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Judy Collins the Executive Director of the United State Staffing Association goes on a quest to find answers to your Staffing and Recruiting questions. Judy digs deep in her HUMONGOUS Rolodex of industry contacts and interviews industry professionals in search of answers.


Transforming the Staffing Industry with AI with Claudia Garcia of Royalty Medical Solutions
Dear Just Ask Judy, AI is taking the world by storm! How can I use AI tools in my staffing agency, and how do they contribute to efficiency and cost-effectiveness? Flo from Florida     Dear Flo, AI is an exciting tool with many potential benefits. To give us a better perspective, I talked to Claudia Garcia, President and founder of Royalty Medical Solutions to see how she uses AI. Claudia says that one of the significant advantages of AI tools is their ability to automate tasks that would otherwise require significant time and effort for her or her staff. Claudia uses the AI tool ChatGPT which saves her time, marketing, writing sales emails, blog posts, and updating website content. These tasks can be time-consuming and tedious, but with AI tools, these processes can be streamlined. This frees up time for building more personal relationships with her clients and applicants. She uses AI tools to facilitate communication and engagement with potential candidates. Automated text messages and chatbots can handle initial screenings and responses to ads to qualify candidates. This saves time and increases the number of valuable conversations she can have with her candidates. Claudia can then interact with pre-screened candidates, one-on-one. Claudia has personalized her AI Tool, BettyBot, to send reminders when interviews are scheduled and when feedback is required. Claudia highlights that using AI tools can save her time, thus saving cost. She also noted that she has partnered her AI Tool with her ATS system to better match candidates with specific job requirements. This saves valuable time for her and her candidates. When you make that call, make your time count! By utilizing AI tools, you can reduce the time spent sourcing and focus on engaging with pre-qualified candidates. This saves money by optimizing resource allocation and improves the overall recruitment process. To know more about how Claudia utilizes AI, you can contact her at Judy
09:17 11/7/23
Is the Role of a Recruiter still Relevant with Siam Pasarly of Kaarpoh Staffing Agency
Dear Just Ask Judy,  With the many online resources available to job seekers and the growing presence of AI, is the role of a recruiter still relevant today? John in Joplin   Dear John in Joplin,  Your question about the relevance of recruiters in today’s labor market is pertinent and on the minds of many recruiters. It is essential to realize that recruiters hold a pivotal role in the labor market. Search and staffing firms provide indispensable services that remain relevant despite the increasing availability of online tools and AI.  One of the most significant advantages that staffing agencies bring to the table is their extensive network of skilled and qualified candidates. Where specialized skills are the key to success, these agencies offer a curated selection of individuals who best align with an organization's unique demands. Particularly in today's competitive job market, staffing agencies serve as a necessary means of connecting talent with need. In addition to this, there are many administrative details that must be handled during the hiring process. Background checks, screenings, and eligibility verifications are time-consuming tasks that require both finesse and adherence to regulations. Staffing agencies excel in managing these complexities, relieving HR departments of administrative burdens, and ensuring efficient, compliant processes. The growing interest in returning to on-site work has introduced a new layer of complexity in that companies seeking talent willing to work in a traditional office environment face distinct challenges. Skilled recruiters can identify those individuals who align with this evolving trend and match them up with suitable employers.  Even in the digital age, where direct interactions between job seekers and companies are facilitated by technology, staffing agencies continue to thrive. Their unique combination of expertise, resources, and guidance remains unchallenged. Recruiters add the “human touch” which is missing from typical online tools or ATS systems and can increase the likelihood of a successful placement.  Staffing agencies are not just relevant but are critical to the smooth functioning of the job market. The increasingly available digital platforms and AI systems serve as useful tools for the recruiter to use in concert with the human interaction they provide.   Judy
56:42 10/26/23
FlyMSG Productivity Tool with Mario Martinez, Jr. of Vengreso
