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Matters of Life

Finally, a show providing Biblically focused discourse and solutions on the Matters of Life impacting the world today. The Lord is returning soon; and viewing life, home, education, and current events in light of the Scriptures will help His Church be ready when He calls. New episodes released Sundays at 7:00PM (EST).


Ep. 9 - Choosing to do the Lord’s Will
In the wake of recent tragedies, let's examine ourselves; and the situation. Is legislation the issue, the solution; or do we need to undertake the task of changing the culture of a nation? Join John as we ask questions, discuss the solution, and what's required to reach actual change. 
39:13 11/28/2022
Ep. 8 - The Lord’s Timing
Our God is doing amazing things in this nation and throughout the earth. He is doing them according to His Will; and in His timing. There is much we can learn about the Lord's timing, and what's required of us in this season; while we eagerly look for His deliverance. 
27:47 11/21/2022
Ep. 7 - Stand and See the Salvation of the Lord
The Lord's isn't done bringing about our deliverance. Let's allow the Lord to complete the work He began in us and for us; to bless and benefit this nation. Reestablishing us as a Nation under God, we being His people. 
42:24 11/14/2022
Ep. 6 - A Nation in Covenant with the Lord God
As Mid-term Elections are almost upon us, let's examine the Covenant the Founding Fathers of the United States of America and the Patriarchs of the Nation of Israel made with the Lord God; and the fruit of remaining in covenant with Him. 
36:57 11/07/2022
Ep. 5 - Why it’s so Important to Have Vision for Your Life
John and Special Guest Kimmesha Lussier discuss the necessity of receiving the Lord's vision for every area of your life and the nation; especially as Mid-term Elections approach.  
38:19 10/30/2022
Special Message
Special Message from Matters of Life
04:36 10/23/2022
Ep. 4 - The Court is In Session II
Every believer has a place of spiritual authority in the earth. We also have been given powerful and effective spiritual weapons of warfare which are designed to pull down strongholds setup in the earth by wicked spirits. Join host John Lussier and learn how to use your Christ-given, spiritual weapons and authority victoriously to occupy the territory He's assigned to you.
48:06 10/16/2022
Ep. 3 - The Court is In Session
The godly rulings issued by judges, in this nation and around the world,  are starting to crescendo and will continue as the people of God continue to take up their roles and responsibilities as delegated by Christ; to declare righteousness and call for righteous actions, systems, and laws. Learn about the role the Lord has prepared for you during this present time in history; and for the future. 
40:11 10/09/2022
Ep. 2 - Selecting Leaders
Ever wondered how to select leaders? Join John as he teaches how to select leaders, and participate in the democratic process, God's way. 
83:34 10/02/2022
Ep. 1 - Living Out Your Faith
The world has been asking Believers/Christians to actually live out our Faith for such a long time. Not just professing Christ, but our Faith working with our actions in every situation and circumstance; even in the face of opposition. This is what the Lord considers faith. Let's examine Mordecai, from the book of Esther, to discover key points we can immediately apply to our life; bringing about lasting change in our family, community, government, business, and education. 
56:55 09/25/2022