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Interview with SHAED
We had the pleasure of interviewing SHAED over Zoom video!Genre-defying band SHAED announces their new album Spinning Out out June 7th via BMG. Pre-save the album HERE. The band also released their new single “Rocket in the Sky.”The album comprises eleven songs exploring themes of family, love, and growth. Over years of writing, recording, and producing, Spinning Out cohered as a collection of snapshots and vignettes, reflecting on love and belonging from all different angles.“Rocket in the Sky” follows “Everybody Knows I’m High” as the second single from Spinning Out. “Rocket in the Sky,” while originally written about Chelsea and Spencer’s daughter June, perfectly captures the feeling of loving someone so much that you can’t even do the simplest of tasks. The creation of “Rocket in the Sky” was entirely organic and “super emotional.” Spencer and Chelsea started the song on the guitar, Max reimagined the chords on the piano, and all three finished it and tracked it in the living room.On the production, SHAED shared, “We produced it out in a bunch of different ways in LA, including a disco version, think ‘Staying Alive,’ ‘Dancing Queen’ energy. When we got back to DC, we listened back to the original demo and just felt that it had this unrestrained emotional performance by Chelsea that couldn’t be replicated. So we kept the original demo, layered in a few elements to build the energy of the tune, and printed it.”About SHAED:SHAED weren’t immune to spinning out. The trio of Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst had been living in a whirlwind for a long time — a long, circuitous, sometimes stop-start arc that included meeting as teenagers playing around D.C., living and writing at home together, and a surprise breakout hit in 2018’s “Trampoline.” The runaway ascension of “Trampoline” led the band through an array of dream scenario milestones — soundtracking a MacBook Air commercial, two billion streams, and accolades from pop culture monoliths like iHeart and Billboard. But SHAED also experienced the pitfalls of following that unexpected success. Seeking a reset, the trio emerged from tumultuous times equally defined by existential crises and beautiful life changes to craft a sophomore album that was as true a statement of their identity as anything they had made thus far. There was only one name for it: Spinning Out.Spinning Out is the sound of SHAED’s core ethos, their connection as family and musicians. Inspired by new love and parenthood, the album cohered as a collection of snapshots and vignettes, reflecting on belonging and connection from all different angles. While aided by collaborators like POWERS’ Mike Del Rio, the bulk of Spinning Out was built on SHAED, as always, writing and recording at home together, chasing a more organic and lived-in atmosphere. Across moving ballads and graceful bops alike — including the emotionally bare title track, the soaring “Rocket In The Sky,” and the hazy earworm of lead single “Everybody Knows I’m High” (debuted in SHAED’s February Kimmel performance) — the band catalogs all the trials, euphoria, confusion, and hope that ran through a messy few years. Once upon a time Spinning Out might’ve been born from fragmentation, but it became the story of SHAED doing what they’ve always done best — getting in a room and chasing the answer together.“Everybody Knows I’m High” was SHAED’s follow up to their 2021 album High Dive.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #SHAED #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
31:38 4/12/24
Interview with Zach Hood
We had the pleasure of interviewing Zach Hood. over Zoom video!Rising pop star, Zach Hood recently released his single, "how to change a tire”.This single is like no other for Zach, it shares a vulnerable side in his songwriting. He shares his story on “how to change a tire” that “When I was 8 years old my dad left. It was my first heartbreak. When you’re a kid and your parents divorce, it almost seems fake. It’s all you’re used too. As I grew up, I learned a lot of things. I learned how to treat women, and fend for myself without a dad in my corner. It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome. I learned a lot of things from the divorce, but I still miss the simple things that I didn’t learn from my dad. The main reason I wrote this song is because of my brother. He told me a story about a year back and he said 'I was in Mobile, Alabama when my tire popped. I didn’t know what to do cause I couldn’t change it.' He sat there for about 30 minutes until someone pulled up behind him. It was our dad. Out of everyone in the city, it was him… The odds of that are insane and it broke my heart. With all of that being said, I’ve learned a lot from life, but I still can’t change a tire.”About Zach Hood:Born and raised in Daphne, Alabama, Hood went from tirelessly posting content on social media to signing a record deal with Arista, landing representation from William Morris Endeavor, and making his debut festival performance at Hangout Fest in his hometown of Alabama in May 2022, the only Alabama native on the bill. In addition, Hood released his debut EP BLOSSOM, which included previous hit singles: “when she was mine” “never knew a heart could break itself,” and “lonely isn’t the word for this. Variance noted that “BLOSSOM offers a glimpse of a future star.” Hood now resides in Los Angeles and has about two million monthly listeners on Spotify, with well over 300 million streams across platforms.“I’m just a kid from Alabama who stayed true to himself,” says Hood. “I never let anyone get in my way, I persevered, and I stayed on my path. I just absolutely had to make music.”We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #ZachHood #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
33:44 4/11/24
Interview with L.A.B
We had the pleasure of interviewing L.A.B. over Zoom video!New Zealand reggae band L.A.B. recently released their brand new album, L.A.B VI.After a steady schedule of releasing their first five albums within a five year span, L.A.B VI arrives after an almost two year-long period of writing, recording, tweaking & finessing what is possibly their strongest album to date. Recorded with frequent collaborator Lee Prebble at Wellington's Surgery Studios, the album was written amongst a heavy touring schedule which saw the band perform sold-out shows across NZ, Australia, the United States, the UK & Europe over the past two years.Whittled down from nearly 30 total tracks, the 11 songs featured on L.A.B. VI are a welcome addition to an already beloved catalogue. Featuring the singles "Take It Away," "Casanova,” "Oh No (Pt. 2)” and “Ocean Demon," the album shows off all the different sides of the L.A.B sound — combining reggae/roots & soul with funk & elements of rock.L.A.B. has established themselves as one of the hardest-working bands in New Zealand with their relentless touring & recording schedule. They have also achieved multiple chart topping singles, 17 multi-Platinum singles, 11 Gold singles and over 500 million streams across all DSPs. While L.A.B VI represents the longest time the band have taken between albums, it also represents the most complete album in their catalogue. The album confirms their place as one of the key acts in the New Zealand music scene, while setting their sights on growing their audience globally.  We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #L.A.B. #LAB #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
28:16 4/9/24
Interview with Kill the Lights (Moose Returns!)