Dear Just Ask Judy, I need to make sure my sales employees are as productive as possible. Is there a tool I can use that can increase their productivity? Regards, Diana in Detroit     Dear Diana, Increasing the productivity of your sales force is a sure-fire way of improving your firm’s overall productivity … and your bottom line. If you can gain an incremental improvement in productivity the effect on your business can be significant …with no addition of staff. I explored this issue with Mario Martinez, Founder and CEO of Vengreso. Mario’s firm offers an innovative tool called FlyMSG which can help streamline your sales staff’s efforts. Mario explained that FlyMSG addresses the common challenge of repetitive messaging, which often consumes considerable time for sales teams. With FlyMSG, you can streamline this process and save valuable time every day. This tool allows you to store your repeatable messages in the cloud, and with a simple keystroke, known as a "fly cut," you can deploy these messages across various platforms and applications. What used to take minutes for each message can now be accomplished in seconds. He noted that this automation feature is particularly beneficial for recruiters and staffing agencies as it enables them to send messages efficiently across different SaaS applications, job boards, and communication platforms. Mario clarified that “Saas” refers to “Software as a Service” in which a cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to end users over the internet. I asked Mario about the origin of the “Vengreso” name, and he explained that he took the Spanish words “Ventas” meaning “Sales” and “Ingreso” meaning “Revenue” and combined them to form “Vengreso”! If you would like to explore FlyMSG further, you can find it at or email Mario directly at I appreciate Mario taking his time to introduce us to this interesting tool. Hopefully, this will help you improve your firm’s productivity! Judy
11:38 10/18/23
Why Texting is an effective Communication Tool with Kat Wright of Text Request
Dear Just Ask Judy- As a recruiter I need to communicate with applicants and clients on a regular basis. Is texting still an efficient tool to accomplish this? … Karl in Kansas Dear Karl in Kansas- Thank you for reaching out with your question about the utility of texting. Even with the strong presence of social media, texting still holds a significant place in our daily interactions and has its unique advantages. To help us better understand its benefits, I spoke with Kat Wright, Enterprise Sales Manager at Text Request. Text Request is a business texting software designed specifically for recruiters. According to Kat, one of the key advantages of texting is its quick and easy nature. While picking up the phone and making a call is often preferred because of the “human touch,” texting allows for a swift response. Texting can send and receive messages in real-time, making it very convenient for busy individuals. It eliminates the need for lengthy phone conversations or waiting for email responses. Scheduled messaging is another feature that makes texting efficient. Kat explains that scheduling messages is an everyday use case in the staffing industry, especially when dealing with applicants in different time zones or for night owls who work unconventional hours. By scheduling messages, businesses can send links for scheduling interviews, confirming appointments, or filling last-minute openings. This feature allows for better time management and ensures that important communication is delivered at the right time. Kat also mentions the high response rate of text messages. Statistics show that text messages have a 95% higher chance of being seen, read, and responded to than phone calls. Almost every text message sent is read, while emails have a significantly lower open rate. This makes texting an effective way to contact candidates and ensure that important information is received and acknowledged. Kat pointed out that texting also allows for efficient and direct communication. Candidates may be unable to answer phone calls while working, but they can easily respond to a quick text message. Texting provides a non-intrusive way to reach out to candidates and receive prompt replies. It is also helpful in sending last-minute details before interviews or getting specific questions answered. Instead of chasing someone down with phone calls, a quick text can provide the necessary information and streamline the communication process. If you want to explore the advantages of texting, contact Kat at 423-218-0111, ext. 714. Her email is You may visit the Text Request website at I hope this has answered your question, Karl! Judy
07:58 9/19/23
Business Relationships with Jana Fichtner
Dear Just Ask Judy, As a recruiter, I understand how important good client relationships are. What do you suggest I do to maintain good relationships with my clients to retain their return business? … Interested in Iowa   Dear Interested in Iowa, Your question identifies an issue crucial for the success of any business. Building strong connections with your clients helps retain them and opens doors for potential referrals and new opportunities. To address your concern, I asked Jana Fichtner, President of Fichtner & Associates to share her experience and insights gained over 36 years in the staffing industry. Jana noted that maintaining communication is crucial for building and maintaining client loyalty. Answering phone calls and returning voicemails promptly is very important. While many people let unknown numbers go to voicemail due to spam calls, Jana believes every call could be an opportunity. By answering calls