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Episode 45: Chakra Series: Third Chakra: Claiming Your Personal Power
In this episode, we delve into the Third Chakra. We share our journeys with the Manipura Chakra, how to deal with third Chakra imbalance, and how we can balance the third Chakra. The third Chakra plays a vital role in our sense of self. It's related to personal power and willpower. It is also closely associated with the color yellow and the element of fire, akin to that inner fire that we all have to tap into.Lili grew up in a Latino country, and being of Asian descent, people always reminded her of it, and she struggled with finding her identity. Back home, Lili was not allowed to express herself, and whenever she did, she’d get punished for it. The third Chakra has been a journey for Lili, and thankfully, she has made commendable progress.Shannon grew up in a culturally diverse background, and at some point, she felt like she had to take up the role of a parent in certain family dynamics. She had to be an overachiever for her to get noticed since she wasn’t as vocal as her sister. As an adult, Shannon has received readings that challenge her to work towards connecting her third and fourth Chakras. Listen to learn more about Shannon and Lili’s journeys with the third Chakra.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:17] What’s the third Chakra?[02:51] Lili’s journey with the third Chakra[04:59] Shannon’s journey with the third Chakra[11:38] Third Chakra and self-control[13:34] Imbalance of the third Chakra[18:01] The power of being assertive[23:04] Balancing the third ChakraMagical Quotes:“Whenever you invalidate yourself or your body, then it creates this, like, spiral.”“The body memorizes everything that has happened to you. And the way that it shows up later in life is not a memory but a reaction.”“The more you know yourself, the better quality of life you're going to have.”We would love to know, was there any situation in your life where you feel like you gave your power away or lacked identity? How does the 3rd Chakra play in your life? We would love to know and hear them. Share with us any comments, stories on any of our social media platforms.Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Resources: First Chakra Second Chakra Book: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van Der Kolk School for Meditation and Healing Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
29:25 5/2/24
Episode 44: Chakra Series: Second Chakra: Understanding Emotions and Embracing Vulnerability
The second chakra is located in your abdomen, just below your belly button. In this episode, Lili and Shannon delve into the profound and transformative realm of the second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra. They share personal experiences, insightful discussions, and practical techniques for navigating triggers, understanding emotions, and embracing vulnerability.Lili and Shannon open up about their own journeys in overcoming shame, societal programming, and finding balance in the realms of sensuality, creativity, and emotional well-being. They touch upon the impact of societal norms, childhood conditioning, and individual experiences that shape our relationship with nudity and vulnerability. Shannon shares her personal story of nudity and the insights it provided her about herself. Additionally, they explore how energy and emotions manifest in the body, emphasizing the importance of mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion in navigating challenging emotions and triggers.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:58] Importance of the sacral chakra in emotional manifestation.[05:05] Recognizing and managing others' emotions unconsciously.[07:06] Repressing emotions due to family conditioning and judgment.[11:23] Recognizing emotions and relating to others.[20:49] Fear of toxic, unfulfilling relationships, and absent parental influence.[25:46] Second chakra, emotions, and sensuality.[28:24] Shannon’s experience at Harbin Hot Springs.[33:53] Lili’s experience at Harbin.Quotes:“If your second chakra is fully open, you're going to feel the emotions and the energy of everyone.” “The more you get to know yourself, the better you're able to identify it, and then decide how you want to respond to it.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Resources: School for Meditation and Healing Harbin Hot Springs Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
45:47 4/18/24
Episode 43: Shades of Spirit: Auragraph, Oracle Reading and the Colorful Spectrum of Energy
Have you ever had an auragraph or oracle reading? What was your experience like?Today we are thrilled to present our latest episode on Auragraphs and Oracle Readings where we delve into the vibrant world of color, energy, and spiritual guidance. In this episode, we explore the significance and validation of psychic readings, the impact of colors on emotions and energy levels, and the unique experiences of an auragraph reading with healer Linda Mallari.We discuss the use of tarot and oracle cards in our divination and healing processes, our personal approaches to readings and wardrobe color choices, and the unexpected influence of the color pink in one of our lives. We also share our insights and experiences with mediumship abilities, our desires for change, and the importance of trust and inner work in our journeys.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:37] Lili’s oracle reading[03:09] Shannon’s experience with Linda’s auragraph reading[04:24] What’s an aura?[06:18] How is an auragraph done?[11:40] Shannon’s experience with oracle reading[20:00] Lili’s oracle reading: The beautiful  butterfly in a cage card[26:53] The  difference between oracle and tarot cards[31:50] Noticing color patterns in psychic readings.[36:27] Connecting with colors for mood and self-awareness. Remember to share the episode with friends, engage with us on social media, and connect with us if you're in the wellness and spirituality community. Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Resources:Auragraph/Oracle Reading: Linda Mallari Tarot Reading: Imani Rae Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
39:28 3/21/24
Episode 42: Exploring Healing: From Tarot to Ayurveda, Breathwork, and Palm Reading: A Journey of Self-Care and Transformation
How many healing modalities have you experienced? In this episode, we delved into the transformative power of various healing modalities and the importance of self-care and exploration in our ongoing healing process.Lili shares her experiences with multiple tarot card readings with Ayla, emphasizing the sacredness of their energy space and the importance of selecting trusted practitioners to tap into their energy. She also delves into the benefits of breathwork and palm reading, highlighting how these practices unlocked new avenues for their well-being.Shannon recounts a profound tarot reading that accurately predicted her work situation and future executive team, showcasing the potential insights gained from psychic healing. She also touches on the importance of brain health and incorporating vitamins and nootropics to support cognitive well-being. During her Ayurvedic healing, Shannon had an opportunity to meet with her inner child and integrated with her. She shares her experience. Listen and learn from our experiences.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[03:48] Lili’s experience with Ayurvedic healing[06:35] Shannon’s experience with Ayurvedic healing; her inner child integration[12:52] Lili’s tarot cards with Ayla[20:53] Shannon’s experience with tarot cards[25:37] What does breathwork feel like?[29:12] Lili’s experience with palm reading[33:51] The essence of preventive self-careMagical Quote from the Episode: “Breathwork really helps just to stay present in the body. It's a safe vessel.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Resources: Mystic Flora ApothecaryBree Melanson School for Meditation and Healing Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