We had the pleasure of interviewing Kill The Lights over Zoom video!Certain bonds cross any and all borders and boundaries. Kill The Lights harbor this kind of connection between them. Even though you’ve got Michael “Moose” Thomas [drums] and Jason “Jay” James [bass] in Bridgend, Wales, James Clark [vocals] in Minneapolis, MN, Jordan Whelan [guitar] in Grand Rapids, MI, and Travis Montgomery [guitar] in Dallas, TX, the musicians lock into an impenetrable groove that eclipses physical distance. Together, they rally around a tight, taut, and tough vision for heavy metal, manifesting in rafter-reaching anthems and pit-splitting riffs.After piling up millions of streams and earning acclaim from the likes of KERRANG! and Metal Hammer, a sense of unwavering unity drives their second full-length offering, Death Melodies [Fearless Records].Of course, the musicians boast an incredible pedigree… Moose co-founded multiplatinum international heavyweights Bullet For My Valentine, while Jay also played in the band. James fronted Throw The Fight, and Jordan and Travis handled guitar duties for Still Remains and Threat Signal, respectively. Upon forming Kill The Lights, they uncovered uncontainable chemistry, releasing their debut LP The Sinner in the midst of the global pandemic. Among many highlights, “The Faceless” posted up 2 million-plus Spotify streams and counting followed by “Through The Night” and “Shed My Skin,” which each crossed the 1 million mark. Metal Hammer rated it “4-out-of-5 stars” and proclaimed, “Kill The Lights nail the groove and the glory.” Along the way, they wrote and recorded Death Melodies with sessions in Canada, Minneapolis, and across the pond in the UK with producers Chris Clancy and Colin Richardson. A complex theme coursed through the music. “Everybody struggles with different things,” states James. “These are songs about acknowledging and sharing the struggle in life. You’re acknowledging the world is a hard place. Hopefully, you can find some solace in it by knowing another person feels the same way."Fittingly, they bust through the door of the next era with the single “Broken Bones.” On the track, galloping drums propel a thrashed-out riff at full speed towards a hummable hook, “You’re dead inside, but still alive. There’s nothing left but broken bones.” “Much of the record centered around depression and dealing with anxiety,” James goes on. “So, ‘Broken Bones’ is about battling your way through life, but sticking with it.”Vulnerable acoustic guitar sets the tone for “Sleep With The Devil” as tension swells into an emotionally charged skyscraping refrain uplifted by a six-part choir harmony. “It’s stuff you don’t hear too much on a metal record,” Jordan comments. “It stretches the places we can go.”A sinewy guitar line snakes through the understated trudge of “Bleeding,” which is about “living a recurring nightmare and never being able to break the chain.” Then, there’s “From Ashes.” Guitar swings like a wrecking ball from melodic verses towards a magnetic refrain. The ride concludes on the transfixing closer “Drowning” as distortion submerges an ethereal chorus.“It had a bit of a grungy vibe to it,” Jordan goes on. “We added some different dynamics on the record that weren’t there on the first one.” In the end, Kill The Lights invite everyone to partake in their bond now.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #KillTheLights #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
37:57 4/4/24
Interview with Bokassa
We had the pleasure of interviewing Bokassa over Zoom video!Over ten songs and 30 minutes, Bokassa is as diverse as ever on their new full length “All Out of Dreams”. The power trio offers everything from riffy stoner metal in "Bradford Death Squadron", almost progressive skatepunk in "No More Good Days", 45 seconds of metallic hardcore in "Everyone Fails In The End" to laid-back Izzy Stradlin bottle neck-riffing on the desert rocker “Gung Ho”. Not to mention the hooky and anthemic title track. In other words, the band has not become less fond of mixing genres over the years!In an age where everything sounds the same, it has also always been important to Bokassa that each record is sonically different from the previous one. Therefore, they have been very conscious of how this record should sound. Where, for example, the debut "Divide & Conquer" had a noisy soundscape and 2021's "Molotov Rocktail" had a more playful and bigger rock sound, "All Out Of Dreams" has a slightly more raw metallic sound. This can clearly be seen in the conscious choice to go for a snare drum sound that brings to mind 90s metal, rock and punk ala Clutch, Helmet, Therapy? Or The Vandals' "Live Fast Diarrhea”, too name a few.The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, BabyMetal, Madball, Sick Of It All, The Haunted) in Antfarm Studio in Denmark in June 2022. The band also has guest artists for the first time, in the form of Lou Koller from the NYHC legends Sick Of It All and Aaron Beam from the stoner rockers Red Fang.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Bokassa #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
46:27 3/28/24
Interview with Reconciler
We had the pleasure of interviewing Reconciler over Zoom video!Reconciler is a band from Atlanta, GA who first amplified in the summer of 2016. Harkening to a sound alternately Southeast and East Bay, they released their debut LP, Set Us Free, in February of 2019 to critical acclaim from punk and Americana outlets alike. The band spent 2019 playing often across the Southeast and East coast and announced their first European shows, slated for June 2020.Shortly After the first anniversary of Set Us Free, the world shut down and all plans were canceled indefinitely. Reconciler wouldn’t see another stage for 18 months despite releasing a split 7 inch with the legendary Gainesville outfit, Ship Thieves in January of 2021 and offering another new track on the Grace vinyl comp alongside many noteworthy acts including Hot Water Music, Samiam, and Catbite the following October.Reconciler has been hard at work rebuilding and refining its focus and is beyond ready to return with their sophomore album, Art For Our Sake, via Smartpunk Records. This 13 track LP stands as a testament to the band’s tenacity and work ethic and is certain to offer Reconciler’s strongest output to date.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Reconciler #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
49:29 3/27/24
Interview with Keith Wallen
We had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Wallen over Zoom video!BREAKING BENJAMIN guitarist KEITH WALLEN will drop his latest solo album Infinity Now on May 3 via Rise Records.Wallen has shared the video for "The Wolf”. "'The Wolf' is a song and a concept that I felt a lot of us can identify with," Wallen says. "We've all known those people that for whatever reason we just can't break ourselves away from them. An addiction on every level, all the while knowing it's a toxic situation. You break all those promises to yourself that you'll stay away, but ultimately there you are again."Commenting on the video, he shares, "The video for 'The Wolf' was shot in a beautiful house in south Nashville. Directed by Courtney Dellafiora, we wanted an intimate look and setting that was reminiscent of waking from a dream in the middle of the night, and then grabbing the guitar and playing the song. The most exciting thing of all with getting to work with 'Bane,' the real live wolf actor and his amazing training staff for the shoot! That was a first for me, and I couldn't be happier how the video turned out."ABOUT KEITH WALLEN:Keith Wallen is a prolific songwriter responsible for soaring melodies and hypnotic hooks heard across modern rock radio. The West Virginia-born troubadour uses his solo work as a vehicle to explore his multifaceted passions, moving seamlessly from the smart pop of '80s favorites like The Police and Depeche Mode to the big moody riffs of '90s grunge heroes like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots. His co-writing collaborations include compositions with Saint Asonia, Fuel, We Came As Romans, Red, Dorothy, and Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch's Love And Death. Wallen bares his soul as a solo artist with earnest resolve, powering his honest anthems with commanding vocals. A former member of Adelitas Way, Keith was among his first calls when Benjamin Burnley decided to reform and reconfigure his band. Dark Before Dawn, Breaking Benjamin's powerhouse comeback, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Ember followed in 2018.Keith's self-produced acoustic and piano-driven Allies EP arrived in 2014. His debut solo album, 2021'sThis World Or The Next, featured "Dream Away," a song streamed 1.4M times on Spotify alone. His second solo album, Infinity Now, includes production and co-writing contributions from Kevin Thrasher (RIVALS, Jelly Roll) and work with Dan Braunstein (Spiritbox, Dayseeker) and Andrew Baylis (Sleeping With Sirens, Jelly Roll, Brantley Gilbert).Produced by Kevin Thrasher (Jelly Roll, RIVALS) and mixed by Joel Wanasek (Rain City Drive, Scott Stapp), Keith's sophomore solo album, Infinity Now, extends a warm invitation into the singer/songwriter's heart and mind. Hard rock bombast meets intimate pensiveness via engaging songs like "Blackout," "Strings," and first single, "Headspace Holiday."As guitarist for Breaking Benjamin, a solo artist or songwriting collaborator, the common threads through Keith Wallen's work are honesty, authenticity, and heartfelt spirit.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #KeithWallen #BreakingBenjamin #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
54:02 3/21/24
Interview with H3RIZON