and returning voicemails, she ensures that she gets in touch with all potential candidates or clients who may be trying to contact her. She highlights the importance of treating others as you would like to be treated. Jana has earned her clients’ loyalty by providing excellent service and by treating candidates and clients respectfully. While she acknowledges that she may not be the only recruiter they have worked with, she is often their first choice when they need assistance. This loyalty is a result of their positive experiences with her. Furthermore, Jana emphasizes the significance of keeping in touch with clients even when she may have yet to find the right candidate for them. By regularly communicating with clients and updating them on the progress of their search, she maintains a strong relationship with them. This proactive approach shows clients that she is invested in their success and committed to helping them find the right candidate. Jana suggested that networking and relationships are crucial in career advancement. By building strong and lasting connections, individuals can open doors to new job opportunities, collaborations, and mentorship. Furthermore, building lasting relationships can provide a sense of fulfilment and purpose. When time and energy is invested into building and maintaining relationships, we invest in the well-being and happiness of ourselves and others. Jana acknowledges the generational differences when it comes to technology. Those in their early 30s are much more tech-savvy than the previous generation. This highlights that younger individuals may be more inclined to “ghost” recruiters because they are comfortable with digital communication and may not see the need for a direct conversation or explanation. Jana also suggests a possible solution to the problem of ghosting. She advises recruiters to send a direct email or text to the candidate or client using the word "closure." By stating that they assume the lack of response means the individual is not interested in the position, the recruiter essentially provides an opportunity for the person to confirm or deny their lack of interest. This approach may prompt a response and clarify situations where ghosting has occurred. If you have any questions for Jana, she can be contacted at or by visiting her website at I hope this helps answer your question. Judy
10:35 9/18/23
The Significance of Unique Value Proposition in Marketing with Steve Isenberg of ASJ Partners
Dear Just Ask Judy,  Why is the unique value proposition in marketing important as a recruiter, and how can it help staffing firms attract new candidates and clients? Regards, Hannah Dear Hannah,  I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your insightful question regarding the significance of a unique value proposition in marketing for staffing firms. To give us a deeper insight regarding your question, I have spoken with Steve Eisenberg, President and CEO of ASJ Partners, a marketing agency for the staffing industry.  According to Steve, to stand out in a crowded market, staffing firms and recruiters need to have a unique value proposition and effectively communicate it through their marketing efforts. By doing so, they can move away from being stuck in pricing discussions and instead focus on the value they bring to their clients and candidates. One key aspect of brand differentiation is the importance of job descriptions. Eisenberg compares job descriptions to a company's brand, stating that they must accurately convey what the job entails and provide insights into the workplace culture.  In a time when job seekers have limited time and attention spans, boring and mundane job descriptions can easily be overlooked. By crafting job descriptions that are engaging and informative, staffing firms can attract the attention of potential candidates and stand out from their competitors. Furthermore, Steve emphasizes maintaining top-of-mind awareness among clients and candidates. By consistently communicating and staying connected with them, staffing firms can position themselves as trusted partners and go-to resources when their services are needed.  Simply, staffing firms can set themselves apart and thrive in a competitive market by understanding their unique value proposition, crafting compelling job descriptions, and maintaining consistent communication with clients and candidates. If you would like to know more about the importance of a unique value proposition in marketing, you can reach out to Steve at, or they can reach out via phone at 610-348-5805.  I hope you are enlightened, Hannah! Regards,  Judy
06:43 9/6/23
Taking Your Business To the Next Level with Bruce Putman of A-1 Staffing
