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Episode 120: The Flop, The Turn, and The River (National Poker Day)
Sometimes you got to know when to go all in, and know when to fold your hand. On April 19, we’re celebrating National Poker Day, a holiday to celebrate that popular card game, whether it’s 5-card stud or Texas Hold’em, played at a friend’s house or within a casino. This holiday was created by a […]
43:18 4/19/24
Episode 119: Hold, Please…
Any person who’s called a company or office has been through this scenario: You’re calling to speak with someone in a department or make an appointment. You may go through several menu options or, if you’re lucky, you spoke with a person who received your call. Suddenly, after punching in the last option or finishing […]
67:03 4/12/24
Episode 118: Where All Roads Lead (National Read a Road Map Day)
Who remembers unfolding a physical map and reading it on the hood of your car or held up over the dashboard? Bonus points if you were able to fold it back up to its original state. Most people who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s may remember these road maps, either from a […]
42:51 4/5/24
Episode 117: On Stage Now – String Player Gamer
It’s time for our monthly special episode of “On Stage Now”, where we feature a VGM musician and their works of covers, remixes, and arrangements of video game music. This month, we’re featuring String Player Gamer (nom de plume for Diwa de Leon), a musician known for his signature instrument, the electric violin. He was […]
53:04 3/29/24
Episode 116: A Tribute to Toriyama
Better late than never, I suppose… This week’s episode is a tribute to one of the world’s most famous manga artist and illustrator, Akira Toriyama. He is known for the creation of Dragon Ball, a series franchise that is currently in manga and anime, as well as video games. He also illustrated for several video […]
40:06 3/22/24
Episode 115: Gacha’s Re-rerun (St. Patrick’s Day)
How lucky of you (or maybe unlucky) to see that this St. Patrick’s Day episode is running for the third time. I suppose you’re expecting to get some special anniversary swag, like Primogems, or better odds at getting that certain Super Secret Rare character; all I have to offer is an episode of tracks from […]
38:17 3/15/24
Episode 114: Old School Gaming (National Retro Video Game Day)
Today is National Retro Video Game Day, celebrating a special time in the history of video games. Sure, we could debate about what constitutes ‘retro’, but I believe it’s more important to consider why March 8 is a special day: it is the birthday of Ralph H. Baer, considered by many in the industry as […]
69:16 3/8/24
Episode 113: A Tall One, on the Rocks (National Barista Day)
When was the last time you’ve been to a cafe or bar and ordered your favorite beverage? I bet that beverage was hand crafted by someone who may know you like it done: double blended, extra syrup, on the rocks, shaken not stirred, and served with your favorite garnish. If you’re a returned patron, you […]
36:21 3/1/24
Episode 112: On Stage Now – Lollia
Welcome to the February edition of “On Stage Now”, featuring our first vocalist, Lollia. Lollia is an independent creator of various media. She is known for her covers of music from anime, video games, and popular musicians, along with some original music. She has collaborated with many other artists (such as OR3O) and creators (such […]
50:53 2/23/24
Episode 111: Ristar
It was on February 16, 1995, that SEGA published and released a Genesis game titled Ristar in North America, a single-player platformer about a star that travels the Valdi star system to free the leader of each planet from the mind control of Kaiser Greedy. He bears no weapons, no magic, or psychic abilities; only […]
74:53 2/16/24
Episode 110: Pizza Time! (National Pizza Day)
Mama mia! It’s time for some pizza! When was the last time you had yourself a slice of pizza with your favorite toppings? Or ordered a box or three for a gathering with friends or club members? According to a survey by Grubhub, cheese pizza was the fourth most popular food that Americans craved (the […]
42:49 2/9/24
Episode 109: Happy 2nd Podcastiversary! Celebrating Two Years of Covers, Remixes and Such
Whoa, happy birthday RE-VGM! This week’s episode marks two years of video game music and their covers, remixes, and arrangements. While not as awesome as reaching one year or having 100 episodes, it’s still quite an accomplishment for any young podcast. We’ll be playing blocks of tracks that highlight last year’s host of episodes: Masters […]
78:28 2/2/24
Episode 108: On Stage Now – Rexy
It’s the return of “On Stage Now” from last November, as we fly across the pond to feature our chosen remixer for January, Rexy. Rexy (aka Beverley Wooff) has been creating arrangements and remixes of video game music since 2005. In addition, she was a judge for Overclocked Remix and hosted a show featuring arrangements […]
54:10 1/26/24
Episode 107: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (Brew a Potion Day)
“Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble…” If you’ve read Shakespeare in high school or college, you’ll recognize it from the play “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, from the scene with the witches at the cauldron with Macbeth, though some may think it’s the title of a kid’s movie by the Olsen twins. […]
46:25 1/19/24
Episode 106: Medication Time! (National Pharmacist Day)
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you feel a cold or a fever coming on? Okay, other than bed rest, it’s the medicine. Whether it’s a handful of pills or some liquid measured in a cup or spoon, you take it by the milligram or ounce in the hopes that this concoction […]
32:29 1/12/24
Episode 105: 2024 New Year’s Gaming Resolution
Happy New Year, everyone! As they say, it’s a new year and a new me. Time to grab some paper and pen and write down those resolutions for 2024. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, going on a trip, or moving up the corporate or social ladder, there’s something that someone wants to achieve. I […]
43:13 1/5/24
Episode 104: Home for the Holidays
While Christmas may be over and the new year is about to commence, most people are home for the holidays: students going on Winter Break after a week of finals, workers who waited until the end of the year to use their vacation time, and companies shutting down production for the end of the year. […]
49:07 12/29/23
Episode 103: 25 Days of RE-VGM 2023
It’s that time of the year for 25 days of holiday VGM covers and remixes! Like last year’s episode #48, we’re playing all the tracks that were featured across Instagram and TwiX (Twitter/X) in order, from Day One to Day Twenty-Five. While most of the tracks were from Overclocked Remix, some were culled from YouTube […]
93:48 12/25/23
Episode 102: It Happened on Christmas Eve/Day/Season?