We had the pleasure of interviewing H3RIZON over Zoom video!With their dazzling harmonies and overwhelming chemistry, H3RIZON—Bernie, Gabby, and Tiara—are ready to inspire. The trio are the first Australian girl group, and the first Asian-Pacific girl group, to be signed to Epic via a joint venture with RZ3 Recordings. With the release of their first project for the label, due in 2024, they’re ready to make waves around the world. Set to bring catchy, vibrant songs like “Naughty” and “Wanna Love You,” alongside no-nonsense attitude, the music proves they’re one of the best girl groups of a new generation. Gabby, Bernie, and Tiara grew up on the west side of Sydney. Their shared heritage and desire to pursue singing as a vocation led to them meeting backstage at local shows by Filipino artists, where they established the bonds that are immediately apparent when hearing their music. H3RIZON’s version of “You Don’t Know Nothin'" reintroduced them in 2023 as a harmonizing force, with Bernie, Gabby, and Tiara’s voices intertwining in thrilling ways. They “made it H3RIZON” in the studio, dissecting the melodies and adding their own flourishes during a marathon session. Now, H3rizon are ready to command the spotlight while also galvanizing their audience to follow their dreams. “Being women of color, we can’t wait to inspire a lot of young women, especially from our area, to just pursue what they want,” says Bernie. “We want to show them that they can make it if they want to.”We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #H3RIZON #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
31:02 3/19/24
Interview with Lucy Walsh
We had the pleasure of interviewing Lucy Walsh over Zoom video!American singer-songwriter, actress, writer, and daughter of The Eagles's Joe Walsh, Lucy Walsh, is excited to release her most significant project to date, her book 'Remember Me As Human' which is a tribute to her family and a book of passion and love. It includes her Grandparents' WWII love letters, her grandfather’s battle with Alzheimer’s and a deeper look into the familial relationship including excerpts of a life entangled in The Eagles success. During their three-day nursing home interview, what began for Lucy as finding out more about her grandparent’s WWII love letters, becomes a much deeper journey of hard-to-ask questions and even harder-to-believe answers than Lucy could’ve ever imagined. It is a journey into her grandmother’s offbeat world and her ancestors’ tumultuous psyches, to the very vortex of her own self-discovery. Walsh is best known for her work as an actress in film and TV series’ such as "Criminal Minds", "No Strings Attached", "Mother’s Day", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and more! Additionally, Lucy is a producer and singer who has toured internationally with Maroon 5 and sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium as well as Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Eric Garcetti and more!We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #LucyWalsh #TheEagles #JoeWalsh #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
56:34 3/13/24
Interview with Maya J
We had the pleasure of interviewing Maya J over Zoom video!Maya J, the multi-talented artist, actor, songwriter, and musician, has released her latest single, "Chills." This melodic R&B-pop gem, enriched with jazz elements, showcases Maya J's unique songwriting prowess and smooth, sensual vocals. Written and co-produced by Maya J herself, "Chills" is a testament to her artistic evolution, bringing a fresh twist to her signature style. Maya J's background as a violinist and lifetime music study greatly contributes to her harmonious compositions, while her eloquence shines through in her unique lyricism.Executive produced by Glitter Rain Entertainment, Maya J's RIAA-member record label that she has been operating since 2014, "Chills" came to life under the guidance of engineering producer Jacob McCaslin. The collaboration emerged just months after their initial meeting, resulting in a track that stands out in the contemporary music landscape. "Chills" draws comparisons to the works of acclaimed artists such as Sabrina Claudio, SZA, Lana Del Rey, and Billie Eilish. The song is poised to find a home on playlists curated for night drives, date nights, relaxation, or even hot yoga and pilates classes.Maya Jenkins has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence in her craft, both in music and acting. A product of a New York/Los Angeles acting conservatory and training at renowned LA studios, Maya J's dedication to her artistry is evident in every project she undertakes. Her musical journey began with the debut single "Symptoms of You" in 2016, followed by a series of successful releases. Maya J's artistic achievements include the well-received "Come Find Me" and "Like You," with the latter showcasing her skills not only as a songwriter but also as a director and co-producer of the accompanying music video. Maya J's creative contributions extend beyond her solo career; her song "Tell Me" was selected for the season 2 promotional trailer of ABC Family’s hit series, “Famous in Love” in 2018.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #MayaJ #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
31:27 3/9/24
Interview with Dela Kay
We had the pleasure of interviewing Dela Kay over Zoom video!Alt-Pop sensation Dela Kay recently released her latest single, "IDWTAY" (I don’t wanna think about you) – an anthem delving into the complexities of modern dating. The track explores the relatable concept of a "situationship," where one decides to move forward with a new connection, yet the lingering thoughts of a past flame persist. It's that powerful girl anthem about moving on but also still leaning into your toxic tendencies, wanting the old person to feel a little jealous while you do it. With a mix of fun, sexiness, and upbeat aggression, "IDWTAY" is poised to become the go-to song for those navigating the delicate balance between moving on and embracing lingering feelings.Dela Kay, who hails from the vibrant music scene of Nashville, TN, describes "IDWTAY" as one of her personal favorites among the new songs she plans to release in 2024. Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Maine, Maggie Lindemann, Paramore, and Avril Lavigne, Dela Kay continues to embrace her Alternative roots while crafting music that is both authentic and edgy. The track follows the success of her previous single, "Let You Down," which has amassed over 125K streams and secured a spot on Shazam's Best New Music Apple Playlist. "Let You Down" explored the intricate dynamics of modern relationships, showcasing Dela Kay's ability to craft songs that resonate with listeners on a deep, emotional level.Dela Kay, who identifies as a songwriter first and foremost, believes that this phase of her career is her most authentic to date. With a commitment to releasing a series of singles throughout 2024, she is determined to leave a lasting impression and make her mark on the music industry with her unique voice and perspective. "I hope to make a lasting impression, making my artistic mark with authenticity and edginess. I think women have a voice and I intend to use mine and don’t plan on stopping until I have everyone’s attention," passionately expresses Dela Kay.MORE INFO:Hailing from Nashville, TN, music was always a big part of the household for Dela Kay. Seeing the emotional connection a personal song could make fueled her desire to write and to be a storyteller. She studied musical theater at The Chicago College of Performing Arts at the Theatre Conservatory of Roosevelt University, where she grew creatively in many ways, but ultimately felt a strong call back to her roots of songwriting.In 2014, her electro-pop style began to emerge through a collaboration with Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and producer, Femke Weidema; which eventually led to her first electro-pop/European-infused single release, “9 out of 10,” as Dela Kay in 2016. Named by Earmilk as an artist who was gifted “with a rich, distinctive vocal style” for her 2018 release of “Make You Mine,” Dela Kay went on to continue releasing singles and garnering hundreds of thousands of streams. In 2019 Dela Kay released “All My Love” through Sony Music, which ended up charting 49 on the top 150 global artist charts for Digital Radio Tracker as well as in the top ten for the Top Independent Charts. The release of “Think About You” shortly followed, which ended up becoming Dela’s highest-streamed song to date with almost 800k streams and counting. After a brief hiatus, Dela Kay marked her return by debuting a new, more alternative sound in 2021 with the release of “The Worst Part,” via Wonderland Magazine.Encouraged by the positive feedback, Dela Kay delved deeper into this new sound with the release of "Old News," a collaboration with Ryan Dulude and Rikki Jo Randall. Closing out 2022, Dela Kay touched hearts with "Daughter," a poignant song dedicated to her father. This track marked a departure from her usual upbeat style, embracing a more folk-driven alternative sound, rich in vulnerability and cinematic storytelling. With the release of “Let You Down” in 2023, Dela Kay began her new journey with a wave of fresh content continuing throughout 2024. Looking ahead, Dela Kay plans to embark on a West Coast tour in the spring and summer, bringing her music and unique brand of storytelling to audiences far and wide.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #DelaKay #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
35:28 3/6/24
Interview with William Elliot Whitmore
