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Militantly Mixed, is a podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective. Every week host Sharmane a.k.a MixedAuntieMane, speaks with Mixed-Race people from all over the world about their lives and coming to terms with their ownth ethnic and cultural identities.


Taking a Week off for Grief 09:16 06/28/2022
Being Black and White with White Adjacency... it's Complicated 71:06 06/21/2022
Mixed Auntie Confidential # 5 - Intersection of Intersections 99:18 06/14/2022
My Life in the Sunshine with Nabil Ayers 78:39 06/07/2022
The Only Mixed Person in my Family featuring James Camacho 71:41 05/31/2022
Militantly Mixed Live at East West Players for Black Asian Solidarity 82:07 05/25/2022
Militantly Mixed and the Blasian March in L.A. 21:44 05/19/2022
Militantly Mixed at the Blasian March L.A. 36:02 05/18/2022
Mixed Auntie Confidential # 4: White Passing? White Presenting? White Assumed? 71:34 05/10/2022
Back from Hiatus y'all and things are changing... here we go! 48:15 05/03/2022
A Q&A with the Host of Militantly Mixed, Sharmane Fury 64:45 04/28/2022
I was the someone I was waiting for with Sonia Smith Kang of Mixed Up Clothing 71:37 04/12/2022
Tangible Blackness with Crimson 75:32 03/29/2022
I look like a Brown skinned White Girl with curly hair! 52:31 03/22/2022
Loud Mouth Brown Girl with Devon J. Hall 62:08 03/19/2022
Does Not Compute a Mixed Auntie Confidential Episode 85:19 03/10/2022
Emergency Fundraiser for Militantly Mixed 26:04 03/07/2022
Heart Radical with Anne Liu Kellor 71:29 03/01/2022
Born a Disruptor with Chevara Orrin 60:57 02/22/2022
Revolutionary Mixedness 77:58 02/15/2022
Sharmane's Gulf Coast Cosmos Announcement 62:51 02/14/2022
The "Right" Way to be Mixed with Auntie TaRessa Stovall from Mixed Auntie Confidential 94:52 02/11/2022
I never feel less Arabic or less Black, I am always me 66:42 01/25/2022
Mixed Bloom Room 38:21 01/18/2022
Mixed Auntie Confidential 73:53 01/11/2022
It's 2022 14:03 01/06/2022
2 time Asian American Podcasters Association Golden Crane Award winning podcast...Militantly Mixed 25:09 12/23/2021
It's not that I don't look Asian, it's that you've never seen an Asian like me before 70:27 11/30/2021
I've been gaslit out of my own identity 63:05 11/23/2021
The Rebirth of Mane 18:29 11/16/2021