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LifeBites is no ordinary podcast. Nina Boski hosts. Featuring interviews with celebrities, personal growth, and business experts, along with everyday people, it delves into your psyche, stimulates your mind with thought-provoking topics, and gets you thinking about your life in a way you never thought possible. Each week, LifeBites gets you inspired in the areas of life, business, or media. We will help you dare, dream, do and be! So, get out of your head and into your soul and take a bite out of life!


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01:04 1/9/24
“Let’s Talk Sex for Men and Women Over 50!” with Dr. Cari Schaefer
This week on LifeBites, Life Inspired podcast, we are talking SEX! ... Having sex over 50, what do you need to know for both men and women. Dr. Cari Schaefer, a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine joins Nina to talk about having a healthy sex life over 50 for both men and women. If you are in the age group, you do not want to miss this interview! There are some great gems for you to look at in your own life, especially if you have not been able to have an open and honest conversation about sex.
45:22 11/9/23
Take A Bite Baby with DR. CARI SCHAEFER
This week Dr. Cari shares her LifeBite on "deservability."  We all deserve and desire to experience love and intimacy. Make sure to check out Dr. Cari's interview with Nina  this week - "Let's Talk Sex for Men and Women Over 50!"
00:44 11/9/23
Take A Bite with Mark Mallardi
Host, Nina Boski talks with Mark Mallardi, a stage 4 cancer survivor and shares his story of love, loss, and rethinking cancer as he sends a message of hope to everyone facing a life-threatening illness.
02:36 11/2/23
I Stand For Hope with Mark Mallardi
Nina talks with Mark Mallardi, who may make you rethink how you heal cancer. He was an executive for 40 years across the Natural/Organic Products, Consumer Goods, Entertainment, and Education industries.  Mark's life took a dramatic turn in 2021 when he was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly thereafter, his wife was also diagnosed with cancer and passed away within weeks of diagnosis.  Having had long experience in his family with the devastating effects of conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy, on the immune system and the longevity and quality of life of cancer patients, Mark set out in pursuit of Alternative cancer treatments.  His journey has produced troubling revelations, profound learnings, significant personal growth, and the discovery of Alternative, Holistic, Non-Toxic cancer treatments that are saving his life but are available only outside the U.S. His story is one of Faith and Hope.
65:28 11/2/23
Building Resiliency: Navigating Life's Challenges — A Guided Journey with Peggy O'Neill
Join us on a journey to build unbreakable resilience with the incredible Peggy O'Neill! Discover invaluable insights, strategies, and wisdom to navigate life's challenges and emerge stronger. Don't miss out on this empowering experience!
44:09 10/19/23
Radiate Your Inner Bigness: Being Your Awesome Self with Peggy O'Neill
This physically small person shares her big spirit in this week's LifeBites short. Next week, then join us for an empowering podcast episode with Peggy O'Neill as she shares the keys to embodying your inner bigness and becoming your awesome self, no matter where life takes you. Peggy's insightful conversation will inspire you to embrace your full potential and radiate positivity wherever you go. Tune in for a journey toward greater self-confidence and authenticity!"
00:58 10/18/23
Fueling the Flame: Women's Empowerment with Simon Bailey
In a world where brilliance knows no gender, we stand at the threshold of igniting the transformative power within every woman. Together with the extraordinary Simon Bailey, we embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and shatters glass ceilings.With each step forward, we cultivate the flames of resilience, wisdom, and determination. We stoke the fires of innovation, leadership, and creativity, channeling our collective energy into an unstoppable force.Join us as we celebrate the brilliance of women who have shaped history, and those who are pioneering change today. We honor the courage to rise, the strength to lead, and the wisdom to inspire.As we gather to explore and nurture the limitless potential of women, let us remember that our strength lies not only in our diversity but also in our unity. Together, we are forging a brighter tomorrow and redefining the world's narrative.Together with Simon Bailey, we are the catalysts of a powerful movement, fanning the flames of empowerment and driving positive change. So, let us unite, let us inspire, and let us ignite the power of every woman, lighting the path to a future where the sky's the limit."