We had the pleasure of interviewing William Elliott Whitmore over Zoom video!William Elliott Whitmore is taking things into his own hands with Silently, The Mind Breaks, his first album released through his newly formed Whitmore Records. He had the following to say of his new venture: "I'm proud to be sharing this with the world through our literal mom and pop shop. I'm excited for people to hear what I've been working on the last few years."When asked what to expect from Silently, The Mind Breaks, Whitmore said, "Imagine a large expansive landscape. In the distance, you see what looks like a house. You walk for a long time, and as you get closer, it seems more and more like the house is abandoned. The front door is locked, so you go around the back and enter. Sunlight pours into the otherwise dark space, illuminating a staircase. You walk up, taking notice of a stillness in the air. There are several rooms, you enter the last one in the hallway. In the room there is a closet. You open the closet and see an old chest of drawers. In the bottom drawer is an envelope. You open the envelope and inside there is a note. It says 'You are loved.' You are very tired, but you can't help but smile slightly. I hope this album is that for you."ABOUT WILLIAM ELLIOTT WHITMOREBorn and raised on a small farm in Lee County, Iowa, a love of the land has always been an important part of William Elliott Whitmore's life. An appreciation for nature and its cycles being taught from an early age. That awareness of birth and death is a constant theme in the songwriting, through a lens of hopefulness and acceptance. These things unify us as people, a theme that is often explored in the music.With a banjo, guitar and kick drum, Whitmore seeks to convey these ideas. For over 20 years, he has traveled the world, performing everywhere from Rome, Italy to Rome, Georgia. He’s played basements, backyards, festival stages, and Carnegie Hall, and has no plans to stop anytime soon."Life is hard, nasty, and unforgiving at times," Whitmore says. "But it's beautiful, too, and music can be a reminder of what we all have in common, a desire to keep putting one foot in front of the other."We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #WilliamElliottWhitmore #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
57:58 3/5/24
Interview with Nelson Freitas
We had the pleasure of interviewing Nelson Freitas over Zoom video!After teasing us with two sensational singles, the Cape Verdean icon Nelson Freitas has released his long-awaited seventh album Black Butterfly via AWAL.A revelatory new record featuring a star-studded line-up of producers and songwriters, Black Butterfly is a masterful fusion of the signature sounds Nelson has built a legacy on during his multi-decade long career as a sonic boundary pusher, while also pushing forward with an experimental new sound for the star.While the Dutch artist of Cape Verdean heritage is no stranger to the scene, Nelson’s new music reintroduces him with an evolution of his previous output. As a legend in the scene, Nelson has amassed a global fanbase over the years for his unique sound fusing Kizomba and Zouk with R&B and hip-hop – all of which are elements of the ‘mainstream’ Afrobeats sound audiences of today have become familiar with, which is something Nelson heavily leans into on Black Butterfly.As the follow-up to Nelson’s 2021 album Dpos D’ Quarentena – home to his Mr Eazi assisted hit “Tellin’ Me Something” – Nelson has assembled an impressive team of some of the most prominent producers in the Afrobeats scene for Black Butterfly. With a clear vision in mind for his record to create a ‘new sound’, Nelson worked with in-demand hitmakers like Blaisebeatz (BNXN, Davido, Victony, CKay) and Nigerian super-producer Ozedikus (Rema, Oxlade) to deliver a body of work that sonically shows him in his true form.A record several years in the making, Black Butterfly also hears Nelson team up with the Grammy-nominated Afrobeats pioneer Kel-P on standout track “Satisfy You,” as well as the likes of Daecolm Holland (Adekunle Gold) who appears on “Don’t Let Me Go” and co-wrote the title track with Nelson alongside Arrow Benjamin (Beyoncé), J.Sol and Mohombi.Elsewhere, the dark and mysterious “Nightcrawler” takes place as another major highlight from Black Butterfly, with Nelson smoothly gliding over the Masterkraft helmed beat and treating us to his signature vocal tones.Black Butterfly is preceded by the single “Hero” (watch), racking up over 3M views with its stunning music video which stars the Angolan-Portuguese international supermodel Sharam Diniz and emphasizes those moments in life when we must let go of even those we hold the closest. “Hero” has seen major airplay via DJ Edu on BBC Radio 1Xtra and was also selected by UK tastemaker VIPER Magazine as one of their ‘Essential’ picks.As the title track and second single of Black Butterfly, “Black Butterfly” was originally conceived by Nelson whilst at a writing camp hosted by the legendary producer Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson) in Cabo Verde. Relaying a story of a sweet love affair, the swaying Afro rhythms of “Black Butterfly” are elevated by lush strings arranged by Portuguese musician Tiago Machado and has seen radio airplay across the UK including BBC 1Xtra and Wizard Radio, as well as playlisted by Noctis Magazine for their ‘Best of the Week’ selects.Meanwhile, the luxurious “Black Butterfly” music video was directed by André Caniços and pictures a suavely styled Nelson against a backdrop of dancers and futuristic architecture amongst epic Cape Verdean greenery – a stunning juxtaposition between the modern and the classic, surely serving as the perfect representation of Nelson’s forward-thinking yet timeless sounds.Speaking about his album, Nelson Freitas said the following: “I've been waiting for this album for ten years and it's a project where I truly found myself. It's something I've been working on for a long time and I believe the time has finally come. I looked for the best Afrobeats producers and composers in the world, and only with them did I feel complete enough to take this leap.”During his award-winning and Platinum-selling career, Nelson’s energetic and dynamic stage performances have taken him to all corners of the globe, such as: the United States (including the Dunkin Donuts Center in Boston and AfroNation in Miami), the United Kingdom, Holland, Switzerland, France, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola and Portugal, where Nelson has sold out prestigious venues like the Coliseu dos Recreios and Campo Pequeno.Exhibiting a legendary artist at creative highs, the Black Butterfly record will surely see Nelson reach new heights in his already illustrious career and penetrate a wider audience through his fresh new sounds and lyrical perspectives.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #NelsonFreitas #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
43:48 3/1/24
Interview with Hunter Metts
We had the pleasure of interviewing Hunter Metts over Zoom video!Hunter recently released his new single, "Somehow You're Always There", via Position Music. It will be featured on his upcoming album, out this year.Hunter says on the track, "I was able to pour my heart into ‘Somehow You're Always There’, finding therapy in crafting a tribute to my best friend's mom lost to the Covid 19 pandemic. The song became a canvas for my grief, and tells the journey of losing a loved one through memories and emotions. Each note and lyric carried the weight of loss, yet the act of creating offered solace, allowing me to navigate the pain and cherish the enduring connection in the midst of loss."Growing up in a musical family, Hunter Metts began playing the piano at a young age, and eventually started playing guitar and writing his own songs. He produces solely out of a spare room and has a close circle of creators that help with the projects. Hunter’s music is characterized by his soulful and emotive vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and acoustic guitar-driven melodies. He cites artists such as Paper Kites, Bon Iver, and Novo Amor as key musical inspirations.Hunter has released several songs independently, including “Nothing to Lose” and “Paper Moon,” which showcase his ability to blend personal storytelling with catchy melodies. Some of his notable collaborations include Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Henry Brill, Tristan Bushman, Chandler Leighton, Dave Thomas Jr, Caleb Hearn, Cody Lovaas, Luke Niccoli, Jonah Kagen, and more.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #HunterMetts #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
38:07 2/28/24
Interview with Hungover
We had the pleasure of interviewing Hungover over Zoom video!Orlando, FL-based pop-rock band Hungover has released eleven new tracks as the latest installment in their discography.Ahead of the album release, the band shared three singles - Out of Body, Reunion, and Shake It Off."'When It Touches the Heart, Everything Resolves' evolves the pop-forward rock sound we developed on WILT by exploring new sonic textures that call back to the artists who have informed us. You can expect a more complete and dynamic Hungover on this record." -Marc Cortes, Vocalist of HungoverHungover is the product of the ashes of other bands and the years its members — Marc Cortes, Sean Connors, and Gabe Santiago — spent together in the Orlando music scene. It's there that Hungover cut their teeth in small, packed clubs and bars, carefully honing their penchant for energetic, impactful, and wildly pop-sensible guitar rock. In the studio, Hungover learned to push the envelope and sharpen WILT's five songs with the help of producer and engineer Alan Reitman. After self-releasing WILT to underground acclaim, Hungover chose to team up with Smartpunk Records to release the EP on vinyl with three brand new, unreleased songs mastered by Alan Douches (Real Friends, Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die). Three's Company, Exit: Stage Left, and Sleep Alone all effortlessly exhibit the same vigor, cleverness, and raw emotion of the five songs that preceded them, but capture the experience and know-how of a band at their peak.Hungover as a whole is a helium, their dynamic sound inflating any room they inhabit. A bar becomes a hall, a club becomes a theatre, and so on; and it's no accident either. By allowing themselves to be molded by the rooms they've played, Hungover is in turn able to mold those rooms themselves. It's this awareness that instills WILT with the exact same sensation; that urgent push from the inside of the chest and the awareness that the moment is somehow bigger than the seconds it exists in. That indefinable something.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Hungover #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
