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The Irresistible Woman Podcast

The days of one size fits all dating advice are done. For single women ready to release insecurity, anxiety, and self-doubt in dating, this podcast is for you! Get ready to date differently and watch your love life transform. Find out how to unleash your irresistible factor, and attract your perfect match.


Raise Your Energetic Set Point To Receive More Love + Abundance 27:54 07/30/2021
How To Move Through Fear In Your Love Life 26:58 07/23/2021
Overcoming Loneliness In Love 22:21 07/16/2021
Best Of: Releasing The Secret Resistance To Getting What You Really Want 25:11 07/09/2021
The Identity Of An Irresistible Woman 24:27 07/02/2021
Your Inner Guidance + Being Authentically You In Dating [Recorded Interview] 41:17 06/25/2021
How To Create High Quality Dating Options 18:02 06/18/2021
Turn On Your Magnetic Energy Today 21:54 06/11/2021
Jumpstart Your Love Life With This Inspired Message 22:09 06/04/2021
A Guided Breath Work Exercise For Clearing Anxious Energy And Accelerating Your Love Vision 12:48 05/28/2021
Fear Of Commitment & Fear Of Abandonment: Two Sides Of The Same Coin 25:53 05/21/2021
4 Steps To Never Settle In Love Again 24:23 05/14/2021
The Only Non-Negotiable You Need In Dating 34:34 05/07/2021
Focus On Your Power Not Your Past And Watch Your Love Life Quickly Transform 24:47 04/30/2021
Your Assumptions About Men Are Keeping The Good Ones Away 23:49 04/16/2021
Leverage Your Feminine Longing To Attract Him Faster 22:21 04/09/2021
5 Ways To Quiet Your Inner Critic And Feel Confident In Love 26:36 04/02/2021
Strengthen Your Spiritual Practice For Intuitive Dating Guidance 30:51 03/26/2021
The Secure Attachment Signs To Identify Before Commitment 21:34 03/19/2021
What To Do When It Feels Like You’ve Tried Everything In Love 22:59 03/12/2021
Forget Everything You've Learned About Feminine Energy (Recorded Training) 58:23 03/05/2021
How To Have Everything You Want In Love (Recorded Training) 58:04 02/26/2021
Client Spotlight Series: How Michele Went From Codependency To Attracting A High Quality Man 37:20 02/19/2021
Client Spotlight Series: How Jessica Transformed Her Love Life 37:20 02/12/2021
How To Be An Energetic Match For The Man You Want 26:00 02/05/2021
Communication Tools To Keep Your Heart Open During Conflict 24:36 01/29/2021
Best Of: How To Let Love In, Even When You're Scared 36:56 01/22/2021
3 Ways To Create Deeper Connection In Dating 23:36 01/15/2021
What To Do When Men Disappoint You 26:23 01/08/2021
4 Signs It's Time To Be More Selective In Dating 27:10 01/01/2021