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ML Chat: Conversations with Multilingual Educators

ML Chat explores everything to do with Multilingual student instruction. Do you oversee students that are learning English? ML Chat is the place to learn more and continue to refine your craft. In each episode co-hosts Tim Blackburn and Justin Hewett talk with experts, researchers, and district administrators to explore how to best serve our language learners.


Marybelle Marrero Colon Sheds Light on Uplifting English Learners with Disabilities
Marybelle Marrero Colon, from the Center for Applied Linguistics, offers a valuable perspective on identifying learning disabilities in English learners while leaning into her own journey to share insight and perspective for students walking through the identification process. Learn about the significance of comprehensive education, precise evaluations, and personalized assistance for multilingual students. Marybelle compels us to champion equitable practices in both bilingual and special education.
50:13 5/1/24
Empowering Immigrant Voices: Tea Rozman's Journey
Step into the captivating world of immigrant narratives on this ML Chat Podcast episode with Tea Rozman, co-founder of Green Card Voices. She shares her remarkable journey from working in refugee camps to empowering individuals through storytelling. Her work brings transformative impact by amplifying immigrant journeys and building projects like Green Card Youth Voices to build empathy and understanding. Tea's inspiring insights on dignity, empathy, and the power of shared experiences promise a thought-provoking conversation.
39:32 4/17/24
Kia Johnson: Education Leadership and Advocacy Insights
Tune in to the ML Chat podcast for an interview with Kia Johnson from the Center for Applied Linguistics! Discover her journey from paraprofessional to education leader, perspectives on family engagement, Title III compliance, and teacher advocacy. Get valuable information on alternative certification and teacher assistant pathways. Don't miss this enlightening conversation on critical education topics!
55:59 4/3/24
Dual Language Assessment Insights and Innovation with Elizabeth Sanchez Szepesi
Tune in to the ML Chat podcast with hosts Justin and Mandi as they discuss Elizabeth Sanchez Szepesi's insights around building and growing a dual-language program. Explore topics like assessment equity in both goal languages and growing a dual-language program to meet the changing needs of your district. Elizabeth shares valuable insight and perspective as a veteran dual-language teacher and administrator.
53:11 3/20/24
Maria Cieslak Ignites Student Passion for STEM and Language Integration
In Episode 21 of ML Chat Podcast, Maria's infectious enthusiasm for science teaching sparks lifelong curiosity among students. Collaborating with peers and instructional coaches, Maria fosters a vibrant learning community. Her approach transforms the classroom into a shared space of discovery, integrating content teaching with language learning to enhance cognitive growth and literacy skills.
45:28 3/6/24
Empowering English Language Learners with Pamela Broussard
Join Pamela Broussard, a multilingual educator and advocate, as she unpacks empowering strategies to enhance student engagement while building student independence and confidence. Broussard shares insights from her Leading ELLs Facebook group, which promotes resource-sharing among educators. She exemplifies a commitment to inclusion, hands-on learning, and encourages new teachers to diversify resources and methods.
59:49 2/21/24
Authentic Assessments for Multilingual Learners with Stef Just and Jackie Griffin
Uncover innovative strategies for authentic assessments, tailored for multilingual learners. Learn from leaders Steph Just and Jackie Griffin about formative assessments, inclusive systems, and maintaining high expectations with flexibility. Elevate your teaching practices with practical insights about the cycle of formative assessment and informed instruction.
52:13 2/7/24
Co-Teaching Triumphs: Kathy & Keenan's Educational Insights
In Episode 18 of the ML Chat Podcast, educators Kathy Alston and Keenan Lee discuss their co-teaching model for multilingual students at Harrisburg School District. They share insights on relationship-building among teachers, adapting to student demographics, and overcoming challenges post-COVID. Be inspired by their data-driven methodology, teacher success coaching strategies, and long-term commitment to co-teaching.