34:57 2/28/24
Interview with WHIPPED CREAM
We had the pleasure of interviewing WHIPPED CREAM over Zoom video!Multi-genre producer WHIPPED CREAM joins forces with burgeoning rapper Fourfive on hip-hop infused trap single “Who’s Laughing Now” via Monstercat.Grasping the essence of WHIPPED CREAM is to understand the transformative power of music unbound by genre constraints. WHIPPED CREAM embraces diverse soundscapes, crafting new territories and redefining the perception of what producing music truly is. A master at telling stories through sound, WHIPPED CREAM’s latest EP, ‘Someone You Can Count On,’ saw her channel both masculine and feminine energies, emphasizing the significance of her relationship with herself. The EP received numerous wins: as one of Music Ally’s Sandbox Best Music Marketing Campaigns of 2023, clinching a BOLD Award win for “The Dark” music video at the CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association) Awards, a DJ Mag Cover, Forbes feature, and more. She takes her impressive DJing skills to the live stage across the world, with performances at Coachella, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, and more. Beyond the electronic realm, WHIPPED CREAM has collaborated with the sounds of Latto, Lil Xan, and Lil Keed amongst others. She adds a new dimension to her discography.“Who’s Laughing Now” marks another groundbreaking chapter in her personal and musical journey. The record bridges her iconic cinematic trap sounds with the dynamic beats of hip-hop, pushing her further into the limelight of diverse musical genres. With WHIPPED CREAM’s sultry vocals bookending the track and Fourfive commanding the chorus, the duo explores the theme of reclaiming personal power from forces that once took over. This empowering narrative comes to life in the accompanying music video.Up-and-coming producer Fourfive is bubbling in the rap scene on SoundCloud while attracting millions of streams on Spotify, cementing himself as one to watch in the underground. “Who’s Laughing Now” marks his second collaboration, and WHIPPED CREAM proves to be just the right fit.Adding another layer to her unfolding story, “Who’s Laughing Now” sets the stage for what’s to come next from WHIPPED CREAM, with plenty to look forward to in 2024. Fans can catch Fourfive at Rolling Loud California in March and during ZillaKami and SosMula’s tour as support.ABOUT WHIPPED CREAMSpinning on ice isn’t the only thing WHIPPED CREAM’s turning heads on. Once a competitive figure skater, Toronto born Caroline Cecil knows how to bewitch a crowd. Channeling her love and passion for all things music on and off the ice - WHIPPED CREAM, captivated by cinematic soundscapes and underlying bass riffs - turned to production to hone in her creative ingenuity. Paving her own lane unlike any other with influences from the likes of Hans Zimmer to Kanye to Skrillex - WHIPPED CREAM is formulating her own sound while expressing through dynamic live performances an incomparable energy.Never not creating, WHIPPED CREAM has honed in on her sound that will be showcased throughout the music she will be releasing in 2024. Not just a producer and DJ, but a songwriter and vocalist as well, she’s pushing her own boundaries to be the best musician she can be while being true to her most authentic self. Fusing her passion and love for hip hop, cinema, electronica and more, she impressively navigates these genres fluidly, truly invoking a feeling like no other.Be on the lookout for tour dates as WHIPPED CREAM gets back in the touring & festival circuit. With past momentous performance accolades such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland and a multitude more of high-caliber experiences under her belt, the WHIPPED CREAM experience is one that can’t be replicated. Whether you’re watching her perform or streaming her music, WHIPPED CREAM is here to provide a high-energy, thought provoking feeling - appealing to any music and art lover.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #WHIPPEDCREAM #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
38:57 2/27/24
Interview with Sinkane
We had the pleasure of interviewing Sinkane over Zoom video!Sinkane (aka Sudanese-American musician Ahmed Gallab) announces his upcoming album We Belong, out April 5. His first full-length release since Dépaysé in 2019, We Belong is Sinkane’s “love letter to Black music,” tak ing cues from gospel, Afrobeats, 70s funk, foundational soul of the rhythms of Sinkane’s native Sudan and more. Alongside the album announcement, he shares a new single “How Sweet Is Your Love” and its accompanying music video.The upcoming project We Belong, tells introspective–and sometimes painful–stories of the Black diaspora with an underlying current of love and hope for the future. “How Sweet Is Your Love” marks a celebratory, funk-infused high point of the project. Set against heavy disco synth instrumentals and riffing strings, Sinkane encourages listeners to cast away their worries and embrace the current moment. “‘How Sweet Is Your Love’ is about remaining in the present and feeling all of your feelings as fully as possible," Sinkane comments. "It dares you to prove the sweetness of your love, to your loves!”For this project, Sinkane assembled the who's who of musicians and collaborators which include Beastie Boys producer Money Mark, jazz fusion maestro Casey Benjamin, guitarist/producer Mikey Freedom Hart, Phony Ppl’s Aja Grant, percussionist Meia Noite, organist Shedrick Mitchell, former bandmate Amanda Khiri and singers Bilal, STOUT, Tru Osborne and Hollie Cook. He has also created an all-star six piece band called The Message, who support Sinkane live. Band members include: Ronnie Lanzilotta (bass), Dave Palazola (drums), Patt Carr (keys), Asher Kurtz (guitar), Ifedayo (vocalist) and Jessica Harp (vocalist).The first single off the project, “Everything is Everything,” featuring vocalist Tru Osborne, is an acute reflection of life as a Black person in America (watch HERE / listen HERE). Sinkane opens the jazzy ballad “We’re here again / Ain’t nobody listenin’… Y’all only know our names from hashtags'' before taking a hopeful turn; “The tides of change / Serve great purpose in our every day / My people, we will find our way.” Upon release, Stereogum called it “a social commentary set against a cinematic, immersive sonic landscape.” Sinkane has always paved his own way, defying all odds and surpassing expectations. With seven studio albums under his belt and an illustrious career as a composer, producer and band leader, he has orchestrated remarkable projects. From music directing the Atomic Bomb! Band, the resounding revival of Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabor, to composing the “lively” (The Guardian) musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile which debuted last month, Ahmed's journey has been extraordinary to say the least.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Sinkane #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
54:28 2/24/24
Interview with Brooklyn Juliana
We had the pleasure of interviewing Brooklyn Juliana over Zoom video!Canada-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Brooklyn Juliana, has released his first single of 2023 “Thinking About You,”. "Thinking About You" is a deeply personal and introspective song inspired by Brooklyn Juliana's own experiences, and the communication challenges faced by his generation. Brooklyn not only showcases his powerful vocals on the track, but also demonstrates his versatility as a musician by writing the music and playing the guitar. The single seamlessly combines elements of alternative and pop, with a catchy guitar groove and rich vocals that will undoubtedly resonate with a wide range of music lovers.In a music landscape dominated by rock crossovers, the release of "Thinking About You" marks a new era for Brooklyn as he brings a fresh and relatable perspective, while also offering a warm and authentic story for his fans to connect with. While people might be expecting sterile, digital perfection as a holdover from his K-Pop days, Brooklyn delivers his affinity for all things analog in a warm and universal story for his fans to enjoy. Admittedly a chronic over-thinker, Brooklyn puts this trait on full display with the intent that listeners will find an outlet through his new song. Despite his rise to fame through viral TikTok videos, Brooklyn remains grounded and true to his artistic vision, emphasizing the analog warmth that permeates his music. With only 5 songs to his name, as of today, Brooklyn has amassed a dedicated fan following with millions of views and streams across social media and YouTube/Spotify.Hailing from Canada, Brooklyn Juliana gravitated towards music from a very young age. As a teenager, he would occasionally skip class to sing and play the piano in his high school auditorium. Brooklyn’s passion for entertainment captured the attention of fans online and led to performing around the world throughout 2018 and 2019 (Canada, South Korea and France), in tandem with his first official single release of “Young Love.” Brooklyn kicked off the Summer of 2022 with his first North American tour, weaving through the U.S. and Europe. Days before the final show, a fan’s TikTok video of him went instantly viral. Within 18 hours, Brooklyn’s personal TikTok account gained over 200,000 followers, introducing a wave of enthusiastic new fans to his music. This earned him headline appearances at various music events and festivals around the world. Fans of Brooklyn – who refer to themselves as ‘Butterflies’ – have fallen in love with his voice and passion for performing. Brooklyn is currently writing and recording material for his upcoming debut album, coming soon.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #BrooklynJuliana #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
