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Hello there. We are FuzzJockRadio. We are here to have a conversation. A conversation about what? Well... I guess that’s for us to decide and for you to figure out. We have a couple hosts, sometimes ghosts and a lot a times hest ghost host guests. You’ll understand once you tune in. Join Sea.Dubbz, JMez & Fuzzy through a journey of sports related incidents and homework. We absolutely respect you and appreciate your time. Now go listen to the podcast. Remember to tune in every Monday night at 10:30PMCT on! Don’t be afraid to tell us what you think! Love, Fuzzy p.s. You can support FuzzJockRadio by purchasing some merchandise over at the FuzzTalkShop!


FuzzJockRadio - Season 10 Episode 1
The 10th season premiere of FuzzJockRadio wastes no time shaking up the show's familiar dynamics by thrusting the hests JMez, Sea.Dubbz, and Fuzzy into an unexpected and peculiar situation that forces them out of their usual element. While deftly reintroducing the core cast and their trademark witty banter, the episode lays the groundwork for an intriguing new adventure that promises to upend the traditional format in an exciting way. Without spoiling any actual plot points, the opener establishes an intriguing setup that finds the gang of hests facing fresh challenges in uncharted territory, whetting the audience's appetite for the wild misadventures and outrageous laughs that are surely in store this season as the show breaks new creative ground. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
92:22 4/9/24
FuzzJockRadio - That's It Folks
That's it for this season. We will be back in April. A FuzzTalkRadio Production  
07:59 3/6/24
FuzzJockRadio - Safety First
Welcome to a standout Episode 15 of FuzzJockRadio! BREB returns to the fold, bringing his signature insight in Sea.Dubbz's absence. This episode zooms in on Minnesota's sports heart - the Vikings, Timberwolves, Twins, and Wild - with detailed analysis on their latest strides and challenges. Plus, we sprinkle in some Taylor Swift flair for that extra pop culture kick. Tailored for Minnesota sports enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike, this episode is a unique blend of in-depth sports discourse and celebrity charm. Don't miss out on this special edition, where every moment is crafted for the ultimate sports talk experience! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
73:27 1/30/24
FuzzJockRadio -Mysteries and Milestones
In Episode Fourteen, mysteries gleam, Taylor Swift's tale, a Pentagon dream? Sports records shatter, a spectacular scene, Which ones? Tune in, to the FuzzJock regime. ESPN's riddle with Emmys galore, Secrets we 'pin,' intrigue in store. Fuzzy Memory's trivia, a brainy tour, Join us, for laughs and sports lore A FuzzTalkRadio Production
89:52 1/16/24
FuzzJockRadio - Live Episodes Within
Tonight's episode of FuzzJockRadio takes 'meta' to a whole new level! We're tuning into our own live radio show while we're live on the radio – it's like looking into a mirror with a mirror behind you, endlessly entertaining and slightly mind-bending. As always, we're serving up our usual smorgasbord of sports talk with a twist: the latest Taylor Swift updates (because what's a sports show without a dash of pop?), the inside scoop on the Vikings, and the lowdown on the Timberwolves. And let's not forget Twins Talk – it's like double trouble, but with baseball! So, grab your headphones, prepare for laughs, and tune in for an episode that's more fun than a game-winning touchdown with seconds on the clock! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
80:35 1/9/24
FuzzJockRadio - New Year New Jocks
Rev up for the New Year, 'cause the block's got some fresh swagger – we're the new Jocks in town! That's right, with Fuzzy kicking sickness to the curb, we're laying down the law with Episode 12 of Season 9. We're howling with the Timberwolves, gliding through NHL highlights, and marching with the Vikings' latest feats. Plus, we're shaking it off with the queen of pop herself, Taylor Swift! So tune in, turn it up, and get ready to ride the wave. Fuzz is back, and the squad's all here – let the games begin! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
54:44 1/2/24
FuzzJockRadio - King of the Franks
Under the bright stadium's electric light, Swift cheers for Kelce, her joy a sight. Timberwolves prowl, a fiery flight, Gobert, Towns, and Edwards ignite. Wild's ice shifts with a new command, Scoring and winning, they expand. Remember, too, on this grand land, Charlemagne crowned, a legacy so grand. FuzzJockRadio spins the night's tale, Of games, of history, a victorious sail. In our realm, sports never stale, Join us, in this epic unveil. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
66:09 12/26/23
FuzzJockRadio - A Decade of Sports
In FuzzJockRadio's cyber realm, ten episodes fuse sports and tech in a neon blaze. Fuzzy, Sea.Dubbz, JMez, and BREB traverse this digital saga, echoing through a decade of virtual sports tales. Amidst flickering data streams, Taylor Swift's tweet appears, a pop culture pulse in the sports chronicle. In this digital landscape, FuzzJockRadio stands as a beacon, encapsulating a decade's journey in the vibrant cybernetic ether. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
