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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Earth Speak is helping you to be your own best connection to your intuition, spirit guides, Earth, and the divine. Episodes feature conversations with people, plants, nature spirits, and high-vibration places on Earth. For many episodes, we're giving EARTH the microphone with channeled messages from nature beings. Human guests share their approaches to standing in their power, working with spirits, deepening their connection with nature, and shamelessly embodying their true selves. Topics covered include deconditioning your mind, working with ancestors and nature spirits, folk herbalism, plant-spirit medicine, true self-care, shadow integration, what it means to be a modern witch, conscious co-creation, (wo)manifestation, intuitive business practices, and more. Check out our videos at


Gardener Joe Hollis on Cultivating a Garden of Useful Plants & Thriving Off a Minimal Income [episode 73] 93:27 01/27/2022
Water Researcher Veda Austin on Communicating With the Consciousness of Water [episode 72] 113:37 01/20/2022
Aislinn Kerchaert & Cliff Taylor on the Little People & Saying Yes to Your Purpose [episode 71] 113:20 01/06/2022
Artist Meg Borukhovsky on Sacred Adornment & Right Relationship with Plants [episode 70] 70:53 12/26/2021
Celtic Traditions & Folklore for the Winter Solstice, with Natalie Ross [episode 69] 43:07 12/16/2021
Floral Artist Katie Chirgotis on Being a Vessel for Creativity and Connecting with Mythical Creatures [episode 68] 96:21 12/11/2021
Emotional Alchemy Coach Kat Lee on Aligning With Your Dao and Your Purpose [episode 67] 72:33 12/02/2021
The BIG Reveal is Here! Announcing the Earth Speak Shirt! 🍄 02:37 11/29/2021
Business Strategist Sarah M Chappell on Soul-Centered Business in Late-Stage Capitalism [episode 66] 85:17 11/25/2021
Founders Natalie & Shawna on the ups and downs of spiritual Entrepreneurship [episode 65] 64:14 11/19/2021
Botanical Breathworkers Elliott Brinkley and Eliza Rose Kane on Reconnecting Plants and People Through the Breath [episode 64] 75:23 11/18/2021
Writer Becca Piastrelli on Reweaving Connection and Community in the Age of Loneliness [episode 63] 77:30 11/11/2021
Herbalist Chef Tara Lanich-LaBrie on Co-Creating A Relationship of Awareness With Your Body and the Earth [episode 62] 78:40 11/04/2021
Folk Medicine Practitioner Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman on the Role of the Dreamer and Visions for a Community [episode 61] 95:30 10/29/2021
Animal Communicator Kristen Houser on Communicating Telepathically with Companion Animals [episode 60] 83:57 10/22/2021
A Channeled Message From Goldenrod on Tending to Your Reserves [episode 59] 13:16 10/14/2021
Psychotherapist Tanis Helliwell on Working With Nature Spirits & Healing From Ancestral Patterns and Trauma [episode 58] 75:13 09/16/2021
A Channeled Message from Yarrow on How You Are More Then Your Wounds [episode 57] 15:50 09/10/2021
A Channeled Message from Daisy Flowers on Thriving in Wonder [episode 56] 16:11 08/14/2021
Death Walker Ash Canty on Deepening Your Connection to Your Deceased Loved Ones and Spirit Guides [episode 55] 87:58 07/24/2021
Earth Worker Sunder Ashni on Creating an Invitation of Connection with the Elemental Beings [episode 54] 75:46 07/09/2021
Akasha Explorer Rohini Moradi on How She Stopped Seeking her Shadow and Accepted Herself [episode 53] 83:05 06/25/2021
Natalie Ross with a Channeled Message from Ants on Being Small But Mighty [episode 52] 16:20 06/17/2021
Change Maker Michelle C. Johnson on Channeling a Book and Healing The Effects of Unexpressed Grief [episode 51] 76:53 06/10/2021
Artist Meagan Boyd on How to Have Creative Freedom and Make a Living as an Artist [episode 50] 71:32 05/20/2021
Somatic Therapist Luis Mojica on Cultivating Capacity + Decolonising the Self [episode 49] 93:49 05/13/2021
Musician Lizzy Ross on the Ancient Myth of the Selkie + Finding Liberation From the Burden of Worthiness [episode 48] 84:20 05/06/2021
Intuitive Guide Phoenix Rose on How Human Design Can Help You Stop "Shoulding" Yourself & Be Free In Your Unique Flow [episode 47] 104:02 04/29/2021
Medicine Woman Asha Frost on Decolonizing the Self and Unlocking Your Own Potential for Healing [episode 46] 68:17 04/22/2021
Weaver Audrey Ducas on the Vulnerability of Creativity and Tantric Textile Design [episode 45] 59:47 04/15/2021