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Our vision of internal communications Corporate communication is undergoing a major transformation: it has had to adapt to a work-from-home culture, along with the new needs of employees. Today's digital environments are forcing companies to rethink and innovate their messages, formats, and how they interact within their organisations. Masters of Comms promotes a new vision of corporate communication that aligns with the workplace of today: more editorialized, more visual, more engaging. The focus is on the employees, listening to their specific expectations, offering new channels to express themselves, and participate in useful communication activities within the company. Hybrid work, digital workplace, employer branding, employee engagement, social selling, employee advocacy... the new topics for communication are numerous. How can they be tackled and turned into real levers for company performance? How can we ensure that employees are also involved in the communication journey? Masters of Comms invites experts to share their experiences and give you the keys to their success. In each episode, our guests will share issues they have faced, the obstacles they have had to overcome, and the means they have used to mobilise and obtain results. You can find Masters of Comms at, and on all major podcast platforms. Masters of Comms is a podcast series produced by Sociabble.


How to communicate with employees during a merger
Is your organization heading for a merger? Effective employee communication is key to ensure its success. Master of Comms is pleased to welcome Preeti Sharma to guide us on the subject. Join us to reveal a step by step guide on how to ensure successful employee comms before, during and after a merger!Preeti' advised to read "Winning Minds: Secrets from the Language of Leadership" by Simon Lancaster.
19:51 3/26/24
Managing internal communication for a fast-growing organization
Is your organization undergoing a season of fast growth? Are you struggling to keep up with your internal communications? Master of Comms is pleased to welcome Anshul Sharma, Head of Communications & PR at Schbang. In this episode he spills the beans on how Schbang leaned in on transparency, brutal honesty and clarity to scale their internal comms as the company has been growing at an incredible pace. Join us to learn how to successful scale up your internal communications in a fast growing environment!Anshul recommends us to watch "Interstellar" directed by Christopher Nolan.
29:04 3/5/24
EVP: Building Stronger Employer Brands with Effective Communication
Join us on 'Masters of Comms' as we unravel the intricacies of Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) with Alastair Atkinson from ScarlettAbbott, a leading expert on the subject. Discover how a well-crafted EVP not only prevents costly employee turnovers but also becomes a magnet for attracting ideal talent, blending tangible benefits with the unique cultural ethos of your company. Alastair demystifies the difference between EVP and employer brand, emphasizing the need for authenticity in your EVP to resonate with both current and prospective employees. Tune in for an episode that transforms your perspective on EVPs, making them a cornerstone of your employer branding strategy.Alastair advised us to read "The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" by Stuart Turton.Chapters:00:00 Introduction to Employee Value Proposition (EVP)00:37 Welcome to Masters of Comms Podcast00:54 Guest Introduction: Alastair Atkinson01:20 Alastair's Journey in Communication and Engagement02:33 Overview of ScarlettAbbott04:14 Understanding the Concept of EVP05:08 The Importance of a Strong EVP07:49 EVP and Employer Branding10:35 The Importance of Articulating EVP Clearly12:33 Examples of Companies with Effective EVP15:14 Strategies for Conveying EVP19:54 Resources and Tools for Developing and Communicating EVP23:38 Keeping EVP Relevant and Resonating26:20 Final Advice and Best Practices for Strengthening EVP28:23 Alastair's Book Recommendation
29:46 2/27/24
Experience Architects: Building Engagement in the Real & Virtual Worlds
Dive into the future of work with Paul Bennun on our latest episode! As we embrace the era of hybrid working, the workplace undergoes a dynamic shift. Join Paul as he unravels the secrets behind crafting an exceptional employee experience at DAZN, where digital channels and physical spaces seamlessly blend. Discover the challenges faced and how to strike the perfect balance between the virtual and real realms. Paul recommended the following book: "Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder" by Nicholas Taleb.00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome00:58 Guest Introduction: Paul Bennun01:54 Understanding DAZN02:57 The Impact of Hybrid Working on Employee Experience06:39 Balancing Physical and Digital for Inclusion09:27 The Role of Leadership in Employee Experience17:10 Measuring the Impact of Employee Experience Initiatives18:11 Key Recommendations for Improving Employee Experience19:26 Closing Remarks and Book Recommendation
20:12 1/23/24
Elevating Your Brand: The Strategic Role of Thought Leadership
Are you struggling to set up a successful thought leadership program? Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Peter Yorke from SunTec. In this episode, he shares their success story with clear tips on how to identify, nurture and motivate thought leaders in an organization. Join us to learn how to start and expand a successful thought leadership program and help distinguish your brand!