So, “Die Hard”, the 1988 action movie that had Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, is it considered a Christmas movie? I mean, it does have a Christmas party, in a tower located in Los Angeles. I know, I’m stirring up this seasonal debate, but I have a reason. After hearing a brief discussion from another […]
45:03 12/22/23
Episode 101: Gamer, It’s Cold Outside
Hopefully the weather outside your window isn’t frightful and this week’s episode is delightful. This is a special episode, in relation to RadioSEGA’s Winterfest 2023. I was asked to join their line-up and happily obliged, though I admit I’ve never recorded for a radio format. With some tweaking, cutting, and rearranging, I was able to […]
64:06 12/15/23
Episode 100c: The 100th Special Episode, Part Three
Welcome to Part Three of Episode 100, celebrating major moment for the podcast. This will be the final part of the episode, as we finish the rest of the episodes after Part Two I hope you enjoyed listening to all the tracks from each and every episode made, and I hope to continue with 100 […]
132:19 12/8/23
Episode 100b: The 100th Special Episode, Part Two
Here’s Part Two of episode 100, as we continue to celebrate a milestone for the podcast. As with Part One, we’re playing a track from each episode, whether it’s an original, a cover, or a remix. We may also hear from other podcasters about their favorite episode or track. Sit back and enjoy this long […]
115:52 12/8/23
Episode 100a: The 100th Special Episode, Part One
Wow! One hundred episodes. I never thought I’d make it this far but here I am. Welcome to a very special episode, in parts. To celebrate, I’ve decided to play a track from each episode, starting with the first one. Each track, whether it’s an original or a cover or remix, will be significant or […]
128:13 12/8/23
Episode 99: Jet Force Gemini
1999: The year in which Nintendo released Jet Force Gemini for their N64 console. It first came out in October, on the 1st in North America and on the 30th in Europe. It finally came out in Japan on December 1st, under the name “Star Twins”. Jet Force Gemini was a third-person adventure about a […]
67:39 12/1/23
Episode 98: On Stage Now – Voltz Supreme
It’s that time for our last special episode of “On Stage Now” for this year 2023, as December approaches and lots of things are being planned. This month’s feature is Voltz Supreme, an award-winning composer, story-teller, Iron Synth Chef Remixer and Performer from Australia. In addition to remixes, he also composes original music for film, […]
49:53 11/24/23
Episode 97: “Unfriended” (National Unfriend Day)
Did you ever look at your friends list lately on social media? I’m betting there are some people on there that are strangers or acquaintances that you friended a long time ago. Maybe you haven’t kept up with them. Maybe you’re getting tired of seeing their posts about food, politics, religion, or unusual interests. Well, […]
38:56 11/17/23
Episode 96: Spyro: The Year of the Dragon
This week, we’re taking a deeper look at Spyro: Year of the Dragon. The game, as known as Spyro 3 by most players, was released in Europe on November 10, 2000; it was actually first released in North America on October 24th and the following year 2001 on June 8th. Spyro is off flying into […]
52:36 11/10/23
Episode 95: Bunka no Hi (Japanese Cultural Day)
Ohayo, Konnichiwa, Konbanwa… Today is a celebration of Bunka no Hi, in English translated as Japanese Culture Day, held on November 3rd. Coinciding with Education and Culture Week, Japanese Culture Day celebrates the Japanese culture, in academics, the arts, music, and other aspects. It’s a great time to be familiar with such Japanese artists as […]
41:09 11/3/23
Episode 94: The Black Cat Roams (International Black Cat Day)
October 27th is International Black Cat Day, which celebrates this particular color of feline and promoting their good points, while dispelling the myths and superstitions associated with the black cat. While most black cats tend to be of the Bombay breed, other breeds can have cats covered with black fur. Most may fear or stay […]
38:14 10/27/23
Episode 93: On Stage Now – GaMetal
It’s that time of the month for another special episode of “On Stage Now”. This month’s feature musician is Jonny Atma (aka GaMetal), a multi-instrumentalist with an itch to rock your ears out to his remixes of video game music. With 10+ years of music and averaging 3 tracks a day on his YouTube channel, […]
46:20 10/20/23

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