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For a decade, Dave Asprey, “the father of biohacking,” elevated what you knew about the capabilities of your mind and body across a thousand episodes of Bulletproof Radio. Now, he’s evolving it even further in his plan to upgrade humanity. You’re invited to expand your knowledge, explore your own performance and embrace possibility with The Human Upgrade™.You’ll meet bright thinkers and radical doers who push the boundaries of science, technology, personal development, and human performance in every way imaginable. You’ll learn from experts around the world who elevate what it means to be human.Every guest you listen to, every topic you learn about, every new idea you discover on this podcast moves you forward.Join The Human Upgrade™ with Dave Asprey on this next evolution to upgrade your mind, body and life. 


Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Dementia with Max Lugavere : 1174
In this episode of The Human Upgrade - Max Lugavere, a journalist and filmmaker, joins to discuss his new documentary "Little Empty Boxes." Max shares his personal story of dealing with his mother's dementia, offering a unique and heartfelt perspective on this challenging condition. You’ll learn about the significant role diet and lifestyle play in keeping your brain healthy and how you can lower your risk of developing dementia through simple, everyday actions. Max also shares the latest research on dementia, shedding light on the science behind prevention and early intervention. He explains why it's crucial to start taking care of your brain health now, regardless of your age. Additionally, you’ll hear about the emotional impact of dementia on families and practical ways to support loved ones going through it. Tune in to gain valuable insights and actionable tips on how to protect your brain health and help others do the same. This episode is packed with practical advice that you can start applying today to make a real difference in your cognitive health and overall well-being. Timestamp Highlights: (00:01:04) Introduction: Max Lugavere’s personal connection to dementia. (00:04:51) The creation of "Little Empty Boxes" and its focus on dementia prevention. (00:12:27) The role of diet and lifestyle in dementia prevention. (00:16:32) Understanding the broad impact of dementia on families. (00:21:10) Insights into dementia research and the importance of early intervention. (00:29:17) The link between chronic disease and dementia. (00:33:27) Discussing the prevalence and risk factors of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. (00:38:34) The importance of being proactive about brain health. (00:40:54) Addressing myths and misconceptions about dementia. (00:50:18) Practical tips for reducing dementia risk. (00:55:10) Max's final thoughts and call to action.  Sponsors: ARMRA | Go to and use code DAVE to get 15% off your first order. Timeline | Try it out for yourself at and get 10% off your first order Resources: Little Empty Boxes Documentary: Max Lugavere’s Website: Instagram: @maxlugavere Twitter: @maxlugavere Dave's Linktree: Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey  Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective:  Danger Coffee by Dave Asprey: Supplements by Dave Asprey: Own an Upgrade Labs: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
79:10 6/20/24
Reverse Tissue Aging: The Power of Wasabi Method - Adam Gavine : 1173
Get ready for a shocking episode of The Human Upgrade with our guest, Adam Gavine, recorded at the 10th Annual Biohacking Conference. You’ll learn how the revolutionary Wasabi Method is changing the game in shock wave therapy. You’ll also gain understanding on how this innovative approach addresses pain management, boosts longevity, and enhances overall health. The Wasabi Method stimulates tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, and improves immune function. Adam shares practical applications for this therapy, including its benefits for reproductive health and reversing tissue aging. Whether you're a biohacker, health professional, or wellness enthusiast, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable information. Timestamp Highlights: (00:01:14) What is Shock Wave Therapy? (00:04:59) How Adam Got into Shock Wave Therapy (00:08:10) Launching the Wasabi Method (00:11:39) Treating Trigger Points and Knotted Muscles (00:16:46) Applications for Erectile Dysfunction (00:21:34) Reversing Tissue Stiffness and Calcification (00:25:35) Using Wasabi Method for Collagen Production (00:32:29) Cell Membrane Permeability and Nutrient Absorption (00:37:03) Systemic Anti-Inflammatory Effects (00:45:02) Increasing White Blood Cell Count (00:48:12) Scar Tissue Management and Healing (00:54:46) Empowering Individuals in Their Health Journey (01:00:01) Practical Applications and Business Models Sponsors: ARMRA | Head to and use code DAVE for 15% off Your first order BEAM Pets | Go to for 20% off your first order.  Resources The Wasabi Method| Follow Wasabi Method on Instagram: @Wasabi_Method Follow Back To Function on Instagram: @back-to-functionBiohacking Conference: Dave's Linktree: Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey  Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective:  Danger Coffee by Dave Asprey: Supplements by Dave Asprey: Own an Upgrade Labs:  Studies referenced during the interview: Growth Factors & Angiogenesis Application of extracorporeal shock wave therapy in nervous system diseases - A review Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for treatment of vulvodynia: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study The Effect of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy on Lower Limb Spasticity in Subacute Stroke Patients Efficacy of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on Pain and Function in Myofascial Pain Syndrome IncRNA NEAT1-let 7b-P21 axis mediates the proliferation of neural stem cells cultured in vitro promoted by radial extracorporeal shock waves Effects of the extracorporeal shock wave therapy on the skin: an experimental study Molecular mechanism of action of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy for regenerating penile and peripheral nerves Comparison of shock wave therapy and US guided for shoulder injection therapy in patients with supraspinatus tendinitis Extracorporeal shock wave treatment in foot and ankle fracture non-unions — A review Treatment for Symptomatic Calcific Tendinopathy of the Shoulder: Ultrasound-Guided Needling Lavage and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy vs Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy. A prospective observational study Effect of Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave on the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
65:16 6/18/24
Upgrade Spotlight: How Probiotics Enhance Athletic Performance and Reduce Stress – Hannah Kleinfeld : 1172
On this special Upgrade Spotlight episode of The Human Upgrade, you'll learn about the critical connections between gut health, stress, and athletic performance with Hannah Kleinfeld from Omni Biotic. Find out how innovative probiotic formulations can enhance your overall well-being, reduce inflammation, and boost immune function. Hannah explains how gut health impacts both physical and mental performance, and shares practical tips for maintaining a healthy gut, personalizing your diet, and improving recovery.  Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance performance or someone managing everyday stress, this episode provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to support a high-performance lifestyle. Tune in to discover how you can leverage the latest in gut health science to enhance your life. Timestamps:(00:01:03) Introduction to the Topic (00:04:51) Importance of Gut Health in Stress and Athletic Performance (00:12:27) How Probiotics Enhance Performance and Recovery (00:16:32) Impact of Stress on the Gut and Immune System (00:21:10) Case Study: Antibiotics and Gut Recovery (00:29:17) Probiotic Innovations from Germany (00:33:27) Gut Health and Chronic Illness (00:38:34) Strategies for Maintaining Gut Health (00:40:54) Personalized Gut Health Plans (00:50:18) Dietary Choices and Gut Health (00:55:10) Research Insights and Future Directions Sponsors Omni-Biotic | Go to and use code Dave20 for 20% off your order. Resources Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Omni Biotic: Instagram: @omnibioticlife Hannah’s LinkedIn: Hannah Kleinfeld YouTube: @Omni-Bioticlife1352See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
