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Do you want to build a bullet-proof business in today’s cancel culture - following the Bible as your roadmap to success? How about owning a business without it owning you, and thriving in your personal relationships as well as your professional ones? The Benham Brothers are here to help - along with their award-winning Expert Ownership team! Nationally-acclaimed entrepreneurs and best-selling authors, David and Jason Benham, share their more than 40 years of business experience to show you how to achieve financial freedom, enjoy relational success, and have a bold impact in today’s “easy to offend” culture. These twin brothers were the OG’s of cancel culture when their HGTV show was canceled back in 2014 for their Christian values. Yet they stood strong and continued to thrive in business without a scratch, and now they’re here to help you do the same.If you’re ready to "fight the good fight" with guys who pull no punches for fear of being politically incorrect, this podcast is for you! 


Discovering Your Purpose In Your Business
When we kick off our journey in business, we tend to juggle various roles. But as we expand, it's easy to lose track of which hat we should prioritize. In today's episode, we'll unveil four key indicators that signal whether you're in the right role within your business.
17:36 4/17/24
Building A Sellable Business
Whether you want to sell your business or not, structuring it in a way that it could be sold is the best way to build a business. Join us with our personal coach, Eric Beck of Founders Fire, as he teaches the path to building a business with a clear exit strategy. In this episode, we dissect the essence of stewardship and the benefits of intentional scaling and introduce you to Eric's Entrepreneur Classic challenge that will help you simplify and amplify your business's value. Navigating the complexities of preparing your business for sale or succession is no small feat; it demands strategic timing, astute decision-making, and a thorough understanding of your company's value. In this conversation, we delve into the resources at your disposal, from determining the right moment to sell to implementing systems that attract potential buyers. Our discussion isn't just about profits; it's about aligning your business with kingdom principles that not only enhance its market value but also smooth the transition to new ownership. Discover how the impending retirement of baby boomers opens doors for market consolidation and what performance-based pay and priority workflow management could mean for your business's future.We strongly urge you to sign up for Eric's challenge, as it will equip you to structure your business with a clear exit strategy. To register, click HERE. 
29:22 4/12/24
A Winning Business Formula
Unlock the secret equation to business success as we dissect the elements of our Expert Ownership formula: (D⁴ - E) x LP = Success. This episode is more than a lesson; it's a testament to the power of faith and hard work in crafting a legacy of true success.Enjoy
22:10 4/3/24
Overcoming Anxiety as an Entrepreneur
When Shane Sams from Flip to Lifestyle and I sat down to chat, laughter came easy, but so did the hard truths about entrepreneurship's mental toll. Our conversation takes you through the heart of anxiety and depression as we swap personal stories that unveil the stark realities behind the business veneer. This episode isn't just about battling inner demons; it's a roadmap through the complex landscape of our emotions as we run our businesses.  Enjoy
59:51 3/27/24
Defining True Profit
Are you truly wealthy if your bank balance is full but your heart is empty? Join us as we dive into the teachings of the Bible on money, riches, and wealth—where true profit isn't found in financial abundance but in the richness of life and peace bestowed by God. In this episode, we dissect the essence of value creation, marketing, sales, and value delivery within the context of a life and business which brings true profit!  Enjoy!
23:11 3/20/24
Measuring Business God's Way!
Last week we talked about growing your business God's way. This week we dive into measuring your business God's way. How do you know if you are doing things His way? And how can you make sure to stay the course if you are? That's what this episode is all about. We're going to jump into goals and KPI's and show you how Goodhart's Law can be used to make sure we stay on the right path. If you're interested in building and growing a business that makes money AND has meaning, this episode is for you. Enjoy. 
28:58 3/6/24
Doing Business GOD'S Way!
When we elevate people over profit and transformation over transactions we get God's provision and protection over our businesses. Join us as we share three keys to doing business God's way to ensure God remains our business partner. Taken from the book of Isaiah, we're going to dive deep into defining the worldly system of business today and how we can make sure we run the opposite direction!Enjoy.  