Dear Just Ask Judy: “I have been in business for a while now, but I need some ideas on how to take my business to the next level. How do I go about it?” … Inquiring in Indiana   Dear Inquiring in Indiana: Your concern about taking your business to the next level is a common theme for recruiters. Running a business can be challenging, and it's understandable to feel frustrated when trying to expand your business by a significant margin. To identify strategies you can use, I contacted Bruce Putman, a search and staffing industry consultant, who can give us insight into how to take your business to the next step. Bruce served in leadership roles in both NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) and MKSSA (Missouri Kansas Search and Staffing Association). He has successfully opened multiple locations and worked in different verticals such as healthcare, LI, and professional/clerical. Bruce commented that expanding vertical markets for growth is a key strategy in the staffing industry. Taking the opportunity to diversify and expand in this manner can enable you to broaden your business's scope and capture new opportunities. To do this a rational analysis of market trends is crucial to identify the right vertical markets for expansion. Information on demographics, hiring trends, and current industry events is necessary to build a picture of potential opportunities in a specific vertical or location. It is important to look for cross-selling opportunities where you can utilize your existing database and expertise to move into a new vertical. While rational analysis is important, he also emphasizes the importance of gut feeling and knowing which markets have growth potential. You can develop this gut feeling by talking and listening to your peers, applicants, and clients. This combination of intuition and rational analysis can guide business owners in making strategic decisions about expanding into new markets. Putman highlights the value of relationships and learning from others in the industry and recommends joining search and staffing associations. These associations can provide opportunities for networking, training, and mentorship, allowing staffing firm owners to connect with peers and learn from each other's experiences. These network connections can help you identify a market niche which needs to be better served, leading to growth opportunities for your firm. Bruce also acknowledges the challenges that small business owners face in the staffing industry and cites the importance of having trusted peers with whom you can share experiences and ideas. We appreciate Bruce’s willingness to share his insights and experiences in expanding vertical markets for growth. His expertise provides valuable guidance for business owners like yourself looking to take their business to the next level. He encourages owners to contact him with any questions or concerns, offering his contact information and willingness to mentor and help in any way he can. Bruce can be reached at or at 816-392-2730.   I hope I have answered your concern!
11:12 8/25/23
The importance of Data Management and compliance for Recruiters with Karen Connor
Dear Just Ask Judy: “As a business owner, compliance with laws and regulations is paramount. The thing is, keeping up with the changes can take a lot of work. Is there an easy way to do so?” … Chris from Ohio   Dear Chris from Ohio: Thank you for reaching out with your concern about staying compliant with laws and regulations as a business owner. I completely understand how challenging it can be to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of compliance requirements. To help us navigate your problem, I have invited Karen Connor, the vice president of business development at COATS Staffing Software. As you know, one of the key challenges for recruiters is keeping up with the constantly changing rules and regulations at the state, federal, and local levels. COATS Staffing Software addresses this challenge by providing a comprehensive platform that brings together all critical data in one place. This allows recruiters to have better control over their business and ensures compliance with various laws and regulations. The software starts by assisting recruiters in managing the pre-employment application process. COATS follows the Barriers to Hire rule, which means that certain information, such as date of birth, social security number, and criminal history, cannot be asked during the initial application. Coates' online application form ensures recruiters adhere to these rules and collect only the necessary information. After the initial application, COATS helps recruiters with post-hire paperwork, such as I-9 and W-4 forms. The software integrates with efficient hire, an integrated partner, to manage and track compliance with these forms. This ensures that recruiters ask the right questions and populate the correct forms, reducing non-compliance risk. COATS also offers features to manage contracts and client relationships. The software's customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities allow recruiters to store and manage contracts effectively. This ensures that all contractual obligations are met and helps maintain compliance in client relationships. Overall, COATS Staffing Software simplifies compliance for recruiters by providing a comprehensive platform that manages all critical data and ensures adherence to rules and regulations. By streamlining processes and centralizing information, the software helps recruiters maintain compliance at every stage of the recruitment and hiring process. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and improves efficiency and productivity for staffing agencies. If you have more questions, you can reach out to me or Karen at 800-888-5894 or through her email, You can also visit their website at   Thanks a lot!
