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Original stories for kids and families, suitable for all ages. New episodes every week! Story Quest episodes are perfect stories for the car, bedtime stories, or as a way to unwind.  Explore our other podcasts at


Skye The Chattering Skeleton
This is Story Quest, where we bring your stories to life! Skye and her Skeleton friends are only allowed to scare humans once a year on Halloween, and then they have to live in silence...! Which isn't good news for Skye who is a total chatterbox. The silent life isn't for Skye as she breaks free and tries to live in the human realm for good!See for privacy information.
09:53 11/24/2022
Asparagus Clogg and The Cursed Cathedral
In this episode we bring you Rowan's spooky story idea - The Cursed Cathedral! A group of friends who love adventure stories, finally get to go on an adventure of their own... And it's a lot more than they bargained for!See for privacy information.
12:38 11/17/2022
Tortoises Save The World
This is Story Quest, where we bring your stories to life! In this episode we bring you Delilah's story - Tortoises Save The World. It's all about a brave group of tortoises who have super powers and save humanity from the end of the world!  Have YOU got an idea for a story? Send it to us at for privacy information.
13:48 11/10/2022
The Travels of Tansy Tiger Spirit
This is Story Quest, where we bring your stories to life! In this episode we bring Tegan's story, The Travels of Tansy Tiger Spirit, to life. It's all about a brave dragon fighting princess... who just wants a holiday.  Have YOU got an idea for a story? Send it to us at for privacy information.
13:33 11/03/2022
Dr. Shockter, Monster Doctor
Dr. Shockter was a doctor like no other. Yes, he attended University and studied hard at medical school, but his patients are not like you, or me… They’re, well, monsters. Yep, you heard me right…monsters. See for privacy information.
07:37 10/27/2022
Simeon’s Swooping Sensations
Have you ever seen a murmuration?  It’s a funny word isn’t it? “Murmuration” - sounds like it’s something to do with murmuring but it’s not.  It’s the name given when a flock of birds - usually starlings - flies and swoops - making waves in the sky - like one.   Simeon was fed up with his Murmuration, so he thought he'd start his own...See for privacy information.
09:21 10/20/2022
The Glitter Trail Mystery
This is a story all about Rebecca, and a story all about Lexi... One day at school, they noticed a trail of glitter. But how did it get there? And where did it lead to?See for privacy information.
07:05 10/13/2022
The Unremarkable Adventures of Man Man
Man Man was the world's...worst superhero. He protects the town of Normville, a normal town with absolutely no crime...but why need a superhero for a city like this? See for privacy information.
07:35 10/06/2022
There's a Polar Bear at my Door
You haven’t been truly surprised until you unlock the door,And open it to find a polar bear roar!Well this is what happened to me today,And is the reason I didn’t make it to school by the way.All of this is completely true,And definitely not a lie as to why I skipped on school!See for privacy information.
07:58 09/28/2022
21st Century Dragon
Derek Doop had inherited Doctor Doop's Exotic Animal Emporium from his grandmother, Petunia Doop. He missed her ever so much, and wished he had a way to know that he was making her proud...See for privacy information.
07:25 09/22/2022
Pysgod Wibbly Wobbly
Pysgod Wibbly Wobbly, or Bradley as you might know him, was a very, very, very, silly villain... But he wanted to live FOREVER harnessing the power of...jellyfish?See for privacy information.
09:04 09/15/2022
Priya Learns to be Brave
Priya has recently moved to England from Sri Lanka. She finds England cold and grey and is having trouble making friends. Until she meets someone at school who gives her the confidence to speak about her passions!See for privacy information.
09:55 09/08/2022
Scuba The Swimming Pig
Scuba was the runt of the litter - that meant he was smaller and weaker than his brothers and sisters. They never let him join in on their fun, so he decided to ask the other animals at Old McBarlow's Farm what they do for fun in the hopes that they could help him find a brand-new hobby.See for privacy information.
11:19 09/01/2022
Witchy Poo Huxley
Hubble bubble, toil and trouble in this week's Story Quest... See for privacy information.
