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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 100
HUMANS of the FUTURE Host: R. B. Wood    Show Notes: HTTP:// Ten years, 100 podcasts--it all comes down to this very last show. To our listeners, I say thank you for allow is to entertain you with our stories--nearly 700 of them--we wrote these for you. To the authors who have shared stories on the show--there would have been NO "Word Count Podcast" without you. Thank you for your time and your talent. The Prompt: GUESTS: Rob Edwards –“100 Humans of the Future” M. J. King – “They Don't Win in This One” Karl Dandenell - “Stones of Särdal”  Cameron Garriepy - "Dinner Plans" C. Thomas Smith -"Morpheus" Maria Haskins –“The Stars in Heaven Sing a Music” W. B. J. Williams –“A Phoenix Lands” Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey –“Unclogged” Bill Kirton –“Perhaps. Nothing More” Eden Baylee – “Final Cut” R. B. Wood -"100"  
79:19 11/2/20
The Word Count Podcast: Episode 99
HOST: R. B. Wood      SHOW NOTES: As I mentioned last time, after the 100th show, the sun will finally be setting on the Word Count Podcast after ten years. Ten years. My God. But before I tear up and get all "old man nostalgic," we still have two shows left to knock out of the park. Episode 99 continues our "Human" trilogy of shows and we have six brand new stories about Humans of the present. The #WordCountIrregulars certainly have outdone themselves this time 'round! The picture for the prompt and inspiration? GUESTS: Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “I Feel Love...I Think” Maria Haskins – “From A Distance, Constellations” Rob Edwards - "Doctor Deathray and the Girl in the Orchard" W. B. J. Williams – “An Old Grudge” M. J. King - "Pay Attention" Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton – “I Am What I Am”
52:43 9/28/20
The Word Count Podcast: Episode 98
Humans of the Past Host: R. B. Wood  Show Notes: Episode 98 begins our "Human" trilogy of shows, and we have five brand new stories about Humans of the past. The WordCountIrregulars certainly have outdone themselves this time 'round! The Picture for the prompt and inspiration? GUESTS: Bill Kirton – “The Dig” Eden Baylee -"How to Get A Head" Rob Edwards – “Professor Prodigious' Discovery“ Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey –“Modern Man” W. B. J. Williams –“The Girl and the Unicorn”
37:57 9/1/20
The Word Count Podcast: Episode 97
Host: R. B. Wood  Show Notes: Finally. The "Year of Hell" as I'm calling 2020, took a personal turn over the summer. The details are unimportant. But suffice to say that there were troubles and they were addressed (or continue to be addressed). Prompt: GUESTS: Bill Kirton & Eden Baylee – “A Tale of Two Geralds” Maria Haskins – “The Rules of Meerkats“ Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “Saturday Morning”
32:57 8/7/20
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 96
"WHO GOES THERE?" HOST: R. B. Wood       SHOW NOTES: Time flies when you're in quarantine, I guess. But my bright spots each month include receiving stories from the Word Count Irregulars based on a theme posted earlier in the month, and putting those stories in a FREE to Listen podcast just for you! Our theme this year is Animals and I gave our intrepid author's this creepy picture to get the creative juices flowing: GUESTS:  Bill Kirton – “Who Am I?” W. B. J. Williams – “What the Owl Brings at Night” Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “Jeopardy” Maria Haskins - "Owl, Girl, Rooks" Eden Baylee - "At Long Last Sleep"
35:09 5/26/20
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 95
"Sssssilence" Host: R. B. Wood        Show Notes: I hope this post finds you and your families all well and safe. 2020 has been a nightmare so far, hasn’t it? I hope the coming months see better times ahead for us all. Our theme this year is Animals and the Word Count Irregulars were given the task of writing a story based on this picture: I have a secret love of snakes and the writers have an amazing show for you this time around! GUESTS: Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton – “Invasion” Salvantonio Clemente - "Secrets Don’t Make Friends" W. B. J. Williams –“The Serpent in the Halub Tree” Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey –“A Snake Charmer”
35:12 4/28/20
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 94
Isolation HOST: R. B. Wood   Show Notes: What a fitting title for episode 94 in this era of "social distancing." I hope this note finds you and your families all well and safe. 2020 has been a nightmare so far, hasn't it? I hope the coming months see better times ahead for us all. Our theme this year is Animals and the Word Count Irregulars were given the task of writing a story based on this picture: GUESTS: Bill Kirton – “Wolf” Tim Meredith - "After Ashfall" Eden Baylee – “Bury the Truth” Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “A Lone Wolf” W. B. J. Williams – “The Lone Wolf of Boston”
34:02 3/30/20
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 93