15:27 8/25/23
Data Management with Ramsey Sweis of Aqaba
Dear Just Ask Judy, My staffing firm collects a large amount of data relating to job seekers and client companies. How can I best manage this information? Rachelle Dear Rachelle, Your question points out a problem that all search and staffing firm owners face: How to manage and make sense of the flood of data needed to have a successful search. I reached out to Ramsey Sweis, President of Aqaba Technologies for some guidelines. Ramsey explains that data management involves measuring various metrics related to a business's online presence, such as geographic data, demographic data, and website attribution. These metrics provide valuable insights into user behavior and help businesses optimize their websites. By understanding where users come from, how they navigate through a website, and what actions they take, businesses can tailor their strategies to attract and retain applicants and client companies. Ramsey also mentions that a staffing firm owner needs executive summaries of data to ensure they stay updated with the latest information. These reports serve as a basis for discussion during client meetings, where the data is explained and used as a management tool, helping to drive business growth. Mr. Sweis cited a key benefit of data management: Improvement of budget planning. Businesses can track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by analyzing the cost per acquisition, cost per visit, and cost per conversion. By understanding these metrics, businesses can make informed decisions about their budget allocations. He notes that data management allows businesses to track user actions on their websites. By monitoring actions such as downloads, ebook requests, consultations, and appointment bookings, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their website in converting visitors into potential clients. This data can be quantified in dollars and cents, enabling businesses to calculate their cost per conversion and overall cost per acquisition. These insights give businesses the necessary information to make strategic decisions and allocate resources effectively. I appreciate Ramsey taking the time to discuss these issues with me. If you would like more information, you may contact Ramsey at or visit his website at I hope this helped answer your question.   Judy
08:01 7/13/23
The Use of Linkedin with Mary Markowitz of MAM & Associates
“How has the use of LinkedIn changed in the last few years for executive recruiters? … Inquiring in Dallas Dear Inquiring in Dallas: Your question is of great interest to recruiters since LinkedIn has traditionally been the favored medium for professionals to interact with each other. To delve a little deeper into how the use of the platform has changed, I spoke to Mary Ann Markowitz of Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates, a top-ranked recruiter in the accounting and finance sector. Mary Ann explained that the game of finding a job via Linkedin had changed drastically in the last two years. Compared to two years ago, executive recruiters have emphasized the value of LinkedIn relationships and interactions with potential candidates. She noted that executive recruiters constantly strive to find the best talent for their clients. Finding the best candidates requires an understanding of the current trends and practices of using LinkedIn and ensuring that the recruiter takes full advantage of the platform. No longer is it enough to post a job and wait for candidates to apply? Instead, successful recruiters must take the initiative and add value to their network beyond a job post. This could include responding to comments, and even creating polls to get feedback from the community. By using these techniques, you help create more meaningful conversations with potential candidates and you get to know the candidate beyond a resume.  LinkedIn claims recruiters get a 300% higher response rate with InMail versus regular emails. Mary Ann commented, however, that potential applicants sit on these emails and respond long after a search is complete. You still pay for the option, but it is questionable whether someone just starting should invest in this service. Summing up, Mary Ann emphasized that recruiters must proactively follow up with potential candidates. Only some people will respond to the job post, so recruiters must take the initiative to reach out to potential candidates and continue to nurture the relationship. This could involve following up with the candidate after an initial conversation or simply sending a message letting them know you are still looking for them and are interested in their candidacy. MAM can help you navigate LinkedIn and coach you on using the platform more efficiently. If you would like to gain further insights, please contact Mary Ann at or visit her website at   I hope this helps you!   Judy
09:14 4/21/23
How Can I Save Time with Jessie Bouclier of LogicMelon
Dear Just Ask Judy: In my recruiting business I spend a tremendous amount of time and effort gathering and keeping track of candidates, posting the jobs, and getting my message out there. How can I save time?  … Wondering in Windsor   Dear Wondering in Windsor: Time is your most valuable commodity! We all spend (and often waste) inordinate amounts of time doing our work. Since time is such a precious commodity, we must do all we can to work more efficiently. This includes finding and using the right tools for the job! To identify some useful tools, I reached out to Jessie Bouclier, Partnership Manager, at LogicMelon. Jessie’s firm has a suite of software products that likely can be of help to you. Jessie described the software packages and explained how they can make you more efficient and save you some time! First on Jessie’s list is to use an Applicant Tracking System. These systems help keep you organized and give you access to all the information you need, all in one place.  