79:56 11/28/23
FuzzJockRadio - Echoes of Nine
In the ninth hour, under the spotlight's glow, FuzzJockRadio's tales thrillingly flow. Season nine, episode nine, echoes the call, With Hest ProMike, they cover it all. Ninth victory roar, Timberwolves lead the line, As Taylor Swift's notes with AEW entwine. In this dance of nines, triumph and tune combine, A symphony of sports and song, perfectly align. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
67:09 11/21/23
FuzzJockRadio - A Really Special Episode
In the rhythm of Timberwolves' howl and Vikings' roar, Twins dance in Swift's lyrical lore. Wild glide on ice, in harmony's play, FuzzJockRadio's tune, sports in poetic sway. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
74:18 11/14/23
FuzzJockRadio - Positivity
Upon the seventh act of Season Nine's grand tale, Wes Craven with us, setting our sails. Taylor's revelations stir the air once more, Echoing notes that were unheard before. Kirk Cousins' fall casts shadows on the field, Vikings’ future uncertain, what will it yield? While the T-wolves struggle, standing at one-three, Through highs and lows, with positivity we see. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
87:58 10/31/23
FuzzJockRadio - Spirit Day
Ah, the grand jamboree of sportsmanship is upon us once more! The mighty clash of bats and balls resounds as October baseball reclaims the season. Meanwhile, the icy ballet of the NHL and the courtly dance of the NBA rekindle their annual performances. And lo! Rejoice, ye Monday Night Football connoisseurs - for this week, the gridiron tango does not induce the customary snooze! Intrigue swells as, tucked away at the very tail of our broadcast, awaits a glittering nugget of pop royalty: the latest chronicles of Her Highness Taylor Swift. Dedicated Swifties (and those who fancy themselves clairvoyant) may teleport forthwith to the episode's end, wherein this melodic gossip resides. Engage your fast-forward functions with glee, dear listeners, for the future is now! . A FuzzTalkRadio Production
76:20 10/24/23
FuzzJockRadio - OCHO
As Episode Five unfurls, OCHO graces our sphere, Together, diving deep where sports and sagas cohere. With tales that enchant and truths partly veiled, In the FuzzJockRadio realm, camaraderie prevailed. Around the mic, with jests and stories, we weave, A tapestry of sports, where reality and dreams cleave. With OCHO, a journey through laughter and lore, Another chapter penned, leaving us craving more. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
73:10 10/17/23
FuzzJockRadio - Let's FN Go!!
In the heart of Episode Four, with Dan by our side, Taylor's football passions, she could no longer hide. With Fuzzy and sea.dubbz, tales intricately spun, "Kayfabe" in the lexicon, its journey just begun. As whispers became stories, and murmurs turned to song, In the dance of words and rhythms, we all did belong. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
87:25 10/3/23
FuzzJockRadio - Mouth Stuff
🎵 In FuzzJock's Episode 3, the tales unfold so free, Season 9, with HESTS, Fuzzy, sea.dubbz, and Mez, pure glee. Lynx faced defeat, while the Wild prep in spree, New jerseys shine, and Swift's news is the key. BREB returns, setting sport stories free, With every beat, it's the heart of sports we see. 🎵 A FuzzTalkRadio Production
80:10 9/26/23
FuzzJockRadio - Binary
In FuzzJockRadio's electrifying Season 9 Episode 2, it's all about the magic number—two! The Vikings are 0-2, but is there hope on the horizon? Feel the tension rise as we break down their next moves. As we skate toward the Wild's preseason kick-off on the 22nd, get an inside look at what's in store for Minnesota's ice warriors. And as the Lynx stand 1-1 in the playoffs, could the scales tip in their favor? Congrats to the Twins having Twins! Plus, in 'Fuzzy Memory Trivia' JMez is already 2-0, turning up the heat in the battle of wits. If you thought episode one was intense, brace yourself for twice the thrills, chills, and spills in episode two. Tune in; this is FuzzJockRadio, where 'two' is more than just a number—it's a phenomenon! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
71:01 9/19/23
FuzzJockRadio - The Genesis of Season 9
In the pulse-pounding premiere of FuzzJockRadio's Season 9, 'The Genesis of Season 9,' we're back and we're all in! Catch the buzz around the Minnesota Twins' newfound synergy. Plus, breaking news on Timberwolves' Jaden McDaniels that you won't want to miss—it's so scorching, it's practically on fire! Fasten your seatbelts because FuzzJockRadio is back, and we're rewriting the playbook! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
86:22 9/12/23
FuzzJockRadio - "Breaking the Boundaries with BREB: Zelda, and Beyond
Fuzzy, Sea.Dubbz, and Mez open the show in this extraordinary episode of FuzzJockRadio. Notably, Beloved Regular Eric Blake (BREB) takes the reins in a significant departure from the usual sports talk. WE TALK ZELDA!! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
96:22 7/4/23
FuzzJockRadio - What Did We Even Learn?