26:30 1/11/24
How to Manage the Blending of Internal & External Comms
Are you struggling to navigate the blurring lines between internal and external comms? Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Amit Govind, Head of Internal Communication & Social Media at Tata Consultancy Services. In this episode we talk about the role of social media, mobile and storytelling in internal comms and unpack what goes into the practical process of making it a reality. Join us as we uncover the secrets to successful blended communication!00:30 Introduction of Amit Govind01:27 Understanding Tata Consultancy Services04:16 Blurring Lines Between Internal & External Comms05:53 The Role of Social Media in Internal Comms06:14 The Importance of Employee Engagement in Internal Comms07:49 The Impact of Mobile & Social Media in Communication10:05 The Power of Storytelling in Internal Comms10:23 Successful Vaccination Campaign – A Case Study13:04 The Role of Different Departments in Communication15:43 Challenges and Solutions in Blended Communication21:13 The Importance of Measurement in Blended Communication24: 21 Top 3 Recommendations for Successful Blended Communication27:45 Conclusion & Final Thoughts
28:35 12/8/23
The Power of Influence: How Effective Communication Fuels Social Selling Success
Join us in this exciting episode as we delve into "The Power of Influence: How Effective Communication Fuels Social Selling Success." We sat down with industry expert, Sandy Adam of Quest Software to uncover the secrets of building a thriving social selling strategy that has the potential to transform your business. Discover the journey of a company that initially took the leap into social selling, faced challenges, and reaped incredible rewards.00:38 – Introduction of Sandy Adam, Global Sales Enablement Senior Manager.00:52 – Sandy's Career Journey and Role at Quest Software2:59 – Understanding Quest Software and Its Impact4:28 – The Genesis of a Social Selling Strategy7:37 – Integration of Social Selling within Existing Sales Strategy10:48 – Content Strategy and Communication Tailoring14:59 – Engaging and Training Sales Teams20:30 - Measuring ROI and Success of the Program23:21 - Key Recommendations & The future evolution of the program at Quest 27:15 - Sandy's Book and Film Recommendations
28:59 11/9/23
Challenges = Opportunities: Uncover How to Turn Brand Hurdles Into Success Stories!
Join us in this exciting episode, as we delve into the world of employee advocacy and its profound impact on building a strong brand reputation. Discover the secrets to harnessing the power of internal team members and external partners to take your brand to new heights. From uncovering the missing elements in your content strategy to creating consistent and fun experiences, we'll explore proven strategies to turbocharge your brand reputation. Get ready to revolutionize your brand's image. Tune in now and embark on a journey towards building a rock solid reputation through the strength of your internal & external allies.00:30 – Introduction of Daniela Delgado, Marketing & Communications Manager at SolidCAD1:04 – What is SolidCAD?2:24 – Why Employee Advocacy was selected to transform communications4:04 – The challenge of Brand Consistency5:10 – Who gets to participate in the program?6:48 – What's the importance of training?9:17 – Partners are the future!12:02 - 3 Recommendations on implementing Advocacy to improve brand reputation14:08 - Daniela's Film Suggestion
15:23 10/17/23
Employee Advocacy: How to Unleash and Scale with a Global Workforce
In this episode, we're taking you on a journey to explore the dynamic world of employee advocacy on a global scale. Join us as we dive deep into the strategies and insights needed to elevate your advocacy program to new heights.Our expert guest, Joe Morris, Head of Social Media & EA at Capgemini shares their wealth of knowledge on embracing a worldwide approach to advocacy. Discover the critical role of audience segmentation and how it empowers your team to deliver targeted, impactful messages to diverse audiences across the globe.But that's not all. Joe also emphasizes the foundation of advocacy programs: leadership. Learn how to start at the top, gaining leadership buy-in and support to supercharge your advocacy efforts.Tune-in to learn how to transform your employee advocacy program on a global scale!Joe recommended that we watch: "The Young Ones"
26:46 9/21/23
Recruitment Amplified: Harnessing Employee Advocacy in the Talent Race
