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Setting It Straight With Selwyn Jones

Setting it Straight with Selwyn Jones is a weekly show traversing Selwyn’s unique hot takes on current social justice topics that affect our society. In each episode, Selwyn closely explores some of the most challenging issues on race and inequality, alongside impactful social justice leaders, in hopes to communicate practical solutions that resolve conflicts – one person at a time.


The Scent of Grief
A son’s life was tragically taken seventeen years ago. A mother continues to fight for justice. Adrienne Miranda joins us to shed light on this senseless act of hate.
34:58 1/31/23
Excessive Sentencing of a Juvenile – Part 2
Listen to this heartbreaking and shocking story of injustice and corruption surrounding Christian Parker. He is serving a life sentence due to a Florida statute that gave prosecutors discretion to “throw away the key” on this young man. Join the fight and learn how you can help change this egregious error in the legal system.  Guest: Christian Parker
44:02 1/24/23
Excessive Sentencing of a Juvenile – Part 1
A paralegal specialist describes how a neglected youth in Florida is serving life plus 81 years for nonviolent crimes. She will also describe how the state’s Prisoner Release Re-offender laws made this possible. Guest: Malissa Hurry 
14:09 1/17/23
For The Love of a Daughter
In this episode, Yolanda McNair joins the show to share her powerful testimony about a police officer who killed her daughter and how law enforcement continues to hide the truth regarding the facts surrounding her death. 
29:00 1/10/23
A Season For Giving
Liz Darden and Selwyn Jones share some Christmas memories and community organizations that lead the charge in serving others during the holiday season. From mental health to children’s health care needs, join Setting It Straight in bringing awareness and please participate in the giving!   
29:03 12/13/22
Seeking Justice – A Conversation with Dee Crane (S1-Episode 7)
Tavis Crane was killed by an Arlington, TX police officer during a traffic stop. Questions surrounding the reasoning for his death lead his mother, Dee Crane, to seek justice for her son. Selwyn interviews Dee Crane to learn how she won the fight to quash the qualified immunity defense from Tavis’ civil case.   
30:51 12/7/22
Critical Race Theory – A Conversation with Erin Jones (S1-Episode 6)
Without a doubt, Critical Race Theory is one the most controversial topics impacting how American history is taught to our children. Selwyn delves into this topic with none other than its foremost proponent, Erin Jones, who explains what Critical Race Theory is about. 
39:54 11/29/22
Vick vs Favre (S1-Episode 5)
Selwyn Jones and panel discuss the unfairness that the American Legal systems gives out based on race and socioeconomic status. In this conversation various comparisons through a conscious, but honest opinions are made.   
34:41 11/22/22
Griner (S1-Episode 4)
Brittney Griner, an American & WNBA player, caught in the middle of Russia’s agenda and U.S. diplomacy. Why is she serving a 9-year sentence in a Russian prison for hash-hish oil.  Selwyn gives his honest take on how she and other American black women are treated. 
33:23 11/15/22
ET TU YE? (S1-Episode 3)
Selwyn “drops the mic” with his direct response to Ye’s false claims regarding the true cause of George Floyd’s death. Get ready for a “hot take” you won’t forget.   
44:34 11/8/22
The Favre Show(S1-Episode 2)
Selwyn Jones speaks his honest take on the Brett Favre scandal. Open and honest dialog that delves into the heart of the matter. Taking money from the poor to give to the rich. 
32:31 11/1/22
Abuse of Power – A Conversation with RaShall Brackney – Former Chief of Police Charlottesville, Virginia (S1-Episode 1)
Former Chief of Police of Charlottesville, Virginia after the deadly “Unite the Right” rally, RaShall Brackney (Ph.D) joins Selwyn to share her take on qualified immunity, law enforcement training standards, and racial equity in the legal system. 
44:23 10/17/22