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The Range Brief with Black Wing

Welcome to the Range Brief with Black Wing, Central Ohio's Premier Shooting Center. Our goal is to entertain and educate on a variety of industry topics. We are your hosts; Mark Gore & Jared Ramey join us as we share knowledge, introduce a variety of firearms disciplines, and speak on topics that interest you!


Shot Show 2024
Join the crew for a debreif on Shot Show 2024. Find out what's new, timelines on avaliabilty, and what the guys thought was cool this year. 
42:41 2/20/24
Common Firearm Controversies
Join Mark and Jared as they cover their preferences in casual gun shop controversies. Preferred concealed carry options? Night sights worth it? Should you modify your defensive firearms? Shotguns for home defense? These Questions and more! 
27:48 1/11/24
Our Favorite Things of 2023
Mark and Jared discuss their favorite things of 2023, just in time for Christmas. Please let us know your favorite things of 2023 over on Instagram!
20:27 12/12/23
Machine Guns
Join the crew as we discuss Machine guns. Can you have one, what types are popular, how much do they cost? All your questions answered in this episode…. Probably… 
47:50 11/12/23
Emergency Preperation
Join the crew for a discussion on emergency preparation. We will cover planning, rehearsals , and gear to have in the event of natural or man-made disaster. Mixed & Edited by Next Day Podcast.
40:25 10/11/23
Greg Ellifritz & Situation Awareness
Join the crew as they talk with our first celebrity guest, the world-famous author and instructor Greg Ellifritz! His experience as a law enforcement officer, educator, and a third world traveler makes him especially qualified to answer questions on avoiding trouble. He will give some key signals to look for when in public spaces and resources should you want to deep dive into these subjects. 
49:54 9/11/23
Sporting Shotguns, When A Rifleman Has Questions.
Join the conversation as Ed and Joe school Jared on the finer points when choosing a shotgun for the clay target sports.  
49:04 8/11/23
AR15 Barrels - Builder Questions Answered
Cameron and Jared discuss the most common questions regarding AR barrels. Length, profile, material, twist rate, gas system, etc.  
32:21 7/11/23
Clone Rifles
Join the boys as they discuss the concept of clone rifles.  We recommend having your phone available to look up images as you listen! We do not recommend taking a drink everytime someone says clone...  
43:35 6/11/23
USPSA, Racing with Handguns
Join us as we get the lowdown on USPSA competition (United States Practical Shooting Association). You'll know where to go, what to expect, and the equipment you'll need to get started! 
32:34 5/11/23
Rifle Suppressors - What You Need To Know
Join the crew as we discuss rifle suppressors including their benefits, how to choose the right suppressor, some expert opinions about mounting systems, and more! 
40:18 4/11/23
Shotgun Sports, Way Better Than Golf!
Mark and Joe discuss the shotgun sports. What is the difference between trap, skeet, and sporting clays? What gear do you need, where can you go, and how much experience do you need? The answers are revealed on this episode of the Range Brief. 
36:23 3/21/23
Reach Out and Touch Something!
This month the topic is on entering the sport of long range shooting! Learn more about where to shoot long range in Ohio, proper rifle system including ammunition selection, quality optics, and more from our resident expert and host, Jared Ramey!
37:23 2/15/23
Hunting in Ohio
This month the topic is hunting! Including most popular game, hunting seasons, tips for success, public vs. private land, equipment, etiquette, and more! 
49:04 1/13/23
Choosing a Gun for Home Defense
This month the guys discuss pros and cons for pistol, rifle, and shotguns for home defense.
41:04 12/10/22
Pistol Red Dots – Better Than Iron Sights?
This month we look at why you should consider putting an optic on your pistol. Join the crew for the pro's, cons, and expectation when selecting a red dot for your handgun. 
37:24 11/11/22
Suppressor 101
This episode breaks down what to expect, how to buy, how to select, and the differences in silencers. 
43:34 10/9/22
Our podcast aims to entertain and educate on a variety of industry topics. From how to make the initial foray into suppressors to getting started shooting sporting clays, we will cover the topics of interest to the average shooter. Here's more details at:
00:59 9/16/22