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Episode 29 - Dr. Amaka Nnamani and Mommy's Milk Rocks for Black Breastfeeding Week
In this episode, Dr. Amaka Nnamani celebrates the 1 year anniversary of her children's book Ziora's Quest: Mommy's Milk Rocks! for the 11th anniversary of Black Breastfeeding Week. We also discuss the importance of educating both new moms and healthcare professionals about breastfeeding.Get a signed copy of Ziora's Quest: Mommy's Milk Rocks! Learn more about Dr. Nnamani.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
34:39 8/25/23
Episode 28 - Supporting lactation for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders
Pauline Sakamoto RN, MS and Uyen Tran, IBCLC, CEIM, talk to Samantha about supporting the 90+ cultures represented by the abbreviation AANHPI. We discuss why it's important for healthcare providers to listen to families and not dismiss traditional practices as "unscientific."Contact the AANHPI Breastfeeding Collaborative.Learn more about Uyen's lactation consultant and infant massage services at Marigold Lactation.Read Uyen's article about traditional foods for postpartum healing and lactogenesis.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
30:23 8/18/23
Episode 27 - From the Stars: Breastfeeding challenges and support for Indigenous Peoples with Kim Moore-Salas and Camie Goldhammer
Kim Moore-Salas, IBCLC and Camie Goldhammer, MSW, IBCLC join Samantha to discuss the origins of Indigenous Milk Medicine Week. Plus, you get to hear what the theme for IMM Week 2023 means (spoiler alert: It gave me goosebumps).Do you need lactation support from someone specializing in cultural breastfeeding and clinical education, or are you an Indigenous person wanting to increase support, equity, and resources for Native first food experiences? Contact the Indigenous Lactation Counselor training group (including Kim and Camie) through this link.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
50:02 8/10/23
Episode 26 - World Breastfeeding Week: This is our why
This week, we talk all about the reasons why we breastfeed, from our personal reasons (hello baby snuggles!) to Public Health. Not 100% confident in your breastfeeding skills yet? Be sure to check out Breastfeeding 101, our free guide to recognizing baby's hunger cues, knowing baby is eating enough, tracking diaper output, and more.Grab Breastfeeding 101 here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
17:32 8/3/23
Episode 25 - Surviving toddlerhood and rage stripping with Jenn Campbell
This week, we talk to Jenn Campbell all about the perspective you gain after parenting 18 (yes, really!) kids and then watching those kids become parents themselves. Learn what she did to support herself, how she thinks parenting is different now than it was when her own children were little, and how taking your little one's perspective can be so beneficial. Listen to the Becoming Parents Podcast.Want to share your story with Jenn? Schedule here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
42:49 7/25/23
Episode 24 - Natural term breastfeeding, infant and young child feeding in an emergency (IYCF-E), and the intersection of breastfeeding with feminisim
In this episode, we welcome Lourdes Santabella, IBCLC, co-founder of Alimentación Segura Infantil, an intergenerational organization based in Puerto Rico focused on increasing breastfeeding, leadership and training and gender equity in traditionally marginalized communities, with a focus on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery and against binary and colonialist backlash.We discuss what it's like to nurse young children past toddlerhood, why it's important to be prepared to feed your child in case of an emergency, and how feminism and supporting LGBTQ+ families is critical in breastfeeding/chestfeeding support. Listen to Lourdes's podcast, Teta y Pecho: Lactancia InterseccionalSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
36:00 7/12/23
Episode 23: Pumping milk and flange size with Melissa Portunato, IBCLC
This episode is sponsored by Storkpump, an insurance covered breast pump program.Melissa Portunato, IBCLC, shares with us how to pump milk effectively and painlessly.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
30:38 6/30/23
Episode 22 - Three totally free ways to decrease toxic burden in your home with Sophia Ruan
Sophia Ruan Gushée is author of several detox books and founder of Ruan Living. Sophia first began researching environmental toxins almost 16 years ago, after the birth of her first daughter. She was shocked to learn that the ingredients in so many of our household products & diet could be harmful — and that no one was talking about it! Now a busy NYC mom of three, she uses her extensive research to help empower others to reduce our toxic exposures from what we buy, own, and do, while maintaining the beauty, joy, and ease of modern life.Get Sophia's Nontoxic cleaning guideFollow Sophia on IGCheck out the Ruan Living podcastSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
36:49 6/21/23
Episode 21 - Preparing for a natural birth with Hilary Erikson, LDN
