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What direction is the NFT space taking, and how can creators and collectors adapt to the ever-changing world of crypto? In enterNFT Podcast’s weekly episodes, multi-disciplinary artist and seasoned NFT creator Luvcraft lays out the fundamentals of NFTs and investigates the newest developments and trends, so you can stay on top of things. Whether you are completely new to crypto or a well-versed Web3 explorer, enterNFT Podcast is here to guide you to the next level.


EP009 - Centralized vs. Decentralized
The age-old debate of centralization vs. decentralization is more nuanced than it seems. In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of centralization and decentralization in crypto.
08:11 11/22/2022
EP008 - What Are the Talking Points From FTX’s Collapse?
In this episode, we take a closer look at the sudden, spectacular collapse of FTX and Alameda and analyze the key takeaways from the ongoing debacle. 
17:57 11/17/2022
EP007 - What is DeFi?
In the past, we've always relied on centralized finance; which means that there is a single source of funding that oversees the movement of money, regulated by governments and banks. Decentralized finance, with its three fundamental components cryptography, blockchain technology and smart contracts, is a widely popular alternative to the centralization norm. In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into DeFi, explore the difference between centralized/decentralized and look at advantages and risks.
10:47 11/15/2022
EP006 - Why NFTs?
The popularity of NFTs only seems to be growing, and people involved in NFT culture are finding more and more ways to use them. But why NFTs? What makes this feature of blockchain technology so attractive to artists and collectors all over the world? Let’s explore this phenomenon to find out.
07:34 11/08/2022
EP005 - The history of cryptography - From rotor cipher machines to NFTs
Cryptography feels like a modern practice. Even outside the blockchain, the use of encryption to keep our personal data secure from hackers and predatory software makes it seem synonymous with modern computing. However, cryptography dates back thousands of years.We can define cryptography as the use of ciphers and codes to protect information, and humans found clever ways of achieving this feat long before computers and electricity. Let’s explore the history of cryptography.
10:35 11/01/2022
EP004 - The Ethereum Merge - What is it? + 5 Misconceptions
One of crypto’s most anticipated events, The Ethereum Merge, finally came to light in September. In this article, we take a closer look at what the merge is as well as how it benefits the environment and lays the foundation for greatly improving transaction output and gas fees on Ethereum Mainnet.
19:51 11/01/2022
EP003 - How to DYOR
“Do your own research”, despite how often it may be misused or overused, does emphasize several crucial truths regarding (cryptocurrency) investing. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, when you think of DYOR, think of yourself as a factory newbie who is about to operate a sophisticated, hazardous piece of machinery in the factory. DYOR is the user manual that will reduce the chances of getting hurt by the sophisticated, shark-infested waters of crypto. 
11:19 11/01/2022
EP002 - AI: The Magic Brush for Digital Artists
The advancement of AI is on every artists lips, and the use of AI in the creation of NFTs is on the rise. How can the use of AI enhance the process of creative work? Let's take a look at a development that seems to have barely just begun.
07:51 11/01/2022
EP001 - Monthly Recap #3 - October 2022
Halloween is here, and the enterverse is full of pumpkins, ghosts, and a fresh handful of featured artists! Let’s take a look at last month’s happenings, as we’re gearing up for November.
09:10 11/01/2022