37:13 3/7/24
Episode 41: Chakra Series: First Chakra and Navigating Survival and Anxiety
In this episode, we delve deep into our personal experiences with the chakra system and how it has influenced our lives. We share how tuning into our bodies through meditation has brought about positive changes and increased self-awareness.Today’s conversation revolves around the first chakra and its connection to survival, fear, and anxiety. Shannon shares personal experiences with managing scarcity mindset, anxiety, and panic attacks, highlighting the importance of trust and self-awareness in overcoming these challenges. Lili also opens up about feeling anxious and the opportunity it provides for reconnecting and grounding oneself.We also discuss the significance of being grounded, connecting with nature, and balancing the first chakra for stability and security. If you've ever wondered about the chakra system and how it can impact your life, this episode is a must-listen!Key Talking Points of the Episode:[06:00] Chakras and colors can signify different meanings[09:31] Self-awareness empowers action and influences physical health[11:12] Achieving balance leads to mental and physical relaxation[16:05] Recognize limiting beliefs, overcome challenges, embrace self-ownership[17:34] Generational trauma impacting views on abundance and deserving[21:47] When helping feels like a chore[24:44] Childhood trauma leads to learned survival behaviors[27:30] Realization of self through understanding and acceptance[31:03] Paths of having a secure workplaceMagical Quotes from the Episode:"When you pay attention to tuning in with your body, then you kind of go up the layers, and you go up to the other, then you start paying attention to, like, the higher chakras, and then I think that's why my awareness has expanded.”“The more you know yourself, the more empowered you become.”“You have the power to get the resources you need to get yourself in a place of feeling secure and stable and in your body and grounded. And I think that trust is a muscle.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyResources: School for Meditation and Healing Dr. Nicole LePera: The Holistic Psychologist Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
36:23 2/22/24
Episode 40: Navigating the Energy of Accountability
Do you currently have an accountability partner? How do you ensure that you stay committed to the goals you've set for yourself? As we find ourselves in the early days of 2024, many of us are busy outlining plans and establishing objectives for the year. In today's episode, we delve into the topic of accountability. While some rely on accountability buddies, others find solace in holding themselves to their own standards.Throughout this episode, we open up about our personal journeys with accountability. Shannon shares insights into her accountability partnerships and her self-imposed methods of staying on track. Lili provides a retrospective on how her approach to accountability has evolved over the years.When faced with a setback in achieving your goals, how do you respond? Do you engage in self-criticism or speak to yourself harshly? It's crucial to break free from such negative patterns and practice self-compassion. By breaking down your goals into smaller, achievable milestones, you'll likely be astonished by the progress you can make.In today's discussion, we stress the importance of self-care and aligning ourselves to the signals our bodies send when our energy is running low.Join us as we explore the intricacies of accountability, self-awareness, and the transformative journey of personal growth in this enlightening episode.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:05] Shannon’s dynamic with accountability partners[02:05] Unpacking the essence of having an accountability buddy[03:17] Charting the evolution of Lili's relationship with accountability[06:25] Shannon’s ambitious goals for the year[08:29] Examining what accountability entails for Lili[14:00] Lili’s thoughtful intentions for the year[19:25] Acknowledging the power of intentionality in our accountability pursuits[25:34] Heightening awareness by recognizing personal triggersMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Accountability ultimately serves you at the end of the day.”“Waking up earlier translates to more dedicated time for yourself.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyResources: School for Meditation and Healing Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
36:06 2/8/24
Episode 39: Twin Flame: Exploring the Allure, Dangers and Escaping Twin Flames Universe Documentary
A twin flame is a concept that promotes an intense and powerful soul connection between individuals, also called mirror cells. They function like a spiritual mirror that reflects each other's strengths, weaknesses, past traumas, and vulnerabilities.In this episode, we delve into the enigmatic world of twin flames and the potentially destructive allure they hold. We explore the documentary "Escaping Twin Flames" on Netflix, shedding light on the dangerous influence of cult-like groups and the impact of toxic relationships on individuals. We share our perspectives on finding soulmates and the romanticized portrayal of Twin Flames, while also uncovering unsettling revelations about a group called Twin Flames Universe.Today, you will gain insights into the alleged exploitative practices of Twin Flames Universe, where concerns of high control, coercive behavior, and financial manipulation come to light. We also share other documentaries that are like Twin Flames that you need to watch.Looking at the current trend, we'll bring to your attention why you need to be more self-aware to avoid falling into the traps of these malicious people. We've noted with a lot of concern how cunning they can be. Listen to learn more.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[04:57] Documentary about former group members' alleged cult experience: "Escaping Twin Flames" [06:41] Coercion to undergo gender reaffirmation surgery by the Twin Flames Founders [11:09] How people are being manipulated and exploited [12:51] Seeking a partner, manipulation, and blind trust [17:44] Twin Flames concept from Greek mythology resonates now [24:27] Our heartfelt concern for those affected by tragedy [29:07] The dangers of deep involvement in routine [34:03] Trust your vibes when looking for a partnerNote: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyResources: Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe Documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief NXVIM: The VowSupport the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
36:22 1/25/24
Episode 38: Understanding Your Spirit Guides and How to Foster a Relationship with Them