21:24 2/14/24
Interview with Matiyashu
We had the pleasure of interviewing Matisyahu over Zoom video!The Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and alternative reggae rock musician Matisyahu recently release his new EP, Hold The Fire, via his own label Fallen Sparks Records.In his continued support of his Jewish roots, Matisyahu, who has never shied away from speaking his mind about current topics, his religion, and the history of the Jewish people, is also using his platform to speak out about the current war in Israel. He recently made a surprise appearance at the March for Israel in Washington, DC performing his global anthem “One Day” with The Maccabeats, a standout moment for the hundreds of thousands who gathered and watched, and also recently performed for and spoke at Columbia University to uplift the students amidst the rise of antisemitism on college campuses.Matisyahu has always used his music, which is rooted in the heritage of the Jewish people, as a source of empowerment and strength. “Fireproof” is another testament to that with its timely and hopeful message that is resonating with listening everywhere and has even been hailed as “an anthem of overcoming adversity.” “Fireproof” touches upon Matisyahu’s unwavering ability to keep his artistic fire burning while exploring the topics of perseverance and gratitude in times of trouble, a theme everyone can relate to. The new single stems from a dream Matisyahu had about holding the fire, which became a metaphor for him as an artist and as a Jew and serves as the inspiration for the EP’s title and theme. While the new EP is centered around the four earth elements, Matisyahu also reflects on celebrity and artistic success and the observation that we often find ourselves imitating other people or listening too much to their opinions of us, as he explores in “Fool’s Gold.” For nearly two decades, Matisyahu has kept his creative spirit aflame by evolving his sound, melding genres, and testing the limits of the musical traditions that have inspired him. A special kind of fire spurred the creation of Hold The Fire.About Matisyahu:Like only the most gifted storytellers, Matisyahu spins the rare kind of stories that simultaneously enlighten, enthrall, and expand the audience’s sense of possibility. Known for his skill in blending a shapeshifting collision of reggae, hip-hop, alt rock and boldly inventive pop – all while paying homage to his spirituality and roots in Judaism – Matisyahu’s live shows consistently provide audiences with a dynamic and energetic performance full of life and illumination. With nearly 20 years under his belt, he’s teamed up with the best improvisational musicians and artists for jam sessions and collaborations, and his long and winding career consists of seven studio albums including the chart-topping Light (2009), Youth (2006), and Spark Seeker (2012), as well as Akeda (2014), Undercurrent (2017), and Matisyahu (2022), and various live albums including his 2005 Gold-certified breakthrough Live At Stubb’s. This past summer, the New York-raised and New Jersey-based multi-talent released Live In Brooklyn, recorded at the iconic Brooklyn Bowl New York during his annual Festival of Light. Exemplifying his transcendent live show, Live In Brooklyn features renditions of fan-favorites and global hits including the Gold-certified “One Day” – whose original version has been streamed over 150 million times on Spotify alone – and the genre-bending, Billboard Hot 100-charting and alt-radio topping breakthrough single “King Without A Crown.”We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Matisyahu #OneDay #KingWithoutACrown #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
64:13 2/12/24
Interview with Michael J Woodard (Returns!)
We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael J Woodard over Zoom video!Pop R&B singer-songwriter Michael J Woodard rolls out his intoxicating new single "Ruined" and announces his debut EP, WMJ1. Out Jan 12 on Unsub Records. A gentle rumination on the emotional fallout that follows a breakup, Woodard's latest is a melodic earworm with nuance and insight. It is accompanied by a striking video, which conveys the melancholy and yearning of the lyrics.“Sky is falling, washing over mid-October," he begins over woozy strings. "Maybe next month I’ll get over the idea of losing things I’m not supposed to.” Woodard then drives home the complex emotions of moving on at the poignant chorus: “I hate to admit it, but I’m still stuck on grieving and seeing you happy just pulls me deeper.” It’s the kind of understated and authentic R&B anthem that evokes a different era.In the accompanying music video, Woodward brilliantly lends imagery to his ideas as multiples of the artist pose against cinematic backdrops including graffiti-covered walls, an abandoned warehouse, and the streets and bridges around the perennially dried up Los Angeles river."This song means so much to me,” the rising artist says. “It really taps into a vulnerable feeling that we may all be familiar with: the feeling of love and losing love. As humans we experience so many glimpses and instances of what it means to be in love and, sometimes, if we lose that love we may not know how to put that feeling into words." Ultimately, Woodard wants the song to promote healing. "I hope it allows people to be vulnerable, to feel, to relate, and to hopefully find joy and a relief to know that someone out there is singing about a familiar part of their journey when it comes to love."Woodard grew up in Philadelphia, singing in church and at the performing arts elementary school he attended. By the time he was 13, he had sung at high-profile events such as the US Open and performed for Barack Obama when the then-president visited Philadelphia. He developed his vocal chops and songwriting acumen, working in the home studio he created and sharing the results online. After high school, Woodard headed to Hollywood to study at Musicians Institute.The newcomer soon found himself in the Top 5 on “American Idol,” where he was championed by Katy Perry and later signed to her Unsub Records label. Since then he has voiced the title character in the Netflix animated musical film and TV series, Arlo The Alligator Boy and focused on releasing new music. Praising Woodard, Atwood Magazine said, “It’s a rare treat to find an artist who doesn’t attempt to mask their joy for their craft behind mystique or the guise of ‘coolness.’”With "Ruined," Woodard continues to polish and elevate his sound — delivering a track with heart and hooks.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #MichaelJWoodard #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
44:30 2/7/24
Interview with girli
We had the pleasure of interviewing girli over Zoom video!Alt-pop rising star girli releases her empowering new single, "Be With Me," from her highly anticipated sophomore album 'Matriarchy,' set to drop on May 17th, 2024. “Be With Me” rebels against patriarchal standards, rejecting societal expectations for women and queer individuals, and staying true to yourself. This self-love anthem highlights the uniqueness of being in a relationship with oneself as the ultimate connection. There are no strings attached, no room for jealousy, etc – only the pure and positive chemistry of self-love.In late 2023, girli dropped "Nothing Hurts Like a Girl," accompanied by a provocative music video that candidly explores the highs and lows of relationships. Of the track, Billboard stated “with a throbbing bass line, crisp guitar riffs and a sparkling assortment of synths, girli is dancing the pain away” while Queerty described it as “an explosive pop track that takes you through the wringer in the best way.”'Matriarchy' marks a new phase in girli's artistic journey, emphasizing individuality and empowerment. The album's title track, "Matriarchy," has been hailed as "a fresh era for the outspoken cult heroine" by Clash, serving as a rebellion against the male gaze and a mission statement for an album that promises to rewrite the book on artistic reinvention. Additional inspiration for the album consists of figures like Petra Collins, Sofia Coppola, Patti Smith, Marlene Dietrich, Rupi Kaur, and the Riot Grrrl movement.People Magazine featured girli on their 2023 list of Emerging Artists, highlighting her exploration of mental health, queer identity, friendships, and more through her music. Praised by NME, Refinery 29, and Bustle, girli's passions extend beyond music as she fearlessly uses her platform to spark conversations around feminism, sexuality, identity, and mental health.In a world where representation matters more than ever, girli is ready to rewrite the rules and inspire positive change through her art.About girli:Amelia Toomey, professionally known as girli, is a singer-songwriter from London, England. Through her pop-punk and electric sound, she has released multiple singles and EPs. girli’s debut album ‘Odd One Out’ was released in 2019. Under record label AllPoints, girli releases music about female empowerment, queer relationships and mental health. In 2021, single “More Than a Friend” was released and has since amassed over 53 million streams on Spotify alone. In 2023, People Magazine nominated girli as one of their “Emerging Artists” features. She was also a performer during SXSW Music Festival’s LGBTQ+ showcase of artists. girli’s sophomore album is to be released this year with an anticipated world tour.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #girli #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
59:44 2/6/24
Interview with The Requiem