FuzzJockRadio, where sports and life intertwine, brings you the finale of season eight. We delve deep into AEW's recent PPV 'Forbidden Door,' explore the riveting world of the Minnesota Timberwolves Naz Reid, and witness the captivating parallels between the Minnesota Twins and the LA Dodgers.". We brave the icy terrains with the Wild gearing up against salary cap challenges, engage in intense debates over the Astros' contentious 'Astrix' title, and experience a pulse-pounding 90-second segment, unlike anything before. As we wrap up season eight, remember, the game never ends, with FuzzJockRadio returning on September 11th, 2023 - FuzzJockRadio - where sports live. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
107:25 6/27/23
FuzzJockRadio - Penultimate 8
Listen up, sports fans! Straight from the eye of the storm emerges the one and only Karl-Anthony Towns of the Timberwolves! He's riding the high tide of an exceptional season, but has this winning streak messed with his mojo? We're slicing open his psyche, examining every play, every public statement, in search of the answer. Simultaneously, the phenomenon known as Pickball is causing seismic shifts in the world of sports, bulldozing its way into shopping malls across the nation. But is it just a flash in the pan, or has it claimed the coveted throne of king of sports? Buckle up as we peel back the layers on this sporting sensation. Meanwhile, from the icy winds of the northern wilds comes a prophecy as old as time - The Stanley Cup, journeying to the heart of Mankato, Minnesota! But can it withstand the fiery furnace of our analysis? Then there's Lizzo, the pop enchantress whose music has cast a spell over us all. But is it time for her to return to her origins? Let's rock 'n roll on this sizzling hot topic. Now, onto the Lynx! They're caught in the maelstrom of a turbulent season. But what does this mean for them, and what does it spell for the future of sports at large? We're laying bare the truth behind this development. Coming up, we've got a showstopper – AEW Collision's earth-shattering premiere, and the triumphant return of the enigmatic CM Punk! We've got the lowdown, but no spoilers here! Only the most tantalizing of tidbits and speculations to get your pulse racing. And as for the Twins and the Dodgers? These once-towering titans are now stuck in the mud. But don't fret, we've got the real scoop, ready to dish out the dirt. Last but not least, will our own Fuzz be introducing a new four-legged friend into his home? Keep those eyes peeled and ears open, because all will soon be unveiled. Welcome to the world of sports, where it's not just a game, it's a lifestyle! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
105:46 6/20/23
FuzzJockRadio - Messi's Maritime Journey and Mascot Mayhem
As we count down to the climactic episode of our thrilling eighth season on the airwaves of FuzzJockRadio, join our steadfast radio announcers – Fuzzy, JMez, Sea.Dubbz– as they navigate through an airtime teeming with stirring sports dispatches and unforgettable happenings. Our announcers spark the conversation with the local sports updates, scrutinizing the trials and triumphs of Minnesota's own Twins and Lynx. They delve into the successes and shortcomings, star player performances, and the prospects of the coming days, painting a comprehensive panorama of these Minnesota titans' unfolding seasons. Transitioning to a meticulous discussion of the sensational voyage of Lionel Messi to Miami, our hosts scrutinize its probable effects on the American soccer scene. Every nuance of this transatlantic move is analyzed, leaving no detail unexplored. The NBA and NHL finals are subsequently dissected, with our hosts elucidating the strategies, performances, and key moments that defined these pinnacle events of the sporting calendar. Capping off the broadcast, our hosts plunge into a comical debate over the unexpected fiasco involving Condor McMichigan's scrap with a mascot, showcasing their humor while casting a light on the absurdity of the situation. As per tradition, the broadcast is interspersed with the hosts' sharp repartee and thought-stimulating insights, striking a perfect equilibrium between comprehensive sports critique and spirited discourse. This episode of FuzzJockRadio promises to set the stage for the grand finale of an absolutely riveting season, an event not to be overlooked by any sports aficionado or radio broadcast enthusiast. So, gather round your radios and join us on this exciting sports journey, where the thrill of the game meets the charm of radio storytelling, a perfect blend of old and new, only on FuzzJockRadio. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
