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Introducing Gardening Simplified, a new radio show and podcast from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs.Hosted by life-long gardeners Rick Vuyst and Stacey Hirvela, the Gardening Simplified show is designed to share our love of plants and gardening. Whatever your skill or experience level, you’ll find something interesting, useful, and just plain fascinating in every episode.


Easy to Grow Plants
What makes a plant easy to grow? Planting it in the right place, for one. We'll elaborate on that and share other tips for selecting and growing plants to simplify gardening! Featured shrub: Little Quick Fire panicle hydrangea.
54:16 5/25/24
The Decorator's Approach to Gardening
Decorators take a unique approach to plant shopping: they know what they want, they get it, they plant it. We discuss how you can use this approach to make plant shopping easier and more fun. Featured shrub: Anna's Magic Ball arborvitae.
45:09 5/18/24
A Celebration of Lilacs
The month of May and lilacs seem to go hand in hand, so we're devoting this episode to everything that makes them special. Featured shrub: Bloomerang Purpink lilac.
43:39 5/11/24
Gardening Influences
Rick and Stacey share the stories of those who have influenced their horticultural perspective in life. We'd love to hear about yours!
44:58 5/4/24
Solutions for Shady Gardens and Landscapes
A listener recently commented, "Shade is hard," and we agree. So in this episode, we simplify it and provide plant-based solutions. Plus, learn when it might be time to replace a plant in your landscape. Featured shrub: Sweet & Lo Sweet Box.
43:43 4/27/24
Plant Recipes to get your Garden Cooking
Ultimately, a garden is just combinations of plants - but how to put them together? We share tips and ideas on building a beautiful border. Plus, hydrangeas oozing sap and maple helicopters. Featured shrub: Flavorette Honey Apricot rose.
43:42 4/20/24
Meet the Beneficial Bugs in your Backyard
The term "beneficial insects" gets thrown around a lot but what does it really mean? We explore the concept and share which ones you're likely to find in your backyard, and how to best support them. Featured plant: Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip Jr.' butterfly bush.
44:33 4/13/24
Spring things: what you need to know now in the garden
There's lots growing on in the garden now, so join us for timely tips on lawn care, weed management, soil testing, and more. Mike Connor is our guest, sharing his expertise on trees and bees. Featured shrub: Yuki Snowflake deutzia.
60:41 4/6/24
Fact or fiction? Spotting online plant scams
The internet is teeming with fake AI-generated plants and digitally manipulated photos - we give tips on how to spot them. Plus, pruning dogwoods and Birdman is back! Featured shrub: Invincibelle Mini Mauvette smooth hydrangea.
52:11 3/30/24
Can't-Miss Plants at the Garden Center this Year
Wondering how to spend your garden budget this season? We've got you covered with our can't-miss plant lists! Plus, helpful tips on pruning and transplanting. Featured shrub: El Niño desert orchid.
54:21 3/23/24
Garden Tools: Is Your Shed Properly Stocked?
The right tools for the task are just as important in the garden as they are in the shop. Learn our must-haves and favorites. Plus, pruning whorled hydrangeas and Supertunias. Featured plant: 'Aphrodite' sweetshrub.
59:19 3/16/24
Problem-Solving with IPM
From bugs to bunnies, pests are part and parcel of gardening. And IPM - integrated pest management - gives us the tools to resolve issues using smarts and strategy. Learn what IPM is and how it can help you problem-solve, indoors and out. Featured plant: Ginger Wine ninebark.
42:22 3/9/24
Cool Plants for Wet Soils and Celebrating Meteorological Spring!
Whether it's from poor drainage or a high water table, wet soils can be hard to deal with. But there are lots of beautiful plants that will thrive in them! Learn what they are and other tips for dealing with soggy situations. Featured plant: Sugar Shack buttonbush.
43:38 3/2/24
Pruning Demystified & How Honey Bees Handle a Weird Spring
Should you be pruning now? Today we talk about what you should prune in spring and what you should not. Hear how this unusual spring is affecting honey bees and tapping maple trees for maple syrup with beekeeper and expert, Don Snoeyink. Featured plant: Rise Up Lilac Days climbing rose.
51:55 2/24/24
The When and Where of Growing from Seed & Interview on Leafjoy® Houseplants
When spring fever hits, the temptation to start seeds becomes irresistible. But when is the right time? What's the right equipment? We'll tell you! Featured plant: Still Waters clematis.