We had the pleasure of interviewing The Requiem over Zoom video!Darkly romantic Florida rock band THE REQUIEM — Damien [vocals], Felipe [lead guitar], and Salem [bass] — will release their debut album A Cure to Poison the World on February 16, 2024 via Fearless Records.The band sees their debut album as a catalyst with which to directly connect with fans. "I want people to actually be able to relate to the music and identify," Damien says. "It's the same way I felt my favorite artists spoke for me." Felipe shares the sentiment, saying, "Our goal is to be our most pure form These songs thematically reference growing up, the struggles of becoming an adult, and lessons we've learned."ABOUT THE REQUIEM:No matter how sunny it may be in Broward County, a different energy exists beneath the surface. Each generation it seeps out, either in the area's shock rock luminaries during the nineties or a bevy of post-Soundcloud rap stars in the twenty-tens. That brings us to The Requiem. The Broward County, FL trio—Damien [vocals], Felipe [lead guitar], and Salem [bass]—piece together elements of alternative, rock, emo, and even eighties into an uncompromising and undeniable vision of what music can be without boundaries. After piling up over 1 million streams independently and stirring up buzz, the group captivate on a series of 2023 singles and more to come."We want to represent our generation in the best way possible," exclaims Damien. "Rock music has lost the sloppiness and the vulgarity it used to have. When you're young, you need to embrace that attitude and danger. We want to bring all of that back to alternative music."The band embarked on this mission back in 2020. Damien teamed up with Salem and Felipe. Together, they nodded to influences as diverse as The Used, AFI, Pierce The Veil, and Finch as well as Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, and Genesis. They gained traction with the independent single "Corpse Party," reeling in 371K Spotify streams and counting.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #TheRequiem #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
37:10 2/2/24
Interview with Asinhell
We had the pleasure of interviewing Asinhell over Zoom video!For more than 20 years, vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen has been spearheading Danish rock and roll machine Volbeat, releasing eight full-lengths, selling millions of albums, and filling stadiums worldwide. Before fronting Volbeat, however, Poulsen formed death metal band Dominus, which recorded four fast, brutal albums in the mid '90s. When Poulsen was putting together songs for Volbeat's 2021 album, Servant of the Mind, he wrote a bunch of death metal riffs and saved them on his phone. Then, when he was done with the Volbeat record, he reopened the rusty gates to Armageddon and started putting together songs for his new death metal band Asinhell, whose debut album Impii Hora (Latin for Ungodly Hour), is a tribute to Poulsen's favorite old-school groups. The songs are rooted in crushing riffs yet injected with strong guitar hooks and shout-along refrains.While Poulsen sings in Volbeat and sang for Dominus, he didn't want to front Asinhell. So, in March 2022, he called his old friend, ex-Morgoth singer Marc Grewe (Insidious Disease) and invited him to join the party. "I had known Michael quite a long time and he always mentioned that we should do a death metal project one day, but I never took him too seriously because he was so busy with Volbeat," Grewe says. "Then he called for real and said, 'Yeah, I want to do it now. Are you up for it?' Immediately, I was 'Yes, of course!'"After considering drummer friends from established bands, Poulsen asked Morten Toft Hansen from Danish group Raunchy to join. Not only does Morten play like a fiend possessed, his and Poulsen's six-year-old daughters are good friends… and, it takes just 10 minutes to drive to Morten's place.The two veteran musicians started practicing and completed a full song almost every time they got together. Grewe was tied up at home in Germany when it came time to write the vocals, so Poulsen sent the singer phone recordings from rehearsals to start the process. Through Poulsen and Toft Hansen's years of experience and renewed hunger to destroy, they captured a firestorm in a bottle.Asinhell went from being a mere idea to recording the piledriving full-length Impii Hora in about a year. Poulsen asked Volbeat's management to help find a home for Asinhell and was thrilled when they mentioned that Metal Blade founder Brian Slagel would love the band. As soon as he heard Impii Hora, Slagel made Asinhell a top priority. "It's such a dream come true for me to get to be on fucking Metal Blade Records," Poulsen exclaims. "When they said they wanted to put out the album, I felt like I was 17 years old again. I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm making a deal with Metal Blade! How cool is that?' It was like I was finally getting the record deal I dreamed of when I was a teenager."We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Asinhell #Volbeat #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
35:39 1/31/24
Interview with Kevin Quinn (Returns!)
We had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Quinn over Zoom video!Capitol CMG’s rising pop artist Kevin Quinn recently released his debut album Real Me. The captivating 7-track record introduces Kevin in his most authentic, real form as he opens up about his mental health journey for the first time. With Real Me, Kevin further establishes his knack for deeply personal songwriting that strikes a unique balance between growth and vulnerability.Upon Kevin’s official music debut in 2021, PEOPLE Magazine named him one of their ‘Artists to Watch,’ American Songwriter noted his “powerful beginning” and E! News predicted that “his journey in the music industry [was] just getting started.” From screens to songs, his storytelling abilities are undeniable.About Kevin Quinn:Kevin Quinn is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor, uniquely merging the genres of pop and inspirational. With an upbringing that includes more musical theater than any other activity, Quinn’s natural penchant for performing ushered him straight into Hollywood. He starred on primetime hits including “Shameless” and “Chicago P.D.,” and Disney’s top sitcom, “Bunk’d,” whose theme song he also recorded for the multi-season run of his series regular role as “Xander.” As his love of music continued to show up in his work, he released an independent solo EP titled, “Edge of the World” in 2020. In 2021, he signed with Capitol CMG, and quickly joined the North American leg of the popular Winter Jam tour. That same year, he starred as troubled teen-redeemed in Netflix’s feel-good musical, “A Week Away,” leading the vocals on 11 of 13 tracks on the soundtrack, seeing 132 million+ global streams and counting. While his acting career initially put him in the spotlight, the Capitol CMG artist quickly made waves in music with his debut EP It’s About Time (2022), which spawned early favorites including “Wildfire” (2021), “Fuego En Mi Interior” (2021), “I’m Still Breathing” (2021), “Over and Over Again” (2021) and title track “It’s About Time” (2022). Since releasing It’s About Time, the EP, Quinn has continued to develop his artistry, creating music that comes from a place of sincerity and authenticity. His debut album promises to inspire, uplift and connect with listeners around the world, as he opens up like never before.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #KevinQuinn #Bunk’d #RealMe #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
29:50 1/30/24
Interview with Jagwar Twin
We had the pleasure of interviewing Jagwar Twin over Zoom video!Deemed by many as the unofficial anthem of the " Wonka" soundtrack, Jagwar Twin has officially entered the new year with a lyric video for the massive hit, "Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa) ". Weaving together candycoated harmonies and whimsical instrumentals, the track epitomizes Jagwar Twin's distinctive musical prowess that effortlessly balances nostalgia and fresh innovation.With over 40 million views across TikTok and 8 million streams in less than a month, Jagwar Twin's latest electrifying single has taken the digital music scene by storm, achieving remarkable success on TikTok and playlists alike. The track's infectious beats and catchy lyrics have sparked various viral trends on TikTok, where users from around the globe have embraced the song with over 150K user-created videos using the track, securing Jagwar Twin a spot on TikTok's Viral 50 Chart. Simultaneously, " Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa)" has found its place on influential playlists across streaming platforms, including the coveted covers of not only Spotify’s The New Alt and Limelight, but Amazon Music's DV8. This dual triumph highlights Jagwar Twin's innate ability to connect with diverse audiences and solidifies the track as a dynamic force in the contemporary music landscape.Coinciding with the release of Paul King's "Wonka", “Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa) ” features an interpolation of “ Oompa Loompa", marking a rare approval from the original film's composers. Delving into the world of Willy Wonka, Jagwar Twin brings a new life and twist to the classic "Oompa Loompa" chorus, while also modernizing it. Co-written by Sean Van Vlee t (All Time Low, PVRIS) and Ryan Daly (Dove Cameron, John Legend), "Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa) ", exemplifies the magic of modern visionaries reimagining the timeless charm of musical classics."Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa)" is similar in style to his previous release, “ Good Time (1:08)”, which peaked Top 20 at Mexico radio, and stand out track “Happy Face.” With an impressive 425+ million catalog streams and 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Jagwar Twin stands out as a dynamic force challenging the status quo of the alternative music scene . His genre-defying artistry has captivated audiences through the seamless blend of rhythmic accordion hooks, melodic children’s choirs, and gritty breakbeats, accompanied by profoundly introspective, almost cryptic lyrics.Jagwar Twin's previous album, 33, channeled the magnetic showmanship of Ziggy Stardust -era David Bowie and Bad -era Michael Jackson, all while unapologetically embracing authenticity and vulnerability. Fueled by chart-toppers like "It's Your Time," "I Like To Party," "Down To You," and "Happy Face," Jagwar Twin serves as a powerful catalyst. His innovative style urges listeners to embrace their true selves, recognize their self-worth, and place trust in their individuality.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #JagwarTwin #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