HOST: R. B. Wood     SHOW NOTES: Climate change is happening all around us. In recent years, we've seen record temperatures across the planet, significant melting at the poles, the accelerated extinction of many species, and an increase in the violence of major storms. Nothing epitomizes these accelerating changes more than the recent devastating fires in Australia. So with recent events and our theme of Animals in mind, this was the prompt to challenge our authors--the Word Count Irregulars: GUESTS: Bill Kirton – “Koala” Maria Haskins– “Come and See” Eden Baylee – “Watchful Eyes”
25:28 2/25/20
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 92
Welcome to the start of SEASON 10  episode 92 of the #WordCountPodcast! HOST: R. B. Wood     SHOW NOTES: The theme for this season is Animals and we start with new stories all written about this cute little guy (and in some cases, his friends): GUESTS: Bill Kirton – “It's a Question of Image” Maria Haskins– “Maze and Buttons” W. B. J. Williams – “The Rat who is Chaos” Eden Baylee –“Infestation”
34:13 1/31/20
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 91
Murder, Mayhem, and Horror Welcome to the 9th Halloween Special of the #WordCountPodcast! HOST: R. B. Wood   SHOW NOTES: A few stories for your listening terror this time around. The theme, along with the picture below, is all about Murder, Mayhem, and Horror. I've just finished the edits on my Supernatural Thriller Bayou Whispers and that inspired this season's Halloween Special prompt: GUESTS: Bill Kirton - "The Path" Maria Haskins – “Essie's Chain” R. B. Wood - "Balloon Animals" Eden Baylee - "Chasing Freedom"
35:18 10/31/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 90
HOST: R. B. Wood  Show Notes: Here in New England, the evenings are getting colder and the trees are donning their "technicolor dream-coats." My favorite season is here. I wanted to select a prompt for our #WordCountIrregulars that would show the transition And as you know, the theme this year is Landscapes. GUESTS: Maria Haskins – “Becca and the River” W. B. J. Williams – “A Fall into Autumn” Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton  – “A Walk In the Woods”
34:05 9/30/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 89
Where Giants Walk HOST: R. B. Wood  SHOW NOTES: A lovely follow-up show to our LIVE show last month is in store for you, dear listener! I lived in the Republic of Ireland for five or so years back in the late nineties, early aughts. While a wonderful experience in of itself, my favorite bit about living in Europe was the amount of travel I got to do. As you know, the theme this year is Landscapes. This is a shot of the famous 'Giant's causeway' in Northern Ireland--those six counties still owned by the British: GUESTS: Maria Haskins – “For Old Time's Sake” Bill Kirton – “The Card” W. B. J. Williams – “The Giant's Causeway” Rob Edwards - "Work Trip"
27:54 8/29/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 88
A couple of the Word Count Irregulars read their stories to an audience at Readercon 30 based on this prompt: SHOW NOTES: Host: R. B. Wood GUESTS: W. B. J. Williams – “Untitled” R. B. Wood –“Dear Dad”
50:54 7/15/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 87
Host: R. B. Wood     SHow Notes: RBWOOD.COM A short, but delightful show this time around. I thought I'd have a bit of fun with the photo this month. As you know, the theme is Landscapes. I took a picture from my archive of the gardens at  The Ogunquit Museum of American Art over-looking the sea, and this particular photo caught my eye: Guests: Maria Haskins – “When the Dragons Came” W. B. J. Williams – “The Guardian in the Garden” Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton - "Freedom"
28:12 6/26/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 86
This month, our intrepid authors--the Word Count Irregulars are continuing the season of Landscapes with this photo of crocuses in a forest: HOST: R. B. Wood   SHOW NOTES: Guests: Bill Kirton -  "Flower Power" Maria Haskins – “After the Fall” Rob Edwards - "Treeson" R. B. Wood – “The Crocuses are in Bloom” Eden Baylee  – “Dream of Fields” W. B. J. Williams - "The Lavander Path"
41:42 5/26/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 85
This month, we have five stories from our intrepid authors, called the Word Count Irregulars--and you even have a little something from me for a total of six delicious tales based on the picture of Cherry blossoms in full bloom with Mt Fuji in the background: HOST: R. B Wood    SHOW NOTES: GUESTS: Bill Kirton- "A Matter of Love and Death - the sequel" Maria Haskins – “Knock Knock” R. B. Wood – “The Ink-Washed Cat” Eden Baylee- "Place to Die" W. B. J. Williams – “A Poem to Defrost He Who Hides in the Mountains” Cameron Garriepy - "Murasaki and the Demon"
49:55 5/5/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 84
Episode 84 of the Word Count Podcast continues our season of Landscapes with this beautiful shot of Bryce Canyon in early Spring: HOST: R. B. Wood       SHOW NOTES: GUESTS: Maria Haskins – “The Body” R. B. Wood -"The Traveler"  Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton -"A Matter of Love and Death"
31:09 4/2/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 83
Welcome to episode 83 of the #WordCountPodcast! HOST: R. B. Wood      Show Notes: This month, we have four stories from out intrepid authors, who I lovingly call the Word Count Irregulars. Starting in March, I'll be featuring one of our irregulars per month with a new segment called "12 Questions with..." And you'll only be able to find that right here! So bookmark my site and look for that new feature beginning next month! The theme for this season is Landscapes and we have a haunting landscape for you this month: GUESTS: Bill Kirton - "Future Past" Maria Haskins – “In the Grove” W. B. J. Williams – “The Long Beautiful and Empty Walk Home” Eden Baylee - "Path to Empathy"  