30:56 2/29/24
Running a Business While Parenting Kids
Are you ready to redefine the way you parent and unlock the potential in your children? Prepare to embark on a journey with Dr. Kathy Koch, as we delve into her insights on raising kids who shine with biblical character while running a successful business at the same time. Dr. Kathy, renowned for her book "Parent Differently," brings to the table a fresh perspective on setting boundaries as blessings and prioritizing character development to help our children realize their divine purpose.As we navigate the complexities of parenting, we also tackle the digital era's tough questions, acknowledging the hurdles technology places on fostering virtues like gratitude and joy. This episode is not just a conversation; it's a call to action for all parents aspiring to leave a legacy of faith and virtue in their children, equipping them to thrive and impact society for the better. Enjoy
25:29 2/21/24
Establishing a Kingdom Giving Strategy
Ever wondered how financial generosity could not just change lives but also align with divine purpose? Our latest episode takes you through the transformative journey of Kingdom Giving, an approach that intertwines biblical principles with your fiscal footprint, both personally and in business. We're going to dive into the five core principles that we built our 2-part giving strategy upon. This podcast us uber practical, so if you're ready to take your giving to the next level, this is the show for you. Enjoy
23:55 2/14/24
5 Steps To Hear God In Your Business
Imagine elevating your entrepreneurial journey to a higher calling by bringing God into the boardroom. That's the revelation we journey through today, inspired by Christine Lee, whose entrepreneurial spirit and faith-infused teaching set the stage. We explore the profound concept of viewing God as the majority stakeholder in your business, a paradigm shift that not only shapes how we provide for our families but how we serve His kingdom through our work. In this episode, we outline five actionable steps to ensure your business decisions resonate with your faith, by aligning ourselves with our business partner - God. Enjoy
16:56 2/7/24
Six Signs of a Good Leader
Join us as we dive into the life of Joshua and discover six key characteristics of his leadership that led to God's people possessing the Promised Land. If you apply these same qualities to your life and business just watch what God will do! Enjoy. 
24:52 2/2/24
Mastering the Art of Faith-Based Selling
In biz, marketing is turns people into prospects; sales turns prospects into purchasers; and value delivery turns purchasers into promoters. Today's episode will hone-in on sales and how the Holy Spirit guides us in wielding the power of persuasion to help customers buy our product or service. We'll also share three keys to assure that you are selling in a way that honors God and helps others. Enjoy. 
18:38 1/26/24
The Four Phases of Financial Development
Profit to a business is like air to a lung - you cannot exist without it. In today's episode, we dive into the four phases of financial development that will ensure you make the impact God has destined for your business. Enjoy. If you haven't read our best-selling book EXPERT OWNERSHIP  grab your copy HERE. 
23:12 1/17/24
Discovering Your Purpose - Three Keys To Fulfillment
Tune in and discover three keys to unlocking your purpose and experiencing fulfillment in your life.  This heartfelt discussion I (Jason) had with a close friend, who was grappling with a sense of purposelessness, led to an epiphany I'm excited to share with you. Enjoy!
20:10 1/9/24
Crafting a Life of Meaning Through SMART Goals
Happy 2024!  Our latest episode is a compass to guide you through the art of goal setting in the new year, anchoring your choices in your deepest values. Join us as we lay out a simple goal formula that acts as a shield against distractions, enabling you to discern when to seize opportunities and when to let them pass. Whether it's the realm of business, personal development, or health and fitness, we sculpt your ambitions into SMART goals. By adopting the three Ps—Picture, Plan, and Partner—we empower you to chase your goals with a clear vision, a steadfast strategy, and a circle of accountability that spurs you on. Enjoy. 
27:12 1/2/24
Discerning the Path to Righteous Entrepreneurship
Ever felt like a substitute teacher in your own life, lacking the authority to command your time and decisions? Eric Beck, CEO of Founders Fire, steps in to elevate us from passive participants to proactive authors of our existence. Drawing on insights from Hebrews 5, Eric dissects the critical need for discernment between right and wrong, and righteous versus evil, instilling in us the wisdom to pursue a purpose-driven life. It's about syncing our actions with our values, much like a musician to a score, ensuring we hit every note of our personal and professional ambitions with precision.But what happens when distractions loom, threatening our carefully composed symphony? Eric teaches us the art of focus and discipline, essential when safeguarding our God-given visions from the plethora of cultural distractions. 