61:15 6/14/24
Nature's Remedy: The Surprising Health Benefits of Urine Therapy – Darlene Teahen : 1171
Get ready for a fascinating episode with Darlene Teahen, a naturopath and researcher, who dives into the world of urine therapy. You'll learn about the science and history behind using urine for health benefits, including detoxifying the body, reducing inflammation, and boosting overall wellness. Darlene shares insights from her PhD research and offers practical advice on how to safely incorporate urine therapy into your routine. Darlene tackles societal taboos head-on, providing a thorough exploration of this ancient healing method backed by modern science. Whether you're curious about unconventional health practices or looking for new biohacking techniques, this episode delivers valuable information. This episode is packed with actionable insights on embracing unconventional methods, understanding the benefits of urine therapy, and integrating these practices into your daily life. Whether you're an avid biohacker or just exploring new health strategies, you'll find inspiration and practical advice here.Timestamps: 00:00:01 — Introduction 00:01:07 — History and Initial Reactions 00:02:14 — Scientific Backing 00:03:16 — Introduction of Guest: Darlene Teahen 00:03:30 — Personal Experiences and Skepticism 00:04:18 — Research and Evidence 00:05:49 — Practical Applications 00:06:53 — Societal and Medical Perspectives 00:07:40 — Personal and Professional Insights 00:08:03 — Emotional and Spiritual Aspects 00:08:58 — Advanced Techniques and Future Studies Sponsors: Zbiotics | Get 15% off now at LMNT | Go to for a free sample pack with any drink mix purchase Resources: Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Learn more about Darlene’s work: to Darlene's research: Donations for research Darlene on Instagram: @vitalityexpert Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
72:46 6/13/24
How Overcoming a Health Scare and Embracing Biohacking Led to New Purpose and Vitality - Daymond John : 1170
Get ready for an inspiring episode with Daymond John, the famous entrepreneur and Shark Tank star, recorded at the 10th Annual Biohacking Conference.  You’ll learn how Daymond turned his life around after a serious health scare and how he uses biohacking to stay on top of his game. You’ll also discover the importance of hearing health, why he gave up alcohol, and how he embraces life with a new sense of adventure. Daymond offers his unique approach to parenting and the values he instills in his daughters, like understanding the power of curiosity and how it drives success. Daymond believes in constant growth and never settling. This episode is packed with actionable insights on cutting out negativity, trusting your gut, and using storytelling in business. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or looking to improve your personal life, this episode offers valuable lessons and inspiration. Check out The Shark Health to learn more:[00:00:00] – Introduction by Daymond John[00:00:35] – Welcome and audience engagement: Daymond’s first experience at the event. [00:02:29] – Health scare: Daymond’s cancer diagnosis and the impact on his life. [00:07:14] – Embracing life: Daymond’s adventures and new appreciation for life. [00:10:03] – Raising daughters: Parenting and instilling values in his children. [00:15:38] – Never arriving: The continuous journey of personal and professional growth. [00:19:11] – Cutting out negativity: Removing toxic relationships for better health. [00:20:46] – Trust and intuition: How to identify trustworthy people in business. [00:23:19] – Entrepreneurs and storytelling: The power of storytelling in business success. [00:30:03] – Gut feeling: The importance of listening to your gut in decision making. [00:35:47] – Setting goals: The importance of goal setting and visualization. [00:40:50] – Empowering communities: Daymond’s mission with FUBU and beyond. [00:44:56] – Call to action: How to connect with Daymond and take advantage of resources. Sponsors Quantum Upgrade | Go to for a 14-day free trial. Pendulum | Go to and use code Asprey20 for your first month of GLP-1 or any Pendulum formula.  Resources The Shark Health | Follow Daymond John on Instagram:  Daymond John’s Website: Dave's Linktree: Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Danger Coffee by Dave Asprey: by Dave Asprey: an Upgrade Labs: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
42:45 6/11/24
Master Neuroplasticity to Improve Your Life - Nicole Vignola : 1169
In this episode, Nicole Vignola, a neuroscientist with a BS in Neuroscience and a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology, explains how to rewire the brain for better decision-making and lasting change. You will learn about neuroplasticity, the science behind creating and undoing brain pathways, and practical strategies for forming new habits. Nicole shares the importance of visualization, taking strategic breaks, and focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. She discusses the concept of mental currency and how to allocate energy effectively. The episode also covers how to manage negative thoughts, boost positive thinking, and the role of myelination in habit formation. Nicole explains how to use visualization paired with physical activity to reinforce new habits and prepare for setbacks. This episode provides actionable advice for anyone looking to improve mental health, enhance cognitive function, and create lasting positive changes in their life. Nicole’s new book, “Rewire: Break the Cycle, Alter Your Thoughts and Create Lasting Change (Your Neurotoolkit for Everyday Life)” is out now! Timestamps:(00:01:02) Introduction to Nicole Vignola and her work (00:01:44) The importance of affirmations and voice modulation (00:06:31) Fundamentals of neuroplasticity (00:09:42) The future of neuron regeneration (00:13:54) Habits, myelination, and cognitive energy (00:19:03) Mental currency and vigilance decrement (00:23:32) Trying harder vs. strategic rest (00:28:05) Morning vs. evening energy dynamics (00:29:24) The role of strategic breaks (00:31:27) Focusing on strengths over weaknesses (00:35:59) Managing negative thoughts and default mode network (00:43:03) Tools for creating positive thoughts (00:47:39) Healing trauma and synaptic rewiring (00:50:58) Gratitude practice and neuroplasticity (00:55:31) Longevity and healthy aging (01:01:20) Nicole's perspective on living past 100 Sponsors: Timeline | Go to to get 10% off your first order. Apollo Neuro | Head to to save 15% on an Apollo Wearable Resources: Nicole’s new book, “Rewire” is out now! Go to Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Nicole on Instagram: @nicolesneuroscience Learn How To Sleep: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective:  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
60:26 6/6/24
Why Seed Oils Are the Worst Foods in Your Diet & How To Avoid Them - Dr. Cate Shanahan : 1168
