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How To Make Money With A&P License
Learn how to make money with your A&P license (without IA license). Start a side aircraft maintenance business. We’ll discuss how you can get customers and steps you should take to grow your side Hussle. Learn more at:
57:01 1/6/23
How To Create An Aviation Website
How To Create An Aviation Website. How to focus on customer sales. What pages to make, and how to structure them.
08:27 12/29/22
How To Get More Customers
Learn how to get more customers for your aviation business, and what channels to use. Learn more at:
38:00 12/23/22
How To Start A Flight School
How to start a flight school, what is needed, what to watch out for, how to get more customers
42:53 12/23/22
Why Do Aviation Businesses Fail
S1 E8 Why Do Aviation Businesses Fail. Listen to this episode at:
38:36 12/16/22
How To Work With Airport officals
Learn how to work with airport officials, check this episode out at: How are airports governed? What roll does the airport manager play? Who should you approach when requesting hangar space?
33:16 12/12/22
How To Penetrate The Airport Perimeter
What is the airport perimeter, here to hang out if your a new aviation business owner, big airports vs small airports, security, airport minimum standards and more.
22:56 12/9/22
Which Aviation Business Should I Start
Which aviation business should I start? In this episode well talk about starting the following aviation business: Aircraft maintenance, flight school, private charter, passenger airline, cargo airline, aircraft brokerage, charter brokerage, aircraft detailing, aviation marketing firm, aviation consulting, aircraft parts, aviation insurance broker
41:16 12/5/22
What Kind Of Insurance For An Aircraft Maintenance Company
What Kind Of Insurance Needed For Aircraft Maintenance Business. In this episode of the Grease Pilot Show (S1E4) well discuss what kind of insurance is needed for an aircraft maintenance shop. We'll discuss aircraft maintenance insurance cost, where to get aircraft maintenance insurance, and we'll describe the aviation maintenance insurance coverages.
17:44 12/2/22
How To Start An Aircraft Maintenance Business
Lets scratch the surface on what it takes to open an aircraft maintenance business. Where you should start, how to get customers, insurance, and much more.
31:12 11/28/22
Buying Vs Starting An Aviation Business
What should you look for when buying an aviation business. Is buying better than starting an aviation business. In this podcast well talk about both options and discuss the pros and cons of each. Comment or learn more about this episode at
31:51 11/25/22
Why its important to do what you love for an income
Our first episode! Follow along as I talk about why we started this podcast, my origins, and Why its important to do what you love for an income. Learn more about this episode at
20:51 11/21/22