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The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

The B2B Revenue Executive Experience is a podcast hosted by Carlos Nouche and Lisa Schnare who dedicate each episode to helping executives train their sales and marketing teams to optimize growth. Whether you’re interested in increasing margins and growing your market share, enabling your teams to compete on value rather than price, hiring new employees, or trying to stay at the forefront of the latest in sales and marketing techniques, this podcast will give you the tools and skills necessary to win in a B2B marketplace. Each episode features an interview with a thought leader or practitioner, discussing topics like: value selling, B2B sales, sales enablement, sales performance, marketing enablement, increasing revenue, increasing margins, increasing market share, sales strategy, and more.


Episode 317: Align Your GTM Teams for Measurable Results with Kimberly Kaminski
Customer success and product marketing can be the driving force behind any go-to-market strategy. However, the entire organization must work together to achieve success and deliver measurable results. With that in mind, we wanted to know: How can you successfully align product, marketing, sales, and customer success for a winning go-to-market strategy? To help us with this today, we have Kimberly Kaminski, CMO at Lakeside Software. Kimberly is a visionary and pragmatic tech marketing and operations leader known for driving successful, measurable programs that grow customers and revenue. Additionally, she is an Executive Member of Pavilion.
33:08 5/21/24
Episode 316: Are You Solving the Right Problems for Your Customers? With Suraj Sampath
Today, success in B2B sales doesn't come easy and goes way beyond a simple pitch and a few cold calls. B2B sales require a more strategic and personalized approach. However, it's all about setting a strong foundation. Here's the main question: Why should you understand the problems your company solves when building an ideal customer profile and pipeline? To help us with this today, we have Suraj Sampath, IT Sales Director at MindSource. Suraj has a unique combination of natural sales ability, engineering aptitude, and business acumen, having closely worked with marketing and engineering while shadowing sales and being mentored by sales leaders. Before joining MindSource, Suraj worked at companies such as Smartcar, DocuSign, ThoughtSpot, Conga, and AdMaxim.
30:57 5/14/24
Episode 315: Create a Powerful Marketing Ecosystem with Ben Sturtevant
Marketing and sales - a powerful combination that can make or break your entire business. The key word here is alignment between those two. Creating an effective collaborative space is more than just asking both parties to work together; it requires defined steps toward cooperation. Let's start with a simple question in mind: Why should you build a marketing ecosystem that aligns with the sales process to achieve measurable success and maximize automation? To help us with this today, we have Ben Sturtevant, Co-Founder and CEO of Elite360. Ben is a marketing expert passionate about helping entrepreneurs master the art of online marketing. He is also the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Elite CEOs.
38:58 5/7/24
Episode 314: Tackling the Buyer-Seller Dynamic Frictions with Greg Brown
The evolution of the buyer-seller journey is a never-ending story between the two sides. However, in the last 5 years, the changes have been remarkable. We wanted to find out: How are changes in buyer-seller dynamics causing friction in the sales process? To help us with this today, we have Greg Brown, Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associates. Greg brings 30 years of experience in sales leadership, working with leading technology companies. As a Managing Partner, he has a proven history of significantly increasing revenue for emerging tech companies, including, PeopleSoft, E.piphany, Apttus, and Blend Labs.
33:37 4/30/24
Episode 313: Gail Behun's Approach to Aligning Sales Strategy with Sales Enablement
Imagine a Venn diagram where leadership's vision overlaps with the practicalities of product marketing, the product team, and customer feedback. That is sales enablement. Sales enablement has become an integral part of every successful organization. So then, we asked ourselves: How can you effectively integrate sales enablement with your sales strategy to drive measurable impact and results for your overall organization? To help us with this today, we have Gail Behun, Director of Revenue Enablement at LivePerson. Gail is an experienced sales enablement leader passionate about producing measurable results. She has a strong background in sales and marketing roles, processes, methodologies, and business practices, and has held leadership positions in fast-growing SaaS companies throughout her career.