Dr. Cate Shanahan returns to share vital insights on the dangers of seed oils and their impact on health. As a well-known Cornell-trained physician and author, Dr. Cate has spent years researching and advocating against the use of harmful vegetable oils. In this episode you’ll learn about the "Hateful Eight" oils and why they are detrimental to metabolic health. Dr. Cate explains the connection between these oils and chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. You will understand how to read labels to avoid these oils in everyday foods and get practical tips for making healthier dietary choices. Dr. Cate also covers the history and influence of the American Heart Association on dietary recommendations, revealing some eye-opening truths. Key takeaways you’ll gain include understanding the role of oxidative stress, the importance of choosing the right fats for a healthy diet, and how avoiding these oils can improve overall well-being.Timestamps: 00:00:00 — Opening 00:01:46 — Welcome and Introduction of Dr. Cate Shanahan 00:02:34 — The Reality of Food Deserts and Vegetable Oils 00:04:01 — The Ultra Wealthy and Their Dietary Choices 00:05:42 — Dr. Cate’s Personal Journey to Understanding Fats 00:11:10 — The Benefits of Avoiding Seed Oils 00:12:08 — The Hateful Eight Oils 00:19:07 — American Heart Association and Proctor & Gamble 00:28:15 — The Importance of Avoiding Oxidized Oils 00:39:05 — Clarifying Misconceptions About Omega-6 00:50:18 — The Impact of Diet on Family Structures 01:00:24 — The Role of Testosterone and Endocrine Disruptors 01:15:29 — Understanding Insulin Resistance 01:25:00 — The Slippery Slope of Statin Use 01:45:00 — Practical Tips for Avoiding Vegetable Oils 01:52:01 — Conclusion Sponsors: ARMRA | Go to and use the code DAVE to get 15% off your first order. Leela Quantum | Visit for 10% off. Resources: Dr. Cate’s book, “Dark Calories” is available for pre-order now! The book comes out on June 11th.Learn more about Dr. Cate: Dr. Cate's Instagram: @drcaseyskitchen Levels’ Instagram: @DrCateShanahan Dave Asprey’s book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
111:40 6/4/24
Good Energy: Transformative Metabolic Health Tips - Dr. Casey Means : 1167
In this episode of The Human Upgrade, you’ll learn how to enhance your health and longevity with insights from Dr. Casey Means, a Stanford-trained physician and co-founder of the metabolic health company, Levels. You’ll learn how to achieve good energy by enhancing metabolic health. Dr. Means shares valuable information on how food choices, metabolism, and chronic diseases are interconnected. She explains the science behind mitochondrial function and how your everyday choices impact your body's ability to generate energy. This episode offers practical tips for improving your metabolic health, covering areas such as diet, sleep, stress management, and reducing inflammation. You’ll hear about the importance of continuous glucose monitoring and personalized health data in maintaining metabolic health. Get ready to uncover the truth about modern healthcare systems and learn how to empower yourself with knowledge. Whether you're dealing with chronic conditions or looking to enhance your health, this episode is packed with essential information to guide your journey. Timestamps: (00:00:10) Introduction and importance of metabolic health (00:01:25) The connection between food and pharma systems (00:02:29) Dr. Means' background and new book "Good Energy" (00:03:33) The metabolic foundation of chronic diseases (00:05:59) The failure of Google as a health search engine (00:06:18) The link between migraines and mitochondrial function (00:07:52) Dr. Means' transition from ENT surgeon to metabolic health expert (00:10:25) The role of inflammation in chronic diseases (00:14:16) Working with her brother on the book (00:18:07) The story of Dr. Means' mother and the healthcare system's failures (00:20:55) Empowering patients with their health data (00:22:32) Addressing fear and misinformation in healthcare (00:30:44) First steps to improving metabolic health (00:37:17) The impact of fear on health (00:44:20) The concept of biochemical fear (00:50:04) Integrating natural signals into modern life Sponsors: Calroy | Head over to for an exclusive discount. Our Place | Go to and use the code DAVE for 10% of your order. Resources: Dr. Casey book, “Good Energy” is out now. Levels Health: Dr. Casey Means’ Instagram: @drcaseyskitchen Levels’ Instagram: @levels Levels’ YouTube: @LevelsHealth Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
67:04 5/30/24
Protecting Our Children from Chemical Toxins - David Steinman : 1166
In this episode, environmental journalist and seasoned activist David Steinman, with over 30 years of experience fighting against chemical toxins, shares his expertise on the impact of these harmful substances in our food supply. He highlights the serious health risks they pose, particularly to pregnant women and children, and offers practical tips on how to shield oneself and future generations from these dangers. Steinman delves into the benefits of organic foods, the effectiveness of water filtration, and the impact of making informed consumer choices.  Through insights from his latest book, "Raising Healthy Kids," he equips listeners with the necessary tools to reduce toxin exposure and advocate for a healthier lifestyle. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge on how to safeguard your health and the environment from chemical toxins.   Timestamps: (00:00:00) Introduction to the Crisis in America’s Food System (00:01:12) Introduction of David Steinman (00:02:22) Discussion on "The Better Baby Book" (00:05:09) The Impact of Pesticides on Fertility (00:10:20) Practical Advice on Water Filtration (00:21:03) The Importance of Organic Foods (00:35:30) Political Influence on Environmental Safety (00:39:46) Hope for Environmental Change (00:41:57) Personal Choices in Reducing Toxin Exposure (00:45:25) Discussing Systems Change for a Healthier Environment (00:52:15) The Significant Impact of Individual Actions (01:00:00) Conclusion: Steinman’s Call to Action   Sponsors: ZBiotics | Go to for 15% off your first order. spermidineLIFE | Go to and use code Asprey25 at checkout for 25% off your order. ARMRA | Go to and use code Dave for 15% off.  Resources: "Raising Healthy Kids" by David Steinman is available on June 4th, 2024 Dave Asprey's book, 'Smarter Not Harder' is out now. Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
71:26 5/28/24
Mini Episode: Recover Faster Through Stem Cell Enhancers – Christian Drapeau : 1165
We're previewing the 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, (May 30 - June 1) on The Human Upgrade! Christian Drapeau and STEMREGEN are at the forefront of integrating plant-based innovations into regenerative medicine. By harnessing the power of unique plant extracts, STEMREGEN's approach stimulates the body's own stem cell production, providing a natural alternative to conventional stem cell therapies. This technique promotes rapid healing and rejuvenation and offers significant advancements in natural health and longevity. In this episode, delve into the groundbreaking work of Christian Drapeau presented at the upcoming Biohacking Conference. Attendees will discover how STEMREGEN plant-based solutions can dramatically increase the body's natural stem cell count, supporting faster recovery and enhanced vitality. Explore the potential of these innovations to reshape our understanding of health and wellness, paving the way for more accessible and effective regenerative treatments. Timestamps & Highlights: (00:01) Introduction to the episode and the significance of the Biohacking Conference. (01:05) Christian Drapeau's introduction and his journey in stem cell research. (01:35) Overview of STEMREGEN's new products at the Biohacking Conference. (01:58) Discussion on different types of stem cells and their applications. (03:21) Debunking myths around plant-based stem cells and their effectiveness. (04:12) Launch of new STEMREGEN products tailored for athletes and those seeking enhanced recovery. (05:08) Insights into the NSF certification process and its importance. (06:55) The role of systemic inflammation in stem cell functionality. (08:01) Introduction of STEMREGEN Mobilize to enhance capillary health. (09:17) Exploring the new STEMREGEN Signal for reducing systemic inflammation. Sponsors: STEMREGEN | Go to for 20% off your order. Resources: 10th Annual Biohacking Conference: You’ll learn from dozens of experts at an amazing event that’s designed to upgrade every area of your life. Dave Asprey's NEW Book 'Smarter Not Harder' Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Follow STEMREGEN on Instagram: @STEMREGEN See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