05:20 08/24/2022
Josie had recently got a job at a fancy magazine company, but the owner wasn't a very nice person at all... And Josie was beginning to get very tired of it, but she never complained! Until one day, something strange happened...See for privacy information.
04:44 08/18/2022
Gary the Lonely Green Space Monster
He's Green, He's Lonely, and He's Incredibly Scary... He's Gary, the Lonely Green Space Monster!See for privacy information.
08:49 08/11/2022
Discovering Dinosaurs...
Archie is dinosaur crazy! He knows every single fact about them you could possibly think of... But what would happen if Archie came face to face with real-life dinosaurs?!See for privacy information.
11:34 08/04/2022
Perfectica is the most perfect place in the universe...Or so they say. Nothing bad ever happens there. Actually to be honest nothing much happens at all...but no one is sad!See for privacy information.
08:27 07/28/2022
The Waterfall at Gothlin Shadows
I think we can all agree that sometimes you just need to cool down...yes it really can be too hot.See for privacy information.
06:51 07/21/2022
Trixy Tixy
Having an imaginary friend is an amazing long as you don't completely neglect them as you grow older. They might be like Tixy and react rather...badly.See for privacy information.
10:02 07/14/2022
The Farm Unicorn
Betsy Bradshaw lived on a farm in the city. The trouble is Betsy didn't have a phone or a computer like her she made up a story to win them over. She told them that her farm is home to a very special animal...a UNICORN! 🦄See for privacy information.
08:14 07/07/2022
The Miserable Minstrel
If you were a very rich king or queen with loads of money back in the olden days you might well have had a minstrel. These weren’t in fact sweets, but they were a person who would sing and dance and entertain you whenever you needed entertaining. However, Marvin The Minstrel didn't quite enjoy his job very much...See for privacy information.
09:50 06/30/2022
Juniper's Sundial
Do you know what time it is now?  Don’t look at the clock or your phone or your watch!  Can you guess without peeking? Maybe you have a 'tick tock' voice in your head...or maybe, like Juniper, you don't...See for privacy information.
07:09 06/23/2022
The Diamond Rush of Dagnavore
Darius was a diamond cutter who lived in the realm of Dagnavore – and diamonds were rare in those lands – even more rare than in our world. Noone else could do what he did – taking the rough stones and cutting them into beautiful prisms. His cleaner, Kat, watches him at work - has she picked up a thing or two?See for privacy information.
09:36 06/16/2022
Percy the Puffed Up Pigeon
Percy the pigeon was a bit of a show off, well except that he didn't know he was. That is until an even more annoying peacock entered his life and made him notice how much he enjoyed boasting...See for privacy information.
07:15 06/09/2022
The Monster on Top of the Bed
Caz has just moved into a new house...but she's absolutely convinced the creaking she hears at night is a MONSTER under her bed! Or, is SHE the monster on top of the bed?!See for privacy information.
10:02 06/02/2022
The Girl Who Cried...PRANK!
Have you ever heard the story about The Boy Who Cried Wolf? It’s one of those stories with a hidden message in it - you know, the sort of message that is designed to try to get you to behave... Well, Zia is the girl who cried...PRANK! She pranked everyone and anyone she could...until one day she got STUCK in the cupboard, and nobody believed her...See for privacy information.
10:44 05/26/2022
The Whistling Caretaker
Stephen's family has just moved to a new country and he is finding it hard to make friends at his new school, when he finds a friend in the janitor.  He tells amazing stories when they sit together on breaktimes in the storeroom, but is he all that meets the eye?See for privacy information.
10:32 05/19/2022
The Peace Chalice
The Peace Chalice was a metal cup, shaped like a large wine glass and it was very rusty. It wasn’t the sort of thing you’d expect a King to drink out of. But the legend said that when the most delicious drink in the world was poured in to the chalice, the gods thirst for war would be quenched and that great riches would rain down on the Kingdom and peace would return to the land...See for privacy information.
08:59 05/05/2022
Glenda The Back To Front Goblin
Goblins are hard wired to mess things up and to cause mayhem! It's almost their job, and certainly their hobby. Well, most Goblins that is...See for privacy information.
09:32 04/28/2022