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We're going back in time! This is the counting-down. This is the over-analysis. These are the best songs from the best artists from the best decade in pop music history: The 1980s! This is the 80 of the ‘80s Music Podcast - with your semi-confrontational hosts: (“Ex-DJ”) CK-1 and (“Rapid Fire Lady”) AK-47.


#28: Duran Duran - New Religion
What’s the most iconic 80sish album from the most iconic 80sish band? I think you know, but when it comes to their best song… hear us out. It's us who makes the noise. :00: Pun-e intro :02: Duran and then Duran :04: Waffles & other honorable mentions :09: Album countdown 5 to 2 :24: Commercial break :27: Of course #1 is… :33: Now we’re talking for free (It’s new religion) :40: Even more albums / Sympathy for those guitarists :47: Out of chime Featured Links: Arcadia's "The Flame" music video Annie Zaleski's Rio 33 1/3 book Classic Albums Rio documentary Permanent Record Podcast: Rio pt. 1 80sography Podcast Hey, we’re now posting on the first day of each quarter (at 8:00 AM EST). Like, #27 will be on July 1st / #26 on October 1 / #25: January 1, 2025, etc. We want to hear from you!
49:18 4/1/24
UHM: Q-Feel - Dancing In Heaven (& The Fixx concert review)
We're not quite ready for #28. Let's warm up with an extraterrestrial dance. Was it influenced by swing, electro-funk, the aerobics craze, Thomas Dolby, Tom Tom Club, Ultravox, The Buggles, M, UFOs, or all of the heavens above? :01: Get the Feel :19: Take a break :20: Get yo Fixx Featured Links: 80sography Podcast Radio OwlsNest with Martin Page We want to hear from you!
31:08 1/8/24
BONUS Movie-cast: Chopping Mall & Hack-O-Lantern
It's Halloween! Let’s get into the spooky spirit with another fun and elusive BONUS MOVIE CAST. DJ CK1 is back with the Notorious JAM to review two too often overlooked masterpieces of 1980s cinema: Chopping Mall and Hack-O-Lantern. :01: Chopping Mall review :20 Commercial break :22 Hack-O-Lantern review Until we get down to that song #28… Featured Link: The Ultimate ‘80s Halloween Song YouTube Playlist: (or Spotify version) We want to hear from you!
40:41 10/17/23
#29: Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom (Part 2: Rod Temperton, Yacht Rock, Metallica)
Leave all the madness in yesterday. :01: Hot Rod Temperton's Hot Countdown :16: Commercial Break :18: Battle of the Bounce (Doobie vs. Yellow Magic) :32: Commercial Break II :34: Honorable Mention: Metallica's One :47: You Choose The Next Honorable Mention: Q-Feel or Heathcliff Featured Links: -Songs with the Yellow Magic Bounce Playlist (YouTube) -Yacht Rock Series (YouTube) -Beyond Yacht Rock Podcast (Spotify) -Yacht or Nyacht? We want to hear from you!
52:21 7/20/23
#29: Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom (Part 1: Mike McD vs The World)
Featuring, Guest Judge: DJ Jack Falcon, in an episode so epic, we had to split it in two! It’ll take a game show battle for the ages to finally determine: Is Michael McDonald worthy of bestowment into the 1980s Halls of History? Beware Mr. McD, many opponents – including your arch nemesis, Kenny Loggins – await. :01: Michael McDonald vs. The World :36: Commercial Break :38: Michael McDonald vs. The World BONUS ROUNDS :54: Commercial Break :56: So, what do we think about Depeche Mode's Memento Mori? 1:00: More new albums from Alison Goldfrapp, Enforcer, and Pearl & The Oysters 1:07: Part 2's Coming Soon Featured Link: DonorSee: The Humanitarian Crowdfunding Platform
69:27 6/16/23
#30: Mike Oldfield - Five Miles Out (& hm: Naked Eyes)
Waiting, anticipating, celebrating & braking! :01: Remember the 30s? :02: It's a cluster... song :20: Totally Turbular & other albums :29: Commercial Break :31: Nephew Calculator :33: You are now a "Pop Kid." :34: Underrated Honorable Mention: Naked Eyes "When The Lights Go Out" :43: Yeah, we can talk about INXS too. :47: You Choose The Next Honorable Mention: Jody Watley or Metallica. :51: Commercial Break II :52: Bitchin bout Rock n Roll Hall of Fame :56: Bitchin bout Stranger Things Featured Link: Permanent Record Podcast
