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The world is freakin' weird, man...let's talk about it! Hosts JD Ross & Bethany Marshall brings you all the weirdest, strangest, and dumbest stories this realm of existence has to offer! Little green men from outer space and monsters, true crime and the coming apocalypse, and everything in between! Weirdwide brings you all the weird, all the time!


Weird News Roundup | Gas Pump Kink
It is time again for us scour the strangest areas of the news, to bring you another Weird News Roundup!Your favorite weirdos, JD & Bethany, are joined by friend of the show, Ashley Shew, for her first time on a podcast mic!The news was particularly weird this time, Mariachi turf wars, another rich guy wanting to go to the Titanic, a man and his unusual use of a gas pump(we aren't kink shaming, just kink asking why!) and more!
59:19 6/6/24
Minor League Monster | Tales Of The Snalleygaster
What the hell is a Snalleygaster?? Today your favorite weirdos, JD & Bethany, take you into B level cryptid territory.  Originating in Frederick County, MD in the 17th century by German immigrants to scare naughty children, the snalleygaster has had quite an interesting, if overlooked place, in cryptid lore.So what is the snalleygaster?? What does he look like? What is his strange connection to one of America's most famous presidents?! Find out today!
55:41 5/29/24
Alien Encounters | An interview with Matt Moniz
Milestone time, Weirdos! Today we bring you the 50th episode of Weirdwide!We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate 50 than a very special guest.  Today we welcome Matt Moniz to the Weirdoverse! Matt is a lifelong experiencer of alien abduction! Matt's experience with extraterrestrial phenomenon began at the frightening age of 3 years old(one of his earliest memories) and has continued on throughout the decades.  Sometimes he was taken alone, sometimes he met other humans during the encounters, and one time he was left naked in the New England cold after one particular encounter!Tune in today you beautiful Weirdos!!! 
78:30 5/22/24
A Satanic Concern | Devil, You In There?
So, you think every pop culture phenomenon is nothing more than safe, corporate developed, innocent fun to sell to the children.  Well according to some Evangelical Christians, that could not be further from the truth! It is more often than not, the dark power of Satan himself influencing your children through the power of subliminal messaging!Today your favorite weirdos lower their own IQs to dive into the absolutely wackadoodle world of things that Christians have inexplicably found the devil in! Pokemon? Satanic.  Dungeons & Dragons? It's in the name, definitely Satanic.  That damn rock and roll music?! OBVIOUSLY Satanic! Even the Smurfs are apparently minions of the dark lord(ESPECIALLY Smurfette!)Join us today as we blaspheme our way through the wacky world of finding the devil wherever we look! 
91:46 5/8/24
A Meal To Die For | Last Meals
Who is hungry? Today your favorite weirdos, Bethany & JD, are talking about a very morbid topic; last meals.From the scrumptious and delicious, to the pretentious and obnoxious, and to the just plain odd, Bethany & JD are digging into one of the weirdest culinary excursions in existence!
71:13 5/1/24
God Is An Alien | A Dive Into The Ancient Astronaut Theory
We're not saying it's aliens...This week your favorite weirdos are delving into one of the most controversial theories in the realm of extraterrestrials; The Ancient Astronaut Theory!Some believe that humanity has been visited by aliens not only recently, but in our very distant past as well.  What we may think of as "gods" could be space lords with advanced technology! You think WE built the pyramids? Try aliens and their ray guns! it all nonsense that is a fun theory at it's best, and a dangerous rabbit hole at it's worst? Join Bethany & JD today as they attempt to answer those questions and more!Weird News this week Too many octopiCosigning corpse
60:53 4/24/24
Bethany's European Adventure!
Who's ready to get international?!On this super laid back edition of Weirdwide, Bethany & JD talk about all of Bethany's globetrotting adventures!
