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Tastes Like Burning

A couple of guys who happen to be a couple. With commentary on life, love, and everything in between. Funny? Sure. Irreverent? Of course. Politically correct? Don't count on it.


Tastes Like Burning 331 Part 4: A Very Special Episode
Part 4
57:34 11/22/23
Tastes Like Burning 331 Part 3: A Very Special Episode
Part 3
59:03 11/21/23
Tastes Like Burning 331 Part 2: A Very Special Episode
Part 2
61:52 11/19/23
Tastes Like Burning 331 Part 1: A Very Special Episode
Unedited and personal. This one's pretty raw. Part 1 of 6
64:59 11/17/23
Tastes Like Burning 330: We're Booked
If you like our regularly scheduled program, you're getting a break after this. If you like personal journal stuff, strap in.
53:09 11/13/23
Tastes Like Burning 329: Halloweend
Fresh off of haunting our front yard... Halloween Spooky Media Ghost of the past Soup Email us or call/text 817-754-0570
45:42 11/2/23
Tastes Like Burning 328: Greasy Ball Mystery
I'm not a smart man, but I know what blood is.
55:31 10/17/23
Tastes Like Burning 327: Slammer
SKUNKED Parent Trap Apple Cake ANTS! Email  No One Will Save You (Hulu)   Email or Text Us at 817-754-0570
54:25 10/3/23
Tastes Like Burning 326: Swish Army Knife
Is this thing on? Are we the ex L.A. clippers, because we were excited. (also known as loud)
55:18 9/16/23
Tastes Like Burning 325: Air Play
Really, does anyone read the show notes? Email me with a yes or no!  
63:37 9/6/23
Tastes Like Burning 324: Dramatic Little Mermaid
Oh Sinead Snap Not Emails n Stuff Physical Media Poor Winky ALIENS! or Not Childhood Memory: See show title SILENCE Dry Ice Facts Bloopers Email or Call/Text 817-754-0570
59:30 8/17/23
Tastes Like Burning 323: Cheese & Crackers
A lovely night in the pool Max looks worried Summer Cheer It's kind of a blur A little unhinged Email us or call/text 817-754-0570
26:57 7/15/23
Tastes Like Burning 322: Crickets
You won't hear them but they were there. Some words will offend, they weren't meant to. Also: Pride Month Pride Events Max Hurt His Paw 25th Anniversary Mowing AbFab Chocolate Spit Milk AND MORE! Email us or call/text 817-754-0570
63:32 6/21/23
TLB: Ten Minute Tim(er) 39: Really Nice
Today's secret word is NICE! Whenever you hear the secret word, drink real loud and then unsubscribe.  Then drunk dial us and make things super weird. OKBYEEEEEE! 817-754-0570
09:59 6/16/23
Tastes Like Burning 321: Gleek Club
Another scrabble bag full of topics...
69:07 5/22/23
Tastes Like Burning 320: Tangles Unravel Pt 2
We try to stick the landing.
34:46 4/28/23
Tastes Like Burning 319: Tangles Unravel Pt 1
Tim's a mess...but you knew that.  
46:19 4/25/23
Tastes Like Burning 318: Static Motion
I'm with the D.J. Queer Vegan Aunt Dirty Dishes Misgendered Witchboard and other movies Paying for Pod Hold onto my fur   Email Us or text\call 817-754-0570
51:46 4/4/23
TLB: Ten Minute Tim(er) 38: Double Stuffed Timisode
Playing in the background, special guest, ME!!!! Get Stuffed!
21:49 3/10/23
Tastes Like Burning: Ten Minute Tim(er) 37: Kinder
Sending love and warm thoughts to you all.  
10:00 2/1/23
Tastes Like Burning 317: Buttermilk is a LIE
Buttermilk Pancake...I just got it. Dead End Paranormal Park What was one of the biggest mysteries when you were a kid? Bus Life Game Nostalgia Stroke Toast AND More!   Email us! or Call/Text 817-754-0570
58:46 1/13/23
Tastes Like Burning 316: Fuckbeep
You know the sound, now a new exciting show title!  
67:36 1/8/23
Tastes Like Burning: Ten Minute Tim(er) 36: Let's Dish
10:01 12/28/22
Tastes Like Burning: Ten Minute Tim(er) 35: October Finger
Because the typo made me laugh.
10:01 10/27/22
Tastes Like Burning: Ten Minute Tim(er) 34: Sigh
My heart hurts.
10:01 9/29/22
Tastes Like Burning Presents: Dream Whoreiors 1: That cat is PISSED
Trying a new thing, maybe it sticks, maybe it doesn't.  Together........Forever......
13:28 8/25/22
Tastes Like Burning: Ten Minute Tim(er) 33: Sick Sickly
Disclaimer...listen for more info!
10:01 8/22/22
Tastes Like Burning 315: Live on Pride48 2022: Focus on the Listener 2
Recording of our Live on Pride48 2022 show   Focus on the Listener 2 Newsflash Queer PSA: Amazon refund alert Childhood Memories Where does your laugh come from? Toilet Statues Watch The Orville Dammit! Email Us or Call/Text 817-754-0570
65:38 7/30/22
Tastes Like Burning: Ten Minute Tim(er) 32: Obviously
Newsflash, stuff happens.
10:01 7/26/22
Tastes Like Burning 314: Big Nipple
Vacation Corpus Christi Heatwave Pear Tree Down Max's first roadtrip and beach! In the pocket of BIG NIPPLE Email us or call/text 817-754-0570
74:45 7/12/22

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