59:44 3/15/23
#31: Daryl Hall and John Oates - Out of Touch (& hm: Spoons)
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh :02: Crazy 8s Countdown I: H&O Best :21: Commercial Break I :23: Callin' Oates :25: Crazy 8s Countdown II: The Halls of Space :38: Cliche Bear :40: Jingle Bell Talk :43: Yet, even more H&O (Travelin' Pig) :51: Commercial Break II :54: Underrated Honorable Mention: Spoons "Nova Heart" 1:01: You Choose The Next UHM (Underrated Honorable Mention) Naked Eyes or INXS at  1:04: Soft Cell's "Nostalgia Machine" 1:06: #1 Outro Featured Links: DonorSee: Charitable Giving Platform Permanent Record Podcast
68:29 11/13/22
#32: Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (& new Tears for Fears album review)
DON'T FOOL OUT! If it's all about the synth-riffs, where do they come from? :02: Unsolved Mysteries of Italio-Disco :11: 8 Laszlos for the Universe! :22: Commercial Break :24: You Choose the Underrated Honorable Mention. :28: Tears For Fears The Tipping Point album review :45: Commercial Break :46: Single Battle: Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys vs. New Kids On The Block :52: Ronnie Martin From the Womb... album (or is it an ep?) review :55: Amendumb
57:46 5/12/22
BONUS: Genesis "Last Domino" Concert Review & More
REVEALED! DJ CK-1 is a Genesis fanboy, and he can't get no satisfaction. Enjoy this doward spiral of extra elusive premimum content that, by the end, may have you wanting to end it all. :00: In the beginning... :04: The Musical Box :07: Genesis Concert Review :23: Commercial Break :25: Even More Concerts for '22? :29: But but what about the '90s? :33: Death By Loud :38: Gobopocalypse
39:37 3/7/22
#33: Bananarama - I Heard A Rumor
Bananas? How could two persons devote over 40-minutes to talking about that? You may be surprised to learn that they can be as sweet to the ears as they are to the palate. Tally 10 picks o' de bunch - none too filling. AND, perhaps, the '20s ain't looking so bad with new grooves from: Shakespear's Sister, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Kylie Minogue, Abba, Billy Idol, The Stranglers, Clan of Xymox, Lebanon Hanover, but there's only one act that could ever satisfy AK-47's electro-appetite... Featured Link: DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make.
64:56 12/9/21
BONUS Movie-cast: Garbage Pail Kids & Rock N Roll Nightmare
It's Halloween. Let's try something different. Just as the carousel rotates in reverse: DJ CK1 and the Notorious J.A.M. speak less of music and much more about the art of cinema circa 1987. 1st Half: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. 2nd Half: Rock 'n Roll Nightmare (aka The Edge of Hell). To listen, however, YOU must take the oath. This is non-official super secret stuff, folks - so no bitching to The Board.
36:40 10/16/21
#34: David Bowie - Loving The Alien (w/special guest: Notorious J.A.M.)
Torture comes and torture goes. We hope you like David Bowie (or can tolerate him somewhat) because this is our most artist-centric episode to date. We start with with an exclusive interview with a real-life Bowie enthusiast: Notorious J.A.M. of VisArt Video and get a whiff of his top-6 essential Bowie albums. Then (about 40-minutes in) AK-47 bursts onto the scene with yet another hefty smattering of Bowie. Had enough Bowie? Well, our Listener Mails got something to say about the good and bad of... you guessed it... BOWIE! But AK-47 also wants to bitch about those YouTube reaction videos. Ironic, considering that this entire podcast is based on reactions. Granted, most ours are more delayed, usually. If anything's worthy of a reaction, it's this new: Fancy video. Featured Links: VisArt Video: Charlotte's non-profit, devoted to sharing education and the love of movies and videos. DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make. Cracked Actor: Bowie Documentary with Klaus Nomi & Joey Arias on SNL
64:23 8/16/21
#35: Erasure - Stop!