Have you ever had an encounter with your spirit guides?How was the encounter? Today we have an interesting episode for you: we’ll be talking about spirit guides. Lili vividly recalls her first experience with her guides when she was eight to nine years old. She did not understand what was going on, but thankfully her nanny knew and brought it to her attention. Later in life, she dated a psychic who also made her aware of her spirit guides.For Shannon, someone has to bring her attention to her spirit guides, and as soon as she gets it, she knows what to do. In a recent reading, she was told that she channels Lilith during her tarot readings. Shannon totally relates to that.In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of spirit guides. We share our personal experiences with spirit guides, discussing encounters, communication, and the intricate relationships developed with these unseen beings. From recognizing their presence to tapping into their guidance in everyday situations, the hosts offer insights and tips on connecting with and understanding the role of spirit guides in our lives.Join us as we unravel the mysteries of these ethereal guides and learn how to foster a deeper connection with them.Key Talking Points of the Episode: [00:16] What are spirit guides?[01:27] Lili’s first experience with spirit guides [10:24] How Shannon learned of her spirit guidesMagical Quote from the Episode: “Different guides show up for different situations based on what you are calling in.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyResources:School for Meditation and Healing Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
32:59 1/11/24
Episode 37: 2023 in Review: A Reflective Journey Through a Year of Growth and Change
2023 is quickly coming to a close. As a podcast, we are also wrapping up for the year. On this last episode of 2023, we reflect on how 2023 has been a transformative year. We are beyond thrilled to share our experiences, which encapsulate the learnings and growth we've encountered over the past year. Join us for a candid conversation on shedding layers, recognizing what no longer serves us, and the importance of intentional action.We also tackle the complexities of work and finding joy, the power of forgiveness and self-acknowledgment, and the value of setting boundaries to prioritize our well-being. Our discussion also explores the liberating nature of self-expression, overcoming resistance, and the importance of finding activities that bring genuine happiness outside of work.If you've been listening to our previous episodes, you know Shannon was interviewing for jobs. The good news is she got a job that she will be starting soon and loves the energy coming with it. Having had jobs that she didn't enjoy, Shannon is excited about the new opportunity, and she shares the details in the episode.Join us as we inspire you to embark on your personal growth journey and take intentional steps toward your creative goals.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:16] Shannon's waiting room year[14:10] How Lili's year has been[17:02] What is self-love?[19:30] Recognizing negative patterns and self-criticism behaviors             [31:58] Complexity of internal validation over external recognitionMagical Quote from the Episode:"I wish I could tell people you have more time, but no one is guaranteed that. All you have is this moment."Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyIs there a topic you'd like us to discuss on the podcast? Feel free to send your suggestions to our DM on social media or email us.We wish you happy holidays! Take care of yourself and remember to prioritize self-care.Resources: Episode 27 with Laura Donahue, Certified Hypnotherapist Lili and Shannon's Past Life Regression Experience Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
36:10 12/21/23
Episode 36: The Healing Power of Herbs and Ancestral Traditions with Laura Ash from Scarlet Sage and Land of Verse
Laura Ash is a wellness entrepreneur. She's the CEO and founder of Land of Verse, clinical herbalist, and owner of the Scarlet Sage Herb Company, now located on Fillmore St. in San Francisco, CA. As a child, Laura struggled with pneumonia. Western medicine always worked for her, but even after clearing her dose, she always felt like she was still in the healing. At 19, Laura suffered from pneumonia again, and this time around, Laura decided to try something different from the antibiotics. She went into a used bookstore and looked up the aromatherapy section. She came across a book by Jean Valnet, "The Practice of Aromatherapy." She looked up pneumonia and found out that there were essential oils that would help with that.Laura went into a food store and bought lavender oil. She started having it in her water a couple of times daily, and in two weeks, her pneumonia was cured. This experience sparked an interest in herbs in Laura, and it became the beginning of a fantastic journey.  In this episode, we had an incredibly insightful conversation about herbal medicine, ancestral traditions, and the challenges of running a business in the wellness industry.Listen to learn more. Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:01] Getting to know Laura Ash[05:54] How Laura moved to San Francisco[09:06] Laura's quest for global herbal medicine preservation[14:11] Services and classes offered at Land of Verse[17:58] Challenges Laura has faced as an entrepreneur[23:28] Laura's advice to new entrepreneurs[26:11] Laura's wellness kit[33:41] How does Laura achieve work-life balance?Magical Quotes from the Episode:"Everyone has some stories and songs that they have with their tradition, whether it's through ceremony or ritual. There's always a plant associated with those.""Don't put your own money unless you are someone born with wealth. You can play with money.""If you have the finances to get smeone to support you in your journey, do it."Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyResources: Scarlet Sage Land of VerseSupport the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
37:24 12/7/23
Episode 35: How to Stay Grateful During Difficult Times
When it's November, the Thanksgiving season is upon us. Different people do different things during the season, but one common thing across the board is the feeling of being thankful. The question is, is being thankful the same as having the energy of gratitude?Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States and Canada, where they celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. During this holiday, people give thanks and spend time with their relatives and friends. Also, people tend to binge on specific meals like turkey, pies, and cranberry sauce. Lili was born and raised in Brazil. She only experienced Thanksgiving once she moved to the US. According to Lili, growing up, the most important holiday for her was Christmas.Although born and raised in the US, Shannon could be a better fan of the Thanksgiving holiday. She dislikes Thanksgiving food and always eats before. For Shannon and Lili, the energy of gratitude is a state of being. Being grateful is a lifestyle. You can be as meta or micro as you'd like. Also, we must learn to be grateful for good and the challenging things. Sometimes, the bad things are a blessing in disguise, and we only learn that later.Listen to this episode as we dive into the energy of gratitude.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:48] Thanksgiving: food, family, and Black Friday shopping.[04:15] Christmas favored over Thanksgiving, biased due to diet.[08:26] Gratitude practice can shift day-to-day perspective.[12:54] Practice gratitude by appreciating what brings joy.[14:29] Practicing gratitude helps maintain a positive perspective.[17:07] Gratitude for information and experiences shapes life.[22:57] Overcoming struggle with positivity and affirmation.Magical Quotes from the Episode:"If you're smart and you don't like the food, eat before.""Gratitude also helps me in a way just to stay present.""Going through a bad job experience or any negative experiences can provide you a lot of insight and enlightenment towards what you seek. "Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyResources: School for Meditation and Healing Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
