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Gay Therapy LA with Ken Howard, LCSW, CST

GayTherapyLA is a private practice for psychotherapy and coaching services, with Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, as its founder and director, with over 29 years experience providing services for gay men, as individuals and couples, with offices in Los Angeles and serving others nationwide in the U.S. or guys all over the world via phone or webcam sessions. Ken and his associates provide help for gay men to achieve their optimum quality of life in both their personal lives and careers. While a podcast cannot substitute for therapy and is provided as educational information only, these episodes reflect the work done at GayTherapyLA with clients, daily. Your questions and comments are welcome! (copyright 2021 by Ken Howard, LCSW, all rights reserved)


Episode 94: Gay Men Who Live Together Too Early 28:14 10/09/2021
Episode 93: Gay Men and Consensual Non-Monogamy Early in Relationships 23:35 09/25/2021
Episode 92: Gay Men and How to Ruin a Friendship: Ten Tips 31:42 09/04/2021
Episode 91: Gay Men Coping with ED: The Emotional, Physical, and Interpersonal 19:15 08/25/2021
Episode 90: For a Job, For a Guy, For a Change: Gay Men and the Decision to Relocate 37:32 08/03/2021
Episode 89: Gay Men Using Apps: The Dilemma of Dating Versus Hookups 28:45 07/11/2021
Episode 88: The Needs of Gay Men in the Volatile “LGBT” Era 27:39 06/25/2021
Episode 87: Gay Men and Gym Crushes: Cherish Your Romantic Notions 23:57 06/18/2021
Episode 86: COVID's End as Trauma Recovery in Gay Men 56:18 06/01/2021
Episode 85: Healthy Relationships Don't Do That: A Guide for Gay Men's Dating and More 45:48 05/15/2021
Episode 84: Improving Gay Men's Relationships: Meeting Three Needs 40:11 05/11/2021
Episode 83: Three Ways to Improve Your Sex Life for Gay Men 26:41 04/27/2021
Episode 82: The Six Principles of Sexual Health As Applied to Gay Men 41:51 04/12/2021
Episode 81: How to Avoid a Gay Relationship Breakup - The Four Risks 27:52 03/30/2021
Episode 80: Revisiting Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction with Guest David Ley, Ph.D. 46:24 03/17/2021
Episode 79: Gay Men and Money Management: How to Empower Yourself 40:59 03/07/2021
Episode 78: Gay Men's Relationships: How to Deal with Your Ex 26:33 02/23/2021
Episode 77: Gay Therapist on Sexual Mental Health: The Triumvirate of Self, Partner, Others 45:15 02/10/2021
Episode 76: Gay Men's Goals: How Do You Define Success in the New Year? 36:18 01/26/2021
Episode 75: Gay Men's Relationship Vocabulary: Partner? Husband? Hookup? 28:05 01/12/2021
Episode 74: Gay Men’s Dilemmas: Falling in Love with Straight or Unavailable Men 23:45 12/29/2020
Episode 73: Gay Relationships and the ‘Sexual Thaw’: Restoring Sex After a Long Stalemate 41:23 12/09/2020
Episode 72: Gay Men, COVID-19, and Avoiding the Pitfalls: Substances, Lethargy, and Despair 39:13 11/25/2020
Episode 71: Gay Male Couples and the Decision to Have Kids 32:29 11/13/2020
Episode 70: Gay Men and Sex During COVID-19 32:59 10/30/2020
Episode 69: Gay Men's Relationship Advice: How to Succeed in an Age-Difference Relationship 27:01 10/12/2020
Episode 68: Gay Men's Relationship Advice: How to Have a Successful Gay Long Distance Relationship 28:19 09/22/2020
Episode 67: Gay Men and the Need for Safe Spaces of Our Own 25:11 09/12/2020
Episode 66: The Mental Health Chapter from "Self-Empowerment: Have the Life You Want!" Book 30:24 09/02/2020
Episode 65: Two Tops, Two Bottoms: A Gay Men's Relationship Dilemma - Now What? 11:46 08/25/2020