15:40 5/24/24
Mini Episode: Achieve Deeper Healing with Innovative Light Therapy - Mike McIntyre : 1164
We're previewing the 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, (May 30 - June 1) on The Human Upgrade! Mike McIntyre and ARRC are pioneering advancements at the intersection of frequency medicine and light therapy. By utilizing photons of light to carry therapeutic frequencies, their approach, known as photobiomodulation, opens new doors to enhancing health and meditative states. This technology not only enhances physical wellbeing but also elevates spiritual and mental health, establishing it as a cornerstone of innovative wellness practices. In this episode, explore the cutting-edge applications of photobiomodulation showcased at the Biohacking Conference. Attendees will experience firsthand how ARRC's light therapy technologies can transform their health by harnessing the power of light frequencies to stimulate cellular repair and enhance meditative practices, offering a glimpse into the future of holistic health enhancement.  Timestamps:(00:01) Introduction to the episode and the Biohacking Conference. (01:12) Welcome Mike McIntyre and background into photobiomodulation. (01:55) Advancements in light therapy technology and its implications. (02:46) Discussion on using light therapy to enhance spiritual and meditative practices. (04:08) Observations on the impact of specific frequencies in light therapy. (06:02) The potential of light and frequency to influence health at a quantum level. (08:20) Benefits and experiences of using A RRC’s light therapy. (10:36) Details on session lengths and the immediate effects post-therapy. (14:29) Discussing the broader applications and scientific backing of light therapy. (16:55) Safety, side effects, and optimal dosing of light therapy treatments. (18:37) Encouragement to visit the Biohacking Conference and try out A RRC technology. Sponsors: ARRC LED | Go to to learn more!  Resources: 10th Annual Biohacking Conference: You’ll learn from dozens of experts at an amazing event that’s designed to upgrade every area of your life. Dave Asprey's NEW Book 'Smarter Not Harder' Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Follow ARRCLED on Instagram: @ARRCLEDSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20:10 5/23/24
Mini Episode: Enhance Stem Cell Activation Through Hyperbarics - Dr. Allen Meglin : 1163
We're previewing the 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, (May 30 - June 1) on The Human Upgrade! Dr. Allen Meglin and Oxy Health are at the forefront of hyperbaric medicine, a field revolutionizing the way we enhance healing and cellular health. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as explained by Dr. Meglin, intensifies the body's ability to regenerate by significantly improving stem cell activation and optimizing the cellular environment for recovery. This therapy not only speeds up the healing process but also boosts overall cellular function, making it a critical tool in modern medical treatments. In this episode, discover the transformative impact of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a highlighted technology at the Biohacking Conference. Attendees will learn how this treatment enhances natural healing processes, prepares the body for stem cell therapies, and promotes profound health improvements, peeking into the future of regenerative medicine. Timestamps:(00:01) Introduction to the episode and Biohacking Conference details. (00:47) Welcome Dr. Allen Meglin and his focus on hyperbaric therapy. (01:01) Dr. Meglin’s approach to integrating hyperbarics with stem cell therapy. (02:00) The scientific basis for hyperbarics in enhancing stem cell outcomes. (03:07) Explanation of stem cells' role in natural healing processes. (04:13) Variables influencing the effectiveness of hyperbaric therapy. (06:11) Discussion on the dual effects of hyperbaric therapy: stress and relaxation. (08:52) The variety of hyperbaric chamber options and their therapeutic uses. (00:10:35) Clinical Experiences with Hyperbarics. Sponsors: Oxyhealth | Go to to learn more Resources: 10th Annual Biohacking Conference: You’ll learn from dozens of experts at an amazing event that’s designed to upgrade every area of your life. Dave Asprey's NEW Book 'Smarter Not Harder' Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Follow Oxyhealth on Instagram: @OxyhealthSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
13:31 5/22/24
Mini Episode: Unlock the Benefits of Light and Sound Therapy - Dr. Patrick Porter : 1162
We're previewing the 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, (May 30 - June 1) on The Human Upgrade! Dr. Patrick Porter and BrainTap are pioneers in the intersection of neuroscience and technology, transforming the way we approach mental and cognitive health. BrainTap, a device developed under Dr. Porter's guidance, merges light and sound therapy with guided visualization to enhance the brain's neuroplasticity. This technology not only offers a leap in personal development but also aligns perfectly with the biohacker's toolkit for optimized mental performance. In this episode, explore the established benefits of BrainTap technology, a favorite at the Biohacking Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how BrainTap's approach to brain enhancement can invigorate daily mental health routines, making sophisticated neuroscience accessible to individuals seeking to maximize their mental capacity. Timestamps: (00:01) Introduction to the episode and the significance of the Biohacking Conference. (01:20) Dr. Patrick Porter introduces BrainTap and its foundational science. (02:11) Latest research findings on BrainTap's impact on cognitive function and sleep improvement. (03:27) Comparing the effects of psychedelics and BrainTap on the brain's default mode network. (04:49) Discussion on the expansive use and benefits of BrainTap technology. (06:17) How BrainTap assists in the right neural pruning to enhance mental function. (08:12) Clarifying the concept of subspace in learning and brain function. (11:17) New studies on BrainTap's role in academic performance and dementia. (14:04) Community impact and personal experiences at the Biohacking Conference. Sponsors: BrainTap | Go to for an exclusive offer. Resources: 10th Annual Biohacking Conference: You’ll learn from dozens of experts at an amazing event that’s designed to upgrade every area of your life. Dave Asprey's NEW Book 'Smarter Not Harder' Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective:  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
15:25 5/21/24
Mini Episode: Biohacking with Advanced Laser Innovations - Dr. Brandon Crawford : 1161