22:33 12/28/23
The Best Mindset To End The Year Strong
Join us as we talk with our personal business coach, Eric Beck, about how to end the year strong and prepare for an even stronger new year.  In this episode, Eric will share the best mindset for growth and how to honor God in your business while building it to scale at the same time. At the end, we'll give you a chance to take his cutting-edge Flagship Business Assessment for free! Click HERE to check it out. Use code SPARK to get it free. And if you haven't downloaded our Benham Brothers app, click HERE. This app will give you access to years of Bible studies we've done that have helped us build our business and keep our families in tact at the same time!  Enjoy
31:40 12/21/23
Unraveling the Law of Exposure in Christian Entrepreneurship
As faithful entrepreneurs, have you ever stopped to consider the impact of your environment on your thoughts, feelings, and actions? And how they ultimately affect your success? Join us in our recent podcast episode as we unravel the law of exposure and its profound influence on our minds, giving you the tools to master your environment, shape your destiny and make a positive impact in the world.The world is changing fast. And we believe faith-filled entrepreneurs are the key to getting things back on track. As Billy Graham said, "The next great move of God, I believe, will be among believers in the marketplace." Our goal in this episode is to equip you to make a massive impact in the world by diving into the Law of Exposure. Enjoy.P.S. If you haven't grabbed a copy of Jason's new book, you can get it HERE.
30:29 12/13/23
Decoding Character Traits: Mastering the Art of Reading People
Every successful entrepreneur understands that success in business is 100% tied to success in relationships. The better you are with people the better you are in business. The question is, how can we discern the type of people we should associate with. Who should we hire? Who should we partner with? We'll tackle these questions as we show you how to read anyone's character rapidly. Don't miss this chance to ramp up your ability to assess character traits in relationships and start decoding those around you.
23:47 12/6/23
The Greater Principle: One Simple Key To Entrepreneurial Success
Are you finding it challenging to prioritize your responsibilities effectively? Are opportunities diverting your focus from your main objectives? Join us as we map out the importance of utilizing the "Greater" principle. Using the biblical story of Nehemiah as our backdrop, we're going to show you how this principle can bring clarity to your entrepreneurial endeavors and how you can discover what to say "yes" to and what to say "no" to. Before we're done, we'll give you five key principles that will guide you when faced with conflicting opportunities. Enjoy
24:49 11/29/23
Celebrating Thanksgiving: An Entrepreneur's Perspective
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is a throwback episode from last year when we talked about all things gratitude and entrepreneurship with our good friend and fellow business partner, Larry Hubatka. Enjoy. 
26:17 11/22/23
Partnering With God In Your Business
In today's episode, we're unpacking the concept of incorporating God into your business, and how He can become your ultimate business partner. Fostering a solid relationship with God has been instrumental in steering our ventures towards success. We walk you through our tested seven-step process, designed to help you solidify your partnership with God. From selecting a time to meet with God to setting goals and visualizing progress, we share tips on how to avoid a mundane routine and keep your relationship vibrant. These steps have been fundamental to our own growth and we believe they can guide you on your own journey as a faithful entrepreneur. So, if you're ready to elevate your business to a whole new dimension, this episode is one you can't afford to miss. 
21:41 11/15/23
Biblical Entrepreneurship
Ready to redefine your entrepreneurial goals through a spiritual perspective? In this episode, we're going to talk about how building your business in alignment with biblical principles, as exemplified by the Prophet Nehemiah, can bring about unprecedented success and impact. As Kingdom Entrepreneurs, we are called to pray and plan,  pursue and produce - but more than that, we need to be intercessors, bridging the gap for others to connect with God. We delve into the strategic and tactical aspects of running a business that serves not just commercial but spiritual purposes too. So, tune in, and embrace your identity as a Kingdom Entrepreneur. 