Are you interested in having a medication free birth, but nervous about how to prepare? Learn from a Labor and Delivery Nurse with over 20 years' experience about how to manage pain, when you should really go to the hospital, and more.Get Hilary's birth class here.Prefer reading over listening? Check out the blog post here.Download my free Natural Birth Toolkit that’s already helped over 1,000 moms have the birth they hoped for.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
26:16 6/14/23
Episode 20 - Non-toxic sunscreens for babies and kids
Overwhelmed by all the choices on the sunscreen aisle? Learn the difference between mineral and organic (chemical) sunscreens, plus some of the safest sunscreens out there for your baby.Read the post (and see my product recommendations)Get your FREE checklist: 10 minutes to avoid toxic chemicals in the homeSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
19:39 6/7/23
Episode 19 - Cold and sinus remedies while breastfeeding
Itchy, watery eyes? Cough and/or congestion so intense you feel like you can't breathe? Which medications can you take without hurting your nursling (or your milk supply? Learn it all on this episode.Dr. Thomas Hale's MommyMeds appCurious about whether to keep breastfeeding past the first year? Grab your FREE copy of Breastfeeding Past 1: Why and How.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
20:20 5/31/23
Episode 18 - Getting back into fitness after baby with Jama Oliver
Jama Oliver is a full time instructor with one of the top fitness brands in the world! With four kids of her own, she knows what it's like to juggle taking care of kids with also taking care of herself. Plus, Jama is just an awesome person :)Want more about taking care of yourself so you can take care of your little ones? Make sure to grab your free Mindful Mamas, Connected Kids toolkit here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
25:57 5/12/23
Episode 17 - Attachment parenting vs conventional parenting + toddler breastfeeding
People seem to think there's a war between attachment parenting and conventional parenting, and that the answers are all black and white.Let's talk to Jenna Wolfe of Own Your Parenting Story to find out what both sides can learn from each other.Registration for Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood is open! Get your free ticket here before April 24.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
30:47 4/12/23
Episode 15 - Calming toddler tantrums
Has your sweet baby suddenly started throwing epic tantrums and you don't know what to do? Listen in to learn what the most important step is in calming your child's meltdowns (spoiler alert: It probably isn't what you think).Looking for support in nursing past the first year? Join us at Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood from April 24-28, 2023 by registering here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
16:07 3/29/23
Episode 14 - When to lower your baby's crib mattress
While it's definitely harder to get your child in and out of a lowered crib, it's for safety! Learn when the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you lower your baby's crib, plus get tips for getting your baby into their crib while keeping them asleep.And are you looking for support for breastfeeding or chestfeeding past the first year? Join the waitlist for Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood, a free online event designed to support and celebrate parents nursing past the first year.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
10:11 3/22/23
Episode 13 - Surviving the 4th trimester
You know that the first few months after your baby is born is critical for their health, but did you know it's critical for your health and well being too? Learn all you need to know to take care of yourself in the first 3 months after your baby is born.And if you want to know what furniture, bottles, and more are safe for your baby, make sure to grab your non-toxic baby registry checklist here.Prefer to read? You can see the whole article on surviving the 4th trimester here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
18:15 3/8/23
Episode 12 - Setting boundaries with your breastfeeding toddler
Do you need help setting boundaries with your little one so you can both enjoy your breastfeeding relationship more?Here, we hear from Jenna Wolfe of Own Your Parenting Story and the Start to Stop Breastfeeding Podcast.Want to learn more from Jenna? Make sure to grab her free guide for saying no to the feed while saying yes to the need.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
35:34 2/22/23
Episode 11: Tandem feeding myths
Maybe Dear Aunt Sally once told you, "You can't nurse your toddler with the new baby! You won't have enough milk for both."Sorry Aunt Sally, that's just one of the myths about tandem nursing (breastfeeding a newborn and toddler simultaneously) that we're going to bust today.Show notes:Get your FREE copy of Breastfeeding Past 1: Why and How for benefits of breastfeeding your toddler, sample 1 year old breastfeeding schedules, and more.Prefer to read? Click here for the article.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
16:48 2/8/23
Episode 10 - Is it safe to breastfeed while pregnant
In this episode, Samantha tackles some common misconceptions about the safety of breastfeeding through pregnancy, such as:Breastfeeding during pregnancy increasing risk of miscarriageNursing "taking away" nutrients from your unborn childNursing causing premature laborShow notes:Grab your FREE copy of Breastfeeding Past 1: Why and How for benefits of toddler breastfeeding, sample 1 year old breastfeeding schedules, and more.Prefer to read? Click here for the article.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
