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Dialed In - Some Obsession Required

Dialed In is the Obsessed Garage podcast where we explore obsession with all of its advantages and challenges... but especially about cars and garages.


GMC Acadia and Phone Mounts are Not Cool
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! In today's episode, Matt explains the benefits of having a higher flow rate when using a pressure washer, reintroduces Meguiars Hyper Dressing to the OG Store, reminsices about his experiences with Nutrisystem, and a classic rant on worthless SUV's.
81:55 5/13/24
Dialed In Podcast | Liquid Elements Polishers: "Not Like The Other Brands"
Matt sits down and Sebastian Schäfer and Diemo Lange from Liquid Elements to discuss a polisher that truly is "like no other." This polisher will be hitting the Obsessed Garage store very soon!
75:08 5/9/24
Bilt-Hamber is Live!
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! In today's episode, Bilt-Hamber is finally here and ready to order! Matt surprises a fan for their wedding, talks about his recent podcast with ImJoshV and Cars With Keav, and his discovery of a new glass cleaner that "blows your socks off."  Stay tuned for more crazy. 
106:26 5/6/24
Here Comes Bilt-Hamber
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! In today's episode, Matt discusses being the North American distributor for Bilt-Hamber products, his utter shock at the performance of the new EGO pressure washer, and a classic Matty rant on some "Alibaba junk". 
88:16 4/29/24
The Obsessed Garage Showcase
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! In todays episode, Matt breaks down what he needs for his next endeavor in showcasing Obsessed Garage in physical locations and homes in The Villages. He also gives his opinions on the new Active and Ego pressure washers along with his first impressions with the Liquid Elements polishers. As always, Chris asks Matt questions from the Livestream. Good job Chris.    
100:22 4/22/24
Dialed In Podcast | Matt Solo Edition
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! With Chris taking some time off, Matt is going solo in todays podcast.  In this episode, Matt discusses what may be his final project in the current OG Garage, the reason you should own a GT4 before a GT3 and how to tell the difference between arrogance and confidence. 
87:23 4/15/24
Obsessed Garage Goes to Canada
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! Fresh off the plane from Canada, we're coming to you live from the OG Studio. In today's episode; Obsessed Garage is finally going international, the imminent arrival of Bilt Hamber, and why is Matts seat wet?
93:04 4/8/24
A New Destination OG?
Welcome to the Dialed in podcast! Today we join Matt and Chris in Matts home garage. Todays topics of discussion include the upcoming OGHQ renovations, Bilt Hamber making its long awaited debut, and the potential of a new Destination OG location.
92:05 3/11/24
What's the Deal with Caffeine?
With the renovation project finally complete at the LZ Compound, Matt is back in the garage at OGHQ.
86:13 3/4/24
Dialed In Live with Collete Davis!
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! Once again, we're streaming live from the LZ Compound, and I sit down and have a long talk with the one and only Collete Davis.
101:17 2/12/24
Live With Adam LZ! | Dialed In Podcast
Today we're going live at the LZ Compound, and with special guest, Adam LZ!
81:48 2/5/24
Dialed In Podcast | LZ Compound Edition!
Live from the LZ Compound, it's the Dialed In Podcast! Admist the chaos of the renovation, Matt and Chris sit down and talk about the progress made in the project, ever evolving leadership and where Obsessed Garage is headed in the not too distant future.
103:42 1/26/24
The Ultimate Garage Giveaway Winner Announced!
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast. In todays episode, we announce the winner of the Ultimate Garage giveaway. But that's not all, we get some good old-fashioned Matty rants and check out some must see places in Texas.
96:43 1/19/24
Matt's Talking Meats and DI Systems
Welcome to the Dialed In Podcast! Today Matt and Chris are talking about everything from steaks and soaps to the OGHQ move and more future projects. Hopefully Mike gets enough rest on his upcoming vacation. He's going to need it.
110:33 1/12/24
I Bought A Building!