We're previewing the 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, (May 30 - June 1) on The Human Upgrade! Dr. Brandon Crawford and 528 Innovations are at the forefront of laser technology development for biohacking. Traditionally seen as a tool for medical professionals, laser technology has made significant strides in becoming accessible for personal health optimization. Dr. Crawford’s work with 528 Innovations has led to the creation of a new laser device that enhances health and performance by manipulating light to achieve precise biological effects. This episode offers insights into the technology being featured at the Biohacking Conference, where attendees can experience the latest innovations that promise to elevate personal wellness routines. By harnessing the power of advanced laser technology, 528 Innovations is setting new standards in the field, aiming to transform everyday health practices with tools previously only available to specialists. Timestamps & Highlights: (00:01) Introduction to the episode and the historical significance of lasers in biohacking. (01:04) Preview of the Biohacking Conference and the introduction of innovative technologies. (01:38) Dr. Brandon Crawford discusses the versatility and legacy of racehorse lasers in therapy. (02:04) Exploration of how high-value professionals adopt biohacking technologies. (03:03) Announcement of Dr. Crawford's new laser product at the Biohacking Conference. (04:40) Discussion on the portable design and transformative potential of the new laser. (06:07) Dr. Crawford outlines the intended impact and the platform nature of the new laser technology. (07:05) Safety features and regulatory aspects of the new laser. (08:29) Insights into the research behind the new laser and its effects on brain function. (13:12) Pricing information and the value proposition for different users (home users vs. clinicians). Sponsor: Go to to learn more! Introducing the 528 Innovations 5 Series Laser Therapy Device, now available for pre-sale! Pre-order now for you chance to win! Secure this revolutionary product, launching this week and shipping later in the year. Resources: Dave Asprey's NEW Book 'Smarter Not Harder' 10th Annual Biohacking Conference: for tickets Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
17:33 5/20/24
Spermidine's Role in Cellular Health - Dr. Elizabeth Yurth : 1160
In this episode of "The Human Upgrade," you will learn from Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, an expert in orthopedics, cellular medicine, and regenerative medicine, about the significant health benefits of spermidine, a supplement that enhances longevity and supports robust health. Dr. Yurth discusses the crucial role of spermidine in promoting autophagy, the body's natural process for clearing out damaged cells, which can lead to better cellular health and a more youthful body. She also dives into how spermidine supports kidney health and how it can be combined with NAD to maximize anti-aging effects. Additionally, you will discover practical tips from Dr. Yurth on integrating these powerful supplements into your daily routine to maintain energy levels, improve cellular function, and sustain a vigorous and healthy life as you age. This episode provides deep insights into making informed choices about supplements that support long-term health goals. Timestamp Highlights: (00:00:01) Introduction: Background and the inception of biohacking. (00:01:08) Early biological management and its long-term benefits. (00:01:57) Misconceptions about fasting and the role of spermidine. (00:02:43) Dr. Uth's journey from orthopedics to longevity medicine. (00:06:17) Deep dive into spermidine: benefits, sources, and mechanisms. (00:10:43) Dietary sources of spermidine and its importance in diet. (00:16:02) Spermidine as a crucial nutrient for autophagy and its mechanisms. (00:19:13) Comparing spermidine with fasting and rapamycin for longevity. (00:22:25) Practical dosing advice for spermidine. (00:33:24) The optimal timing and method of spermidine supplementation. (00:41:58) Spermidine's effects on hair growth and its potential as a topical application. (01:07:17) Discussion on the future of longevity treatments and gene therapy. Sponsors:spermidineLIFE | Go to and use code Asprey25 at checkout for 25% off your order. EnVy | Go to and use code DAVE at checkout for an exclusive discount Head to for a free trial Resources:Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Boulder Longevity Institute: Follow spermidineLIFE: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
72:07 5/16/24
Leveraging AI and Innovation for Health – Peter Diamandis : 1159
In this episode of The Human Upgrade, Peter Diamandis shares his expert insights on using artificial intelligence to improve health and extend life. Listeners will learn about the latest advancements in AI-driven health technologies and therapeutic practices that could revolutionize wellness and longevity. Peter discusses the concept of longevity escape velocity and how close humanity is to achieving it. He also explores the economic models that might make cutting-edge therapies more accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, Peter provides personal anecdotes about his health routines, including his dietary strategies and his use of red light therapy, offering listeners practical advice on integrating these technologies into their own health regimes. This conversation sheds light on the future of health care and personal wellness, providing listeners with valuable strategies to enhance their quality of life. Timestamps: (00:00:01) Opening and introduction to the show (00:01:06) Peter's use of AI and its impact on health (00:07:42) Discussion on Ketamine and neuroplasticity (00:14:26) XPRIZE updates and new initiatives (00:17:45) The concept of longevity escape velocity (00:26:52) Financial models and accessibility of advanced therapies (00:39:13) The power of a supportive personal network (00:54:18) Peter's personal diet and longevity strategies (01:03:09) Red light therapy and its benefits (01:21:09) Closing remarks and future plans Sponsors: Calroy | Head to for an exclusive discount Viome | Go to to save $110 on the Full Body Intelligence Test. Resources: Peter Diamandis Official Website | XPRIZE | Purpose Finder | Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
80:12 5/14/24
Energize Your Life: Quantum Biohacking - Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling : 1158
In this special Upgrade Spotlight episode of "The Human Upgrade," Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, founder and CEO of Quantum Upgrade and Leela Quantum, joins the show to talk about quantum energy. Since his last appearance on the show, Philipp has made significant advances in harnessing quantum energy to promote health and wellness. You'll learn about the science behind quantum energy, how it can positively impact your life, and the practical ways you can use this technology to boost your own health, mood, and vitality. Philipp also shares insights into the journey that led him from a high-stress corporate world to pioneering in holistic health innovations, offering you inspiration and actionable tips to apply in your daily life. Join us to see how the latest in quantum energy can make a real difference in how you feel every day. Timestamps: (00:01:03) Introduction to Quantum Energy and Biohacking (00:04:51) Philipp's Journey from Corporate to Quantum Healing (00:12:27) Understanding Quantum Systems and Human Biology (00:16:32) The Science and Technology behind Quantum Upgrade (00:21:10) Evidence and Impact of Quantum Energy Devices (00:29:17) Expanding Human Consciousness through Quantum Fields (00:33:27) The Future of Health and Quantum Technologies (00:38:34) How Quantum Energy Can Shape Our Health and Environment (00:40:54) Philosophical Insights on Energy, Consciousness, and Healing (00:50:18) Closing Thoughts and How to Access Quantum Technologies Sponsors: Go to and get a 14 Day Free Trial Resources: Follow Philipp on Instagram: Quantum Upgrade Instagram: Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder:’ Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
53:06 5/10/24
How to Double Your Energy! – Ari Whitten
In this special "Asprey Archive" episode of The Human Upgrade, you’ll find out why you’re tired, how to fix it and ways to increase your energy. Fatigue is a hidden epidemic, with chronic fatigue syndrome being the most severe end, but most people (in the U.S.) are experiencing some level of being flat-out tired as hell.Our guest is Ari Whitten, Ph.D. (Cand.), CES, PES, who came on the show in 2022. Ari argues that as a culture, we have normalized fatigue. In his book, “EAT FOR ENERGY: How to Beat Fatigue, Supercharge Your Mitochondria, and Unlock All-Day Energy,” he explains that 5.4 million adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (the most severe case of fatigue). However, the true fatigue epidemic affects 50 to 100 times more people.Ari outlines the major factors impacting mitochondrial health, including poor sleep, excess body fat, and an unhealthy gut, and offers solutions like nutritional strategies and key supplements to enhance energy. With over 25 years in natural health science and a personal history with chronic fatigue, Ari brings invaluable insights into combating fatigue through his Energy Blueprint programs and podcast, where he connects with experts on revitalizing human energy.Sponsors:Pendulum | Get 20% off membership at with code Asprey20 ARMRA | Go to and use code Dave for 15% off Resources:Ari's book: FOR ENERGY: How to Beat Fatigue, Supercharge Your Mitochondria, and Unlock All-Day EnergyDave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
