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What is Solarpunk? Why does it matter? In this series we discuss Solarpunk as a movement within art, literature, and activism. We explore its themes and talk about what separates it from its genre peers. Each episode explores a writing prompt set in a Solarpunk aesthetic with examples and inspirations from our world today. Based upon story prompts created by Paweł Ngei⁩. Episode transcripts available here


An Introduction
What is Solarpunk and why should we care? Why would I want to write Solarpunk stories? In this introduction video I talk briefly about what Solarpunk is and why it is important to create new stories with its unique optimistic framing. This video sets the stage for a series of videos with individual writing prompts, and grounds the writer firmly in the genre with guidelines to follow. Links mentioned in the video: HOPE 2020: Technological Narratives - Coindesk Solarpunk - Chobani Commercial - Story Hooks - Music from: float oat - how we found it
08:49 10/31/22
The Refugee Camp
The Refugee Camp In this episode our writing prompt takes us to a near-future town that has grown out of a refugee camp. We discuss refugee camps today, community organizations, makers, and the creation that comes from them. We also discuss creole languages and the truths they reveal about a community. Links mentioned in the video: r0g_agency - Communitere - “Dialect” - Music from: ExMemory - Solar Grid - #solarpunk #writing #podcast
10:51 11/1/22
The Community Center
The Community Center In this episode our writing prompt explores the transformative power of libraries and community centers. With the power to train communities and empower them with knowledge, what would happen if such a place grew into a place sought by pilgrims for inner truth? Links mentioned in the video: CILIP - Music from: Andy McDade - Ylid - #solarpunk #writing #podcast
07:52 11/2/22
The Canteen
The Canteen In this episode our writing prompt brings us to the mess hall of an isolated scientific community surrounded by difficult conditions. We explore the justaposition of these challenges in their mission with the everyday humanity of their unique culture. Links mentioned: Antarctica No Appendix Club - UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity - Music from: nikodimov - weeds -
11:02 11/3/22
The Hackerspace
The Hackerspace In this episode we discuss hackers, hacker culture, and hackerspaces before using this setting for the basis of our latest writing prompt. What does playful discovery have to do with Solarpunk? Can we find a modal for the future in these communities of today? Links mentioned: “Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution” - Noisebridge - OmniCommons - Hacklab - sudo room and counter culture labs - list of character archetypes - - Music from: yourdiscovery - astrobotany -
11:32 11/4/22
The Experts
The Experts In this episode we discuss isolation and its toll. We also talk about a different kind of community and the power and freedom it brings to the lonely. Links mentioned: Lonely Conservationists - Light Years: Memoir of a Modern Lighthouse Keeper - Music from: Twin Dragoon - Hidden in brightness -
09:19 11/5/22
The Great Infrastructure Project
The Great Infrastructure Project Maintaining infrastructure is hard even when your governments are stable. In this episode we explore the reality of crumbling infrastructure on a small town and envision an optimistic future where collaboration overcomes the challenges. Links mentioned: Fediverse address - Music from: Bathroom Plants - New Unity Dawning -
12:42 11/6/22
The Electronics Graveyard
The Electronics Graveyard In today’s episode: Reduce, reuse, recycle. What does that look like in a Solarpunk world? How does the trash of one age become a resource for the next? And how realistic are our expectations for that type of lifestyle? Links mentioned: Solarpunk: Histórias Ecológicas e Fantásticas em um Mundo Sustenavel - Jugaad - Appropedia - Sakawa - re:publica ACCRA - Music from: Bubble Keiki - Unlatching The Escape Pod’s Lid -
11:33 11/7/22
The Archivists
The Archivists Today’s episode explores the loss of cultural history, local and indigenous knowledge. How can a Solarpunk perspective help us see past Western colonialism and find value in new, old places. Links mentioned: UNESCO defines - Chi Luu writes in JSTOR’s Daily - Safecast - Want to learn Tlingit? - Music from: Cyber Surfer 3D - Skyforest -
12:10 11/8/22
The Chefs
The Chefs In this episode we explore a world facing a meat shortage and discuss the sustainability of food practices. You also get to hear me try to phoenetically speak Korean. Links mentioned: Greenpeace points out - - Music from: loving memory 영원히 안녕 - 태양이 내 얼굴에 입맞 (Bye forever – the sun is kissing my face)
11:30 11/10/22
The Fire Brigade
The Fire Brigade In this episode we muse about the role of the military in a world without war. What comes next for these highly trained individuals and groups? How might they turn those skills toward new types of community service? Links mentioned: Landmine Free estimates - Climate Brief - Important aspects of military genre fiction - Music from: Dyamur - Sun Syndicate -
11:49 11/11/22
The Expedition
The Expedition In this episode we journey from the Global South, the starting place of Solarpunk, to help a suffering North facing the Great InterneT Collapse. What unique qualities can they bring to the situation? Links mentioned: Global South and Global North - Tony Blair Institute for Global Change - Jugaad - Cuban Medical Internationalism - Music from: S O A R E R - Esoteric Eye -
12:29 11/12/22
The Beekeepers
The Beekeepers In this episode we explore the relationships between humans and machines, discuss some of the ethical dangers of AI, and how a balanced relationship with technology might present itself in a Solarpunk setting. Links mentioned: One guy on reddit - The march of the robot dogs“ - How AI Will Rewire Us“ - Open letter from several ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Experts’ - Recent studies in invertebrate neurobiology - Music from: ステム88 - Biofield -
11:39 11/13/22
The Henchmen
The Henchmen In this episode a group of henchmen hired to work for a billionare on his post-apocalyptic stronghold inherit the keys from their former boss. They explore their options at community building and outreach with the surrounding towns as communities collide. Links mentioned: Disaster Collectivism The Response Douglas Rushkoff Story - Original Source Douglas Rushkoff Story - Updated Source Music from: taiyou hikou by Yago Omoikane -
11:20 11/16/22
The Ship
The Ship In this episode we set sail on a cargoship of the future. What does a trade mission look like in Solarpunk? Links mentioned: From Steampunk to Solarpunk MS Beluga Skysails Inflatable sails Fuel from biomass Music from: Levantaran el vuelo by Circus Marcus
10:07 11/21/22
The Dirigible
The Dirigible In this episode we take the skies and travel between distant settlements with an anarchist crew on our beautiful balloon. Links mentioned: vacuum airship Online relationships are real Music from: Jean Toba - really beautiful my mambo
11:30 12/3/22