67:50 6/13/23
FuzzJockRadio - 4 Huests 2 Screens
In the magical realm of FuzzJockRadio, under the spell of the microphone's glow, joined our brave huests - Fuzzy, JMez, and Sea.Dubbz, with a new ally, Hest Mac 'N' Turf, in tow. Through kingdoms vast of NBA, WNBA, NFL, and NHL they did go, with words in cadence, and thoughts in flow. Just as Link roams the lands of Hyrule high and low, they ventured into the tales of the Vikings, Timberwolves, and Twins, all heroes we know. Into the sphere of pickleball, they then let their discussion grow, analyzing serves, drops, and dinks, in their characteristic witty throw. This episode, a merry medley of camaraderie and friendly foe, weaves an auditory tapestry of sports and games, in a captivating show. Oh, come all ye listeners, to FuzzJockRadio, where the spirit of sports and gaming, in a melodious rhythm, does glow! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
90:12 5/30/23
From The Lynx, to Zelda, to Ohtani: An Odyssey on FuzzJockRadio
In the whimsical world of FuzzJockRadio, our trio of heroes - Fuzzy, JMez, and Sea.Dubbz - engage in spirited chats covering a variety of adventures. From debating the fairness of umpires towards the Minnesota Twins, admiring the astonishing skills of baseball star Shohei Ohtani, to exploring the magical realm of the Zelda 'Tears of the Kingdom' Nintendo video game, their tales are rich and diverse. Amid chuckles, they also grapple with serious matters in their kingdom, like the new cannabis laws about to be signed by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. Their delightful discussions form a captivating narrative that sparks curiosity, prompting young listeners to learn, laugh, and engage with the magical world of sports, gaming, and more. FuzzJockRadio is an enchanting journey where fun meets knowledge, painting a lively tableau of the world seen through the eyes of our jovial huests. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
91:04 5/23/23
FuzzJockRadio - Is This A Zelda TOTK Podcast?
In the exhilarating fourth installment of FuzzJockRadio's eighth season, your esteemed hosts - Fuzzy, JMez, and Sea.Dubbz - plunge into a riveting mix of topics, from the highs and lows of Minnesota sports to the thrilling landscapes of gaming. A wave of tension engulfs the discussion as they grapple with their frustrations concerning the Timberwolves' paradoxical performance in the playoffs, coupled with an intense discourse about the Minnesota Wild's playoff journey. The adrenaline doesn't stop there as they pivot to the intriguing world of baseball, scrutinizing the Minnesota Twins and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Unexpectedly, the nostalgic sport of Pickleball resurfaces. They cap off the episode with a deep-dive into the mystifying realm of Zelda's Tears of the Kingdom. This episode is a labyrinth of emotion and spirited debate, painting a comprehensive picture of Minnesota sports and beyond, guaranteed to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. A FuzzTalkRadio Production
69:12 5/16/23
FuzzJockRadio - It's Getting Recreational Up In Here!
Join the FuzzJockRadio huests for a riveting episode packed with engaging sports debates and captivating conversations. They delve into the world of NBA playoffs, discussing the Minnesota Timberwolves' challenges and the contrasting postseason mentality. Additionally, they touch upon the NFL's Aaron Rodgers trade and celebrate the Minnesota Lynx's impressive draft picks, while also following the Minnesota Wild's gripping playoff performance. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as the hests engage in a suspenseful round of Fuzzy Memory Trivia featuring AI-generated questions. Discover how JMez recently triumphed over a cold, while Sea.Dubbz recounts his experiences at the Dodgers station, and Fuzzy reminisces about tender moments with his cherished pets. This episode is a delightful blend of humor, spirited discussions, and unforgettable stories that will have you eagerly anticipating the next installment. Don't miss out on this exhilarating journey through the world of sports with the FuzzJock Radio crew! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
78:50 4/25/23
FuzzJockRadio - Playoff Time!