36:47 4/23/24
Episode 312: Find Your Ideal Customer Profile with Eric Holmen
Many startups get their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) wrong. The results? Low-quality leads, decreasing revenues, and unhappy customers. It's time to fix that. How can you identify your ICP to achieve higher win rates, lower cost of acquisition, and better customer retention? To help us with this today, we have Eric Holmen, Former CEO of Splash. Eric brings more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and leadership to his work. He has consistently driven growth, innovation, and customer success in the mobile and digital industries. Throughout his career, Eric has held key leadership roles at companies such as Airship, cielo24, Invoca, and Silverpop, an IBM Company.
31:41 4/16/24
Episode 311: The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Training with PJ Nisbet
Sales training plays a key role in the success of any business. It equips sales professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively engage with customers and close deals. If you're one of them, you've probably gone through sales training programs that start strong, but within weeks or months, they often lose momentum and fail to produce measurable results. Therefore, we were wondering: Why do some sales training initiatives programs fail while others deliver amazing results? To help us with this today, we have PJ Nisbet, Managing Director of Nisbet Associates and Managing Partner EMEA at ValueSelling Associates.
40:28 4/9/24
Episode 310: Modernizing Hiring Criteria for Next-Gen Leaders
It used to be so easy to hire a professional with hundreds of CVs flooding your inbox. But the game has changed, and to become the best, you need the best. Technology has changed the rules, and that's where the problem lies. Well then, we have a big question: How can you shed some of your limited beliefs when it comes to hiring criteria and modernize them to help you hire effective leaders? To help us with this today, we have Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search. Bringing nearly three decades of experience in executing recruiting, Ken has witnessed the industry's transformation firsthand and has developed his skills in identifying exceptional talent. Additionally, Ken hosts the Hiring Matters podcast and serves on the boards of organizations like San Diego Sport Innovators, Junior Achievement of San Diego County, and Talentor International.
43:35 4/2/24
Episode 309: The Evolution of DevOps and Its Next Frontier with Matthew Volm
The RevOps function has changed tremendously fast. What was relevant yesterday doesn't work today anymore. Well then, a logical question emerges: Considering the evolution of RevOps over the past several years, where is the industry heading, and what are the lessons learned from building a global RevOps community? To help us with this today, we have Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op. Passionate about RevOps, indoor plants, and CrossFit, Matthew is also an Advisor for Rattle,, and SendSmart, as well as Founder and Managing Consultant at Acorn Strategies.
35:43 3/26/24
Episode 308: How to Win More with Less in B2B Sales with Guy Rubin
B2B sales teams are constantly seeking new strategies and tools to drive revenue growth. One of the most powerful resources at their disposal is data and technology. But that's just one piece of the puzzle. So, today's question is: How can you make revenue more predictable by aligning your go-to-market teams to win more with less? To help us with this today, we have Guy Rubin, Founder and CEO of Ebsta. Guy is also a dad of two, an enthusiastic skier, and an avid football fan (even though he supports Tottenham Hotspur). He is passionate about helping B2B sales teams scale their revenue engine.
38:24 3/19/24
Episode 307: How to Build a World-Class Enablement Function with Kelly Lewis
Businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall success. One key area that has gained significant attention in recent years is the enablement function. However, building a successful enablement function requires more than providing employees with the necessary resources . The logical question that comes to mind is: How can you build and run a world-class enablement function, and what might be the best practices in making the most of your enablement investment? To help us with this incredible topic today, we have Kelly Lewis, VP of Revenue Enablement at Highspot. With almost 15 years of experience in Healthcare IT, Kelly specializes in building high-performing revenue teams, focusing on creating strong cross-functional coordination and a positive team culture.