27:21 11/23/23
Episode 34: A Journey Through Sound Healing, Plant Medicine and Becoming a Death Doula with Rev. Jessica Sharp
Reverend Jessica Sharp was born in Salt Lake, Utah and raised in a Mormon culture religion and culture. Jessica studied photojournalism and had an opportunity to work for the Boston Globe. When Jessica married her high school sweetheart, they moved back to Utah, which was during the 2008 recession. She got a job as a nanny, and the lady she was working for trained her in disaster management. Jessica transitioned into the corporate world.When she felt she had served her time in the corporate world, Jessica co-founded and her events provides wellness experiences paired with plant medicines.Jessica is a spiritual counselor providing several types of healing services, such as sound baths, psychic readings, herbal remedies and is also a death doula specializing in transition and closures.In this episode, Jessica shares with us what she does and her journey to becoming the person she is today. We also get to learn more about her family. Listen to this episode.Key Talking Points of the Episode:                                                                               [01:27] Getting to know Jessica[07:32] Jessicca’s discovery of her spiritual gifts[18:13] Jessica’s services[24:22] Understanding Jessica’s work process as a death doula[26:43] How Jessica does animal psychic work[30:10] Impacts of sadness on Jessica’s transition work[34:58] Tools that Jessica on herself before and after healing people[39:32] The moment when Jessica knew it was time to exit the corporate worldMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Death is the process of release and transfiguration and transformation.”“Death is like playing Monopoly, and you get a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to your karma.”“Energy doesn't die. You do move on to something.”“The gift of leaving is that you are no longer burdened by the suffering that you experienced in this life.”“You have to take care of yourself before you can care for others.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Resources: Rev. Jessica Sharp Website NoueraPsychic Horizons Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
46:10 11/9/23
Episode 33: Breaking the Sales Stereotype with Rev. Christine Volden from Collective Knowing and Soulful Selling
In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Christine Volden, an expert in sales and mindset. Selling is often misconstrued as greedy and pushy, but Christine challenges this notion. Drawing on her experiences and insights, she reveals that people engage in positive buying experiences every day, where they genuinely love their purchases. Like buying, selling can also be a positive, and empowering experience.During the episode, Christine also shares her journey with spirituality and the profound impact it has had on her life. From her fascination with Tony Robbins' ideas on manifesting to her exploration of various modalities like breathwork, meditation, and past life regression, Christine is passionate about creating a safe space and community for individuals to embark on their spiritual journeys.As a successful salesperson, Christine has developed the "Quiet Selling Method," a refreshing alternative to traditional sales training. Focusing on empowering individuals to navigate rejection, complex interactions, and self-promotion without compromising their integrity, her program strives to reshape the negative perception of selling, particularly for women.If you would you like to learn more, listen to this episode!Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:19] Getting to know Christine[05:38] Services that Christine provides for people as part of Collective Knowing[12:30] Christine's business experience [14:06] Understanding soulful selling[22:39] Christine's routine[27:18] Christine's experience as a medium[28:48] How Christine picks information[30:48] Christine's experience being a psychic in corporate[34:56] Disconnect from technology and have some funMagical Quotes from the Episode:"Create a wall of all of the things that you have done and accomplished so you can look back because when you feel crappy, you need something to motivate you and show you actually made progress.""If we were all to understand, especially as women, that to be able to sell and make money is empowering and enjoyable. Imagine the difference that would make.""Selling means you're making money, and you're empowering yourself.""Sometimes people need to hear things when they need to."Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Resources: Christine VoldenCollective Knowing Soulful SellingTony Robbins The Silva Method Psychic Horizons Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
38:14 10/26/23
Episode 32: How to Protect your Peace
Have you ever been in a situation where you need to protect your peace, but you froze or became tongue-tied?Shannon found herself in such a situation where one of the senior executives in the company that she worked for massaged her in front of her colleagues. It was uncomfortable for her. Shannon was tongue-tied and frozen. All she could do was look at her colleagues, hoping someone would say something to stop it. Unfortunately, they were as frozen as she was. She wanted to tell him to stop, but how would he take it? Shannon's experience is an example of how sometimes we want to protect our peace, but the circumstances make us overlook our boundaries.In this episode, we have an in-depth conversation on how to protect your peace and why it is essential. We'll share the definition of inner peace, how we can save it, and our experiences with safeguarding our peace. We've come to appreciate that getting to a place where you have inner peace is not an overnight job. It takes work, but the beauty is when you protect your peace, you do it for yourself and not for other people.Are you ready to learn more? Listen to this episode.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:51] Protecting inner peace in chaotic environments[06:03] What do we mean by protecting your peace?[06:36] What is inner peace?[10:32] The essence of setting boundaries[21:14] Setting up boundaries in professional spaces[30:28] Decluttering for mental and emotional peaceMagical Quotes from the Episode:"Boundaries are there for yourself. It's not for others.""It's really powerful just to recognize the pattern.""There's power in pause."Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
33:20 10/12/23
Episode 31: From Corporate to Zen with Danielle Mai, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor
If you’ve been listening to us for a while now, you must have heard us mention taking Reiki classes with Danielle Mai. Today, Danielle graces us with her presence in our podcast. We have both attended Reiki classes with her, and without a doubt, it was among the best things that we’ve done in life.Danielle shares with us her journey into the Reiki and Yoga journey. Before Reiki and Yoga, Danielle was in the corporate world; she worked as a marketing manager. She was always busy, and self-care was not top on the list of her priorities. A few months down the line, her hand started having some tingling, which quickly developed into pain. Before she knew it, her left leg developed the pain. Danielle decided to explore natural ways of healing her body, and she bumped into reiki and yoga through her friends. She took time to learn and practice reiki, which was a healing tool for her. She combined reiki and yoga, and the results were terrific.Danielle decided to become a spiritual-preneur. She was done with the corporate world. Her husband didn’t understand what Danielle was getting herself into, but looking back, he is proud of the progress she has made.Listen to hear more about Danielle Mai’s journey.Key Talking Points of the Episode:                [01:58] Getting to know Danielle Mai[13:51] How Danielle became a spiritual-preneur[16:42] Steps that have contributed to Danielle becoming the person she is today[29:38] What happens during Danielle’s sessions?Magical Quotes from the Episode:“Fear is a liar. It loves to lie to you. Overcoming these beliefs, fears and doubts you’re kind of releasing that part of your shadow and kind of facing it head on and it’s so important to grow you know to do that.”“Never let anyone rob you of your joy.”“We can’t have light without shadow.”Resources:Danielle Mai Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