58:53 2/17/24
Sun, Shade, Part-Shade - Explaining Plant Light Needs
Are those recommendations for light on plant tags arbitrary, or do they mean something? Find out in this episode, where we also discuss spring fertilizing and animal weather prognosticators. Featured plant: Fairytrail Bride Cascade Hydrangea.
43:04 2/10/24
Drought Tolerant Plants & Taking the Irritation Out of Irrigation - Interview with Tim DeGeest
Drought: it's dusty. It's dry. And plants can help make it a whole lot prettier. Learn about what makes a plant drought tolerant, and how you can alleviate drought with a DIY drip irrigation system. Featured plant: Double Take Scarlet flowering quince.
63:57 2/3/24
Happiness with Houseplants (even gardenias!)
How many houseplants do you have? Whether it's one or one hundred, we're celebrating the indoor gardening renaissance. Plus, learn the secret to success with gardenias indoors (and outdoors), and hear about the rise in bonsai theft. Featured plant: Steady As She Goes gardenia.
42:18 1/27/24
Layering Plants in the Garden and Landscape
A garden planted in layers is dynamic, interesting, and beautiful. Learn what it means and how to do it! Plus, plant cold hardiness, pruning elderberries, and biophilia. Featured plant: Cesky Gold dwarf birch.
55:58 1/20/24
2024 Plants of the Year
Meet the 2024 Proven Winners all-star team: the Plants of the Year! Learn about each variety and how they are chosen. Plus, causes of brown arborvitae, planting bulbs in January, and the Pantone Color of the Year. Featured shrub: Fizzy Mizzy itea.
43:45 1/13/24
Listener Resolutions
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
39:01 1/6/24
Stacey and Rick’s New Year’s (Gardening) Resolutions
Do you have new year’s resolutions for 2024? Or maybe, your new year’s resolution is to avoid new year’s resolutions – either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Learn about different types of fertilizers, which is best for your plants, and when to apply it. Featured plant: Just Chill Red Tip camellia.
41:20 12/30/23
Garden Tunes and Birdman is Back
Do you have a gardening playlist? Listen in for our favorite plant and outdoor-related songs. Plus, using pine needles as mulch, planting around black walnuts, and a winter update from Birdman Bill Stovall. Featured plant: White Album wintercreeper.
50:29 12/23/23
Everything Evergreen and Talking Tea With Debra Knapke
Evergreens lift our spirits during the holidays and carry our landscape through winter. Learn the two types of evergreens, and the benefits they bring to the landscape. Plus, snowload on trees and shrubs and a guest on herbal teas. Featured plant: Castle Spire blue holly.
57:03 12/16/23
The New USDA Zone Map, and What It Means for You
In mid-November, the USDA put out a new hardiness zone map, the first since 2012. Learn what's new in it, and why, and what it might mean for what you can grow. Plus, hydrangea growing questions and a waterless waterpark. Featured plant: Blue Diddley vitex.
42:03 12/9/23
Plant-Based Holiday Decor, Indoors and Out
December is here, and along with it, holiday decorating. Grace your containers, windowboxes, and maybe even a few spots indoors with cut branches and greens! Hear our suggestions and get advice from designer Deborah Silver.
50:14 12/2/23
Hydrangeas and the 2023 Polar Vortex
Cape Cod is synonymous with hydrangeas, but as Rick discovered at this year's Hydrangea festival, polar conditions threatened the display. We talk hydrangeas that stand up to the cold and other solutions. Plus, hydrangeas blooming in fall and javalinas. Featured plant: Tuff Stuff hydrangea.
42:13 11/25/23
Vegetables: The Plants You Put On Your Plate
When cooking and eating vegetables, it can be easy to forget they started as plants. We discuss the joys of growing veg and sharing them on your holiday table - and maybe even getting kids to eat them. Author and ethnobotanist Lisa Rose joins us to talk about her new book, Urban Foraging. Featured plant: Arctic Fire Yellow dogwood.
57:28 11/18/23
Going All-in on Native Plants - Or Not?!
Gardening with native plants gets a lot of talk these days, but what does it really mean? We explore the possibilities, benefits, and myths of gardening with natives in what may be our most controversial episode yet. Featured plant: Low Scape Snowfire aronia.
43:18 11/11/23
Autumn Leaves Abound. Here’s How to Use Them to Your Advantage
They're colorful, they're abundant, they're...useful? Yes! Fallen leaves are perfect for improving soil. Find out what to do with yours, plus, mystery fungus, a fence-climbing Chihuahua, and new vocabulary words about leaves. Featured plant: Tiny Wine ninebark.
41:09 11/4/23

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