37:23 3/12/24
Episode 306: Unleash Your Rep Superpowers with Steve Waters
In today's episode of The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, you're in for a treat as we discuss several subjects. How can you find your rep superpowers? What is the difference between coaching forward and call reviews? What data-driven go-to-market strategies allow you to really measure rep productivity? To help us with these incredible topics today, we have Steve Waters, Vice President of Sales at ZoomInfo. Steve has worked at ZoomInfo for about eight and a half years. He recently celebrated ZoomInfo "ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq, four years after becoming the first tech company to IPO during the pandemic." Before this, Steve spent four years at DiscoverOrg before they joined forces with ZoomInfo.
40:42 3/5/24
Episode 305: How to Overcome the Sales Effectiveness Blockade with David Byck
Achieving sales excellence is not an easy feat. Salespeople face countless challenges and misconceptions that can interfere with their performance and ultimately impact the bottom line. To solve a problem, you must first acknowledge and understand it. Therefore, ask yourself... What are the top things that get in the way of my sales effectiveness? And how can I tackle them? To help us with this incredible topic today, we have David Byck, Vice President of Visualize. David is a highly experienced sales professional, coach, and facilitator. He is also a Certified Partner at the Objective Management Group and President of SW2 Sales Training and Coaching.
37:09 2/27/24
Episode 304: Beat the Stress and Reach Outrageous Success with Dan Waldschmidt
Sales and marketing professionals often find themselves dealing with immense stress and pressure. Achieving sales targets, meeting customer expectations, and keeping up with industry trends can damage their mental and emotional health. However, work must be done, and life must go on. So, the question of the day is: How can we manage stress in our lives, move past the chatter in our heads, and implement the discipline we need to be highly successful? To help us with this incredible topic today, we have Dan Waldschmidt, Chief Executive Officer of Panzura, kickass dad, ultra-runner, B2B tech nerd, and author of "Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success."
33:56 2/20/24
Episode 303: Breaking Through the Scaling Ceiling with David Weiss
Dreaming about scaling your business sounds nice. But taking real action and actually making it happen is what sets apart true winners. However, even those who are trying to find it hard to discover the winning formula, often fail. Why are so many companies struggling to scale, and what can they do about it? To help us with this incredible topic today, we have David Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer of The Sales Collective. David is a sales executive leading high-performing teams and offering coaching in sales. He has authored several books, including "Your Definitive Sales Career Guide" and "Sales Success Stories." In addition to his work with The Sales Collective, he serves as a Strategic Advisor for Aptivio, Chief Deal Doctor at DealDoc, and is a Startup Mentor at NUMA New York.
34:15 2/13/24
Episode 302: Inspiring Action Through Storytelling with Karen Eber
We all love a great story, but few know how to tell one. However, storytelling is an incredibly effective way to inform, influence, and inspire others in both personal and professional settings. So, how can you become a great storyteller by learning the science behind it? To help us with this incredible topic today, we have Karen Eber, CEO and Chief Storyteller of the Eber Leadership Group. Karen is also the author of "The Perfect Story" as well as a keynote and TED Speaker who helps companies build healthy leaders, teams, and culture one story at a time.
40:29 2/6/24
Episode 301: From Tech Sales to Business Conversation with Eric Shaver
So many sales professionals get caught up in the nitty-gritty of products and tech specs. Then, they wonder why their deals go wrong. We believe it is because they don't have genuine business conversations. So, how can sales professionals switch from sales to a business dialect? To help us with this incredible topic today, we have Eric Shaver, Managing Partner at Kensei Partners. Since 2008, Eric has personally trained over 20,000 quota-carrying and non-quota-carrying sales professionals across 33 countries in North America, EMEA/MENA, APJ/ANZ, Greater China, and Latin America. Leveraging his 19 years of successful technology sales and leadership, Eric closes the systemic financial, linguistic, and engagement management-centric sales execution gaps that corrupt revenue and operating margins.
37:57 1/30/24
Episode 300: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience's Milestone Celebration with Chad Sanderson
Today is a special day for The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. It is our 300th episode. And we're celebrating it by exploring the podcast's past, present, and future. To help us with this today, we have a very special guest - the founder and host of the first 250 episodes of The B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast, Chad Sanderson.