42:17 9/28/23
Episode 30: How to Achieve the Beautiful Energy of Flow
The idea behind the "energy of flow" is that this state of optimal engagement can create a positive and energizing experience. It often leads to increased creativity, productivity, and fulfillment. Many people seek to find activities and tasks that allow them to experience this flow state regularly.If you have been in a state of flow, you can easily confirm how good that felt and how optimistic you were. It's a state we all wish we could be in forever, but the fact is, sometimes, we'll have the opposite of that, which is the energy of effort. With the energy of effort, things feel like an uphill climb.In this episode, we share our experiences with the energy of flow and effort, how we reclaimed our power from the energy of effort, and how you can quickly achieve the energy of flow. Listen in and learn.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:36] What is flow?[01:42] Energy of effort versus Energy of flow[02:12] The Energy of effort for Lili[05:49] How does flow feel for Shannon?[12:25] Are you feeling stuck?[18:47] Taking a step back out of a situation[23:39] Taking your power back[29:06] How to achieve a state of flowMagical Quotes from the Episode:"When I feel like I'm in a state of flow, I feel like I'm not paying attention to it. Like, I'm not forcing something to happen. I'm trusting."“Flow is all about creativity, nurturing yourself, intuition and being present in the moment.”"When you're constantly feeling like you're hitting a wall, or you're not making progress, it's the energy or it's the universe showing that you need to redirect your energy elsewhere.""A lot of good things can be manifested from that frequency that people run at when they're in the state of flow."Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
34:48 9/14/23
Episode 29: Follow your Passion with Imani Rae from Raeon Collective
Imani Rae specializes in Tarot and Astrology Birth Chart readings and Astrology forecasts. She teaches tarot workshops and hosts tarot tea parties, which we are wanting to attend soon. She also facilitates Reiki healing and offers house cleansings.Before getting into the entrepreneurship wagon, Imani was in the corporate space in the fashion industry. She felt she wasn’t getting what she wanted from the job and needed to spend time with her family. Her business started making more than her corporate job was paying her, and she decided to make the bold move. According to Imani, you can run a business and still be in full-time employment. It’s all determinant of what you need.If you have listened to us in the previous episodes, you might have heard us talk about a great tarot reading we had (link below) last year. The tarot reader was Imani! In this episode, we have a rare opportunity to get to know Imani. She shares her journey to becoming the amazing person she is today, the most rewarding thing about being a tarot reader, the greatest challenge she faces in her business, and we get a general tarot reading from her.Listen in to learn more from Imani RaeKey Talking Points of the Episode:[01:39] Getting to know Imani Rae[04:40] How Imani discovered her abilities[08:13] Spiritual foundations that influenced Imani to take her current spiritual path[10:17] Imani’s transition from corporate to entrepreneurship[13:24] How Imani trained for tarot[15:00] Different services that Imani offers[17:20] The difference between Oracle and tarot cards[18:56] Why do people go to Imani?[20:03] The most rewarding and challenging thing about tarot reading[23:15] Live tarot reading by Imani RaeMagical Quote from the Episode:“Focusing on what’s happening right now can help people grow and help them to have the tools to maneuver certain situations.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Resources: Imani RaeEpisode 4 (where we share our first tarot reading with Imani)Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
33:21 8/31/23
Episode 28: Dealing with Forced Growth
Have you been through a phase where you feel like you are being forced to outgrow something and have no idea how to deal with it? This episode is for you. We’ll look at forced growth and how to recognize situations, patterns, places, or habits that no longer serve you.For Shannon, she has been going through internal changes at work. The changes are uncomfortable, pushing her to start looking for a new job. Shannon realized how the changes have been affecting her and sometimes not bringing out the best in her. She gets toxic with herself, and it flows to other people. The best thing about Shannon’s situation is she can pick it up when it happens and correct it. Also, she has found it helpful to talk to her support system when she feels like she will grow into a forced growth phase.Lili has been going through a growth phase as she transitions from nine to five. She has a lot of anxiety about what will happen in the future. Lili tends to put all her energy into the future, and it causes her to be anxious. She believes it’s good to be uncomfortable sometimes for growth to happen.Would you like to hear more about forced growth? Listen to this episode.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:34] What is forced growth?[01:01] Shannon’s experience with forced growth[04:02] How the universe nudges us to grow[08:38] Lili’s experience with forced growth[14:12] Importance of a support system[23:14] The importance of making changesMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Nothing changes if you don’t change.”“It is the brain’s default to protect you for you to stay safe.”“How you perceive that change is going to be very helpful for how you process that change.”“Everything that we go through, we can always change our perspective and the narrative of our situation.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Resources:School for Meditation and Healing Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
26:35 8/17/23
Episode 27: Understanding Hypnotherapy with Laura Donahue, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Have you ever had a hypnotherapy session with an energy healer? We had our sessions with Laura Donahue, and it’s among the best things we’ve done for ourselves. We got to learn and heal. It opened us up to some things that may never have surfaced without it. We shared our experiences in previous episodes.In this episode, the fabulous Laura Donahue joins us on the show. She is a mother, a CPA, a tax manager and a hypnotherapist. According to Laura, hypnotherapy is her passion project, and Laura draws a lot of joy from it. She recalls an incident she had with her dad. He had cancer, and Laura went to relieve him of the pain. As they talked, she realized her dad was afraid of dying. Through her gifts, she alleviated her dad’s pain and made him comfortable with death. In this episode, Laura takes us through her journey to becoming a hypnotherapist, how her gifts and intuitive nudges manifested, and her healing services. Also, she will demystify a myth that some of us have about past life regression.If you are interested in taking up a session with Laura, or you are in the energy healing space, and you want to learn how to grow your business, you can’t afford to miss this episode!Key Talking Points of the Episode:[02:01] Getting to know Laura’s background[04:01] How Laura became interested in hypnotherapy[05:25] Laura’s intuitive nudges as a child[07:07] What inspired Laura to become a healer?[08:41] How Laura got into the healing business[12:12] How Laura’s gifts manifested[18:10] Healing services that Laura offers[21:25] Understanding past life regression[23:53] What type of issues do people seek healing for from Laura[27:41] What does Laura find most rewarding during the healing process for her clients?Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Resources:Laura DonahueSupport the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