Next, she cited a Job Distributor. Instead of copying and pasting across job boards, you can post quickly and easily to multiple sites. And no more repetitive filling out of separate fields at different sites. Imagine! Lastly, Jessie suggested using a Social Media Scheduler. If you're trying to get your name out there and want people to see you as a resource in the industry, you need content and you need to be able to schedule it! Maybe you even need to target specific demographics! Jessie noted that LogicMelon software can help with both the first two needs! These products can help you keep all your information in one place with LogicMelon’s “lite ATS” designed for the mid-size staffing agency or the HR team. Jobs can be distributed across over 3,000 job boards, the big ones, as well as free ones, and even niche diverse job boards, all with just a few clicks of your mouse. LogicMelon also has partners that can help with social media issues: Paiger and Work4 can help you. Paiger has content (AI gen blogs, recruitment industry social posts, as well as a scheduler) and Work4 can use targeted demographics to advertise your job posts. I hope this has answered some of your concerns and hope that these tools will help you become more efficient and save some time! If you would like to explore these products in more detail or would like a demo, please contact Jessie Buclier at LogicMelon directly. She can be reached by phone at 860- 269-3089 or by email at
05:48 3/23/23
Employee Protection with Dan Hanlon of Noble Six, Inc.
Remember when you did fire drills in elementary school… if you were like me, you enjoyed the 10 minutes away from class. Still, children do not understand there is a sound methodology behind that regular training… methods used by almost every high-level military, intelligence, law enforcement, and high-performance team in the world. Hold onto that thought…. we will come back to it shortly. Each workplace is unique, and it is imperative that an organizational culture of safety and security is emphasized by the leaders and managers at your business. I contacted Dan Hanlon with The Noble Group to seek some guidance. Dan shared with me some fascinating background information as well as some specific actions you can take to improve your workplace safety. Dan noted it is essential to conduct a comprehensive review of policy, protocol, and training for all employees. The level of violence in our society is at unprecedented levels and this is evident in the level of violence in our workplaces as well. According to, a website that tracks mass shootings where four or more are injured or killed, there were 693 mass shootings in the United States in 2021. The number of mass shootings has more than doubled since 2018 to 336 mass shootings. Statistics vary, but what is known is well over half of the mass shooting incidents are occurring at businesses. Addressing sixty-three active shooting incidents in the US between 2000 and 2013 to identify who may be on a pathway to deadly violence, an FBI study1 noted nearly two-thirds of active shooters (62%) had a history of acting in an “abusive, harassing and oppressive way” including incidents of “excessive bullying and workplace harassment.” Where an active shooter’s primary grievance could be identified, the most common grievances were related to an adverse interpersonal or employment action against the shooter. Workplace safety and security must be a daily priority to be effective at a level that mitigates the risk of harm. This includes understanding what has, and has not, worked in keeping employees safe in past incidents of workplace violence. While every critical incident is chaotic with often tragic results, there are tangible steps based on best practices in creating a safer workplace environment. An overview of the person you hire, the knowledge that employees are not impaired at work, and threat assessments are all effective tools in creating and maintaining a culture of safety and security. Mr. Hanlon emphasized that you cannot predict or control how “Active Assailant” incidents unfold, however, you can prepare mentally and train through stress-inducing scenarios to develop a conditioned response under stress. Commercial airlines condition your safety response to critical incidents on every single flight. Response protocol through conditioning a safety response under stress creates an understanding of how you will react, defend yourself, and survive based on best practices. Every employee knowing and periodically training proper response protocol is critical to their overall safety. The fire drills in elementary school conditioned you through training to respond to the “worst case scenario.” With the unprecedented, increasing, and unyielding number of violent workplace incidents, crisis response protocol provides this same training opportunity to help you survive today’s “worst-case scenario” in your workplace. We appreciate Dan briefing us on this vital topic and invite you to contact him if you would like further guidance. Dan’s Noble Group provides the tools to mitigate risk through four connected business units – Noble Medical (drug testing products), Noble Diagnostics (DOT and non-DOT drug testing management), Noble Backgrounds, and Noble Six (Situational Awareness and Critical Incident Training, Security Assessments, Emergency Response Protocol). You can reach Dan via Email at or by phone at 414-207-0441 Providing a safe and secure workplace has never been more important! I hope I have alleviated your concerns with the knowledge that there are steps you can take to mitigate risk and create a safer workplace for your employees! Judy Note 1 “A Study of the Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the United States between 2000 and 2013.”