63:08 1/23/24
Episode 299: How to Break the Used Car Salesperson Stereotype with Harry Spaight
When you think of sales, what's the first image that comes to your mind? You're probably thinking of a used car salesman, insincere, overly friendly, wearing flashy, outdated suits, making grandiose promises about how good the car is. Well, you're not alone. But the reality is not always what it seems. So, how can we overcome the image of the stereotypical sales professional and still achieve success today? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Harry Spaight, Founder of Selling With Dignity. Harry guides business owners and salespeople who wish to grow their sales without being that pushy, self-serving salesperson. He is also a Sales Coach at Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting and Director of Sales at HGI Technologies, a Halsey and Griffith Company.
32:12 1/16/24
Episode 298: Is AI Set to Replace SDRs? With Gabe Lullo
Some people are saying that AI is gonna be replacing key roles such as the sales development representative (SDR). We can't see the future. All we can do is make assumptions. But one thing is clear. It has definitely changed the sales game. So, how do new techs and innovations like AI influence the SDR function? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Gabe Lullo, CEO of Alleyoop. Gabe is a seasoned sales expert and leader who manages over 1500 SDRs. Before taking the role of CEO, he was Alleyoop's Chief Business Officer.
35:07 1/9/24
Episode 297: The Powerful Intersection of ABM and RevOps with Lorena Morales
Companies constantly seek new strategies to drive growth and increase revenue. In today's ever-evolving business landscape, two approaches have gained significant traction in recent years: account-based marketing (ABM) and revenue operations (RevOps). But how does their interaction help to pull in the revenue? The synergy between ABM and RevOps creates a revenue pull by aligning strategies, optimizing processes, and leveraging AI intelligently. To explain how these approaches can be used to drive revenue, we have Lorena Morales, Director of Global Digital Marketing Revenue Operations at JLL.
29:38 1/2/24
Episode 296: Personalization and Authenticity in Sales Communication with George Storm
In recent years, there has been a noticeable decline in attention spans, which poses a challenge for sales professionals aiming to achieve and sustain optimal sales performance. So we were wondering… What are the sales communication strategies that adapt to different generations for achieving optimal sales performance? To help us with this incredible topic, we have George Storm, CEO of Break the Box and Co-Founder of Skills. With over 22 years of experience in sales, George has perused both the B2B and B2C landscapes, with a track record of success along the way.
34:46 12/26/23
Episode 295: Dealing with Burnout as a Top Performer with Stephen Hardy
Feeling drained after a long day? Totally normal. But when that fatigue morphs into chronic exhaustion, constant overthinking, a downward spiral of negativity, and a narrow, tunnel-visioned outlook, burnout might be creeping in. High performers, fueled by achievement and a fear of failure, are particularly susceptible to this adversary. What's ironic is that the very tools that empower them – their work ethic, their drive – can easily become shields against recognizing burnout However, intellectual control, tapping into the mind's rational problem-solving abilities, offers a way out. To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Stephen Hardy, Founder and Director at Navigate the Curve. Stephen is an experienced technology sales professional turned performance psychology coach & clinical hypnotherapist. After a successful career spanning over 20 years in technology sales, and gaining first-hand experience of the challenges that professionals face in demanding corporate environments, he addresses mindset issues and empowers individuals to overcome barriers that hold them back.
29:58 12/19/23
Episode 294: What Does 'Good' Look Like in Sales? With Kate Lewis
Sales performance directly impacts a company's revenue and success. To achieve and maintain optimal sales performance, it is essential to invest in competency training and regularly measure sales performance. So, we're wondering... How do we develop and measure what good looks like in sales? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Kate Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder of e4enable. With over 25 years of experience in sales leadership and transformation, Kate is passionate about defining, developing, and measuring what good looks like across sales organizations. Besides e4enable, she is also a Founding Member of the Revenue Collective.
