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Risk Management: Brick by Brick

Welcome to Risk Management: Brick by Brick! Join Jason Reichl on his journey to discover the crucial role technology plays in risk management in the construction sector. Accompanied by industry-leading risk managers, this podcast will deep-dive into the people who are helping to build and maintain the physical world around us.


Breaking, Dissecting, and Rebuilding a Problem with Katherine Minami, VP of Operations and Innovation at NFP
In this episode, Jason speaks with Katherine Minami, VP of Operations and Innovation at NFP. Together, Jason and Katherine delve into the process of innovation and why she loves to build, dissect, and rebuild things. Katherine also shares how much technology has changed the insurance industry, why insurance is the key to understanding what makes a company tick, and why ‘change’ can be quite a scary word to some people!
19:24 3/8/23
Risk Management for Pre-construction with Steve Dell’Orto
In this episode, Jason is joined by Steve Dell’Orto, the Founder and CEO of ConCntric, a construction company that’s looking to transform the pre-construction environment. Over the course of the discussion, Jason and Steve talk through risk management for the pre-construction phase of a project, why risk management teams should always holistically manage potential risks, and why it’s important for risk managers to have that fire in their belly.
21:47 2/23/23
Integrating Technology into the Construction Industry with Robert Barney
This time, Jason talks to Robert Barney, the Founder and Managing Director of FloQuote. In the episode, Robert and Jason discuss the struggles of integrating technology into the construction sector, the challenges with the quoting-for-business process, and how important it is for contractors to have the “difficult conversations early”.
21:57 2/8/23
Why is Risk Management Important?
In this special episode of Brick by Brick, host Jason Reichl dives into the mailbag to answer your pertinent questions about risk management. Why is risk management so important? What’s the biggest fear in the industry at the moment? And who would be the dream guests to have on the podcast? Jason answers all these and more. So listen to the full episode here to find out what he has to say!
14:58 1/25/23
The Psychology Behind Human-Made Disasters with Cory Mangum
For the first episode of 2023, Jason speaks with Cory Mangum, a Risk and Insurance Manager at Primoris Services Corporation. Jason and Cory discuss changing the narrative around risk management, the psychology behind human-made disasters, and what constitutes intelligent risk taking.
21:22 1/11/23
Embracing Personalization in Risk Management with Mark Rieder
In the final episode of 2022, Jason welcomes Mark Rieder to the show. As the Head of Innovation at NFP, Mark leads NFP’s innovation and digital transformation efforts. Over the course of the episode, Mark and Jason discuss how personalization could improve the insurance space, why we should look to utilize data more, and ways to successfully combat the enemy of transformation… inertia.
24:47 12/21/22
Working with Subcontractors with Christy McHenry
This time, Jason talks to Christy McHenry, the Director of Risk Management at Suffolk Construction. They discuss how to best handle the relationship with subcontractors, the importance education plays in managing your insurance team, and some useful technology that can be integrated into your insurance processes.
33:35 12/14/22
Risk Management is Everywhere with Diana Rich
In the third episode of Risk Management: Brick by Brick, Jason talks to Diana Rich, the Director of Risk Management at Foundation Building Materials. The pair discuss how ubiquitous risk management is, what constitutes an acceptable risk, and what qualities a risk manager needs.
24:54 12/7/22
Focusing on Specialization with Matthew Meyer
In this episode, Jason talks to Matthew Meyer, the Senior Vice President at The Horton Group. Matthew brings new ideas and a strategic road map for middle-market construction firms located throughout the Midwest. Put simply, Matt’s mission is to provide guidance throughout the changing landscape of risk. During the episode, Matthew and Jason discuss the importance of focusing on specialization, how crucial a role communication plays when dealing with a client, and whether working in risk management affects your mentality. To find out how TrustLayer manages risk so that people can build the physical world around us, head to
26:37 11/16/22
Managing Your Risk Portfolio with Seth Hausman
For the inaugural episode, host Jason Reichl is joined by Seth Hausman, the Managing Director of Kraus-Anderson Risk Innovation at Kraus-Anderson Insurance. With over 25 years of operational and business leadership experience, Seth specializes in construction risk management, insurance and technology. On the show, Seth and Jason discuss the importance of managing your risk portfolio, how crucial a role technology plays in risk management in the construction industry, and the power of curiosity. To find out how TrustLayer manages risk so that people can build the physical world around us, head to
19:02 11/2/22