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The One Shot Movement Podcast is hosted by Craig Schulze a world leading entrepreneur, thought leader, speaker, author and investor who has worked with and connected with 100's of the biggest market leaders in the world.  The One Shot Movement podcast is built of the powerful message of You've Only Got One Shot At Life So Give It Your Best Shot, where Craig Schulze has deep conversations and extracts the wisdom from each guest so you can learn all the biggest secrets of what it takes to reach your full potential.  The One Shot Movement Podcast was inspired by the life experience of losing his first son Ethan stillborn and the reality check of how precious your opportunity is on this planet. Craig Schulze then authored the life changing book "You've Got One Shot - the story of a stolen heartbeat & what that taught me about living a meaningful life". Craig now wants to help empower and educate more people on the planet to give life their best shot. Craig Schulze close each episode with "You've Got One Shot Give It Your Best Shot What Ever That Is For You". Find your life passion and purpose and the build the life that you desire. VISIT THE SHOW:


Welcome to The One Shot Movement
Welcome to The One Shot Movement
09:08 12/28/19
Interview with Founder and CEO of Entourage - Jack Delosa
In today's episode of The One Shot Movement, we interview one of the most respected entrepreneurs in Australia, Jack Delosa. Founder & CEO of The Entourage. Investor. 2 x Bestselling Author. Sky Business Host. He is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, he hosts Sky Business series 'Entrepreneurs' and has been listed in the BRW Young Rich List since 2014. Jack's passion for education inspired him to launch his popular online segment #AskJackD.
32:23 1/7/20
Interview with Former NFL Player Turned Entrepreneur Marques Ogden
Former NFL Player turned Entrepreneur Marques Ogden talks to us about his whole journey of spending so many years of his life on football, and how he transitioned to a full time entrepreneur. Changing careers can be very scary and hard to navigate, without proper guidance and resilience. Today, Marques Ogden tells us his whole story.
26:33 1/9/20
Interview with No. 1 Voted Linkedin Guru in Asia Pacific Nathanial Bibby
In today's episode of the One Shot Movement Podcast, we interview one of the biggest influencer in social media and voted as the no. 1 Linkedin Guru in Asia Pacific, Nathanial Bibby. Listen as Nathanial shares his biggest advice on creating and serving your audience thru social media and why it's important to utilize your platforms to connect with your audience and why you should give attention to your Linkedin presence.
30:06 1/13/20
Interview with Successful Sales Trainer Petar Lackovic
In this episode of the One Shot Movement Podcast, we interview Petar Lackovic, an incredible sales trainer, who has helped clients earn $2B in sales and has helped the popular entrepreneur training group, The Entourage, grow their business to what it is now. Today, Petar takes us to his journey, how he had the penchant for business, how he learned it all, and most importantly, important sales skills and knowledge to reach the same milestones for your own business growth.
75:28 1/14/20
Interview with The Bucket List Guy Founder Travis Bell
In this episode of the One Shot Movement Podcast, we talk to Travis Bell, founder of The Bucket List Guy, about his journey of failures and wins from being a personal fitness trainer since the 90s, until his worldwide brand today.
39:31 1/19/20
Interview with African Author and Philanthropist Nkandu Beltz
In today's episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast series, we interview Nkandu Beltz, born in Zambia, who now lives in Perth. Nkandu is a Philanthropist, Author, Speaker and Journalist, who had the experience of interviewing the Dalai Lama. One of her most recent work is building an emerald mine in Zambia. Today we hear all about her journey growing up and living a life of philanthropy and entrepreneurship, inspiring people everyday thru her reach and influence.
44:58 1/26/20
Interview with Business Coach for High Level Entrepreneurs Johnnie Cass
In today's episode of the One Shot Movement Podcast series, we interview a 20+ year entrepreneur Johnnie Cass. Johnnie is now one of Entourage's Elevate coaches, working on business and mindset growth for high level entrepreneurs. Today, we hear about his wonderful journey to success and how he is continuously using his experience to help elevate other entrepreneurs.
29:28 2/3/20
Interview with Award Winning Real Estate Entrepreneur Matthew Pillios
One of Australia's award winning entrepreneurs in real estate, Matthew Pillios, has shown how seeing the good in all the people he meets and deals with has helped him with his networking and getting ahead in life and business. In this series of the One Shot Movement podcast, listen to his journey and learn how you can adapt this positive attitude in multiple aspects of your life and business.
33:47 2/6/20
Interview with Australian Football League Star turned Property Entrepreneur Brodie Holland
In today's episode of The One Shot Movement Podcast, we interview Brodie Holland, a former AFL Star who had an amazing career playing football and his journey from sports to television then moving to entrepreneurship. Life before and after playing sports is such an amazing and interesting shift not only career wise, but also life wise and today we learn more about Brodie's journey and how it can inspire you make shifts in your own life and business journey.
33:01 2/11/20
Interview with the World's Biggest Business Coach Brad Sugars
In today's episode of the One Shot Movement podcast, we feature Brad Sugars, named as the biggest business coach in the world. Brad has been in the business of coaching for 35 years and has self published 17 books, one of the biggest book deals in history. Listen today as Brad talks about his entrepreneurial journey and get some of the biggest business takeaways you'd ever had in one podcast. episode!
