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Soul Savvy Business

Reverend Dr. Katy E. Valentine brings her unique perspective to the Mirasee FM podcast network. In each episode of Soul Savvy Business, Katy explore an issue at the heart of the intersection of business and spirituality, navigating these waters in new and vital ways with practical tips and insights that entrepreneurs of all faiths (including none) can apply.


Presenting Neuroscience of Coaching (Melinda Cohan)
Producer Cynthia Lamb introduces Neuroscience of Coaching, a new show on the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by Dr. Irena O’Brien. In this bonus episode, Melinda Cohan and Dr. O’Brien dive into the surprising hidden science behind motivation.
26:08 3/15/24
Presenting Teacher Tom’s Podcast (Maggie Dent)
Producer Cynthia Lamb introduces Teacher Tom’s Podcast, a new show on the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by “Teacher Tom” Hobson. In this bonus episode, Maggie Dent examines how consumerism, fear, and competition negatively affect parenting.
34:23 2/23/24
Presenting Consciousness Explored (Megan Selby & Olivier Maxted)
Producer Cynthia Lamb introduces Consciousness Explored, a new show on the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by Melissa Deal. In this bonus episode, Megan Selby & Olivier Maxted explore the nature of consciousness through sound healing and Reiki.
43:31 2/9/24
Find Your Spiritual Tribe (Katy Valentine)
To conclude Season 2, we turn the mic around, with host Katy as the interviewee. We discover more about her spiritual journey, including how “virtuous poverty” impoverished her mindset and how she came to believe all Christianity is metaphysical.
37:20 8/31/23
Leading Large (Sharon Richmond)
Quietly drawing from her ancestry, religion, and spirituality, Sharon Richmond infuses her coaching business with a deep sense of purpose. She sees leadership as a privilege, and her role is to help leaders build cultures of accountability and respect.
40:28 8/17/23
Connect with Self, Connect with Love (Lilli Bewley)
Desperately unhappy, Lilli Bewley reached the point of suicidal ideation. But she didn’t give up on God or herself. She worked on self-healing and then built a business helping women enjoy dating and find true love.
34:59 8/3/23
Healing Trauma Through the Divine (Dr. Marcia Martin)
After hiding her divine gift for 20 years to try to be “normal,” Dr. Marcia Martin realized she was living a religion-based sinner and victim mentality. She then embraced her clairaudience and embarked on a journey to heal others of their trauma.
47:59 7/20/23
Everything Is Working Out (Christen N. James)
Katy talks with side-hustle coach Christen N. James (CJ) about flow, faith, and growing up Catholic. Today, CJ expresses her spirituality via Reiki, journaling, and leaving encouraging voice notes to herself — all to nourish her mindset of abundance.
42:04 7/6/23
Sacred Reciprocity (Diana Rowan)
Growing up Irish Catholic with negative beliefs about money, Diana Rowan later tapped into the divine as a musician. But far from settling as a “starving artist,” she built a thriving business helping emerging creatives discover their true selves.
38:00 6/22/23
Be Abundant to Enjoy Abundance (Drea Brown)
After a stress-induced breakdown left her hospitalized for ten days, Drea Brown sold all she owned and traveled the world to seek her deepest purpose. She returned from that journey spiritually awakened and started a business that rocketed to success.
32:08 6/8/23
From Limited to Limitless (Daniel Hanneman)
Spiritual business coach Daniel Hanneman joins Katy to talk about how entrepreneurs can move through negative emotions and limiting beliefs. On the other side, we can discover our highest purpose and enjoy all of the abundance the universe offers us.
39:23 5/25/23
Connect to Spirit Through Chocolate (Seamus Black)
Is it possible to find spiritual and divine connection through chocolate? Seamus Black says yes — and he has built a successful business around incorporating sacred plant medicine into his work as a chocolatier.
36:55 5/11/23
Finding Your Stronger Self (Patricia Dent)
Business coach Patricia Dent shares how she transformed her mind and spirit, following a near-death experience, through meditation, Reiki, and communing with the Universe. In turn, she reformed her practice to be more heart centered — and fulfilling.
37:46 4/27/23
Bliss This House (Maria Grove)
Professional organizer and Buddhist Maria Grove talks with Katy about the positive impact that organizing your home can have on your stress, health, and business. She also shares how Buddhist principles guide her work and benefit her clients.