You've been waiting for a long time. :00 Thankful for this Intro :05 Stop with the Same-Sounding Songs! :15 Obligatory Erasure Album Countdown :30 Real Commercial Break? :31 Album #1 :41 Bill & Ted Face the Movie Review :48 That Sucked Big Time: Macy's Parade :58 The Joy of Joy Electric Featured Links: DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make. Cool Vince Clarke Interview (Pt. 1) Cool Vince Clarke Interview (Pt. 2)
63:12 12/14/20
#36: Kate Bush - Hounds of Love (w/special guest: DJ Serious)
It's in the Bush! :00 Punny Intro :04 Obligatory Kate Bush Album Countdown (feat. DJ Serious) Pt.1 :24 Commercial Break :27 Kate Bush Album Countdown (feat. DJ Serious) Pt.2 :49 Let's talk about Talk Talk & Scritti Politti & The Bird & The Bee :58 Commercial Break 1:00 Reviewing Pet Shop Boys Hot Spot 1:05 Excavating Seona Dancing Featured Links: DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make. Bevis & Butthead - Love & Anger The Infant Kiss Fanvid
70:04 4/28/20
#37: Phillip Bailey & Phil Collins - Easy Lover
Before you know it you'll be on your knees. :00 Intro The Closet :02 Philling the Void OR Tired of the Fire? :24 Commercial Break :25 Post-Holiday Buyers Guide :29 2019 Picks: Electric Youth & Nina :33 House of Danger: The Game :35 Live: a-ha & OMD (again) :38 A Few New Pet Shop Boys Songs :40 Listener Challenge: RIP 2019 :47 The Baby Jesus Outro Featured Links: DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make. Talk About Music: Philllip Bailey Interview  
48:22 1/22/20
#38: Billy Ocean - Loverboy
0:00 Whoopsie Intro  0:02 THE Billy Ocean 0:13 Expert Reports: Billy Ocean Buyer's Guide 0:20 Commercial Break 0:23 Judas Priest Concert Review 0:29 New Order - ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) 0:32 New Cure 0:33 New Synthwave (Damokles & Dance with the Dead) 0:34 Stranger Things 3 0:41 Rantin'bout Reboots, Bitchin'bout Sequels 0:47 Mark Hollis RIP Featured Links: DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make.      
49:36 8/20/19
#39: Judas Priest - Electric Eye (& Simple Minds Concert Review)
0:00 Stuck In Intro  0:07 More Than Meets The Eye 0:21 Obligatory 6 Album Countdown 0:35 Commercial Break 0:37 Simple Minds Concert Review 0:57 Orchestrating Bryan Ferry & Midge Ure 1:01 Bonus Commercial Break 1:03 Listener Mail 1:14 Sanitized Outro Featured Links: DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make. Author HM Clay    
76:21 1/14/19
#40: Level 42 - Something About You
:00 We're Back Intro  :04 Up to Level 42 :13 8-42 Albums :29 Commercial Break :34 Enlightening Peter Hook & the Light Concert Review (w/ John and Andrew) :48 No-Mercy Cobra Kai Review :57 Classic SNES Review 1:01 Half-Way Memories Featured Links: "Garden of Chaos" by HM Clay (only $1 digital or $7 paperback) DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make.  
64:26 8/9/18
#41: Weird Al Yankovich - Dare To Be Stupid (& OMD Concert Review)
:00 Yummy Intro  :03 The Abridged Al :30 Commercial Break :33 OMG! An OMD Concert Review :57 Half-Way-Outro :58 Promonogamous Bonus 1:00 Kid-Appropriate Bonus Featured Links: Weird Al & Stanley Spadowski on Nickelodeon's Total Panic DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make.
61:32 5/7/18
#42: Samantha Fox - Touch Me
:00 Fist of Intro :02 Five by Fox :15 Commercial Break Winter Listens... :18 Michael Jackson  :19 Phil Collins :20 Living in a Box :21 Weird Al Yankovich :24 Michael McDonald  :27 Gary Numan (concert review) :31 Me Not You :33 OMD :34 Alphaville  :35 Bonus Trivia Outro :37 Fantastic Mr. Fox :39 Huey Lewis & the Nerds Featured Links: Touch Me Video Samantha Does Bollywood Lock Is Lit Podcast  
40:47 2/27/18
#43: Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
0:00 Intro of Rage 0:07 DM of the '80s 0:32 Commercial Break 0:34 DM of the '90s 0:50 DM Live: Was it worth it? 0:57 Clown Porn & Tom Petty  1:00 Stranger Things 2 Review 1:11 A Special Outro 1:14 A Special Sandwich Featured Links: World's Most Popular '80s Halloween Video Playlist! DMK covers Everything Counts Flood talks about Enjoy the Silence A/V Club Everything Counts song review
75:10 11/26/17
#44: Morrissey - The Last of the Famous International Playboys
This is a podcast about joy. The joy of nipple bandages. The joy of a facial angle. The joy of sweat. The joys of worldwide fame. The joy of cruising for girls. The joy of penetrating the couch. The joy of the poof. The joy of rescuing lab rabbits. The joy of murder. The joy of putting your balls to the wall. The joy of it. Other mentioned artists: The Smiths, Spandau Ballet, David Bowie, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Accept, Genesis, Lush, Pet Shop Boys, Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp, Simple Minds, Tears for Fears, and Kraftwerk (of course).