16:50 11/8/23
Unlocking Success: A Divine Four-Step Plan
Do you ever feel like you're knocking persistently but the door just won't open? What if we told you there's a divine four-step plan that could lead you to more success in building anything - be it a business or a strong family? Drawing from the teachings of Jesus in Luke 11:5-13, we delve into this powerful blueprint for persistent asking, seeking, and knocking. We'll show you how to translate these age-old teachings into practical applications, transforming work into worship.Join us for an insightful discussion on the significance of bringing God into your business and how taking four key steps can help you invite greater success into your life and business. 
22:39 11/1/23
The Four Cornerstones of Successful Entrepreneurship
Ever dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur? Get ready to unlock the four keys to entrepreneurial triumph through this value-packed episode of the Expert Ownership Podcast. We're going to dive into the essence of a growth mindset, leaning on our personal experiences of building businesses. We'll also connect the dots between owning your business, maintaining a healthy marriage, and nurturing relationships – and show how these are intertwined with entrepreneurial success. Enjoy. 
21:18 10/25/23
The Four Types of Workers
Today we're going to dive deep into the four levels of worker and ask ourselves the questions: * Which level are we? * Which levels are my employees? * Which levels are our kids'? We'll dissect each level and look at how you can be more than one depending on your context. And how you can move from one level to the next based on two key factors. You're going to like this one! EnjoyIf you haven't joined our faith-filled community of kingdom entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for?  Jump in with us!
23:48 10/19/23
Navigating Marriage, Parenting, and Business
Ever wondered how to juggle marriage, children, and a business without losing your sanity? Well, we've got a treat for you! Listen in as the Benham brothers and their wives share how they've managed to steer their marital ship through the changing tides of life and business. They talk about their strategies for keeping the flame alive during challenging times. They emphasize the importance of having a vision, leaning on faith, and realizing that difficult times are temporary. This insightful segment also explores the unique joys that come with having older children and how this has ushered in a delightful season in their marriage.But, the glue that holds this all together is parenting. Dive into the practical methods of how to stay intimately connected with your kids and foster an environment of love and fun at home. The cherry on top? An enlightening discussion on the significance of a thriving spousal relationship as a beacon for children, topped off with valuable tips to keep this connection pulsating with life. This episode is more than just a discussion; it's a treasure chest filled with timeless gems that we believe will enrich your odyssey in marriage and business. Join us and embark on this enlightening voyage together!
52:03 10/11/23
Gaining Momentum In Your Business
Momentum is the one thing you cannot live without in your life or business. It is the force that’s greater than all your leadership, strategy, and resources combined.Newton's law of momentum states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. If you have organizational momentum, you should keep it unless you do something to kill it.  In today's podcast, we're going to look at four factors that stop momentum and four factors that fuel momentum.  We learned these keys from leadership coach and pastor Craig Groeschel. They were so good we wanted to pass them on to you!Enjoy!If you want to join other faith-filled entrepreneurs who want to serve God, thrive in business, and live a life of impact, join us at EXPERT OWNERSHIP. 
20:08 10/6/23
How's My Teen Driver - Founders Brian & Andrew Fullmer
Brian and Andrew Fulmer join us to discuss their innovative program, How's My Teen Driver, which aims to improve the safety of teen drivers. The program involves placing a sticker on the teen's car that allows other drivers to anonymously report any unsafe driving behaviors. The reports are then sent to the teen's parents, who can address the issues with their child.  To get involved, visit to transform your business today.If you want to learn more about what Christian Healthcare Ministries has to offer, download CHM’s free information packet today! us on Socials:Instagram - -
23:26 9/26/23
Why Success and How to Avoid it's Trap
Jason and David discuss the topic of success and its potential pitfalls in this episode. They explore the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba to understand why God allows people to be successful and how success can lead to a trap. They emphasize the importance of being faithful to God, deflecting praise, and seeking wisdom. The success grid and faith grid are introduced as tools to navigate the challenges of success. The key takeaway is to enter God's gates with thanksgiving and praise to avoid falling into the trap of success.Check out his website and his book below: to transform your business today.If you want to learn more about what Christian Healthcare Ministries has to offer, download CHM’s free information packet today! us on Socials:Instagram - -
23:00 9/19/23