On the upcoming episode of FuzzJockRadio, we dive into an action-packed discussion on the exciting playoff runs for both the Timberwolves and Minnesota Wild. Feel the adrenaline as we analyze the Timberwolves' impressive performance, shedding light on key strategies and players to watch. Next, we switch gears to the Minnesota Wild, examining their playoff journey and what it takes to go the distance. We also dissect the recent Minnesota Twins series against the Yankees, where tensions ran high, leading to Rocco Baldelli getting tossed out of the game. We'll offer insight into the heated moments and how this could impact the team moving forward. This episode is packed with thrilling sports analysis, laughter, and fun as we keep you entertained while providing in-depth coverage. So, buckle up for a wild ride and join us for this unmissable episode of FuzzJockRadio. We hope you enjoy every moment as much as we did creating it! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
95:32 4/18/23
FuzzJockRadio - Season 8 Episode 1
Welcome to Season 8, Episode 1 of FuzzJockRadio, the ultimate destination for engaging and insightful discussions on all things Minnesota sports and more! In this thrilling new season premiere, your beloved trio of hosts - Fuzzy, JMez, and Sea.Dubbz - delve deep into the world of the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Minnesota Wild, as they dissect the latest news, developments, and strategies that are shaping these iconic franchises. In addition to our regular coverage of professional wrestling, this episode we will also shine a light on the controversial actions of WWE's legendary Vince McMahon and discussing the implications of his recent conduct on the wrestling landscape. Plus, we'll explore the rising influence of AEW and its role in challenging WWE's dominance. As always, FuzzJockRadio brings back your favorite classic segments, from in-depth analyses to passionate debates, while also introducing a host of exciting new features that'll keep you glued to your headphones. Whether you're a die-hard Minnesota sports fan, a casual observer, or just someone who enjoys good conversation, FuzzJockRadio has something for everyone. So, join Fuzzy, JMez, and Sea.Dubbz as they embark on another exhilarating season of FuzzJockRadio, filled with astute commentary, expert opinions, and the kind of camaraderie that'll make you feel like you're right there with them. Don't miss out on the premiere of Season 8, Episode 1, and be sure to subscribe to FuzzJockRadio on Apple Podcasts to stay up to date with all the action!  A FuzzTalkRadio Production
81:58 4/11/23
The Final Episode (of Season 7)
On the final episode of Season 7 of FuzzJockRadio, we dive deep into the world of sports! First up, we recap the Super Bowl and Half Time Show, analyzing every key moment and discussing the standout performances. Next, we take a look at the recent Timberwolves trade, which saw D'Angelo Russell move to the Lakers. We discuss the impact of the trade on both teams and the broader implications for the league. Finally, we turn our attention to MLB Spring Training, discussing the biggest storylines and analyzing the key players to watch out for in the World Baseball Classic. Join us for this action-packed episode and stay tuned for more in Season 8! A FuzzTalkRadio Production
71:44 2/14/23
FuzzJockRadio - Penultimate Celebrations!
Join the FuzzJockRadio team for an electrifying penultimate episode of Season 7! We have a discussion on the all-star breaks of various sports, the NFL Pro Bowl, the new Vikings D coordinator, NBA fights, and Twins player Carlos Correa. Celebrate the excitement of the NFL, NBA, MLB, AEW, and NASCAR. We end the episode with an amusing round of "Fuzzy Memory Trivia." Get ready for an energetic and fun experience! - ChatGPT A FuzzTalkRadio Production
77:36 2/7/23
FuzzJockRadio - Acro Feather
Today's episode of FuzzJockRadio features an exciting and diverse lineup of topics! Hest Featherfanson joins the crew to dive into the world of acro yoga, pro wrestling, and professional sports. They'll be discussing the latest news and rumors surrounding the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Twins, as well as giving their thoughts on the current NFL season. But that's not all - the team will also be taking a trip across the pond to talk about the exciting world of futbal. Whether you're a fan of acro yoga, wrestling, or professional sports, this episode has something for everyone. So tune into FuzzJockRadio for an unforgettable and informative sports experience! - ChatGPT A FuzzTalkRadio Production
74:34 2/1/23

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