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Colorful conversation on social, economic and religious issues from a Christian worldview perspective. Mark and Pete: a businessman and a pastor.Listen on Flame Radio 1521MW in NW England and podcasts on iTunes.Website: markandpete.comTwitter: @markandpete


The Most Annoying Things 07:07 11/22/2021
Should Red Phone Boxes be Preserved 07:31 11/16/2021
The Abba Comeback: Good or Bad? 10:52 11/08/2021
Beatlemania strikes again 10:15 11/01/2021
The Sweet Legacey of Fisherman's Friend 11:56 10/25/2021
The Queen and the Walking Stick 10:02 10/21/2021
Breaking News: Star Trek is Real 11:59 10/11/2021
Who should be the next James Bond? (and why it's important) 15:31 10/04/2021
The Secrets of the Magic Circle 12:05 09/27/2021
Is Strictly Come Dancing a waste of energy? 13:05 09/21/2021
A dog is for life not just for lockdown 15:14 09/14/2021
Are we seeing the death of the business suit? 11:01 09/07/2021
The Rolling Stones: greatest rock and roll band of all time? 12:44 08/30/2021
A tour of Britain's rudest (and funniest) place names 06:45 08/23/2021
The least affordable city to buy a home (and quirky solutions) 10:39 08/15/2021
Is your virtual identity the real you 15:43 08/09/2021
Your Comedy Heroes 18:19 08/04/2021
The world's most expensive stamp, is it worth it? 09:46 07/26/2021
Lego goes green 10:49 07/19/2021
More nonesense from Edward Lear 08:42 07/12/2021
Is Abba Gold better than today's pop music? 11:51 07/06/2021
Ringo Starr stops fight with sex toys. 09:02 06/27/2021
There's a shortfall of bikes! 10:26 06/21/2021
The wrong accent can make you look stupid. 11:43 06/13/2021
Business is drowning in too many emails 12:32 06/07/2021
Amazon wellness booths backfire 06:33 06/01/2021
Why does the Eurovision song contest hate the UK? 09:32 05/29/2021
Celebrity Awards are a Waste of Time. 09:32 05/16/2021
How to give a tip when you don't give two hoots. 11:58 05/09/2021
Lockdown Blues? Doctors say "take a hike!" 14:19 05/03/2021