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Welcome to the Ideas Lab Podcast, where you can learn from the world’s greatest creative and entrepreneurial minds to help you turn your ideas into original businesses, books and brands – because in a crowded world, it pays to stand out. Your host is John Williams, bestselling author of 'Screw Work Let’s Play' and 'Screw Work Break Free' and founder of The Ideas Lab London. Our focus is on the rebels, creatives and innovators with a new take on their topic that has allowed them to carve out a space that is all their own - from Saskia Nelson, the world's first dating profile photographer, to the New York Times bestselling author, Dan Pink exploding myths about productivity, to therapist Jerry Hyde taking his clients on a unique experience with plant medicines in Nepal. Subscribe now to get inspired, learn something new, and get ideas for your next creative project.


Laurence Shorter on creativity, burnout, and the art of having no idea #80 35:58 09/23/2020
How Charlie and Harry Thuillier turned their idea for the world’s first healthy ice cream into an international food business #79 27:49 09/17/2020
How to attend the world’s first F**k Work Day 08:14 09/10/2020
Jody Day on creating a global movement for women and turning her passion into a successful social enterprise #78 48:08 09/09/2020
How Sam Bompas & Harry Parr turned their crazy experiments with food into a pioneering international business #77 34:31 09/02/2020
How to change the world – with Tristram Stuart #76 36:12 08/26/2020
Laura Gale on editing and ghostwriting your business book #75 28:08 08/18/2020
How Dan Barker transitioned from mechanical engineer to full-time photographer #74 34:02 08/13/2020
Sarah Weiler on teaching ukulele to google, knowing when to quit, and juggling multiple projects #73 40:51 08/04/2020
How to change your habits with simple, tiny steps – Dr. Heather McKee #72 35:56 07/27/2020
Announcing my controversial new book – the behind-the-scenes story #71 25:11 07/22/2020
How Mani Vaya turned his passion for reading non fiction books into an online business he can run from anywhere in the world #70 33:38 07/15/2020
How to create a #1 app with 4 million downloads with Dave Crane, founder of Smoke Free #69 36:44 07/09/2020
Mark Walsh on the embodiment movement, raising £90,000 of funding for his conference, and daring to be authentic in today’s cancel culture #68 39:23 07/01/2020
How to write a bestselling business book – with Alison Jones #67 39:31 06/25/2020
New York Times Bestselling author Mike Michalowicz on how to make your business pay #66 29:49 06/17/2020
Serial entrepreneur Sam Ashdown on the truth about entrepreneurship #65 53:23 06/01/2020
The power of blogging for your business and how to get it right – with online marketing legend, Yaro Starak #64 47:51 05/27/2020
How Ingrid Lill turned her passion for visual thinking into a unique business #63 22:15 05/20/2020
How Srabani Sen OBE entered a crowded market and created a successful consultancy in diversity and inclusion #62 32:00 05/13/2020
How To Start A Business in 5 Days - Free Challenge with John Williams [#61] 09:55 05/07/2020
How to find the right business idea and prove it works with John Williams interviewed by Simon Williams #61 46:25 05/06/2020
How the Rock n Roll bride turned her rebellious tastes into a #1 blog, magazine and book with Kat Williams #60 35:31 04/29/2020
Cut yourself free from your email inbox with Claire Giovino #59 30:41 04/22/2020
How to improve your sleep and manage your stress with hypnotherapist Dr Liz Bonet #58 27:27 04/15/2020
The curse of perfectionism and how to solve it – with Chris Ward #57 39:57 04/08/2020
Chatbots – How to get started with Facebook Messenger Bots with Kelly Noble Mirabella [#56] 32:30 04/01/2020
How to make a success of working from home with smart working specialist Nicole Carter #55 32:06 03/25/2020
The coronavirus and the mindset you need to adopt now #54 21:47 03/20/2020
How to get control of your own thoughts with Daniel Fryer, author The Four Thoughts That F*ck You Up #53 36:49 03/18/2020