57:15 4/17/24
Unhinged Movies | I'm Just F*cking With You
Happy April Fool's Day! To celebrate the day of pranks, JD is joined by The Ghost for another Unhinged Movies edition of Weirdwide, to discuss I'm Just F*cking With You!A Hulu original in the Into The Dark series of holiday themed horror movies, IJFWU follows the untight Larry, as he endures a night at the Pink Motel with Chester, a self described "good time guy", who's pranks become increasingly unhinged, and soon Larry realizes that maybe there is something more sinister afoot as Chester slowly reveals his true self!
49:05 4/1/24
Fort Bhangahr | The Most Haunted Place In India
This week your favorite weirdos are getting their haunting on, with Fort Bhangarh, the most haunted place in India.  Originally built in the 17th century, this fort has become shrouded in mystery, as reports of strange encounters, hauntings, and even a curse persist to this day.  With historians unclear as to the actual origins of the infamous fort, many local stories have become legend surrounding how it came to be. Even the Indian government recognizes the danger posed here, as something is undeniably unexplained occurring here.  Does it stand upon a portal to the ethereal side? Does a deadly curse hold a grip on the land? Find out this week on Weirdwide! 
42:35 3/27/24
The Lake Baikal Humanoids
In Soviet Russia, monsters hunt YOU!This week your favorite weirdos are diving into a minor league cryptid, that honestly doesn't get enough love, the Lake Baikal Humanoids!Encountered by a Soviet Navy diving team in the early 1980s, these underwater creatures showed that when provoked they will not hesitate to ruin someone's day, and caused the deaths of at least three men!What are the Lake Baikal Humanoids? Where do they come from? Are there any critters that Bethany won't risk life and limb to pet?? Tune in this week for the answer to these questions and more!
44:40 3/20/24
Avoid The Noid!
Everyone loves pizza, but at least one person has had a HUGE issue with one pizza chain, or rather their mascot.Today JD and Bethany are taking a closer look at The Noid, possibly one of the strangest advertising ploys that the drug fuelled boardrooms of the 1980s ever produced, as well as the man that took it all very personally, culminating in a hostage situation at gunpoint.Who was The Noid, and more importantly who was Kenneth Lamar Noid?This episode discusses mental health and suicide, if you are struggling with these issues remember that you are not alone, call 988 to reach the Suicide Crisis hotline. Help is available 24/7.
52:38 3/13/24
Weirder Than Ever
It has been entirely too long, but it is finally time to get weird again, Weirdwide is back!It's about to get weirder than ever with the addition of the Weirdoverse's new permanent resident, Bethany Marshall joining JD to bring you everything strange and unusual!This episode we get to know our new cohost and her fascination with aliens, cryptids and everything in between, as well as hearing the story of Bethany's own personal experience with a UFO!
37:33 1/17/24
Serious Schabusiness
Weirdwide is officially a year old! After a short break the weird returns darker than ever! This week we take a look at convicted murderer, Taylor Schabusiness and the carnage she left in her wake! But it isn't all dark! Somehow Fyre Festival 2 is a thing, plus the search for the Loch Ness Monster, Peru's extraterrestrial problem, the rumor behind Party City's masks, and more!
31:54 9/6/23
Unhinged Movies | Mrs. Doubtfire
It is time for another look at a movie that could only be described as...UNHINGED!Joined again by The Ghost, we are diving into the 1993 comedy classic, Mrs. Doubtfire!  A father separated from his children during a painful divorce makes the most logical decision that any reasonable person would; dress up as an elderly British nanny and infiltrate the family!Sounds crazy when you say it out loud! This movie was marketed to us as a children's movie, but could easily have been a horror flick!  