13:44 2/1/23
Episode 09 - Pros and cons of breastfeeding a toddler through pregnancy
If you're breastfeeding and fell pregnant, you may wonder if you should wean, or if you should just keep breastfeeding. Learn all about the pros and cons of breastfeeding through pregnancy (The next episode will cover the safety of breastfeeding through pregnancy too).Show notes:Grab Breastfeeding past 1: Why and How for the benefits of full term breastfeeding, sample breastfeeding schedules past the first year, and more. Prefer to read? Check out the blog postSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
15:39 1/25/23
Episode 08 - Breastfeeding a 1 year old
Can you breastfeed a one year old? And if you can, why would you?Samantha discusses the health benefits of breastfeeding past the first year, how often you should breastfeed your one year old, and more.Show notes: Grab your copy of Breastfeeding past 1: Why and howSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
18:46 1/18/23
Episode 07 - Surviving cluster feeding
If your baby is nursing ALL NIGHT LONG and you're just exhausted, you may be worried something is wrong. Do you need to top them off with formula before bed time? Would they sleep through the night if you were a good mom?In this episode, we talk all about why cluster feeding is totally normal (and actually a good thing!). Plus, we talk about how to survive through these cluster feeds and when to expect them.Show notes:Grab the Breastfeeding 101 Quick Start guide here. Read the article here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
23:57 1/11/23
Episode 06 - How magnesium affects breastfeeding moms
Did you know that many women are deficient in magnesium (even if their blood tests say they're not)? Adding more magnesium into your diet and adding a magnesium supplement can be truly life changing (as I've seen for myself).Here, we talk all about signs of low magnesium, plus whether it's safe to take magnesium while breastfeeding.Show notes:Need help with breastfeeding? Grab my quick-start guide, Breastfeeding 101.Read the full article on magnesium while breastfeeding here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
21:04 1/4/23
Episode 05 - Can you take antidepressants while breastfeeding?
Whether you have postpartum mood disorders or just run-of-the-mill anxiety or depression, you may wonder if you should start an antidepressant. But if you're breastfeeding or chestfeeding, you may be afraid that you can't take antidepressants without weaning.This episode combines Samantha's nerdy exposure science / toxicology expertise with her personal story of struggling with postpartum anxiety. Learn the facts that led to her decision concerning antidepressants, plus get support if you're a new parent with emotional struggles.Show notes:Free Mindful Mamas, Connected Kids tool kitPrefer to read? Check out the blog postSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
31:09 12/21/22
Episode 04 - The history of and problems with rice cereal
Contrary to what dear Aunt Sally insists, there's no reason you have to feed your baby rice cereal. In fact, it could be really detrimental to your little one's health!Learn how and why baby cereal was introduced, why it's no longer necessary, and what you should do instead of rice cereal. Show notes: Free Simply Starting Solids cheat sheetPrefer to read? Check out the blog postSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
24:58 12/14/22
Episode 03 - Milk supply during your period and PMS
Have you freaked out because of a breast milk supply dip, only to realize your milk came back a few days after your period started? You're not crazy - your menstrual cycle really can affect your milk supply.Learn more about the science behind how lactation and your period fit together, PLUS an important PSA about whether or not you can get pregnant while breastfeeding (spoiler alert: I got pregnant while breastfeeding THREE TIMES).Show notes:Breastfeeding 101 Quick Start GuidePrefer to read? Go to the blog postSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
31:03 12/8/22
Episode 02 - Bedsharing with your infant
You've heard it before: Don't sleep with your baby. But the problem is, the science is more nuanced than that advice. Here, Samantha shares her own story about co sleeping, tells how many parents actually sleep with their babies (spoiler alert: It's more than you probably expect!), and what you can do to make sure you are safe and responsible if you choose to sleep with your baby.Show notes: Free Breastfeeding 101 Quick Start guide - click hereSafe co-sleeping guidelines from Dr. James McKenna, Director of the Mother-Baby Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre DameSite: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
24:52 12/1/22
Episode 01 - Who is the Evidence-based Mommy?
Welcome to the Evidence-based Mommy podcast. In this first episode, I explain how I went from chemist and college professor to where I am today - a mom of four who is passionate about helping other parents by combining science and wellness.Get your FREE copy of the Mindful Mamas, Connected Kids action pack here.Site: Evidence-based MommyFollow me on Instagram
17:18 11/24/22