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The Confidence Shift Podcast is for the growth-focused entrepreneur, professional or community influencer that wants to reclaim their confidence to be valuable, visible and vocal by transforming their image presence and confidence mindset. Michele equips individuals every day to align their inner spark with the ability to showcase it to the world. Learn from her in bite-sized episodes that help you illuminate your influence and self-confidence.Michele Charles Gustafson is a 25-year award-winning veteran entrepreneur, marketing strategist turned certified image consultant, certified professional life coach, personal branding expert, best-selling author of Show Up Confident, international success mentor and the creator of Hue and Style®. Join Michele in each episode with “teaches” and reflections to help you gain clarity, spark your personal growth and see the power in learning to master traditional marketing strategy woven together with image consulting concepts that have created massive breakthrough results for her global clientele. Whether you’re building a business or climbing a career path and don’t know if your image, your confidence level (or both) is holding your back, Michele is here to break it down for you.  Get you started exploring the image-mindset-success connection."Let's Jump In"FREE RESOURCES from the podcast:The complete 1st Chapter of Show Up ConfidentWhy Style Week 3-day Workshop💛 Love the ‘cast? Become a show supporter. Leave a tip 👉 more free resources, check out, the Facebook community and start finding out for yourself if your image makes the right impact on your confidence and others at Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.


Go Ahead And Quit (A Little) 16:43 08/09/2021
Dressing Well Is Not About Fashion 16:06 05/18/2021
Journey To Clear Confidence: From Overwhelmed Entrepreneur to Laser-Focused Woman 46:42 04/27/2021
Why Your Clothing & Confidence Cannot Be Separated 15:02 03/30/2021
Community Leadership And Your Personal Brand Image 14:58 03/09/2021
Confidence Is Self-Love In Action 10:56 02/09/2021
Clarity Creates Freedom 16:48 01/05/2021
Journey To Liberating Confidence: From Stuck In Life to Bold Living Woman 44:12 12/01/2020
Journey To Purpose-Driving Confidence: From Grief-Struck to Life-Loving Woman 31:24 12/01/2020
The Success Lesson My Husband Taught Me 07:01 12/01/2020
Conquer What Stops You And Show Up Confident 14:19 11/02/2020
How A Joy-Based Plan Will Help You Achieve Your Biggest Dreams 12:39 08/11/2020
My Secret Weapon For Finding New Motivation 18:49 07/14/2020
Fresh On My Mind & Heavy On My Heart: Racism 18:56 06/09/2020
2 Unexpected Benefits Of Shifting Your Style 14:04 05/26/2020
How To Celebrate An Epic Win 08:04 04/21/2020
What I Do In Times Of Change 16:24 04/07/2020
Dress For More Confidence And Productivity 34:40 03/31/2020
Be Well Right Now 12:59 03/17/2020
How To Love Talking About What You Do 13:56 03/10/2020
The Best Way To Create Unbelievably Consistent Style 13:18 01/28/2020
Why I Don't Do Red-Carpet Fashion Recaps 08:33 01/14/2020
How To Make Your Challenges Mean More 11:42 12/10/2019
Black Friday Shopping: My Expert Advice 09:39 11/26/2019
The Ultimate Guide For Confidence To Be Happy 19:00 11/19/2019
Use Your Words To Connect With People 10:42 11/12/2019
Why You're Taking Wearing Color For Granted 09:43 11/05/2019
The Way To A Stunning Wardrobe After Transition 17:12 10/29/2019
The Little Secrets To Making Big Confidence Permanent 15:08 10/22/2019
How A Confidence Expert Survived Depression 14:13 10/15/2019