57:37 1/24/24
Unveiling Language Learning Challenges with Mandi Morris
Embark on an insightful conversation with Mandi Morris, the National Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Flashlight Learning, as she discusses the intricate landscape of teaching English as a second language. Explore the challenges in secondary English learning education, from resource scarcity to teacher turnover, while emphasizing the pivotal role educators play in shaping learners' identities and the importance of building strong relationships within the education system.
57:30 1/10/24
Assessment Implications: The Impact of High Stakes Assessments on the Language Learning Journey
This week on the ML Chat Podcast we are bringing you something a little different. Last month we hosted our latest in the ML Chat Webinar Series where we were joined by multilingual educators from across the country to discuss high-stakes assessments. The webinar featured Jen Albury and Jayme Croff, who you may have heard on previous episodes of this podcast. We covered some critical topics like:How can do create opportunities for productive language practice as part of your curriculum and instruction?How are formative moments in the classroom informing instruction? How do we embed productive language in Tier I? And something that is on a lot of our minds, how do you address the opportunity cost when students don’t exit ELD?The conversation was so insightful, we wanted to share it with our podcast listeners! If you’d like to join our next ML Chat Webinar,  visit now, enjoy this engaging conversation with Jen and Jayme. 
44:09 12/20/23
Bilingual Brilliance: Navigating ESL Success with Connie Sisneros
Embark on Connie Sisneros' inspiring journey from monolingual teacher to ESL specialist and bilingual director. Uncover the impact of professional development, Flashlight 360, and high expectations on student success. Dive into her valuable advice for fostering collaborative growth in bilingual and ESL instruction.
64:14 12/7/23
Journeying through Multilingual Education with Jen Albury
Step into an engaging podcast conversation with the remarkable educator and multilingual education advocate, Jen Albury. She shares her inspiring journey from teaching in Mexico to her current role in Holyoke Public Schools, Massachusetts. Discover the power of asset-based teaching, student-centric learning, and the importance of language in education. This episode is a compelling exploration of inclusive, student-focused teaching and the role of multilingual education in shaping our students' future.
51:30 11/14/23
Charting the Future of Education: A Pioneering Discussion with Jonathan Lemaster
Step into the world of education transformation with Jonathan Lemaster on the ML Chat Podcast. As a language and learning specialist in the Poway Unified School District in San Diego, and the co-founder of Literacy Geeks, Jonathan's passion for skill-based instruction and ed tech shines through. With over two decades of experience, he emphasizes the importance of engaging all students and fostering skill development for successful teaching. Join the conversation as we explore Jonathan's journey from the classroom Language & Learning Specialist Coach, and his unwavering commitment to supporting teachers in their efforts to empower language learners. Don't miss this insightful discussion!
51:54 10/25/23
Unlocking Success: Jayme Croff's Inspiring Journey in Multilingual Education
Dive into the dynamic world of multilingual education with Jayme Croff, a passionate advocate and leader in the field. Join the ML Chat Podcast as Jayme shares her inspiring journey, from the classroom to supporting diverse learners, and the transformative shift towards inclusive, asset-based approaches. Discover the power of collaboration, data-driven insights, and the heartwarming stories that fuel her dedication. Tune in for a compelling conversation that will leave you inspired to champion multilingual learners in your own community
48:55 10/11/23
Building an ML program with Kim Peterson
In this episode of the ML Chat Podcast Kim Peterson joins Justin and Tim to delve into the pivotal role of speaking for English learners. She underscores its significance as a foundation for success in reading and writing and ultimately being able to pass the state assessment. Kim also walks through her journey of building a program from the ground up and shares what she feels every new ML admin and coordinator should know. Join us for this enlightening discussion.
56:12 9/8/23
Voices of NABE: What I Wish I’d Known
This week on the ML Chat Podcast we are excited our final episode from our Voices of NABE Series where you get to hear directly from the ML Community that joined us at the 2023 NABE Conference.On this episode we ask educators the question "What do you wish you had known when you started your career?".  Tim Blackburn and Justin Hewett discuss their answers and dive into the insights they provide for all ML Educators. 