47:11 9/22/17
#45: Newcleus - Computer Age (feat. Cozmo D Interview)
0:00 Technoriffic Intro 0:07 Exclusive Interview with Newcleus founder: Cozmo D! 1:03 Commercial Break 1:05 Listener Mail 1:13 OMD: Punishment of Luxury video review 1:18 As our machines decide how we'll fare 1:22 Twilight Phone Featured Links: Jam On Productions Official Website Newcleus Hip Hop Family Tree Comic Press Continue Podcast
91:34 8/4/17
#46: Marc Almond - The Stars We Are
:00 Chilling Intro :02 Recklessness of Immature Bliss :18 Commercial Break :21 The Gist: Marc's Albums :33 New Reviews: Erasure, OMD, Mike & The Mechanics :38 It Was Live: Hall & Oats and Tears for Fears :45 Listener Mail Featured Link: Sprite Castle Podcast  
54:12 6/26/17
#47: Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real
:03 Fully-Loaded Intro :03 Summer Stock :20 Drug-Free Commercial Break :22 5 More :27 Oats For Fears :28 Despicable Trailer :29 '00s: What Is It Good For? :31 New From Erasure & Goldfrapp :33 Shameful Corrections :37 Country In My Genes Featured Link: Lock Is Lit Podcast  
42:12 5/9/17
#48: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Souvenir
:00 Semi-Professional Intro :03 "It's So Hard" :13 Some Albums :18 If You Leave Duckie :26 Commercial Break :30 More OMD (OMG!) :41 Shame of AK-47 (explicit) :45 DM's Spirit Prereview :48 Listener Mail :52 As the Balls Drop Featured Links: Please Please Do Our (Very Short) Survey! OMD Documentary Throwback Reviews Podcast Stuck in the '80s Podcast
53:47 4/5/17
#49: The Cars - Hello Again
:00 Intro The Mode :05 The Winner Is? :10 Smorgasbord of Sound :17 Friends of P :22 Please Survey (part 1) :24 Solo Driving :32 Super 7 :45 Commercial Break :47 Stuck on the '80s Cruise :52 Duck to the Future :57 Another Bogus Outro 1:00 Wrath of AK-47 (explicit) Featured Links: Please Please Do Our (Very Short) Survey! Stuck in the '80s Podcast
65:10 3/6/17
#50: Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
:00 30-Something Intro :04 Lunar Explorations :11 Ian's Oddity :17 Deep Ocean Delving :25 This Donnie Darko Bloke :29 Commercial Break :31 Listener Mail: RIP2016 :35 Remembering Bowie (again) :48 Grim Outro Featured Links: Old Time Radio Podcast Full David Bowie BBC Interview
50:46 2/4/17
#51: Expose - Point Of No Return (& Video Game Music Pt.2)
:00 You Can't Pronounce That On This Podcast :05 Exposing Expose :16 Aural Basketball :20 Commercial Break :22 Freestyle Session :29 Your Favorite '80s Video Game Music (Part 2) :43 RIP2016 :46 Hanna Barbarism Featuring the Music of: Expose, Alan Thicke, Shannon, Pet Shop Boys, The Voice in Fashion, Will To Power, Debbie Deb, Sequal, Sandee, Joy Division, Thunder Castle, Golden Axe, Bionic Commando, Super Mario Bros, Metriod, Mega Man, TMNT... and more! Featured Links: Miami Freestyle Playlist Classic Video Game Music Playlist Intellivisionaries Podcast
49:55 1/11/17
#52: Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together In Electric Dreams (& Video Game Music Pt.1)
0:00 Kraftwerk-Free Intro 0:01 Host to Host AM Radio Presents: 1984: The Great San Francisco Hysteria 0:09 DeLorean or Phone Booth? 0:13 Electric Snooze 0:16 Moroder in Space 0:25 The Doughnut League 0:38 Commercial Break 0:40 Your Favorite '80s Video Game Music (Part 1) 1:10 Listener Mail 1:12 More Like Krapwerk 1:15 The World's Sexiest Featuring the Music of: Giorgio Moroder, Human League, Donna Summer, Blondie, Klaus Nomi, Falco, Savatage, Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda, Ms Pacman, Castlevania, Duck Tales, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Solstice, Gyruss, Shadowgate, Goonies II... and more! Featured Links: Classic Video Game Music Playlist No Quarter Podcast Working as a waitress in a cocktailbar
75:51 12/7/16

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