60:53 5/9/24
Becoming Buddha: How to Be Happy – Jerry Colonna : 1157
On today's episode, Jerry Colonna shares his transformative journey from a high-powered venture capitalist to a Buddhist coach. You'll learn about the profound impact of “radical self-inquiry" on leadership and life, illustrating how deep personal development can reshape personal and professional relationships. You'll also learn how mindfulness and self-awareness are crucial for effective leadership. Whether you're a seasoned leader or simply aspiring to improve, this conversation offers invaluable insights into executive coaching, Buddhism and personal transformation, making it essential for anyone aiming to foster a compassion and understanding. Highlights:(00:01:01) - Jerry Colonna's Transformative Journey (00:05:51) - The Impact of Material Success (00:13:27) - Mindfulness in Leadership (00:17:32) - Deep Mental States Through Meditation (00:22:10) - Themes of 'Reunion' (00:30:17) - Philosophy of Radical Self-Inquiry (00:34:27) - Leadership and Self-Awareness (00:39:34) - The Practice of Continuous Personal Development (00:41:54) - Becoming a Leadership Coach (00:51:18) - Connecting Mindfulness with Professional Relationships (00:56:10) - Long-Term Benefits of Self-Inquiry (01:00:42) - Insights from Executive Coaching (01:03:00) - Future of Leadership and Compassion  Sponsors: LEELA Q | Visit for 10% off Timeline Nutrition | Go to and get 10% off your first order.  Resources: Jerry’s Website - Jerry’s Book – Reunion: Leadership and the Longing to Belong Follow Jerry on Instagram: @Jerry.Colonna Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
94:04 5/7/24
Muscle Preservation with GLP-1 Drugs - Dr. Anurag Singh : 1156
Today on The Human Upgrade, Dr. Anurag Singh, a renowned expert in muscle biology and aging, shares his expertise on the impact of GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic and Wegovy on weight loss, muscle health, and aging. In this episode, you'll learn about the science behind these popular drugs, their potential benefits, and the risks involved. Discover how you can maintain muscle mass while losing weight, enhance your mitochondrial function for better health, and what the future holds for medical treatments in weight management. Gain expert insights into making smart choices for your long-term health and wellness, whether you're considering these treatments or just curious about new health technologies. Timestamped Highlights: (00:00:00) Introduction to GLP-1 agonists and their popularity in weight loss. (00:01:40) Guest introduction: Dr. Anurag Singh's expertise and background. (00:02:50) Dr. Singh discusses the primary functions and uses of GLP-1 drugs. (00:06:23) The significant muscle loss associated with GLP-1 drug use. (00:10:01) Addressing common misconceptions and concerns about GLP-1 agonists. (00:15:34) How GLP-1 agonists affect mitochondrial function and overall metabolism. (00:20:30) Comparing the effects of fasting to GLP-1 drugs on weight loss and muscle preservation. (00:28:43) New testing methods for mitochondrial function and their implications. (00:35:00) Potential future directions in GLP-1 treatment and muscle preservation strategies. (00:41:48) The concept of 'Ozempic face' and its effects on personal appearance and self-esteem. (00:50:04) Discussion on 'Urolithin A' and its role in mitochondrial health and muscle strength. (01:04:02) Predictions for the next innovations in weight loss and muscle health treatments. Resources: Vitamin Dake | Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Sponsors: STEMREGEN | Go to www.STEMREGEN.CO/DAVE for 20% Off Timeline Nutrition | Go to for an exclusive discount.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
74:14 5/2/24
Rethinking Cancer: Inflammation, Infections, and Mitochondrial Insights with Mark Lintern : 1155
Today's episode focuses on Cancer with a true expert, Mark Lintern. You'll learn about the surprising links between infections, inflammation, and our body's powerhouses - the mitochondria. This is a chance to arm yourself with cutting-edge theories that could change the way we treat cancer. Simple changes in treatment perspectives might be the key to unlocking new ways to tackle cancer and by the end of this episode, you'll have a fresh arsenal of knowledge to rethink cancer's causes and solutions. This is an eye-opening discussion that promises to transform the way we approach this formidable disease. Timestamp Highlights: (00:00:01) Introduction to a new theory about cancer (00:01:08) The interplay between mitochondrial dysfunction and genetic factors (00:02:08) Evaluating cancer from a citizen scientist's perspective (00:03:15) Challenging mainstream cancer narratives with personal research (00:07:49) How biases affect cancer research and therapy development (00:09:40) Exploring the Warburg effect in cancer metabolism (00:23:05) Investigating pathogens as a potential trigger for the Warburg effect (00:27:18) Fungal connections to chronic disease and cancer (00:35:32) How pathogens and inflammation contribute to cancer's growth (00:37:37) Importance of addressing inflammation and fungal infections in cancer (00:43:32) Estrogen's role in cancer promotion (00:47:10) The connection between methyl deficiency and cancer (00:49:17) Metformin's dual role in blood sugar regulation and antifungal activity (00:50:01) Wrapping up the conversation with final insights  Sponsors: ARRC LED | For More Information Visit www.ARRCLED.COM EnVy | Upgrade your sleep and skin health now at, use code DAVE10 at checkout.  Resources: Help Mark advance his research: Website - Book - The Cancer Resolution Follow Yes To Life: @YesToLifeCharity Donate to Yes To Life: Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast Moldy Movie: Want to join The Human Upgrade Podcast Live? Join Our Upgrade Collective: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
67:58 4/30/24
Biohacking Heartbreak: How to Move on Faster – Florence Williams : 1154
Get ready for a journey that takes you beyond the pain of heartbreak and into a world where loss transforms into growth with science journalist Florence Williams, who shares her personal triumph over the heartbreak of divorce, which inspired her to write a book on the subject. This episode sheds light on how heartbreak reshapes our bodies and minds. You'll gain valuable tactics for emotional healing, understand the crucial role of touch in regaining trust, and see how therapeutic practices like EMDR and rituals can offer relief. For those on the mend or helping others heal, this discussion is packed with practical advice to help you transform the trials of heartbreak into a journey of empowerment. This episode provides clear steps to recover and emerge stronger from life's emotional challenges. Timestamp Highlights (00:02:26) Florence Williams’ Journey Through Divorce (00:07:42) Divorce as a Story of Inflammation (00:13:43) Rebuilding Connection Post-Heartbreak (00:18:02) Embracing Beauty and Awe in Healing (00:23:22) Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics in Overcoming Heartbreak (00:34:33) Reestablishing Trust After Betrayal (00:38:04) The Healing Power of Touch and Oxytocin (00:44:51) Safe Relationships and Self-Discovery Post-Divorce (00:50:33) Journaling as a Tool for Processing Emotions Sponsors ARMRA | Go to and use code Dave for 15% off BEAM Minerals | Go to www.Beam for 20% off your first order. Resources Get your copy of ‘Heartbreak’ by Florence Williams: Florence Williams website: Follow Florence Williams: @Florence999 Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Follow The Human Upgrade: @TheHumanUpgradePodcast See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