47:26 2/20/20
Season 1 Finale of the One Shot Movement Podcast
So grateful to everyone who has listened to us in the first series of the One Shot Movement Podcast. In the last 11 episodes, we talked to some of the biggest entrepreneurs of various industries and talked about their journeys. These stories hopefully relate to you, and help you understand that everyone starts somewhere. Wherever you are now, you can begin. We are so excited to start Season 2 with even bigger stories and more inspiration for all of you. If you haven't listened to some of the episodes here, go ahead! We wish you the best of luck in your entrepreneurial journey. Stay tuned for Season 2. Coming your way!
10:36 2/26/20
Welcome to The One Shot Movement Podcast Season 2
We are so excited to come back with full force and even newer and more exciting entrepreneur interviews with our Season 2 of The One Shot Movement Podcast.
05:17 2/29/20
Interview with Lance Picioane - CEO of Love Me Love You Foundation
And to open our Season 2 for The One Shot Movement Podcast, we interview former AFL player, Lace Picioane. Lance is now the Founder & CEO of Love Me Love You foundation, a NFP organisation that delivers Mental Health awareness education and support programs. Lance has battled his way through Mental Illness since he was 13 years old, substance abuse issues for 6 years and nearly suiciding in 2011. Lance connects his story to the community so that we can all create change and make a difference through awareness, acknowledgement and action programs and campaigns. Get ready to listen to his journey and we're hoping this inspires you to take your best shot at life and business.
52:28 3/5/20
Interview with Author and Speaker Emily Gowor
In this episode, I am excited to introduce all of you to one of the inspirations of The One Shot Movement - Emily Gowor, author of multiple inspirational books, a speaker, and an entrepreneur. Emily has helped publish books of a lot of the biggest authors in the world. Today, she shares to us some of the emotional experiences that led her to starting a publishing business.
42:50 3/12/20
Interview with Last Collingwood Football Club Premiership Captain Nick Maxwell
In this episode of The One Shot Movement, we had the pleasure to talk to Nick Maxwell, the last Collingwood Football Club Premiership Captain. Nick has a lot of amazing stories on how his whole sports journey has led him to where he is right now, including all of its ups and downs. Don't miss it! Listen with your favorite podcast platform.
60:21 3/16/20
Interview with Former Winner of The Apprentice and Real Estate Speaker and Entrepreneur Andrew Morello
Today, we are honored to speak with Andrew Morello, a good friend of mine, and one of the best networkers I know. Andrew Morello is the winner of the first The Apprentice in Australia, has earned a million dollars in commissions in first year in real estate and has gone thru a lot of businesses and charities ever since. He's a speaker, a coach, owner of the Yellow Brick Road, and one of the founders of The Entourage. Let's listen to some of the best tips on business and let's take this one shot at life.
39:33 3/19/20
Interview with High Level Business Growth Expert Zane Bacic
Zana Bacic is an Australian Coach, Business Growth Expert and Agency owner who has helped build multiple 7-Figure Marketing Campaigns and handled digital campaigns for the leading online education school for business coaches in Australia, Jack Delosa. Today, he laid out how he started in this path, and what ways can you handle your business online this year and grow it to amazing heights. In this interview, Zane also talks about various marketing strategies and what you should be focusing on this 2020 to grow your business.
48:02 3/30/20
Interview with Award Winning Digital Agency Founder Brett Campbell
In this series of the One Shot Movement podcast, we had the pleasure of conversing with Brett Campbell, Foundr of Claxon, an award winning digital marketing agency. Listen to the journey of Brett as he tells us stories from his childhood, to his growth as a fitness trainer, and now with his company, Claxon. This entrepreneur journey is one you should not miss!
89:01 4/6/20
Interview with High Level Property Investor, Mortgage Broker and Investment Educator Marissa Schulze
As a passionate mortgage broker, property investor, property developer and property investment educator, Marissa Schulze has been one of the most trusted and inspiring people I've interviewed in this podcast. Building Rise High Financial Solutions in 2011, she was able to grow into one of the most awarded and celebrated Finance and Mortgage Broking businesses in Australia and has helped thousands of Australians save money and achieve their financial dreams through smart property investment. Excited to take you all today to an interview with Marissa and learn about her journey and listen to her top advice on business and property investing.
35:38 4/11/20
Interview with Michael Lane, Leading Expert in Touring Space and Entrepreneur Education
Today, we had the pleasure of talking to Michale Lane, Director of Success Resources Australia. Michael has been in the business of Entrepreneur Education with his company one of the most prestigious education companies in Australia. Michael has worked directly with some of the biggest entrepreneurs of our time - Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Richard Branson, Grant Cardone, Sarah Blakely, Robert Kiyosaki and so much more. Today, let's dive in to some of the biggest tips and advice of Michael in running a business for many years, and how to overcome adversities.