43:06 1/26/24
Interview with DJ Flex
We had the pleasure of interviewing DJ Flex over Zoom video!Taking it straight to the dancefloor from Newark NJ by way of Ghana, ‘Sexie’ is a tribute to DJ Flex’s influences, seamlessly combining the tough sweatbox bounce of Jersey Club with irresistibly tuneful Afropop. One of the hottest producer/artists on the scene today, DJ Flex has collaborated with such luminaries as Megan The Stallion, Shenseea, Mya, Nija and Nigerian superstar Minz. He has garnered huge editorial playlisting, performed a Boiler Room set and been featured on BBC Radio and OVO Sound Radio. Born in Newark to Ghanaian parents, with a past dappled by tragedy, DJ Flex’s unique background has fostered a globe-trotting sound that incorporates elements of Afropop, Jersey Club and Baile Funk. Now signed to Virgin Music Distribution, ‘Odo’ is the first track off of an album project out 2024.Growing up in working class Newark, DJ Flex was introduced to dance music and club life by his father, who, in addition to working two jobs as a cab driver and Fedex employee, also made some extra cash as a videographer for big weekend gatherings among the Ghanaian diasporic community. As a small boy, the wide-eyed DJ Flex was able to experience the rhythm of these parties firsthand. Fascinated by the DJ’s ability to take the crowd on a journey through the night, Flex started tinkering with rudimentary equipment on his own as a teenager, eventually getting paid gigs throughout the Northeast, and as far-flung as Atlanta and Germany, all the while going to college and working odd jobs to get by.Life became more difficult when his father succumbed to a stroke and DJ Flex had to stay home and care for him, all the while completing his degree and hustling to earn as much as could with his (now viral) productions and DJ gigs. After his father died in the Covid pandemic in 2020, DJ Flex decided to fully embrace music as his career and destiny, inspired by the struggles and sacrifices that his father made to raise little Felix into DJ Flex.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #DJFlex #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
44:01 1/24/24
Interview with Capsule
We had the pleasure of interviewing Capsule over Zoom video!The band formed in 2005 in Miami, Florida with Eric Hernandez (drums, vocals) and Colin Smith (guitar, vocals). Performing as a three-piece with Shane Starak on bass, Capsule released a 7-song demo on Robotic Empire and toured extensively across the U.S., until 2007 when Ryan Haft replaced Starak on bass. Their first full length album, Blue, was released in 2008 on Robotic Empire. By 2010, Capsule became a four-piece, with Haft moving to second guitar and Hernandez moving to bass guitar and vocals. Capsule released their second full length record, No Ghost, on Rorschach Records in 2011. Performing with various drummers in both the U.S. and Europe, the lineup was finally rounded out with Derrick Flanagin on drums. After some touring around the U.S., including a stop at BEST FRENDS DAY in Richmond, Virginia, the five song EP, [A], was released digitally on April 20, 2013. On October 31 of last year, Robotic Empire and Rorschach Records released [A] on vinyl for the first time."Our priority is to make more music," the band states. "We'd all be doing that anyway in some form or another, and with Capsule, we can push things as far as we want, both musically and technically. We don't have any expectations other than producing the best art we can."We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Capsule #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
34:20 1/24/24
Interview with Jonah Kagen
We had the pleasure of interviewing Jonah Kagenr over Zoom video!Jonah Kagen recently released his sophomore EP, 'The Roads,' on Arista Records. The 6-track EP includes recent hit singles like “The Roads,” “Pollution,” “Made Up My Mind (ft. Lily Meola),” and “18,” as well as two brand new songs, “This Life Ain’t Easy” and “Save My Soul.” The EP’s title track, “The Roads,” has had recent momentum climbing at US Triple-A radio, with support across 15+ stations and counting, and received a stamp of approval from Zach Bryan.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #JonahKagen #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
36:22 1/22/24
Interview with Black Smoke Trigger
We had the pleasure of interviewing Black Smoke Trigger over Zoom video!New Zealand rock juggernauts Black Smoke Trigger have unleashed their hard-hitting new single “The Way Down” today. The accompanying death-defying music video sees Black Smoke Trigger go to extreme lengths in pursuit of rock n roll glory. Filmed atop The Auckland Sky Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, the video features the band performing on the rooftop 630ft up and guitarist, Charlie Wallace, jumping off the building whilst shredding a guitar solo.Produced by the legendary Nick Raskulinecz (Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, RUSH) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Prince), “The Way Down” is an arena ready rock anthem that combines a gigantic, toe tapping riff from leader and guitarist Charlie Wallace (creator of the hugely successful Guitar Mastery Method) with soaring vocals from frontman Baldrick, who’s soaring vocal range channels icons like Chris Cornell and Layne Staley in both passion and versatility and a pummelling rhythm section courtesy of Bassist Dan Fulton, and drummer Josh Te Maro. The track follows the band’s previous single “Caught In The Undertow”, the video for which was also a feat of extreme conditions. Filmed at Muriwai beach in Auckland, New Zealand and at a helicopter crash testing facility in a 3.6M deep pool, the whole band performed much of the song underwater, highlighting their dedication to creating unforgettable visual accompaniments for their hard-hitting rock anthems.Blending raw punk aggression with arena-ready hooks, “The Way Down” provides the perfect soundtrack as Black Smoke Trigger literally dives into the unknown. The latest single cements this ambitious quartet as heavy music’s most daring new force.With elite musicianship honed from years of tireless work, Black Smoke Trigger show no signs of compromise in their pursuit of creating pure exhilarating rock chaos. Their unbridled passion bleeds through every note.The horizon shines bright for these Kiwi rock trailblazers. Stay tuned for much more to come.ABOUT BLACK SMOKE TRIGGERBlack Smoke Trigger are led by Wallace (creator of the hugely successful Guitar Mastery Method) whose insane talent provides everything from delicate melodic motifs to face-melting shred solos and stadium-conquering riffs. They are fronted by incendiary vocalist Baldrick, whose impressive vocal abilities provide that indefinable, timeless rock n roll soul to the Black Smoke Trigger sound. Bassist Dan Fulton, and drummer Josh Te Maro round out the line-up, joining forces to create a powerhouse rhythmic backbone and one of the most bombastic and inventive rhythm sections of recent years.With a rapidly growing fanbase, millions of streams, a reputation for raucous live shows, and an irrepressibly fearless approach to their craft, Black Smoke Trigger are poised to be the biggest and most thrilling entity to come from New Zealand since the Lord of The Rings movies. Just with more rock n roll and less hobbits.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #BlackSmokeTrigger #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
82:37 1/19/24
Interview with maryjo
We had the pleasure of interviewing maryjo over Zoom video!A 21-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Cleveland, maryjo has the kind of unforgettable voice made for heart-melting piano ballads. But while her songs show a phenomenal vocal command—often drifting from full-throated belting to a gorgeously fragile delivery inflected with cracks—it took years for the Knoxville-born artist to overcome her fear of singing in front of others. “My family’s very musical and singing came to me really naturally, but for some reason I became super-private about it after we moved to Cleveland when I was eight,” says maryjo, who also started writing songs as a little girl and took up piano in fourth grade. As she got older, she worked through her shyness by sharing videos on social media, steadily amassing a devoted following that now includes over 1.3 million followers on TikTok. After bringing her powerhouse vocals to the stage on season 19 of “American Idol,” maryjo landed a deal with Atlantic Records and set to work on her debut single, “Love Fools”: a stripped-back but spellbinding ballad featuring the soul-stirring piano work of two-time Academy of Country Music Award-winner Gordon Mote.With more new music on the way, maryjo arrived at the breathtaking emotion of “Love Fools” by staying true to her instincts. “When I first went into sessions, the sound we were coming up with was very much like cookie-cutter pop,” she recalls, naming Elvis Presley and Julia Michaels among her main inspirations. “Finally I had to stop and say, ‘This isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing.’ I took a step back and asked myself why I was trying for something that didn’t feel right, and because of that we honed in on a sound that feels like me: something I can put so much emotion into when I’m singing, so that I can give the audience something real to connect to.”We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #maryjo #lovefools #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!
35:11 1/19/24

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