The renovation project for Adam LZ's house will be wrapping up soon, and I've got a new project ready to go. A new (to me) 25,000 square foot space for OGHQ.
108:38 1/8/24
A Rolex Inspired Solo Matty Episode
We have all seen the effects of Matt's Five-Pronged Plan over the last few weeks, and this episode Matt talks about the new Rolex watches he's been looking at. He also gives some updates on a new OGHQ building happening not too far in the future. 
95:02 11/13/23
What is the OG Spec Halloween Candy?
Uncle Matty loves his rants and in this episode he goes on a well thought out rant about Halloween candy. Who loves a caramel apple, full size candy bars? He also answers some more questions that Chris has in store for him. 
100:09 11/2/23
The Five Prong Plan is Actually Working, I'm Wearing Jeans & A Watch!
On today’s extra long podcast, Matt answers your questions about detailing, garages, lighting, supplements, Rolexes, fancy jeans and cowboy boots. 
112:47 10/20/23
Mike F. & His Story
Follow along in this episode where Matt interviews the mysterious yet ever-so-handy Mike F. The all-around handyman certified in all types of handyman things. Mike F. brings a lot to OG, and learning about his backstory, we now understand why. We all strive to be like Mike!
81:47 10/13/23
The Dryced In Podcast!
Today Matt and Chris aren't here, but instead, we have Scott Ales and Matt Rutledge talking about Dry Ice! If you are interested in learning more about Dry Ice and the Dryce Nation movement, don't forget to reach out to us or Scott Ales and we'll be glad to help you out!
59:17 10/10/23
Sonic vs Snap-On Toolbox Giveaway Winner Announcement!
Uncle Matty talks about his opinions on Hex-shaped lights and what you should do with them! And towards the end, the winner of the toolbox giveaway is announced! 
93:01 10/6/23
Destination OG Open House: September 30th!
On this week’s episode, Matt speaks to the idea of things being “overpriced”, suggests BMW M car alternatives, and provides an update on his experience with the carnivore diet. Chris steers the sip as best he can and provides us all with the answer to “What is the OG Spec male underwear?" 
118:04 9/25/23
Bryce, Nick & Tommy join Chris to Talk About Our New System!
We are joined in this episode with some OG employees who might know a thing or two about how everything operates here at OG. Bryce, Nick, and Tommy come together to explain their roles, and what is in the future of Obsessed Garage. 
83:41 9/18/23
Matty Talks About His *Love* for Cooked Fruit
We all love different pizza toppings and there's some that we don't like - and Matt has his opinions on both. Pineapple on pizza? Should your food touch other food? Turkey for Thanksgiving? This episode will probably make you hungry!
101:59 9/1/23
Matt's Thoughts on Lettuce, EGO Pressure Washers & Griot's Products
This week, Matt somehow manages to rant on shredded lettuce and 'Bunnicula tomatoes’ between advice on drywall alternatives and new Griot’s products available in the store. We also discuss the Dynaudio Emit sale and the potential uses of the new EGO Pressure Washer.
100:55 8/29/23
OG Solutions - Punting One Pressure Washer At A Time
On today’s episode, Uncle Matty rants briefly on knockoff products, we kinda nail down a date for an Open House in Helen and Matt talks about his future plans for world domination in the pressure washer space.
105:13 8/18/23
997.2 GT3 RS Giveaway Winner Announced!
The winner of the 997.2 GT3 RS Giveaway is finally announced! After a long time coming, it feels like we're all winners here, except only one person gets to keep the car. 
38:17 8/4/23
Do You Know Stocks? Matt Knows Them and Has Thoughts!
Matt has plenty of thoughts on stocks and investments and guess what? Matty rant incoming!
109:39 7/31/23
Matty Talks Destination O.G. & Spatial Awareness
Matt loves his rants, but each one is slightly different and slightly more informative than the last. Today's podcast isn't any different, but we still have a Gnome. It's also very important to clean up after yourself. 
97:46 7/24/23
Uncle Matty Talks Updates on The Giveaway & ETAs on New Products
On today’s episode, Uncle Matty answers detailing questions in between discussion of the GT3RS giveaway, Snap On mini rants and the best model for EGO blowers. We also discuss new items coming for the giveaway, the latest Solo sprayer and ETAs for the incredible Mirka Polisher and the OG Custom DI Solution.    
86:13 7/7/23

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