32:13 8/3/23
Episode 26: A Guide to Conducting a Mid-Year Energy Review
Can you believe that it is July already? Time has ebbed! The first half of 2023 is gone.How was your first half? Did you accomplish everything you had envisioned to? Chances are, you have achieved some of the things but still have some pending. It is life! Sometimes we hit our targets, and sometimes we don’t.In the first half, we accomplished some amazing things, for instance, the Reiki Share event. We had some of you show up, which is a success from where we sit. We got to interact with people in the spiritual space, and as healers, we also had a chance to get healed. We plan on having another event in August and hope to see you there.At a personal level, we’ve both accomplished some of our goals, and we’ll dig into them in this episode. To make your mid-year review more effective, we’ll share some nuggets to guide you.  Also, we will give you tips on how to plan better for the second half of 2023. Listen to learn more.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:17] Our first Reiki Share[10:23] The essence of having mid year energetic reviews[18:11] Shifts that Lili is making[28:05] Tips on how to create a habit[29:24] What’s Lili looking to accomplish in the second half?[31:12] What Shannon seeks to accomplish in the second halfMagical Quotes from the Episode:“If you want to make changes, and if you want to really push yourself to the next level, you have to step out of your comfort zone.”“If you don’t know for yourself, no one is going to do it.”“Sometimes you have to create joy for yourself.”“If you feel like your routine has been kind of stale this year. Now’s the time to mix it up.”“When you see something as a chore, it becomes a chore.”What are you working on?  What are you learning? Do you have an event/ workshop you’d like us to host?Connect with us on social media and share your suggestions.Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only Resources: Body Graph Eva Fitness School for Meditation and Healing Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
38:02 7/20/23
Episode 25: The Subtle Art of Protecting Your Energy
Have you ever been with someone who is going through so much? You listen to them and empathize. Before you know it, you have taken up their energy and feel exactly how they were feeling.Lili talked to one of her friends who was going through a rough patch. She looked like she was depressed. Also, her skin seemed to have some issues. When Lili got home, she felt like she was carrying a heavy block on her chest and was feeling awful. She decided to sleep. In her sleep, she had a dream. Lili saw a person she was deeply connected to, and when she looked in the mirror, it was her with the same skin issues her friend had. Lili automatically realized that she had taken up her friend’s energy to declutter. In this episode, we share how we distinguish between our energy and other people’s energy. We also share the different tools we use to declutter our energy and how we protect our energy.Listen to the full episode to learn more.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:03] Differentiating between your energy and other people’s energy[09:24] How Lili took somebody else’s energy[16:25] Energy resistance at Shannon’s workplace[19:20] The essence of having boundaries [20:58] Learning how to say noMagical Quotes from the Episode :“Becoming more aware of my energy was just untangling all of our people’s information and my own because we are bombarded every day.”“When we’re able to identify what information is ours versus somebody else’s, it can be a powerful next step of recognizing we you are letting in other people’s information.”“Once you have these tools that help you protect your energy, it can be a magnificent shift you have wanted your entire life.”Resources: School for Meditation and Healing Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlySupport the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
31:19 7/6/23
Episode 24: Unpacking the Energy of Shame
When did you last have a moment when you felt shame? Shame is a feeling of embarrassment or humiliation that arises from the perception of having done something dishonorable, immoral, or improper. People who experience shame usually try to hide what they feel ashamed of. Many of us carry shame from our childhood. Maybe we did something that embarrassed us, and when we think about it now, the shame resurfaces. As a child, Lili always felt ashamed because she was different. She is Asian and grew up in a Latino country. For Shannon, as a child, shame emaciated from her body. She never felt good enough because of the information she had gotten from other people. In this episode, we’ll unpack our experiences with the energy of shame from our childhood to how we’ve been experiencing it in our adulthood and how we are dealing with it. We’ll also look at how we become perpetrators of shame and how to avoid it.Listen in to learn a thing or two. Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:25] What is shame?[00:46] Shannon’s experience with the energy of shame[08:05] Lili’s experience with shame[11:51] How Shannon deals with shame [26:49] Dealing with shame[35:18] Recognizing shame in your body and spaceMagical Quotes from the Episode:“One of the underlying reasons that we feel shame is the fear of being judged by others, and judging ourselves.”“I think if you look at shame as a punishment, then it’s heavy.”“One of the things that I found helpful around whenever I’m feeling shame is to bring a little bit more self-acceptance.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlySupport the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
45:03 6/22/23
Episode 23: The Energy of Anxiety and How We Deal with It
