is a fact, and inclusion must be our only path forward.
39:42 11/11/22
Joe Foster - From a shoestring budget to the biggest shoe brand.
What started on a shoestring became Reebok, the biggest shoe brand in the world. This is the inspiring and against-all-odds story about how Joe Foster and his brother Jeff, with borrowed equipment in a falling-down factory in Northern England that also served as a home, created Reebok.  In their day, it surpassed both Adidas and Nike in sales. So many life lessons- family, business, marketing, and sales- are woven into a fantastic story of achievement. Para-athlete, Meghan Hines, the President of Power Hockey Canada, joins the show to discuss why sports matter and what it means to compete internationally for your country.
44:12 11/4/22
Jim Estill - Do the right thing.
Do the right thing. These four words have been the compass for Jim Estill since his first business at age fourteen. Today he is one of our country's most successful and admired entrepreneurs. Learn about Jim's secrets to success, the daily habits that power his intellectual, emotional and financial wealth and how he has applied all of the above to help refugees create a new home built on purpose and pursuit. Some fantastic insights into how to do more with less and to lead by example.  
40:08 10/28/22
Chanda Furney - A knock at the door, knocks Chanda over.
A knock at the door knocks Chanda over. A fantastic story of resilience we can all learn from.  A successful entrepreneur who had it all.  A profitable business, a respected person in her small-town community, and she found the love of her life.  All was perfect until the knock on her door, followed by guns to her head, and the arrest and conviction of her boyfriend, Jeff Kompon, for being part of Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cocaine cartel shattered everything. Chanda says in her book Forever: A love story. A raid. An arrest. Heartache. A Small Town Scandal. And a Journey of Self-Discovery.  ' I never considered myself a victim; I was a survivor of a broken heart.'  Amy Deacon, the Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, provides context on what happens when idyllic shatters at the crack of dawn.
38:14 10/21/22
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler It's not a matter of if, but when.
Cybercrime.  It's not a matter of if but when.  How do you become cyber-aware and resilient?  HGTV television superstars Sarah and Bryan Baeumler, with Adam Evans, Vice President of Cyber Operations at RBC, chat about cybercrime, estimated to be $10 trillion by 2025, bigger than all other crime combined. Why the Baeumlers? Sarah and Bryan Baeumler are celebrities and parents of four children; they have aging parents, have their own identities, and are successful small business owners. Like you and me, they are targets. Why Adam Evans? Adam Evans is the Vice-President of Cyber-Operations, Chief Information Security Officer of RBC, and a thought leader in this offers his thoughts and what RBC is doing to provide support through A fantastic episode with actionable tips to create cybercrime resiliency.  Please share. 
43:36 10/14/22
Anthony Lacavera - On a mission to benefit you.
An entrepreneur on a mission to benefit you.  Anthony Lacavera is an entrepreneur who parlays a $25,000 small business loan from RBC into a billion-dollar enterprise, including Wind Mobile.  Learn why purpose matters more than profit and why risk and reward are the oxygen that breathes life into ideas, entrepreneurial dreams and careers. What you will takeaway: Powerful insights for entrepreneurs and all who have that ambition.  How to create a magnetic brand that attracts and sparks conversation. Blocked in a career - ideas on how to follow your dreams.  
43:38 10/6/22
Dr. Alika LaFontaine - Is our healthcare a matter of life or death?
Is our healthcare a matter of life or death? We all know that our health matters most, and our health care is in a crisis. Lineups have become multi-year waits, millions do not have access to family doctors, we have a massive talent shortage, and many who work in the system are burning out or leaving it altogether. My guest is a positive change-maker who offers us a path forward if we listen and act as patients and voters. Dr. Alika Lafontaine is a recognized expert on health systems and health policy, an award-winning physician and the first Indigenous doctor to become the president of the Canadian Medical Association and listed in Medical Post's 50 Most Powerful Doctors. Dr. Lafontaine shares why the health care sector must lean on each other, tap into the deep knowledge that we have of the problems, and why we must reshape our system by putting the patient first.   A powerful and positive look at our health care going forward.  Enjoy!  Tony  
48:18 9/30/22
Israel Diaz - Find the who behind the why.
Attention is the oxygen of human endeavour, and Israel Diaz will show you how to get the attention you deserve.  Israel shares his amazing life story, and how today, as a  renaissance man he works with solutionists who harness the alchemy of being, business, and brand. Some fantastic lessons for parents, leaders, coaches, mentors and collaborators. Georgia Balinksy, a brilliant strategist, returns to Chatter that Matters to offer her perspective on time, and we discuss Israel's belief that there are no business needs, just human needs.  
48:32 9/23/22
Paolo Tiramani - A mattress shipped in a box, how about a home.
If you thought a mattress shipped in a box was cool, how about a one-bedroom house packed in a box, with nine-and-a-half-foot ceilings, complete with a fridge, stove, washer and dryer?   Paolo Tiramani is an inventor and a billionaire.  Paolo has many patents and was one of the first to add wheels to suitcases and create a moveable workbench. In this episode, we talk about why innovation matters and his bold new venture Boxabl, which he believes will change the lives of billions of people worldwide for the better. You will find many fantastic lessons for entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors, small business owners,  families who work together, and those willing to shatter the status quo.      
45:28 9/16/22
Carey Nieuwhof - If your career doesn't fit, change it.
Carey Nieuwhof left his law career to become the founding pastor of Connexus Church, one of the most influential churches in North America. Carey shares his reasons why, how he almost burned out pursuing his passion, and why community matters more than ever in these turbulent times.  Today, Carey Nieowhof is an author, much sought-after conference speaker, podcaster, and thought leader. This episode contains some great takeaways and inspiration for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life and career.    
51:00 9/9/22
David Kincaid - A masterclass in building brands and businesses.
David Kincaid is a branding and entrepreneurial guru, founder of Level5 Strategy, and the former Chief Marketing Officer at Corus Entertainment and Labatt. David shares his incredible story that includes drumming his way through University while offering you insights, ideas and strategies on what it takes to build brands, including your own, that stand the test of time. And what does Pamela Anderson have to do with all this? You will have to listen to find out. 
40:08 9/2/22