34:25 10/12/23
"Mastering Brilliance: A Path to Centered Living with Simon Bailey"
Simon Baily is a transformational leader, author, and speaker who will get you inspired in the area of business. Check out his LifeBites short. Next week, get ready to unlock your brilliance when on the Business Inspired podcast, Simon shares profound insights and practical strategies for staying centered and reaching your full potential. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the secrets to unleashing your inner brilliance!
01:11 10/11/23
Podcast Spotlight: Conversations with Guru Singh - Navigating Life's Turbulent Waters
In a world filled with constant change and chaos, finding a guiding light can be transformative. Join us on the latest episode of LifeBites, Life Inspired, as Nina talks with Guru Singh, a renowned master of yoga and spiritual wisdom.Guru Singh shares his profound insights on life, offering a compass to navigate the turbulent waters of our ever-evolving world. In this enlightening conversation, he imparts timeless wisdom and practical advice on how to find balance, peace, and purpose amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.Tune in to discover:🌟 Guru Singh's unique perspective on spirituality and its role in our daily lives.🌟 Strategies to harness inner strength and resilience in the face of life's challenges.🌟 Practical techniques for cultivating mindfulness and finding stillness amid the chaos.🌟 How to connect with your authentic self and embrace change as a catalyst for growth.Whether you're seeking spiritual guidance, tools for personal growth, or simply a moment of inspiration, this podcast episode with Guru Singh promises to be a transformative experience. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a true sage.Stay tuned for an enlightening and uplifting conversation that will leave you with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to the world around you. Subscribe to [Nina's Podcast Name] to catch this insightful episode and many more.🔗 Listen to the podcast episode [Link to the episode] and embark on a journey of self-discovery with Guru Singh.
53:04 10/5/23
"Virtuous Wisdom: Guru Singh on the Power of Patience"
Check out Guru Singh's LifeBites short on the timeless wisdom of developing patience. Next week, on the LifeBites podcast, Guru Singh shares his profound insights on life, offering a compass to navigate the turbulent waters of our ever-evolving world. In this enlightening conversation, he imparts timeless wisdom and practical advice on how to find balance, peace, and purpose amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. This is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the tools needed now and in the future to help the human race.  and its role in living a virtuous life from a renowned spiritual teacher.#GuruSingh #LifeBites #NinaBoski #PatienceIsAVirtue #PatienceAndPerseverance #PatienceLeadsToSuccess #ThePowerOfPatience
10:09 10/4/23
Lynn Rose - Get Ready to Wow-u-Now!
Lynn Rose is a co-founder of  Wow-u-Now! It is a new social media platform that is quite different and more connective than anything you have ever seen up until now. Nina explores Lynn's career and now her media career and transformational leadership have converged into this very powerful space of WOW-U-NOW!
58:44 9/28/23
Embracing the Present Moment with Lynn Rose: 'What Matters Is Right Now!
In a world that constantly pulls us in myriad directions, where the past lingers and the future beckons, "What Matters Is Right Now," serves as a poignant reminder to tether ourselves to the present moment.
01:17 9/27/23
Preserving Legacy, Igniting Empathy and the Journey of Historical Discovery with Hardy Brown
Step into a world where history lives and breathes, where artifacts whisper stories of resilience, and where empathy is the bridge that connects us to our past. Through their remarkable work in collecting artifacts, conducting Underground Railroad tours, and fostering historical empathy, they're not just curators of the past; they're architects of understanding, unity, and transformation.
57:26 9/14/23
Take A Bite with Hardy Brown
Coming up on this season of LifeBites, Hardy Brown, Chairman, Black Voice Foundation Inc. Collector of Artifacts, Underground Railroad Tours, and Historical Empathy talks to Nina about how to bridge the gap in the racial divide in this country. He does this through history and helping people grow together regardless of their race or cultural background. As he puts it, "There are people on the right side of history and there are people on the wrong side of history." Check out his LIfeBites short and check out his full interview on September 15. 