Have you ever experienced anxiety? A feeling of worry, nervousness, some people feel like some event might be coming up, and they have no control over it. It is frightening and stressful. In some worst-case scenarios, you end up having panic attacks.We have had different experiences with anxiety. Today, we are at a point where we can comfortably say we know how to handle our anxieties. Lili's anxiety started back when she was a child. She grew up in an environment that didn’t give her many options. She was always anxious and had butterflies in her stomach. When she moved to the US, her anxiety didn’t get any better. She was in survival mode, and her anxiety hit its peak. At some point, her anxiety could cause panic attacks. She never sought any professional help, but she came across meditation which came in as a savior for her. For Shannon, she has had social anxiety for the better part of her life. She recalls in high school; she liked a guy who wasn’t serving her. It caused her anxiety which was characterized by stomach aches with bad gas. Recently, she went out with one of her friends, and her social anxiety hit her. Some people kept staring at them, making her feel like her childhood anxiety was creeping back. In this episode, we share our experiences with anxiety and how we are handling it now. Listen in and learn.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:21] What is anxiety?[01:03] Lili’s experience with anxiety[08:37] Shannon’s experience with anxiety[25:03] How Shannon deals with her anxiety[27:59] Calling back your energy and power [30:45] Getting to know yourself and your triggers[34:41] Dealing with negative thoughtsMagical Quotes from the Episode: “I think the more you get to know what triggers you and what does anxiety look like to you? What does it feel like in your body, and then you start catching that? You are becoming more aware.”“If you’re paying attention to something, you’re going to manifest it even further and to some degree.”Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes onlyResources: School for Meditation and HealingNational Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)American Psychological AssociationAnxiety and Depression Association of America: Support Groups National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health: Anxiety Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
38:18 6/8/23
Episode 22: Past Life Regression and Exploring Different Healing Modalities
**Content warning: this episode contains description of a highly sensitive nature including sexual violence that may be triggering to some individuals.  On this episode, we share our experiences with Laura’s Hypnotherapy sessions. Laura is a specialist in hypnotherapy and past life regression. During the session,  she guides you through a past life regression. She does it in a way that you go into like a hypnotic state.Lili went to Laura’s session intending to look into the issues around her family. She wanted to get some information and at least get to the point of healing. During the session, Laura guided her through the regression. She helped her get to the person she was married to then, and everything made sense. She had an emotional outburst and realized it was the core wound of the trauma. Shannon’s goal for her session with Laura was to heal her heart chakra and focus on self-love during the session. She got to address issues from her childhood, like the sexual traumas she had. She also had a chance to look at her next life and what it would be like. From her next live session, it was evident that Shannon was working on herself for the sake of her future soul mate.Listen to this episode to learn more about our sessions with Laura. Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:53] Lili’s past life regression session[07:26] How Shannon is preparing for her future soulmate[29:54] Lili’s reading at a psychic school[32:26] Shannon’s woman reading experienceMagical Quotes from the Episode:“ Broken in healing is better than not healing at all.”“People can see your value with or without you having to do something for them.”“By choosing silence, you might be in a situation where you feel stuck.”Resources: Laura Donahue Hypnotherapy Berkeley Psychic Institute Psychic Horizons Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
38:10 5/26/23
Episode 21: Spiritual Fairs: Our Experience at New Living Expo 2023
Have you ever attended the New Living Expo in San Francisco or any other spiritual fair? What was your experience? In this episode, we share our experiences at the New Living Expo. This Expo is like a spiritual fair. And apparently, this is their 20th annual New Living Expo. Their website says it’s an expo for holistic practices and scientific experiences. We looked at it like a mixed bag of everything you can think and not think of regarding spiritual practices.The first thing we did was to take our aura photo. Lili paid about $40, while Shannon spent a little more than that. Lili didn’t enjoy the experience because she felt it lacked a personalized touch, and what the interpreters said seemed general. Shannon enjoyed her reading and her AI-aided interpretation was something she related with.Next, we had channeled readings where we sat with two people with psychic and mediumship abilities. They were channeling and receiving information and writing it down. We found this experience relatable and enjoyable; this was the most exciting reading we had that day. Listen in to hear the finer details of our readings. Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:16] New Living Expo Lili’s experience[07:00] Shannon’s experience with the Expo[07:55] Lili’s aura color[11:05] Shannon’s aura color[15:20] The most exciting readings we had [19:06] Lili as condiment saltMagical Quotes from the Episode:“You always get what you need out of a situation regardless of how much time or money you have. I truly believe that on a spiritual level.”“It is kind of crazy how, when you start focusing on all of these things, they start coming up from the surface together.”Feel free to share your spiritual fair experiences with us. Also, if there is an event or fair you’d like us to check out, please let us know!Resources: New Living Expo Aura Photo School for Meditation and HealingNote: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
30:18 5/11/23
Episode 20: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions about Psychics
What myth have you heard about psychics? We know we have too many more myths out there than we can debunk. In this episode, we debunk three popular myths about psychics.1.    Are psychics frauds? We know many people out there think we psychics are frauds. Unfortunately, there are psychics who are not genuine and are just after swindling people. Shannon remembers an encounter she had in New York with a psychic. They offered to read her energy and told her she had a dark entity attached to her soul. The psychic asked Shannon for some money for her to learn more. Shannon spent $300, and the psychic wanted even more from her. That’s an example of an illegitimate psychic. 2.    Can psychics read our minds? People fear psychics and mediums because they think they can read their minds. That’s far from the truth. Psychics can read your energy and not your mind. 3.    Psychics can predict the future: Do you think that’s true? No, it isn’t. We can only see patterns but cannot predict the future, considering many changes happen. Just before the Covid pandemic, Sylvia Browne predicted it. It wasn’t exactly how she predicted it. Is that why people believe we can foretell the future?In this episode, we also share some tips on how to spot legitimate psychics. Listen in and learn.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:54] Are psychics frauds? Shannon’s experience with a fraud[15:04] Lili’s experience with swindlers[15:48] Can psychics read minds?[24:18] Psychics can predict the future[32:27] How to spot a medium or psychic who is not legitimateMagical Quotes from the Episode:“If someone reaches out to you offering readings, that’s a red flag.”“When you’re able to authentically serve other people through the power of facilitating and reading and a healing, there’s always a healing for yourself.”“Sometimes, like being open is great. But then it’s like you can’t be super open where you do not practice any discernment.”Have you ever been swindled by someone who pretends to be a psychic? We’d love to hear your story. Feel free to share it with us.Resources: School for Meditation and Healing Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
38:47 4/27/23
Episode 19: Learn Healing Tools to Use in Your Everyday Life with Rev. Laura Hopper from Psychic Horizons
