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Each episode of Catholic Teacher’s Lounge features ideas for your classroom that we gather from all over the country.


Accommodating Positive Behaviors
When done well, sharing tips and hints about students from teacher to teacher as they move from grade to grade can be a game changer for helping students succeed and thrive.
11:03 5/25/23
The Joy of Animals
There is a new openness to animals engaging and expanding the learning experience with their general presence as an interventionist or as an actual part of the lesson.
10:56 5/24/23
Dance the Night Away
80's, 90's and now. How relationships and culture changed as seen through school dances and social events.
10:13 5/23/23
Emergency 101: Language Arts Subs
Teachers don't get days off, but emergencies still happen and it pays to be prepared with timeless tools and exercises. Specific to Language Arts class, hear more about writing prompts, journaling and fun, Mad Lib type grammar exercises.
11:11 5/18/23
Emergency 101: Math Subs
Teachers don't get days off, but emergencies still happen and it pays to be prepared with timeless tools and exercises. Specific to math class, hear more about fun thinking plans surrounding daily life with fresh tools like
12:19 5/17/23
Emergency 101: Science Subs
Teachers don't get days off, but emergencies still happen and it pays to be prepared with timeless tools and exercises. Specific to science class, hear more about easy conversation starters surrounding Catholic social teaching and pre-selected science articles or storybooks.
11:39 5/16/23
A Day in the Life: Teacher Interviews
The magic sauce of any school culture is based on connections with parents. Hear ideas for making schools a place of comfort and support for parents as well as a great new idea for honoring moms on Mother's Day.
09:54 5/11/23
A Day in the Life: Teacher Interviews
The teachers lounge is a place to celebrate each other and build a culture of camaraderie among teacher peers at the school.
08:55 5/10/23
A Day in the Life: Teacher Interviews
Character development is a priority for every school at every grade. Hear a creative, expandable solution for focusing it through a Catholic lens so it has a lifelong, faith-filled impact: Saints in the Making!
08:39 5/9/23
A Day in the Life: Teacher Interviews
Shifting from education to application to keep students engaged between spring break and the end of the school year. Make learning about the student while helping them find God everywhere and in everything.
16:25 5/4/23
A Day in the Life: Teacher Interviews
Drama, drama, drama. Harnessing and inspiring student energy and passion through theatre and the arts in elementary school.
10:52 5/3/23
A Day in the Life
High energy, "teacher on the street" conversations with engaging practitioners on the exhibit floor of NCEA 2023. Hear from a principal about school culture and one teacher's creative teaching techniques around film and literature.
14:14 5/2/23
Conference Connections
How to make the most of speakers, workshops and conferences. Best strategies for maximizing the learning and camaraderie at teacher gatherings.
11:01 4/27/23
Saving the Environment
Space matters when it comes to learning. It can be fun to create the ultimate Pinterest worthy classroom, but magic happens when the environment is perfectly suited to the topic you are teaching.
10:54 4/26/23
Sage on the Stage
It can be scary to give up control in the classroom, but we also know the ideal teaching methodology is giving students the opportunity to teach themselves and each other.
10:39 4/25/23
Running to Community
The pressures of school sports can be legendary, especially with the rise in club sports and specialization, but it doesn't have to be that way. Building community while maintaining reasonable priorities can be the new normal.
09:40 4/20/23
Feeding the Fish
Conversation and participation can be a challenge for any classroom, but Ashley Schoeller uses the concept of a fishbowl to create robust, yet controlled interaction and engagement.
11:21 4/19/23
Voice and Choice
When given the chance, students can thrive when allowed to participate in their learning environment. What if you challenged your class to "Choose a seat where you can learn best today."
11:10 4/18/23
Describe and Guess
Show and tell takes on a new spin with fellow student trying to guess the special item using their inquiry skills.
11:36 4/13/23
Robust Cross Curricular Learning Techniques
Catholic Teachers’ Lounge hosts Jill Annable and Colleen McCoy-Cejka welcome curriculum expert and Mr. Roger’s protégé, Joellyn Cicciarelli, to the lounge for a special deep dive discussion. Mixed with personal stories, practical examples and plenty of empathy for teachers navigating current challenges, the three experts provide creative solutions for making learning really rich, exciting and active.
32:14 4/12/23
We are an Easter People
Keeping the focus on Easter Joy during the busy, hectic and anxiety driven whirlwind countdown toward the end of the school year.
10:50 4/11/23
Artistic Expression
Art can transform student understanding and appreciation of not just faith, but a multitude of topics, including science, history and reason.
11:42 4/6/23
Sister Act
Experiences with nuns can run the gamut between eccentric, interesting and demanding, but their dedication and faith is always unmatched. What has been your experience with sisters?
13:08 4/5/23
Passion for Palms
Traditions of the church can bring structure and comfort throughout the year. This is especially true for Palm Sunday and Holy Week.
09:25 4/4/23
Public Displays
Catholic schools uniquely provide opportunities for public engagement, whether it is participation at Mass, presentations in class, or even activities in front of the whole school for various functions.
11:01 3/30/23
Opposites Attract
By design, it can be helpful to embrace our differences as teammates as well as teachers to play to our strengths across curriculum and grades.
10:56 3/29/23
Reward System
Reinforcing good behavior is the key to child development. Explore the long term impact of currency or other rewards on motivating students.
10:53 3/28/23
Lessons Learned
The pandemic forced us to rethink the process of teaching and we have a great opportunity to continue experimenting with new models. What needs to be hands on and what doesn't?
10:53 3/23/23
Welcome Wagon
How does your school culture reflect radical welcoming? Do you have an official onboarding plan? Are students and families welcomed naturally by all?
10:31 3/22/23
Portfolio Precision
Testing for student progress can take many forms, but a great tool for assessing skill development over the course of the year is portfolio assessments. Learn how to make the transition.
10:36 3/21/23