40:06 4/13/23
Bridging Ethics and Effectiveness (Tad Hargrave)
In a rich, deep, and wide-ranging conversation, Katy and marketing expert Tad Hargave explore how we can incorporate both ethics and effectiveness into our businesses – instead of choosing one over the other.
42:18 3/30/23
Presenting Behind the Launch
Katy Valentine introduces the newest Mirasee FM show, Behind the Launch, hosted by Cynthia Lamb. In this bonus episode: How do you manage emotions when a product or service launch goes badly? Hear what key Mirasee team members have to say.
15:07 3/23/23
Business Is a Spiritual Playground (Melinda Cohan)
The daughter of a preacher, Coaches Console CEO Melinda Cohan has always been spiritual. But when a life turn led to entrepreneurship, a vision—and a napkin—revealed how spirit and business intersect.
48:17 3/16/23
A Purposeful Cancer Journey of Faith (Henry Dotson III)
After an unexpected diagnosis of bone cancer, Henry Dotson discovered through his journey to recovery that faith is a powerful healer. He felt God’s calling to help others with cancer, but could he turn this into a spiritual coaching business?
39:00 3/2/23
Presenting For Better or For Work
Katy Valentine introduces For Better or For Work, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by Bhoomi Pathak and Danny Iny. In this bonus episode, guest couple Meg and Gary Hirshberg candidly talk about their early business conflicts and choices at Stonyfield Farm.
34:18 2/24/23
Intuitive Connections (Caitlin Durning)
Social media expert Caitlin Durning talks about the importance of reconnecting with intuition in an industry that’s consumed with numbers. She also shares practices that help her stay on track: such as meditation, spiritual guidance, and breathwork.
37:06 2/16/23
A Hindu Embrace (Dr. Sree Meleth)
Dr. Sree Meleth opens a discussion about her evolving belief as a Hindu and tapping into unconditional love – especially during hard times. She also talks about recognizing our divinity, holding space for anger, and using EFT to empower our beliefs.
39:39 2/2/23
Presenting Blowing Up (Tad Hargrave)
Host Katy Valentine introduces Blowing Up, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this bonus episode, hosts Linda Claire Puig and Ari Iny talk with Tad Hargrave about his unique pricing strategy that allows him to be of service in a stress-free way.
17:54 1/26/23
The Spirit of Science (Stephanie Slocum)
Engineer and Business Strategist Stephanie Slocum explores the integration of science and spirituality in a world that often pits them against each other. She also dives into how to recognize misalignment, how inclusivity impacts future generations, and the importance of STEM education.
45:40 1/19/23
Divine Writing (Meg Calvin)
Former minister Meg Calvin talks about growing up in the Bible Belt , embracing the Divine Feminine and reclaiming her own femininity after healing emotional wounds. She and Katy also cover soul paths, evolving life purpose and marketing with integrity.
39:52 1/4/23
Team's Pick (Eir Atla)
Mirasee FM writer Melissa Deal chose this favorite episode to rerun during the holiday break. Eir Atla talks about rejecting an oppressive religious environment to follow her passion and connection to nature and intuition.
47:12 12/29/22
We Are the System (Laura Hartley)
In this episode, Katy talks with business owner and environmental activist Laura Hartley about dismantling capitalism and supremacy culture. Laura asserts that without deep inner changes, we will never see positive outer changes in our world.
43:53 12/15/22
Presenting To Lead Is Human (Shalini Verma)
Katy Valentine introduces To Lead Is Human, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this passionate episode, host Sharon Richmond talks with Shalini Verma about the transformational benefits of leading with your heart and navigating via intuition and the body's cognition.
50:05 12/9/22
A Healing Journey (Eir Atla)
Eir Atla talks about rejecting an oppressive religious environment to follow her passion and connection to nature and intuition. As a green witch with a background as a registered nurse, she uses her knowledge to bring healing to herself and her clients.
46:10 12/1/22
Presenting The Self-Awakened Lifestyle (Alexa)
Host Katy Valentine introduces The Self-Awakened Lifestyle, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this bonus episode, host Esco Wilson talks with entrepreneurial hopeful Alexis. The two dive into the importance of developing self trust and listening to our bodies.
32:34 11/24/22
The Freedom of Integrity (Meg Heppner)
Former Mennonite Meg Heppner talks about breaking free from strict tradition, finding her soul’s path to freedom and empowering women to find their own voice of truth inside. She and Katy also discuss their practices of authentic pricing and marketing.
52:33 11/17/22