42:42 12/12/23
Episode 293: Tailoring Sales Training for a Multicultural Marketplace with Leon Morris
Companies operating in today's globalized business world must have a diverse customer base belonging to various age groups, generations, and cultures. This makes it crucial for businesses to adapt their sales training strategies accordingly to better connect with their customers and boost their sales. Well then... How can sales training elements be designed to effectively meet the diverse needs of various age groups, generations, and cultural backgrounds, considering the different ways in which people learn? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Leon Morris, Global Sales Productivity & Enablement Advisor at NetSuite.
25:34 12/5/23
Episode 292: Unlocking AI's Potential for Revenue Growth with Jeff Pedowitz
AI may not be the best option for creativity, intuition, and emotions. However, when it comes to crunching numbers, it's a gold mine. From a revenue perspective, AI is a real game-changer. So, we were wondering... How can revenue professionals unlock the full potential of AI to transform their businesses? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO of The Pedowitz Group. Jeff is an AI revenue visionary and Forbes best-selling "The AI Revenue Architect" and “F the Funnel.”
36:04 11/28/23
Episode 291: Refining High-Performing Leaders and Teams with Matt Phillips
You're a business champion, excelling in your game, with remarkable career progress. But you feel there's so much more you can achieve. If only you wouldn't get distracted so often by immediate tasks that distract you from your main goals. And how about your personal life? Is it possible to fulfill your professional aspirations without sacrificing too much on the personal side? The answer is yes. However, transforming this vision into reality requires a shift in mindset and action strategies. So, the critical question that arises is: What does it take to build mentally tough revenue leaders and executives ready to exceed their strategic and financial goals? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Matt Phillips, a High-Performance Sales Leadership Coach and Mental Toughness Expert at Matt Phillips Leadership Coaching. Matt is a former professional baseball player in Austria's Bundesliga (first league) and a Division-1 college baseball player in the United States. He also has an extensive background in operations, accounting, and business development, having worked and consulted for multiple Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
41:06 11/21/23
Episode 290: From Sales Planning to Profit with Dana Therrien
Sales planning - a daily discussion topic for every CRO and sales expert. Only a handful of organizations are really able to drive their sales numbers, while others feel like getting stuck. Is their sales planning broken? Actually, let's start from the beginning with a fundamental question: How does effective sales planning significantly influence and enhance overall sales performance? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Dana Therrien, VP of Sales Performance Management and Revenue Operations at Anaplan. Dana is a well-known sales and revenue operations leader with a rich history of driving double-digit growth and profitability. He is also an exceptional public speaker, writer, and a Certified Sales Compensation Exam Item Writers Cohort Member at WorldatWork.
36:48 11/14/23
Episode 289: Mastering the Art of Revenue Enablement with Andrea Abbate
More sales, more revenue. Every business wants that. Sometimes, your numbers seem like they’re getting stuck in the same place. But revenue enablement might be the key you are looking for. What is revenue enablement, and how does it help businesses drive more revenue? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Andrea Abbate, VP of Global Enablement at Contentsquare. Andrea is a revenue enablement professional with over 20 years of experience and provable success in leading and transforming sales, go-to-market, and revenue enablement functions. Her career spans companies like LinkedIn, Showpad, and Mixpanel.
38:02 11/7/23
Episode 288: Why Your Marketing Messaging Needs a Makeover for Rocketing Engagement with Michelle Giardinello and Elizabeth Roche
When it comes to sales, everyone talks about driving more pipelines these days. However, to stay competitive and meet the ever-evolving customer needs and expectations, businesses must constantly adapt and refine their messaging strategies. As a result, they can not only improve customer experience and engagement but also drive sales and revenue growth. It got us thinking, though... How can evolving your marketing messaging deliver a more effective customer experience and much-needed engagement? To shed light on this topic, we are joined by Michelle Giardinello, Senior Customer Marketing Manager of Healthcare at Kimberly-Clark Professional, and Elizabeth Roche, Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associates.
31:18 10/31/23