In this episode, we are joined by the amazing Rev. Laura Hopper. She is the founder and director of Psychic Horizons, and has been changing lives for over 42 years (including ours!). Laura started the school when she was young. She shares how she got into the spirituality space, started teaching, and how the school is doing. Also, Laura will tell us why she chose to have the school in a city over a serene place.Listen in and learn.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:31] Getting to know Laura Hopper[11:14] Why is Laura's school based in the city?[13:20] How Laura realized she has psychic abilities[15:12] How people around Laura reacted when she became spiritual[20:33] How Laura called Lili to go into the program[25:06] Lessons and events offered at Psychic Horizons [33:41] what's happening currently at Psychic Horizons Magical Quotes from the Episode:"Our goal is to give people tools, you know, meditation, healing tools, so that you can use them in your everyday life and in your meditation life.""Meditation is from my perspective, the bridge between who you are a spirit and then your everyday life.""Your attention is how you create your life. If your attention is scattered, then how you're creating your life is scattered.""Everything that happens on the inside is reflected on the outside."Resources:Psychic Horizons Psychic Horizons IGPsychic Horizons FB PageNote: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
38:50 4/13/23
Episode 18: Understanding Spiritual Trending: Our Current Spiritual Trends
What is your current spiritual trend? Are you aware of it?The Abraham-Hicks event we attended a couple of weeks ago inspired this episode. It opened our eyes to see our spiritual trends. Shannon started her new job two months ago. Lately, she has realized her life revolves around work. Her heart and soul are poured out to work, and she has not had time for sustainable self care. Her trend is setting boundaries and adhering to them.Lili was diagnosed with Pneumonia. As she went through treatment, she realized it was more than just Pneumonia. Her heart chakra needed healing. She had a past life regression therapy session and the process was incredible and profound. In this episode, we dig deep into the various trends we are on, the new habits and routines we are developing, and how to start new trends and pay attention to them. Listen in and learn.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:37] Shannon’s idea of spiritual trending[02:55] What has Lili been trending on? Dealing with Pneumonia and the heart space[08:41] How to get out of your own way[11:35] Switching from no self-care to sustainable self-care[22:44] Questioning new habits and trends[26:41] How to start new trends[31:02] Paying attention to what you are trending onMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Every day, we make choices, and majority of us make choices based on our habits.”“The more you start becoming aware of the choices that you make, the better things will start to kind of show up to you.”“Being senior in your space means that you act with authority in your own space.”“When you show yourself that you can do it. You tell your body and your spirit, okay, I got this. It gives you a sense of safety and an accomplishment.”Resources: Abraham-Hicks PublicationPast-Life Regression Hypnotherapy School for Meditation and Healing Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
35:31 3/30/23
Episode 17: The Power of Manifestation: Lessons from Abraham-Hicks Workshop
Do you practice manifestation? Chances are, we have people who think they don’t. The truth is we are always manifesting based on the choices we make or don’t make. We agree that manifestation is a great tool, but we all need to learn how it works.Recently, we had the privilege of attending a live event with Esther Hicks, an American Inspirational speaker, channeler of Abraham-Hicks, and author of several books. The lessons we got from the workshop are so important, and that’s why we share them today.One of the biggest takeaways Lili had was the power of paying attention. You need to pay attention to focus on what you want. She remembers the analogy of the boiling point. According to Abraham-Hicks, if you have a pot on a stove, you get distracted and turn off the stove. Later, come back, put it on, and get distracted again. That pot will never boil. We need to remain focused on what we want.Shannon’s greatest takeaway was on dealing with our limiting beliefs. Sometimes we want something so much, but at the back of our minds, we have beliefs that hinder us from getting what we want. We must address the barriers and prepare to receive what we want.Listen as we share lessons from the Abraham-Hicks workshop.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:24] Our experience at the Abraham-Hicks event[09:09] Shannon’s biggest takeaway from the workshop[11:01] Lili’s most significant takeaway from the workshop[14:29] Dealing with our limiting beliefs[16:49] The power of focusing[24:02] Putting in the work to get what you want; what are you trending on?[31:44] Patience is keyMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Anything that you want in your life starts within yourself, and it’s not a secret.”“It’s very hard to focus on the things that you really want, if your attention is not there.”“You are essentially the author of your own narrative, you’re creating your own thoughts based on how you feel.”“Manifestation is having an intention, but also you have to take action.”“Not everyone has the availability or the bandwidth, to then keep up with whatever that they are looking for, or their desire.”Resources: Abraham-Hicks Publication Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
40:06 3/16/23
Episode 16: Energetics of Communication: How to Take it to the Next Level
Communication is the ability to convey ideas and express thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, many of us have not mastered the art of communication. The good news is, it is a soft skill that we can learn.Take a moment and look back at your childhood. How was your communication? Have you improved over the years?We share a similar story of how we communicated as children. We were not outspoken and tended to withdraw instead of saying what we really felt. The silent treatment was a way of letting other people know we were unhappy. Over the years, our communication has gotten better. We can now comfortably express our thoughts and feelings.In this episode, we share how we have been improving our communication. Also, we will share our experience at the Tyler Henry event. Tyler is an American reality show personality who appears in a series of TV shows here in the US, and he showcases his mediumship and clairvoyant abilities. We witnessed him giving people readings during the show we attended, and the messages could not have been more specific. They all had personalized readings. It is impressive how Tyler can share readings with thousands of people. Listen to this episode to hear more.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:16] Attending Tyler Henry’s event[12:59] How to give feedback[15:04] Shannon’s communication growing up[17:55] Lili’s communication as a kid[33:13] How the podcast is shaping Lili’s communication[35:48] How Shannon’s communication has evolved over the years[37:57] Communicating with your inner-selfMagical Quotes from the Episode:“When setting boundaries, you’re going to make some people uncomfortable.”Resources:Medium Tyler HenrySchool for Meditation and HealingNote: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only.Support the Show.Where to find us:WebsiteInstagramTikTokYouTube
40:56 3/2/23