100:59 4/25/24
Biohacking Stress & Burnout – Dr. Aditi Nerurkar : 1153
Managing your stress effectively and building resilience just got easier with Dr. Aditi Nerurkar's guidance on The Human Upgrade. This episode tackles 'toxic resilience,' revealing its impacts on health and well-being. You'll gain insights into the HPA axis—the body's command center for stress response—and learn practical techniques to turn stress into a growth tool. Dr. Aditi introduces the 'Rule of Two,' a simple yet powerful approach to adapting to stress and shows how neuroplasticity can retrain your brain for better stress management. You'll also discover tips for setting digital boundaries, fostering gratitude, managing a full email inbox, and understanding the connections between stress management and longevity. It's all about taking actionable steps toward a more resilient, empowered life.Timestamp Highlights:(00:01:21) - The Pressures of the Pandemic and the Surge in Stress (00:02:08) - Introducing Dr. Aditi Nerurkar and Her Journey Through Burnout (00:05:06) - The Concept of 'Toxic Resilience' and Sustainable Stress Management (00:10:16) - The Physiological Responses to Stress and the HPA Axis (00:12:12) - Transforming Stress from Maladaptive to Adaptive (00:17:16) - The Importance of Understanding Personal Stress Thresholds (00:21:06) - Empowering Change and Managing Internal Alerts (00:25:15) - The 'Rule of Two' in Stress Adaptation (00:32:21) - The Role of Neuroplasticity in Resilience (00:37:13) - Combining Conventional Medicine with Stress Management Techniques (00:39:29) - How Dr. Nerurkar Achieves an 'Inbox Zero' Lifestyle (00:40:59) - The Connection Between Stress Management and Longevity Sponsors Pendulum | Get 20% off membership at with code Asprey20 Timeline Nutrition | Go to and get 10% off your first order.  Resources Get your copy of ‘The 5 Resets’ by Dr. Aditi Nerurkar Follow Dr. Aditi on Instagram: @draditinerurkar Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dave on Instagram: @Dave.Asprey See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
80:39 4/23/24
Male Hormones: How Testosterone and Toxins Mess With You! – Tracy Gapin, M.D.
In this special Asprey Archive episode you’ll learn that while yes, testosterone fuels energy and performance, it’s not the be-all and end-all solution for men’s health woes. A systems biology approach considers many other aspects and provides a broader perspective about what’s going on with you.This conversation features board-certified urologist Tracy Gapin, M.D. He joined us in 2022 for this episode to discuss new ways for men to improve their health and performance. He uses epigenetic coaching, hormones, peptide therapy, biometric monitoring, and unique nutrition and lifestyle interventions.In his book, “Male 2.0™: Cracking the Code to Limitless Health and Vitality,” he says medical school, residency training and even a two-decade career in urology and surgery specialties didn’t teach him how to get to root causes of men’s issues and solve them. He had a health crash of his own at 42. Since neither he nor his doctor had good answers, he went on a quest of discovery and change. He founded the Gapin Institute for High Performance Medicine and created the proprietary N1 Performance Health Program to go beyond conventional options.This conversation goes even further into what creates epigenetic signals that affect the function and expression of your genes. You’ll learn, too, that your mindset, stress and environment—and how you do or don’t control those things—have everything to do with your energy and focus. If you’re aiming for higher performance, Dr. Tracy suggests a trifecta that makes sleep a priority, builds resilience to stress, and creates consistent behaviors with intention.Sponsors:EnVy | Go to and use code DAVE10 at checkout for an exclusive discount.Resources:Dave Asprey’s Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Website: Gapin Institute for High Performance MedicineInstagram: @DrTracyGapinInstagram: @Dave.AspreyYouTube: @DaveAspreyBPRSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
51:29 4/18/24
The Science Behind Memory - Dr. Charan Ranganath : 1152
In today’s episode you’ll explore the complexities of memory with Dr. Charan Ranganath, a top expert in cognitive neuroscience. This episode takes you through the fascinating ways our brains record, process, and utilize memories to navigate daily life and shape our futures. You’ll learn how memory impacts decision-making, the truth about common myths, and the role of groundbreaking research in our understanding of cognitive function. Dr. Ranganath shares insights from his book "Why We Remember," shedding light on the brain's ability to predict and prepare for what comes next. Whether you're a seasoned biohacker or just starting, this conversation offers valuable perspectives on the science of memory that will change how you think about your mind.Timestamp highlights (00:01:03) The Role of Memory in Shaping Our Reality (00:04:51) The Truth about Remembering and Forgetting (00:12:27) Psychedelics, Plasticity, and the Future of Memory Research (00:16:32) The Ethics of Memory Enhancement (00:21:10) Harnessing Memory for Predicting the Future (00:29:17) How Memory Evolves with Age (00:33:27) The Power of Pattern Recognition in Human Intelligence (00:38:34) Debunking Memory Myths with Dr. Ranganath (00:40:54) The Role of Diet and Lifestyle in Memory Preservation (00:50:18) What 'Spider Sense' Says About Our Predictive Brains (00:55:10) Building a Life of Meaningful Memories (00:59:42) How Long Would You Want to Live if Your Memory Stayed Intact? Sponsors Sunlighten | Head to to save up to $600 STEMREGEN | Go to for 20% off  Resources Get your copy of 'Why We Remember' by Dr. Charan Ranganath Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Follow Dr. Ranganath on Instagram: @TheMemoryDoc See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
81:27 4/16/24
Hack Your Hunger: The Power of GLP-1 Probiotics - Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D. : 1151
Join Dave Asprey for a fascinating discussion with Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D., on leveraging the power of GLP-1 for natural weight management and overall well-being. Discover how probiotics can naturally stimulate GLP-1 production in the body, helping reduce food cravings and maintain a healthy gut lining. We delve into the differences between pharmaceuticals and natural probiotics, the importance of GLP-1 for longevity, and practical tips for optimizing your microbiome health. Whether you're battling cravings or seeking to prevent diabetes and its associated risks, this episode sheds light on natural, effective strategies for a healthier life. Timestamp Highlights: (00:00:01) Introduction to GLP-1 and weight management (00:01:06) Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD, on natural ways to stimulate GLP-1 (00:04:41) The role of microbiome in regulating GLP-1 and cravings (00:16:00) The GLP-1 probiotic: benefits beyond weight loss (00:34:13) Dietary interventions to support GLP-1 probiotics (00:42:23) Personal experiences and results with GLP-1 probiotics (00:51:01) The different pendulum products and who should take them (00:59:23) How GLP-1 probiotics impact the gut lining and overall health (01:03:56) GLP-1 and its connection to longevity and disease prevention Sponsors: Pendulum | Get 20% off membership at with code Asprey20 ARMRA | Go to and use code Dave for 15% off ARRC LED | For More Information Visit Resources: Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Instagram: @Dave.Asprey Pendulum GLP-1 Probiotics: (Code: Asprey20 for 20% off) Instagram: @pendulumlifecoSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