63:20 8/9/23
Taking Barbie Too Seriously
Welcome Weirdos to another look at all the weird this world has to offer! I am joined again by frequent flyer to the Weirdoverse, Natalie Katona, host of the podcast To All The Men I've Tolerated Before!Ben Shapiro is having a MOMENT with the new Barbie movie, and even felt the need to burn some Barbie dolls he happened to have.  Notorious cult member and murderer of Manson Family infamy has been released from prison after five decades.  The sea continues to turn against us, it began with orcas, now it is sea otters! Plus a look at what is wrong with Florida, the soldier who decided to go Leeroy Jenkins into North Korea, a strange new concert trend, and moving closer to alien disclosure!
80:18 7/27/23
Portal To Hell
This episode has it all! Aliens assisting humanity with technology, secret treaties, a secret portal to hell hidden at Mount Rushmore, strange noises from the woods, an internet apocalypse, and even a look back at Dude, Where's My Car! 
21:58 7/12/23
Under The Sea
The Weird is back! Apologies for the random disappearance, but Weirdwide has returned and coming back stronger than ever!  Announcing a bit of a format change for the show, the deep dive topic episodes will still be happening, but the show will take on a different approach going forward with the majority of episodes more focused on weird news and events, as well other segments and topics!This week of course we had to touch upon the Oceangate sub disaster, as well as the Musk/Zuck cage fight, but dives into weirder topics like some weird 4th of July history, and the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council(real thing, go to!) Then some apocalypse watch, and a little entertainment!
36:53 7/3/23
McKamey Manor
The Weird returns this week with a dive into one of the scariest attractions on Earth...McKamey Manor!Not your average haunted house, McKamey Manor is an "extreme haunt" that allows guests to live out their horror fantasies in real life.  Founded and run by haunt enthusiast, Russ McKamey, Russ will take you to the extremes of physical and psychological torture, that is SOMEHOW legal.  Is McKamey Manor a 4D horror experience for those that need an extra bit of crazy to get their adrenaline flowing, or legal torture carried out by a sadistic madman?! YOU decide!  
22:33 6/14/23
Abducted | Twin Sister's Lifelong Experience With Aliens
Aliens invade the Weirdoverse once again today! This time we are looking into the topic of alien abduction, through the view of Debbie & Audrey Hewins, twin sisters who have experienced the alien phenomenon firsthand since they were children, and into adulthood, and how they went on to form a support group for alien abductees, called Starborn SupportWhy were they chosen? What is the greater plan for the aliens? Tune in today to find out!
28:18 5/31/23
Weird News Roundup | Spaghetti Pranks, Grieving Murderer, & the Rogue Sex AI
Welcome to another Weird News Roundup, where we bring you the news that is...weird!I am joined again by Weirdoverse regular, Natalie Katona to bring you real life stories of weird occurrences.  Where did all that spaghetti even come from? A grieving widow who wrote a children's book about getting over the death of a loved one...murdered her husband?! An OnlyFans influencer built an AI that has gone "sexually rogue", and more!
51:34 5/24/23
The Bunny Man of Fairfax Virginia
This hippity hop likes to choppity chop!This week the Weirdoverse opens up to a cryptid and urban legend in Virginia, The Bunny Man!  Supposedly, if you call out to the Bunny Man three times near his bridge, he will appear and give you the axe! But who is he? Some say an escaped mental patient, some say a demonic spirit, and still others says he is just a strange dude who DOES NOT care for trespassing.  Find out for yourself today! 
22:15 5/17/23
Unhinged Movies | Twins
Welcome to another Unhinged Movies edition of Weirdwide!As always for the Unhinged series I am joined by The Ghost to dissect a movie that is...well, unhinged! This time we are going back to the glitz and glam of the 1980s, and we explore a story where we are convinced that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are not only brothers, but TWINS!And if THAT isn't enough, the story manages to unfold an honestly mind boggling amount of sub plots; corporate espionage, searching for a long lost mother, loves new and old, and of course murder!Join us for this delightful journey of brotherly love! 
26:45 5/10/23
Lobotomies | Get Outta My Head!
It is time to jam some weird right into your cranium, today we are looking at lobotomies!From their inception on the heels of a pessimistic outlook on medicine, to being "perfected" in the early 20th century, and some of the famous instances where the procedure was used! 