18:51 2/23/23
Group Captives with John Denman of Insurance Marketing Agencies, Inc.
It’s frustrating to watch your premiums go up and never get any of that money back. Many companies have looked for alternatives including Self-insurance, Retrospective (Retro), and Group Captive (GC) plans. Each of these allows you to share in the good claim year profits and the bad year costs. These options come with minimum premium and cash flow requirements to be eligible. I spoke with John Denman of Insurance Marketing Agencies, Inc. to learn more. John explained the pros and cons of each:  Self-insurance is reserved for large companies that can pay the first few hundred thousand dollars of any claim. If a company can do this and the program is set up correctly, the company can enjoy profits in good years and limit the lousy-year costs. Retro plans offer some return of premium but have an upside cost if claims are more than expected. Companies hesitate to offer Retro plans and they are usually biased in favor of the insurance company.  Group Captives offer partial ownership of your own insurance company, along with other financially strong, best-in-class companies in your industry. Some benefits of a GC. Members/owners get control over premiums, claims, and coverages.  Premiums are often lower than traditional insurance companies and more consistent year-to-year.  Safety and claims management is the focus, ultimately improving both employee and public safety.  Operating costs may be reduced, returning profits to the members as dividends.  Members/owners can be as involved as they like in the operation of the GC. The group usually offers exotic travel opportunities to meet your fellow owners while conducting group business.  Other benefits include just one WC (composite) rate for all employees regardless of the industry, simplifying the end-of-year WC audit process. As an owner, you have input into how each claim is handled since it’s your money that’s being used to pay your claims. John noted that any stable company with long-term financial strength and a commitment to safety should consider a Group Captive if their claims are better than the industry average and their premiums are at least $150,000 per year. It is important to partner with an agent who has established relationships with GC managers and who has knowledge of how those GCs function since this isn’t something most agents understand. I thank John for taking the time to offer some insight into this complicated subject and encourage anyone with more questions to reach out to John directly. John can be reached via email at or by phone at 978-852-3418.
10:21 2/9/23
Onsite Drug Testing with Tracie Buttterfield
It goes without saying that substance abuse can do more harm than good to your business. So it makes sense to require a drug screening process, but with employees wanting to work ASAP, the whole thing can be pretty disruptive and lengthy. But it doesn’t have to be when you tap Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing, a woman-owned business dedicated to ensuring a safe and drug and alcohol-free environment. For today’s episode, Judy talks with Tracie Butterfield, Owner, and CEO of Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing. Tune in because Tracie discusses substance abuse, the impact of new legislation, and why mobile drug testing is the best approach to ensuring your workplace remains drug and alcohol-free. The United States Staffing Association (USSA) is a growing network of reputable executive recruiters, reliable staffing insurance agencies, and industry experts. By signing up as a member of this elite circle, you get access to the staffing industry's latest information, training, service offerings, and partnering opportunities. As a staffing and recruiting firm owner association, we also offer unique services such as Legal Contract Analysis, Credit Checks, Weekly Economic Updates, Owner-only Workshops, and Protection from Back Door Hires. To enjoy exclusive benefits as a USSA Member, click the link below: To become a valued USSA Sponsor, click the link below: To help you find ways to scale up your staffing firm, feel free to reach out to USSA’s very own Executive Director, Judy Collins, CPCC, at You can also call us at 404-941-2678 to discuss your staffing firm’s challenges and issues.