46:29 8/24/23
Voices of NABE: Connections Across Languages
This week on the ML Chat Podcast we are excited for another episode  from our Voices of NABE Series where you get to hear directly from the ML Community that joined us at the 2023 NABE Conference.On this episode we hear how educators are helping their students make connections across languages and build the language they already have. 
27:09 8/3/23
Voices of NABE: Promoting Writing Fluency
This week on the ML Chat Podcast we continue our “Voices of NABE” series, where we get a chance to hear directly from the ML Community that joined us at the 2023 NABE Conference.On this episode we react to the answers to the question “How are you promoting writing fluency in your program”. Again, the answers are a great insight in the world of multilingual education and the struggles and success teachers and districts are seeing.Enjoy this episode!
32:55 7/19/23
Voices of NABE: Promoting Oral Fluency
This week on the ML Chat Podcast we get a chance to hear directly from the ML Community who joined us at the 2023 NABE Conference. We asked them “how are you promoting oral fluency in your program” and their answers are fascinating and insightful.This is our first in our series of episodes from our interviews at NABE. We’re excited for you to hear directly from your community!
58:13 6/14/23
Language in the Air: A Conversation with Anabel Ortiz-Chavolla
This week on the ML Chat Podcast, we are joined by Anabel Ortiz-Chavolla, theDirector of Federal Programs & School Improvement at Ontario School District 8-C Annabel discusses the importance of embedding language standards in all content areas, or as she puts it, to have “language in the air”. Annabel dives into the need for intentional lesson planning and collective efficacy among teachers and administrators. Her experience and ideas will hopefully spark your creativity for how to approach the same things in your program. Enjoy this conversation with  Anabel Ortiz-Chavolla. 
58:13 4/19/23
Beyond Language Barriers: A Conversation with Lisa Auslander
This week on the ML Chat Podcast, we are joined by Lisa Auslander, the Senior Project Director for Bridges to Academic Success. Lisa leads the team in professional learning, curriculum development and operations. She is a former teacher, coach and administrator who worked in New York City schools for over 15 years. Lisa is a fountain of knowledge in Multilingual education. In this episode she goes in depth about the journey that led her to Bridges and how they are fulfilling their mission to advocate for newly arrived immigrants through best practices in curriculum, resources, and teacher training. Enjoy this conversation with Lisa Auslander!
53:09 3/7/23
Informing instruction with the Formative Assessment Process: Acting on Evidence (Part 4)
This week on The ML Chat Podcast Tim Blackburn joins us to complete our four-part series on the formative assessment process. In this episode, Tim recaps the importance of clear intended learning, eliciting evidence, and interpreting evidence as he builds to a discussion to the fourth and final part of the formative assessment process: acting on evidence. If you haven’t listened to the first three episodes, make sure you check those out.
43:21 2/2/23
Maximizing growth through the Formative Assessment Process: Interpreting Evidence (Part 3)
This week on the ML Chat Podcast Tim Blackburn joins us again to continue the conversation around the formative assessment process. Tim walks us through having a clear intended learning destination, designing deliberate invitations for students to apprentice in target skills, and analyzing and interpreting how students are growing in the concepts, skills, and language. Tim also discusses the challenge of balancing the expectations of covering the standards with responding to students' needs. This is part 3 of our series with Tim. If you haven’t listened to part one or two yet, you should start there!
45:27 1/6/23
Promoting engagement in the Formative Assessment Process: Eliciting Evidence (Part 2)
This week on the ML Chat podcast we continue our conversation with Tim Blackburn about the formative assessment process. In this episode we unpack the second part, eliciting evidence. Tim shares about the learning journey our students are on and the challenges so many districts face as an increasing number become “long-term language learner.” If you haven’t listened to episode 1, you may gain some helpful context by jumping back one episode and starting there.
72:33 12/13/22
Unpacking the Formative Assessment Process: Clear Intended Learning (Part 1)
This week on the ML Chat podcast we sat down with Tim Blackburn to talk about how he ended up in teaching, key practices he uses in his classroom, and what took him across the country from New York to Oregon to teach English language learners.
62:18 11/23/22