33:40 2/25/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 82
Welcome to the start of SEASON 9 of the #WordCountPodcast! Host: R. B. Wood   Show Notes: We hope that you all enjoyed your holiday season, I know we enjoyed our time away--yet that burn of creativity flared up after the New Year and here we go with a new season! The theme for this season is Landscapes and we start with new stories all written around this beautiful lake in Norway: GUESTS: Bill Kirton - "The Void" Maria Haskins – “Catching the Train” Karl Dandenell - "Burial Detail" W. B. J. Williams – “The Mystery of Lake Ronkonkoma” Deanna Rice- "The Sisters of Grün Lake" Eden Baylee- "The Demon Drink"  
50:14 1/27/19
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 81
Welcome to the 8th Halloween Special of the #WordCountPodcast! Our prompt: HOST: R.B. Wood   Show Notes: Guests this week: Bill Kirton - "The Ball" and "Halloween" ***NOTE: "The Ball" is performed by Bill, but was written by Dutch author Anneke Klein*** Maria Haskins – “Big Bad”
23:31 10/31/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 80
Episode 80 of the Word Count Podcast explores three stories based on this prompt: HOST: R. B. Wood      SHOW NOTES: Guests: Eden Baylee - "Final Ride" Bill Kirton - "School Bus" Maria Haskins – “The Monster Hunter's Last Lament”
24:35 9/26/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 79
Four stories inspired by the picture below and The Smile Factory by Todd Keisling. Host: R. B. Wood (with commentary by Porno Batman) Show Notes: Guests: Eden Baylee - "Life is sweet" Bill Kirton - "It's All Relative" Maria Haskins – “Fräulein Maria” Special Guest: Todd Keisling - "Human Resources"
35:49 8/20/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 78
Our first live show done as a panel at Readercon 29 in Boston, MA Host/Moderator: R. B. Wood  Show Notes: Prompt: Guests: W. B. J. Williams M. J. King Eden Baylee Bill Kirton Kathleen Kayembe R.B. Wood
53:47 7/14/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 77
The 77th episode of the #WordCountPodcast was inspired by this picture: HOST: R. B. Wood      SHOW NOTES: GUESTS: Eden Baylee - "The Playground" W. B. J. Williams - "Where The Children Are" Cameron Garriepy – “The Mermaid and the Seabird“ Maria Haskins – “Sunlit Surface, Depths Below”
28:30 7/1/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 76
The 76th episode of the #WordCountPodcastwas inspired by this picture: Sakurajima Volcano erupts spectacularly in southern Japan (Credit: Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images) Host: R. B. Wood Show Notes: GUESTS: Eden Baylee - "Submission" Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey– “A Milonga for Manual Flores” Maria Haskins – “The Princess and the Dragon” W. B. J. Williams - "The Lightning of Mt. Etna" Bill Kirton– “A Disaster in the Making”  
36:44 5/30/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 75
The 75th episode of the #WordCountPodcast was inspired by the book Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones and this picture: HOST: R. B. Wood      SHOW NOTES: Guests: Eden Baylee - "Harbinger" Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey– “Life After Death” Maria Haskins – “Una's Hand” Bill Kirton– “Predators”
36:13 4/23/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 74
The 74rd episode of the #WordCountPodcast was inspired by the book Stranded by Bracken Macleod and this picture: HOST: R. B. Wood   Show Notes: Guests: Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “The Hustler” Cameron Garriepy – “Security Protocol 42" Maria Haskins – “Recovered Audio File #27 From Research Ship Trident [classified]” Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton – “Wrecked”
36:30 3/25/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 73
"Over the Bridge" The 73rd episode of the #WordCountPodcast is all predicated around this picture: HOST: R. B. Wood    Show Notes: GUESTS: Bill Kirton – “Love Story” W. B. J. Williams – “Over the Hill and Down to the Bridge” Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “The Weary Blues” Maria Haskins – “The Troll Bridge” Eden Baylee – “Crossing Over”      
40:47 2/25/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 72
Welcome to the season 8 opener where we welcome five authors to the show.  Host: R. B. Wood    Show notes: The prompt for this week: Guests: Maria Haskins – “Mabel's Pack” Rob Edwards - "Cold Pursuit" Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “A Burnt-Out Case” W. B. J. Williams – “Johnny Talon and the God of Pestilence” Eden Baylee – “Frozen Memories”
39:32 1/26/18
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 71
Welcome to the 7th Halloween Special! Four creepy tales of dread and woe too horrific to hear during the evening! Host: R. B. Wood        Notes: Prompt Photo: Guests: Bill "Spectre" Kirton – “Guilt” Maria "Fangs" Haskins – “Angel's Heart” Cameron "Undead" Garriepy – “The Eastman Asylum“ Jack "Wolfie" Gwaltney & John "Frankie" McCaffrey – “The Trial”
27:58 10/25/17