07:55 1/26/23
Digital Video Recruiting Technology with Lindsay Stanton of Digi-Me
With the advent of technology, the staffing and recruiting industry have enjoyed many upgrades and changes that allowed for a more streamlined and efficient process. One such development is a digital video recruiting technology, a solution refined and offered by Digi-Me. Judy chats with Digi-Me President and Board Member Lindsay Stanton in this episode. Tune in as Lindsay discusses the technology and how it can help companies fill their most important positions. The United States Staffing Association (USSA) is a trusted and growing network of reputable executive recruiters, reliable staffing insurance agencies, and industry experts. By signing up as a member of this elite circle, you get access to the staffing industry's latest information, training, service offerings, and partnering opportunities. As a staffing and recruiting firm owner association, we also offer unique services such as Legal Contract Analysis, Credit Checks, Weekly Economic Updates, Owner-only Workshops, and Protection from Back Door Hires.   To enjoy exclusive benefits as a USSA Member, click the link below: To become a valued USSA Sponsor, click the link below: To help you find ways to scale up your staffing firm, feel free to reach out to USSA’s very own Executive Director, Judy Collins, CPCC, at You can also call us at 404-941-2678 to discuss your staffing firm’s challenges and issues.
05:43 1/13/23
Ready to get back to work with Angela Alberty of myBasePay
Dear Just Ask Judy: My client would like to bring a former employee back to work but cannot do so because the employee accepted a severance package last year that prohibits him from returning on a W-2 basis. Any suggestions on how I can help my client with this issue?  … Stressed in St. Louis Dear Stressed in St. Louis: This question has come up a lot because of the “Great Resignation.” With rapid changes in the economy, it has become harder for many people to make ends meet. Going back to work as a contractor on a special project could be beneficial to both your applicant and your client company. This is the perfect opportunity to use a third-party employer of record (EOR) service. I spoke to Angela Alberty of MyBasePay to get some guidance. Angela outlined the benefits of using an EOR service and explained how this can be a win-win situation for all! Angela commented that a great resource for recruiters is this pool of experienced, qualified personnel who recently left their previous employers. An EOR can take the employee on as a W-2 and can collect the employee’s time, pay the employee weekly, and invoice the client company for hours worked. Your client is protected from unemployment claims and minimizes their overhead burden and risk exposure. Your applicant may not need a new career but merely wants to supplement their income. Since they are already familiar with the client company’s work environment, their qualifications and experience make them immediately productive. Angela noted that an EOR also provides for withholding taxes, issuing W-2s, and offering a benefits package. For client companies that are faced with hiring restrictions but still need to keep their business processes flowing, it may be attractive for them to include a line item in their annual budget for contract labor. Contract labor through an EOR can be closely controlled and has no further cost implications and offers none of the long-term risks or burdens of direct-hire employees. This flexible approach will allow you to solve your client’s labor needs and will enable you to tap into a significant reservoir of talent! I appreciate Angela taking the time to explain the advantages of establishing a relationship with an EOR service to bring these experienced workers back into the force. You can contact Angela at if you would like more information on how she can help you! Don’t let a severance package prevent you from making these placements!  Judy
09:57 12/29/22
What questions should I think through before this upcoming open enrollment season?
Here we are again. The start of the 2022 open enrollment season. Open enrollment is mandatory once a year time frame you as the employer can change benefits and your employees can change, enroll, or decline benefits. In short, having an open enrollment period followed by a 12-month contract year allows the insurance carrier to manage its risk (but that’s for another article).   I’m sure as a staffing company owner, executive, or member of the HR team the conversation around benefits never entirely goes away. Below are some topics I would be discussing.   Does the level of benefits I offer to match the respective employee population? For example; many times the management team of a staffing company will be provided a certain benefit package while the temp staff is offered a different package. How well do I understand the impact of the day-to-day operations of benefits? I.E., enrollment, billing, monthly management (adds/terms), and more. This can have an impact on your HR team in the aspect of time and resources. Employee benefits brokers are the first and best line of defense. What level of service and industry knowledge does my benefit broker provide? A knowledgeable and experienced employee benefits professional can save your business time & money while providing a much-needed employee benefits package.   These are just a few topics that can have a drastic impact on your team, budget, ability to attract high-quality employees, and more.   Our team has a collective 30 years of experience working in the employee benefits space with a concentration in the staffing industry. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.   David Johnson 602.349.7559  
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