65:38 4/11/24
Prioritize Performance, Not Fame - Ramon Hervey II : 1150
Today you'll step inside the real world of fame with Ramon Hervey II, the mastermind manager behind iconic figures like Vanessa Williams, Bette Midler, and Richard Pryor. He is author of "The Fame Game: An Insider's Playbook for Earning Your 15 Minutes." With years of experience guiding celebrity journeys, Ramon dismantles the myths surrounding fame and success. In this episode, he shares invaluable insights on why pouring your heart into your work and letting excellence lead is more fulfilling and enduring than the pursuit of fame. Ramon, a Master of Media and public perception, brings a wealth of knowledge from his time shaping the narratives of household names. Get ready to redefine your ambitions and align your pursuits with the values that truly matter. You’ll step beyond the veneer of fame into a world where your achievements stand the test of time. (00:00:06) Introduction to the complexities of fame (00:01:06) Ramon's correction and insights into the unpredictability of fame (00:04:04) The statistical rarity of becoming famous (00:06:03) The truth behind fabricating fame in the entertainment industry (00:09:18) The importance of authenticity and integrity (00:21:54) Ramon's experience with the toxic side of fame (00:29:32) The gratitude for positive fan interactions (00:32:13) Ramon's advice for influencers on handling fame (00:41:19) How industries can shift and impact your fame (00:42:27) Dave's creation of the biohacking movement (00:48:41) The strategic management of public image and fame (00:52:10) The dangers of seeking fame for fame's sake (00:58:55) The misuse of fame and its consequences (01:07:13) The role of media and public perception (01:14:04) Ramon's take on fame as currency and liability (01:20:22) The Tenets of Fame - managing fame without destruction Sponsors: Timeline Nutrition | Go to and get 10% off your first order 40 Years of Zen | Go to for an exclusive offer.Resources: Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Website: IG - @trichemon FB - Ramon Hervey II Twitter: @coolramon See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
79:15 4/9/24
Female Hormones: What Disrupts, Detoxes & Balances Them! – Anna Cabeca, D.O.
Today you’ll learn about female hormones: what they are, what they do, and what disrupts them. You’ll learn about the hormonal shifts that happen at different ages and life stages and get tips on how to balance hormones and make them work for you, not against you.This conversation features Anna Cabeca, D.O.. Dr. Anna is a Doctor of Osteopathy who’s triple-board certified in gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She has additional certifications in functional medicine, sexual health, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She joins this special preview episode to talk about female hormones. It’s her particular area of expertise and one of The Human Upgrade’s all-time Top 10 podcast topics. Today’s hormone discussion includes:How hormone disruptors go beyond stress to mold, and product and environmental toxinsHow estrogen levels change over timeWhat’s going on with progesterone, pregnenolone and DHEA, tooWhat happens to hormones during perimenopause and menopauseWhat’s causing brain fogWhat to know about bioidentical hormonesHow detoxing affects hormonesHow to keep your vaginal microbiome balancedHow “food as medicine” helps balance hormonesHow hormones influence longevityAnd much more!For the past 20 years, Dr. Anna's educated and helped women with their hormones through her private practice, books, online videos and articles. Learn more about her work with women’s hormone health:“MenuPause: Five Unique Eating Plans to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau and Improve Mood, Sleep, and Hot Flashes”“The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat Naturally, Boost Energy, and Stop Hot Flashes the Keto-Green™️ Way”“Keto-Green™️ 16”Sponsors:Quantum Upgrade | Go to for a 7-day Free TrailNeurohacker Senolytic | to get 15% off.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56:14 4/4/24
The Dawn of a New Era in Cancer Screening - Dr. Josh Ofman : 1149
What if you could catch cancer in its earliest stages, when it's most treatable—would you seize that chance? Our guest today is Dr. Josh Ofman, the president of GRAIL, and he's pioneering early cancer detection in a revolutionary new way. You'll discover the cutting-edge advances in multi-cancer early detection that are transforming the fight against this swift and silent killer. You'll also learn about the full potential of the GRAIL gallery test in your proactive health management. This technology is ushering in a new era in cancer care but also signals a paradigm shift in disease prevention. Learn why yearly screenings are your best strategy in the race against cancer. Prepare to dive deep into how the latest biotech innovations could significantly extend your life span!Timestamp Highlights (00:01:03) An Unsettling Trend in Cancer Proliferation  (00:04:51) Introducing Dr. Josh Ofman and the GRAIL Test  (00:12:27) The Revolutionary Approach of Multi-Cancer Early Detection  (00:16:32) The Shift to Biological Signals in Cancer Detection  (00:21:10) The Empowering Aspect of Knowing Your Cancer Status  (00:29:17) How GRAIL's Gallery Test Can Change the Paradigm of Cancer Treatment  (00:33:27) The Critical Nature of Annual Cancer Screening  (00:38:34) How Early Detection Affects Treatment Options and Survival  (00:40:54) The Future of GRAIL in Other Disease Pathways  (00:50:18) Combating Fear and Misconceptions Around Cancer  (00:55:10) The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Cancer Incidence  (00:59:42) The Pivotal Role of Data in Personalized Health Sponsors  ARRC LED | The perfect device for daily home use. For more information visit Leela Quantum | Visit for 10% Off Resources  Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’:  GRAIL Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test: Visit to see if you’re eligible for a $50 off limited-time online-only offer. GRAIL Research and Studies: GRAIL on  Twitter: @GRAILbio See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Molding the Future of Wellness: Synthesizing Spirit and Science – Dr. Christina Rahm : 1148
I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Christina Rahm, who has an inspiring journey from a pharmaceutical executive to an advocate for integrating holistic health solutions with rigorous scientific methods. We dive into the impact of spirituality on wellness, the transformative power of neural feedback, and the intersection of technology and ethics in health. Dr. Rahm shares her insights into combating health issues with nanotechnology and discusses the influence of the environment on our well-being.(00:00:01) Introducing Dr. Christina Rahm and her diverse expertise in health and science (00:02:17) The transparency and ethics in the pharmaceutical industry (00:07:07) Transition to holistic health solutions and bioengineering innovations (00:14:10) Addressing the pervasive health effects of fungus and mold (00:27:11) Biotechnology's role in creating a brighter future for human health (00:38:04) Discussing the unexpected benefits of childhood diseases on immune function (00:50:31) Exploring annual detox rituals and their scientific basis (01:03:01) Handling criticism with humor: The "Your Mom" strategy(01:06:57) Announcement of Upgrade Labs locations and offerings  Sponsors: Mitosynergy | Exclusive offer for listeners – 15% off by going to ARMRA | Go to and use code Dave to get 15% off your First Order Resources: Dr. Christina Rahm's website: Root Brands: Upgrade Labs: Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Dr. Chrsitina Rahm’s Instagram Page: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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