Are you ready to supercharge your recruitment efforts and win the talent race? Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Wendy Alexander, Talent Scout at POET. In this episode, we dive into the game-changing strategy of "Employee Advocacy" and how it can revolutionize your hiring process. We explore the power of tapping into your most valuable asset - your employees - to become your brand ambassadors.Join us as we reveal the secrets of harnessing "Employee Advocacy" to skyrocket your brand's visibility and attract top-talent. Wendy reveals what she is doing to transform the recruitment game through this innovative approach. Wendy advised us to read How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie and 12 Rules for Life - An Anecdote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson.Episode summary:0:59 Introduction of Wendy Alexander2:16 Overview of POET4:07 Challenge building a recruitment advacacy program6:52 Encouraging employees to become Advocates12:32 Aligning Employee Advocacy with Corporate Brand16:29 Measuring the Success of Recruitment Advocacy18:41 Wendy's 3 Key Recommendations21:04 Wend's Book Suggestion
22:01 8/8/23
Unleashing the Power of Executive Thought Leadership to increase brand engagement
Masters of Comms is excited to welcome Sarah Goodall, CEO at Tribal Impact. Sarah is here to unveil her secrets to building an impactful executive thought leadership program. Discover her key recommendations to start and scale leadership advocacy as one of the pillars to a strong brand strategy. Sarah advised us to read: A Beautiful Constraint by Mark Barden & Adam Morgan, Atomic Habits by James Clear and The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.Episode summary:0:59 Introduction of Sarah Goodall1:26 Overview of Tribal Impact3:07 Overall challenges of Leaders on Social Media6:25 Impact of Social Leadership Advocacy 8:07 Building Trust & Credibility with Employees11:02 Establishing the pillars to engage the workforce 16:02 It's all about measurement 20:06 Key communication recommendations for professionals22:26 Sarah's Book Recommendation
24:17 7/10/23
Mastering Comms Channels in Decentralized Organizations
Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Paul Osgood, Global Head of Internal Communications at Clifford Chance. Paul is here to share his recommendations on how to you build consistent communication channels in decentralized organizations! Find out how he embeds consistency that brings people together whenever and wherever they reside.
32:01 6/14/23
Keeping Your Top Talent when Inflation's Heating Up!
Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Dani Lindley, Director of Marketing, Comms & Collaboration at Bip Group. Dani is here to share her recommendations on how to keep your top talent when inflation's heating up! Uncover her approach to engaging employees with honest & transparent communication strategies to retain talent in a continuously changing economic environment.
19:11 3/7/23
Building an Impactful Employee Advocacy Strategy in a Sensitive Industry
Masters of Comms is excited to welcome two expert guests from Nuspire, Francie Dudrey, Senior Director of Content Marketing & Corporate Communications and Rebecca Schloesser, Corporate Communications Coordinator. They will share their recommendations on how to build an impactful employee advocacy strategy in the secretive industry of cyber security. Discover how they have implemented an environment of transparency, enabling them to engage employees and attract new talent… while keeping their clients' secrets safe.
21:55 1/30/23
Why Storytelling is so Important to Your Corporate Comms Strategy
Masters of Comms welcomes Sam Bleazard, Employer Brand Content Producer at Fortnum & Mason, where he has put a modern spin on a heritage internal comms brand. Sam is recognized with more than 25 years of experience, where he has been successfully transforming comms strategies at leading organizations. Sam shares his insights on how to implement an impactful storytelling strategy at traditional organizations and beyond. Uncover Sam’s key takeaways for introducing storytelling into an organization, which compels audiences to take an active role in internal communications. Sam advised us to read:You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto by Jaron LanierTen Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier
17:38 11/9/22
Internal Comms + DE&I : How Do You Make Them Work Together?
Masters of Comms receives Advita Patel, Director & Founder of CommsRebel. For more than 20 years, Advita has assisted corporations to transform their internal communication strategies. Based on her strong experience, Advita shares with us her vision and recommendations on building impactful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion internal comms strategies. Discover tools to help you reach your implementation objectives, from objections to engagement in global businesses.
18:02 10/7/22