26:57 5/3/23
Weird News Roundup | Chainsaw Cops, Cloned Meatballs & Regrown Toes
Welcome weirdos to a new ongoing series on Weirdwide! Every month JD will be joined by Natalie Katona, host of the podcast To All The Men I've Tolerated Before, and leftist political content creator, The Ghost, to bring you the weirdest news that we could find!On this first roundup, we're talking about mammoth sized meatballs, bullet stopping bras, Arnold's good deed gone wrong, New York's Rat Zsar, and much more!Check out Weirdwide on the interwebs!Join the Weirdwide mailing list and get episodes emailed directly to you the minute they drop!!!Leave a review!
34:27 4/19/23
The Satanic Panic & The McMartin Abuse Trials
It is time to PANIC, weirdos! Today we are reaching out and touching pure evil, as we explore one of the strangest(and yet unfortunately familiar) phenomenon's of the last century; The Satanic Panic!We look into the origins of the panic and how a nation fell into it's grip, and led to one of the weirdest and most expensive legal cases in history; The McMartin Preschool Abuse case.  With claims of secret underground tunnels, people flying, and for some reason Chuck Norris showing up, this is truly one of the strangest cases ever!Check out Weirdwide on the interwebs!Join the Weirdwide mailing list and get episodes emailed directly to you the minute they drop!!!Leave a review!
25:30 4/12/23
Incel Killers | An Irritating & Growing Threat
Incels.  Arguably the most obnoxious, yet dangerous threat in existence.  An incel is a self-described "involuntarily celibate" person, and some of these people have decided to make this the rest of the world's problem.  Today we're exploring the history of incels, the influencers that plug into their rage, and the VERY real danger they have, and continue to pose, including some of the deadliest spree murders in history.    Check out Weirdwide on the interwebs!Join the Weirdwide mailing list and get episodes emailed directly to you the minute they drop!!!Leave a review!
42:11 4/5/23
Unhinged Movies | Wonka
You've got a golden ticket!Welcome to another Unhinged Movies edition of Weirdwide!  JD is joined once again by The Ghost, and this time they are exploring the sugar-coated world of Willy Wonka!From the seemingly systemic, candy obsessed society, to Wonka as a potential supervillain, and everything in between!Check out Weirdwide on the interwebs!Join the Weirdwide mailing list and get episodes emailed directly to you the minute they drop!!!Leave a review!
53:28 3/22/23
Soft Disclosure | RevealingThe Truth About Aliens
25 and alive! Welcome to the 25th episode of Weirdwide!  Aliens are invading the Weirdoverse again this week, we are discussing the slow and gradual reveal of extraterrestrial intelligence through pop culture!Check out Weirdwide on the interwebs!Join the Weirdwide mailing list and get episodes emailed directly to you the minute they drop!!!Leave a review!
24:03 3/15/23
The Max Headroom Incident
Today we are getting weird 80's style as we head back to one of the strangest TV interruptions ever; The Max Headroom Incident!Hackers took over a live broadcast signal to deliver an eerie and slightly trippy message while hiding their identity behind the mask of one of the 1980's weirdest characters, the so called "first digital TV presenter"! Check out Weirdwide on the interwebs!Join the Weirdwide mailing list and get episodes emailed directly to you the minute they drop!!!Leave a review!
24:46 3/8/23
Apocalypse Watch | World War III, Asteroid Swarms, Venom/Fury
Another week, another look at existential threats to our little rock in space!On this Apocalypse Watch edition of Weirdwide we are looking at the potential lead up to World War III, asteroid swarms, an AI that is "leaking" so-called "maniacal personalities", the doomsday glacier, and invincible super pigs!  Check out Weirdwide on the interwebs!Join the Weirdwide mailing list and get episodes emailed directly to you the minute they drop!!!Leave a review!
16:51 3/1/23

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