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Seedling is a podcast for anyone seeking personal growth. Seeds have everything they need inside to push above the ground and flourish, and just like seeds, we have our own resources to take those first steps towards growth. Hosted by writer and self-worth coach Kat Nicholls, Seedling gives you the tools you need to discover those resources and nurture them. Each episode will tackle a different subject, looking at personal development and mental wellness from all angles. If you’re looking for gentle support and a safe space to explore your inner power, you’re in the right place.


It's never too late to start 09:58 11/10/2021
Feeling safe and the role of self-compassion 10:49 10/27/2021
How to overcome the fear of rejection 09:16 10/13/2021
What it takes to build confidence 09:09 09/29/2021
Self-care and detaching our sense of worth from productivity with Madeleine Onstwedder 39:43 09/15/2021
Letting go of negative habits 08:50 09/01/2021
Let's talk about imposter syndrome 11:02 08/18/2021
How to stop second guessing yourself 09:52 08/04/2021
Why are we so scared of taking risks? 12:26 07/21/2021
Questioning societal expectations 08:33 07/07/2021
Bonus episode - lesson 1 of how to overcome overwhelm 08:04 03/24/2021
Coming back from burnout - a follow-up chat 09:56 03/10/2021
Self-care for activists 08:39 02/24/2021
The power of self-expression 11:02 02/10/2021
How to stay present when the world is in chaos 09:43 01/27/2021
Finding body acceptance 08:26 01/13/2021
Valuing your impact 07:51 12/30/2020
Creativity, allyship and petite joys with Michelle Chai 21:20 12/16/2020
Separating your worth from your productivity 09:17 12/02/2020
We need to talk about painful sex 08:22 11/18/2020
How to build a positive relationship with social media 10:15 11/04/2020
Coming back from burnout 10:46 10/21/2020
Notes from the hiatus 10:27 10/07/2020
Six steps to discover your worth 12:44 05/20/2020
Knowing your worth and its impact on relationships 10:43 05/13/2020
How to stop comparing yourself 10:23 05/06/2020
How to be more comfortable being seen 10:10 04/29/2020
How to avoid burnout 11:07 04/22/2020
Instagram photography and choosing the path of least resistance 12:42 04/15/2020
Chronic pain, mental health and growing a business with Trona Freeman 33:58 04/08/2020