43:31 4/14/20
Interview with Exercise Physiologist, Elite Sports and High Performance Coach John Quinn
We had the biggest pleasure interviewing John Quinn today. A widely respected leader in the elite coaching field with experience across a diverse range of sports along with extensive expertise in allied health. John’ s career has spanned more than 30 years. He has worked with many of Australian’s leading athletes and coaches across sports as diverse as track and field, swimming, AFL, rugby league, tennis, cricket, bobsleigh and soccer. In 2014 John was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease – Limbic Encephalitis. This initial prognosis from this condition was one of dire consequence. After months in hospital and professional care, John emerged from this condition with an even stronger determination for changing peoples lives. This saw John return to GWS Giants in the role of Academy Director. He also established two separate Exercise Physiology Clinics – one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne. Let's listen to his whole journey on the podcast today.
58:35 4/19/20
Interview with Leading Property Investment Expert Michael Yardney
Michael Yardney is best known as a property expert and he is also Australia’s leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth creation. Today, he shares to us his secrets and tips in wealth creation and how you can use this knowledge to improve your life and business.
45:16 4/23/20
The One Shot Movement Podcast Season 2 Finale
We are wrapping up another amazing season of interviews and talks with some of the biggest and most inspiring people in the field of entrepreneurship. We are so grateful that you are listening to all of these, attracting good energy and vibration to your being, to help keep yourself motivated and inspired in these trying times. We are committed to keep our show going, to supply you with continuous support and motivation - in business and in life. We are hoping the best for you. Keep listening to some of your favorite entrepreneur journeys as we wrap up season 2 and prepare for season 3! We only have one life so let's take our best shot at it. Here's your host Craig Schulze, thanking you for another amazing season.
07:04 4/30/20
Interview with World Renowned Fertility Expert, Author and Businesswoman Gabriella Rosa
Opening our Season 3 of The One Shot Movement Podcast, we are interviewing Gabriela Rosa, world renowned Fertility Expert, Published Author and Entrepreneur. Having worked with 126,000 couples around the world getting pregnant and dealing with that process, Gabriela Rosa's story is not only an inspiring one, but also a great way to look at the industry with fresh eyes - as she combines holistic and medical approach to her work. In addition to Gabriela's journey, I am sharing a personal experience of having a stillborn baby - and how this has changed my mindset in life and business. Excited for you to listen to this very special episode. And as always, let's take our one shot in life and give it our best.
51:50 5/4/20
Leading Expert on Mental Toughness & Resilience Azita Abdollahian
Another inspiring and unique story, I am honored to introduce this episode's guest, Azita Abdollahian. An International Leading Expert on Mental Toughness & Resilience, Award Winning business woman and best selling author, Azita is an Iranian who has undergone so much challenges in her life - from being in an arranged marriage at the age of 17, trapped in her marriage, and turning around her life to be successful at several of her passions. Here in The One Shot Movement Podcast, it is a great pleasure to share such an inspiring story and we hope you'll use this one to give you the hope you need in these trying times. See you at the top and let's make this shot worth it!
52:53 5/11/20
Building a Global Business with Jeunesse Founder and Visionary Scott Lewis
Jeunesse Global is one of the leading businesses in health and stem cell technology in the last few decades and it's such a big honor today to talk to Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer and Founder about how Jeunesse started, how it has grown to a global brand, and how it helps millions or entrepreneurs around the world earn from anywhere and build a pandemic proof lifestyle. If you're feeling vulnerable right now, and are looking for new ways to build your career and business from home, this will be one important episode you shouldn't miss. Bringing you the best from The One Shot Movement Podcast season 3, Craig Schulze your host. Thank you and let's take this one shot we have and give it our best.
42:16 5/18/20
Interview with Facebook Ad Strategist Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson is a 7- Figure Facebook Ads and Funnel Expert who has worked with some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the digital marketing space. Listen as we talk about organic and paid marketing and what things you need to focus on as you grow your business online and around the world.
39:38 5/27/20
Interview with Linkedin Influencer and Strategist Sally Illingworth
Very excited to have Sally on our show today. Sally is a technology enthusiast, strategic thinker and calculative action taker who thrives in fast-paced and complex-adaptive environments. As one of Australia's leading LinkedIn media personalities and content marketers, Sally boasts over 26M ORGANIC content views with an average Feed Content Engagement Rate of 2.76% with second order exposure reach to the effect of 89M. Working exclusively and privately with a boutique set of clients to help them in building influence and impact through strategic communications. She serves confidential clients and also supports companies with Elegantly Blatant with Marketing as a Service (MaaS).
54:55 6/5/20
Interview with High Performance Coach James Yates
Today, so glad to be having James Yates here in the One Shot Movement Podcast. James Yates is a high performance coach and entrepreneur, and for over 18+ years he has provided results driven programs, products and experiences that help striving entrepreneurs optimise their personal and professional performance which allows them to spend more time doing what they love - exactly what we preach here in The One Shot Movement. He has spoken at hundreds of events across Africa, Europe, USA, Australia, NZ & Asia, and is the Founder of the Peak Performance brand, Reignite Enterprises. He is an award winning Home Trainer Coach. Listen to the full interview to learn more about his techniques, mindset and his entrepreneurial journey.
42:44 6/9/20