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Which player (Lebron, KD or Steph) will win another championship?
In this episode we debate Lebron, KD and Steph's chances of winning another championship
25:10 5/22/24
Who should be the NBA MVP?
We debate who should be the 2024 NBA MVP
28:17 5/8/24
The case for and against drafting Michael Penix Jr 8th and 2024 NFL Draft grades
-Should the Falcons have drafted Michael Penix Jr 8th overall?-2024 NFL Draft grades
66:07 4/30/24
Is Matt Ryan a HOF quarterback?
In this episode we debate if Matt Ryan is a Hall of Fame worthy QB
15:55 4/23/24
NBA Playoffs and 2024 NBA Season grades
-NBA Playoffs begin-Season Grades for 2024 NBA season
50:58 4/17/24
Stefon Diggs trade and Which teams would trade their superstar for Victor Wembanyama
-Who won Stefon Diggs trade?-Which team would trade their superstar for Victor Wembanyama
44:17 4/5/24
Grading 2024 NFL Pre Draft Free Agent Moves
We grade the Free Agent moves made in the NFL so far for the 2024 season. We'll release an update after the draft. 
88:50 3/20/24
Mount Rushmore Series: NBA Streetball/Playground Tier
In this Mt Rushmore episode we talk about our favorite NBA streetball players with the following criteria◦They could have have won a title or not◦Can be a player during or before your lifespan◦Can include a fifth/off to the side of the mountain player
30:50 3/13/24
NBA second half of season, Trae Young injury, NFL Draft convo
-The NBA second half of the season -Trae Young injured. Is it time to tank?-NFL Draft convo 
41:33 2/28/24
NBA tier list for February and Kyle Shanahan convo
We debate Fadeaway World's February NBA tier list and discuss Kyle Shanahan's Super Bowl record
39:23 2/22/24
Mount Rushmore Series: NFL Quarterbacks All Time Tier
In this Mt Rushmore series episode we talk about the top NFL quarterbacks of all time. 
26:45 2/10/24
Chiefs and 49ers in Superbowl again, Belichick, Vrabel and Carroll, Falcons Coaching search ends
-Vegas has Chiefs as the underdog for the Super Bowl-For the first time in over 20 years Bill Belichick, Mike Vrabel and Pete Carroll   are without coaching jobs-We discuss Falcons new coach Raheem Morris 
45:57 2/5/24
Falcons coaching and QB search, NFL Playoffs
-Falcons Coaching search-Should Falcons draft a QB or go after a Free Agent-NFL Playoffs
63:27 1/24/24
NBA Mt. Rushmore: The Youtube/Google/NBA Doc Tier
Tier Two-Youtube/Google/NBA Doc Tier◦Can be a player during or before your lifespan◦Must have won at least one NBA title◦Discovered them by researching YouTube,Google, or Documentary◦Can include a fifth/off to the side of the mountain player
35:49 1/8/24
College Football Playoffs
In this episode we dive into the college football playoffs 
24:24 12/22/23
NBA Mt. Rushmore: The Lifespan Tier
Tier One: The Lifespan Tier◦Must have played in the last 50 years◦Must have won at least one NBA title◦Must have a memory of them playing◦Can include a fifth/off to the side of the mountain player
21:30 12/6/23
World Series ratings sucked
Reggie and Eugene talk about the horrible ratings for the '23 World Series 
10:15 11/26/23
Free Bijan
Reggie and Eugene talk about Bijan Robinson and how he hasn't been given opportunity to be successful so far in his rookie season with the Falcons
19:59 11/21/23
Is Deshaun Watson's contract the worse in the NFL, NFL Trade deadline, James Harden Trade
-Is Deshaun Watson's Contract the worse in the NFL?-NFL Trade deadline -James Harden trade
33:41 11/1/23
NFL week 6 recap
In this episode Reggie and Eugene talk about QB play and week 6 of the 2023 NFL season
42:59 10/18/23
For and Against: Desmond Ridder
In this episode Reggie and Eugene debate whether Desmond Ridder should remain starter for the Atlanta Falcons
30:16 10/11/23
The NFL Crystal Ball: Predicting Division Winners and Surprises
Way too early NFL postseason predictions.
42:08 9/11/23
Is Trey Lance worse draft trade of all time and James Harden NBA drama
-Can Trey Lance overcome the odds and create a new narrative with the Cowboys?-Drama surrounding James Harden and Daryl Morey, exploring the implications of Harden opting into his contract and the nuances of handshake deals. -NFL Preseason convo
37:10 8/30/23
Dollars and Trophies: The Salary Cap's Influence on Super Bowl Championships
Think paying top dollar for top talent guarantees a winning NFL season? Think again. In this eye-opening episode, we unpack the tricky dynamics of the NFL's salary cap, spotlighting instances where high spending teams failed to meet expectations. 
35:05 8/23/23
NFL pre-season injuries, Arthur Blank's Desmond Ridder comments, NY Mets throwing in the towel on the season
-NFL preseason injuries-Arthur Blank says Desmond Ridder is the Falcons QB of the future-NY Mets throwing in the towel on a very expensive season 
35:59 8/7/23
Aaron Rodgers reworks his contract, Angels hold onto Shohei Ohtani, Mbappe rejects Saudi's offer
-Aaron Rodgers gives Jets cap flexibility by reworking his contract-Shohei Ohtani off trade market -Kylian Mbappé turns down over $700 million dollar offer
35:00 7/31/23
NFL Running Backs pay issues and Shohei Ohtani trade market
-Are NFL running backs underpaid?-Should the Angels trade Shohei Ohtani?-Jaylen Brown and Aaron Rodger contract extensions convo
43:35 7/24/23
Evaluating Blockbuster NBA Trades and Their Impact on Team Performance
-Evaluating blockbuster NBA trades and their effect on team performance-Summer League Convo-Dame Lillard trade talks
36:50 7/10/23
NBA 2023 Free Agency Frenzy: Analyzing Blockbuster Deals, Team Dynamics, and Jaw-Dropping Contracts
Ready to jump into the world of NBA free agency? We've got your courtside seats to all the action as we dissect the biggest deals, the blockbuster moves, and the head-scratching contracts of this year's free agency season. What ripple effects did Kyrie Irving's three-year deal with the Mavericks and James Harden's opt-in trade decision have on the league? Is Dylan Brook's $80 million contract a wise investment or a gamble that could backfire? We debate these hot topics and more, including a deep analysis of Draymond Green's value beyond his pricey contract.Join us as we analyze, debate, and predict the potential implications of this year's free agency season on the NBA landscape. It's a hoops talk you won't want to miss!
33:40 7/3/23
NBA Trades Unraveled: Analyzing Player Impact, Roster Changes, and Draft Prospects
-NBA Trade convo: Bradley Beal to the Suns, Kristap Porzingis to Boston, Jordan Poole to Washington and Chris Paul to Golden State-2023 NBA draft 
45:37 6/26/23