01:22 9/14/23
Marilyn Monroe and the Art of Transformation with Erin Gavin
Erin Gavin's artistic journey takes an intriguing turn as she steps into the limelight of history by embodying the legendary Marilyn Monroe. This transformation isn't merely about mimicry; it's an exploration of the essence that lies beneath the surface. Gavin's portrayal captures not only the iconic beauty but also the vulnerability, strength, and complexity that Monroe embodied.
26:13 9/7/23
Embrace the Journey: Erin Gavin's Inspiring Reminder to Always Be Yourself
Embody authenticity, live fearlessly, and let your true self shine with Erin Gavin's empowering insights.
00:31 9/6/23
Beyond The Surface with Jim Selman
With an unparalleled ability to delve beyond the superficial layers, Jim's discussions on relationships venture into the heart of the matter. He explores how our past experiences, beliefs, and values influence the way we connect with others. Through his words, you'll come to understand the significance of self-awareness in fostering meaningful connections that transcend the mundane. This is advice that any leader in the modern day needs to hear. It is wisdom from one of the pioneers in Personal development.
42:56 8/31/23
Take A Bite with Jim Selman
In this week's LifeBites, Jim gives us some things to think about: Who you are has everything to do with your relationships, whether it's in Life or Business. Check it out and find out why it is important.
01:44 8/30/23
From Victim to Survivor: Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse with Dr. Tracy Kemble
Join host Nina Boski on the LifeBites podcast as we explore the groundbreaking book "Narctionary" by Dr. Tracy Kemble, a renowned expert, and survivor of narcissistic abuse. We all have heard the term, "He/she is a narcissist... But what does it mean?" We will find out in this latest episode of LIfeBites. Dr. Tracy unveils the hidden world of narcissism, a place she calls "Narkie-Ville," governed by its own rules and language called "Narcanese." This language includes spoken, unspoken, and written words, as well as behaviors and tactics used by narcissists to dupe, control, or feed off others.Don't miss this eye-opening episode of LifeBites, where we delve into the depths of "Narctionary" and learn how to take back control of our lives after narcissistic abuse. Tune in and be ready to transform your understanding of narcissism and find the strength to reclaim your power! 🎧
62:17 8/24/23
"Rising from the Shadows: Dr. Tracy Kemble's Journey to Self-Love"
In this week's episode of LifeBites, Dr. Tracy Kemble talks about healing from the abuse of Narisssm. In her LifeBites short, Dr. Kemble talks about the journey into self-love. Check it out!
01:00 8/23/23
"Media Trailblazer: A Conversation with Jonathan Barbato"
LifeBites podcast for an inspiring conversation with Jonathan Barbato, a true media visionary and influential force in the industry! 🌟Get ready to dive into the world of media and discover the transformative power it holds. Jonathan has an amazing track record of creativity and innovation, making his mark on various media platforms.Hear about his journey in launching TV channels, Apps, and social communities with purpose-driven enthusiasm and top-notch results.With a background as Head of Marketing for MGM-TV and Starz Movie Channel, and Founder of Ripe Digital, Apricot Corp, and Best Ever Channels, Jonathan's expertise is unmatched. Plus, he's been an advisor to big names like Tubi TV, Pluto, Lifetime, and more!Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable wisdom from a media guru! Tune in to the LifeBites podcast and be inspired by Jonathan Barbato's passion for media's transformative potential. Stay tuned for an epic episode! 🎧
36:49 8/17/23
Embrace the Present, Lose Your Mind! with Jonathon Barbato
Dive into LifeBites with Jonathan Barbato inspiring you to be present while playfully losing your mind! Get ready to laugh, learn, and find bliss in the present moment!
01:02 8/16/23
The Power of Transformative Leadership with Stephen Josephs
Stephen Josephs is a pioneer in transformative leadership, known for his groundbreaking work on leadership agility and navigating the complexities of an ever-changing world. As an esteemed author of "Leadership Agility" and "Dragons at Work: Embrace Authenticity and Deep Listening," Stephen has been at the forefront of guiding individuals and organizations toward adaptive and resilient leadership. In an engaging conversation with Nina, he will share his profound insights on the leadership of today, shedding light on how to navigate uncertainties and unknowns in the dynamic landscape of modern times. Join us as we embark on an inspiring journey with Stephen Josephs, discovering the keys to transformative leadership in a rapidly evolving world.
43:25 8/10/23
Take A Bite with Stephen Josephs!
Stephen Josephs is a pioneer in leadership development. He has written two books, "Leadership Agility" and "Dragons at Work."  Check out his LifeBite short when he gets you thinking about life and business in a different way. Take time today and let this message sink in.
01:17 8/9/23
Igniting Soulful Relationships: Embrace authenticity, deep listening, and vibrant communication to nurture profound connections. Cultivate mutual growth, compassion, and trust while cherishing sacred moments of love and acceptance. Let the flame of soulful relationships shine bright, enriching your heart and soul. 💞✨💭 Question to Ponder: How can you infuse more authenticity and deep listening into your relationships to ignite a soulful connection with others? 🌹🤝
31:23 8/7/23
Unveiling "The Love Thief" - An Enchanting Journey with Best-Selling Author Arielle Ford! 💕
Life Inspired with Arielle Ford Kicks off season 3 of LifeBites! Join us for an inspiring conversation with best-selling author and renowned speaker, Arielle Ford, as she discusses her latest book, "The Love Thief." Season 3 of LIfeBites kicks off with a powerful transformational expert,  Arielle Ford, known for her expertise in matters of the heart. She is venturing into new territory with this captivating non-fiction novel. In this engaging event, she'll share her unique insights on love, relationships, and the power of storytelling. Don't miss this chance to uncover the secrets of "The Love Thief" from a true master of love!
31:59 8/4/23
Take A Bite with Arielle Ford!
This week, we open up season 3 of the LifeBites podcast, as bestselling author and speaker, Arielle Ford talks with Nina about her new novel, "The Love Thief."  Remember that your heart is magnetic and it is time to expand your "love energy." New season launches this week on August 4th.
01:52 8/2/23
Mindful Mondays - GRIT AND GRACE
Developing grit is about cultivating unwavering determination and resilience in the face of challenges. It's the inner strength that propels us forward, enabling us to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. However, true strength lies not only in grit but also in grace.To develop grit with grace means embracing challenges with a sense of elegance and poise. It involves approaching difficulties with a calm and composed mindset and finding the balance between perseverance and adaptability. By cultivating grace, we respond to setbacks with resilience, learn from failures, and maintain a positive outlook.Practicing self-compassion and mindfulness allows us to navigate the ups and downs of life with grace. We acknowledge our emotions, yet remain steadfast in our commitment to growth. With grace, we extend kindness and understanding to ourselves and others, creating an atmosphere of support and encouragement.By intertwining grit and grace, we find ourselves on a transformative journey of personal development. We become resilient forces capable of weathering storms while maintaining our authenticity and compassion. So let us embrace the harmony of grit and grace, rising above challenges with strength, resilience, and elegance.
31:26 7/31/23
Mindful Mondays - SOARING HIGHER
To soar higher in life is to unleash our full potential and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie before us. It starts with setting audacious goals and daring to dream big. It requires breaking free from self-imposed limitations and societal expectations, believing in our abilities, and persevering through challenges.Soaring higher is about continuously seeking personal growth, stepping out of our comfort zones, and embracing new experiences. It involves cultivating resilience, learning from failures, and using them as stepping stones to reach greater heights. By embracing a mindset of continuous learning, pushing boundaries, and embracing our passions, we can spread our wings and soar to new horizons in life. Let us unleash our inner power, spread our wings, and soar higher than ever before! 
32:11 7/24/23