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Something to Ponder
More episodes of "Random Samplings of a Logical Mind." Whatever jumps into my head about what's going on in the news or in popular culture.
15:04 2/19/23
Doubling Down on Double Standards
Biden's trove of classified documents has been exposed, but will he be treated the same as Trump? And will the Swamp protect Biden, or work to remove him? Join Lynn Woolley and Lou Ann Anderson as they explore the Brave New World of left-wing back-stabbing and contemplate what an "insurrrection" really is. We are now a nation of double standards, but which ones apply to Biden?
46:56 1/14/23
Globalism Versus America First
Trumpism lives, but is "America First" being challenged by international collusion to keep America from being great again? And what about Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party? Lynn and Lou Ann discuss things that are only whispered in the halls of Congress.
43:46 11/20/22
Bell County Steps Up Election Integrity Efforts
The midterms are upon us and it's time to make sure that neither side can cheat. Hosts Lou Ann Anderson and Lynn Woolley are joined by Jeff Howard (Republican Election Director for Bell County, Texas) and Bell County Republican Party Chairman Mack Latimer to discuss how to make sure every legal vote counts.
59:05 10/18/22
Apples Worms and Belton ISD
We’ll begin with a brief election update, and then we’ll talk about the nationwide crisis of LGBT grooming in our public school libraries with two conservative activists taking on the Belton, Texas ISD. This edition of Planet Logic was produced in association with Political Pursuits the Podcast.
51:33 9/3/22
Temple Residents Push Back on City's Woke DEI Pursuit
Is Temple, Texas a model for the nation in how to stop city government from implementing divisive DEI programs? Residents have stopped the hiring of a BIPOC Chicago DEI firm. But that's just half the battle. Now they must work to kill the DEI plan altogether. Lou Ann Anderson and I discuss all the aspects of this continuing battle on Political Pursuits and Planet Logic.
59:09 7/30/22
Crises Texas Public Education Refuses to face
Public schools in Texas work with their lobbying organization to paint a rosy picture of what goes on in Texas classrooms, and to ensure that school bond issues virtually always pass. But now, parents are becoming more involved as they should. Here's the best information hour you'll find about the educracracy in Texas as Lou Ann Anderson and Lynn Woolley are joined by Belton activists Jeff Howard and Janet Brown.
64:10 6/12/22
Twelve Minutes of Logic
Here are twelve one-minute commentaries about schools, Democrats, and such.
12:09 4/12/22
The Music of Rockin' Rick Bell
Rockin' Rick Bell is a Central Texas music legend whose background will fascinate you almost as much as his mastery of guitar. We'll take you back to his days as a kick-boxer and then we'll talk about Rick's musical influences and guitar heroes. If you love Rick and Roll, hot guitar licks, and great on-the-road stories, don't miss this episode!
69:20 3/26/22
The Life and Times of Roscoe Harrison
The news came late Sunday. Roscoe Harrison, Jr. , a pastor, broadcaster, and a very part of the history he covered, had passed away. Planet Logic interviewed Rev. Harrison twice on February 3, 2020. We wanted to hear him tell his own story about his life and career and we wanted his thoughts on the death of 28-year-old Michael Dean, a black man who was shot to death by a Temple police offer who was later charged with manslaughter. Roscoe was gracious to come to my home and sit for these interviews, and we are proud to present them to you unedited.
53:12 2/7/22
Meet Mack Latimer
Bell County, Texas is a rapidly growing part of Central Texas just north of the burgeoning Austin metro area with more than 375,000 people. It’s the home of Baylor Scott & White healthcare facilities as well as Fort Hood. For the first time in three decades, the position of county chair of the Republican Party is up for grabs and two candidates are running for the job – Jeffery Ware and Mack Latimer. We thought it would be instructive to see how potential party chairmen will help keep Texas red. Planet Logic joined with Political Pursuits to discuss it with each candidate in two separate podcasts. And now, here’s our visit with Mack Latimer.
46:07 2/6/22
Meet Jeffery Ware
Bell County, Texas is a rapidly growing part of Central Texas just north of the burgeoning Austin metro area with more than 375,000 people. It’s the home of Baylor Scott & White healthcare facilities as well as Fort Hood. For the first time in three decades, the position of county chair of the Republican Party is up for grabs and two candidates are running for the job – Jeffery Ware and Mack Latimer. We thought it would be instructive to see how potential party chairmen will help keep Texas red. Planet Logic joined with Political Pursuits to discuss it with each candidate in two separate podcasts. And now, here’s our visit with Jeffery Ware.
51:02 2/6/22
Cardle & Woolley - Spending is the Ultimate Problem
This episode is from the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 20th annual “Policy Orientation,” a gathering of Texas’ and the nation’s finest conservative minds. We’ll start with Vance Ginn, the TPPF chief economist who says we have to stop spending. Rodney Scott who was head of the U.S. Border Patrol talks about the Biden Border Crisis. Sherry Sylvester says the loser of the week was woke companies who can’t do business in Texas anymore.
50:50 1/22/22
Cardle & Woolley - Biden's Bad Week
Biden really hit the skids this past week losing on just about every front possible. We’ll discuss it with Congressman Roger Williams and TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema contributed to that bad week by putting a fork in busting the Senate filibuster. And you’ll hear the audio of a busted Joe Biden essentially admitting defeat.
44:27 1/15/22
Cardle & Woolley - Insurrection Week
This was “Insurrection Week,” and the leftists in Washington, DC put on quite the extravaganza. Rep. Louie Gohmert discusses his run for Texas Attorney General and the possible impeachment of Joe Biden. Sherry Sylvester helps Lynn pick the week’s winners and losers. One of the losers is Kamala Harris who insulted the nation by comparing J6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Ron DeSantis called J6 the Democrats’ Christmas.
46:55 1/8/22
Best of Cardle & Woolley 1-2-22
The Biden presidency is in a hole and still digging as we enter 2022. Annie Spillman of the National Federation of Small Business says her organization’s annual poll came in at a 48-year low for optimism in the new year. Kevin Roberts, the new CEO of the Heritage Foundation tells us that Texas is now poised to remain a red state forever. Michael Barba of the Texas Public Policy Foundation calls Critical Race Theory “poisonous,” and FOX News contributor Steve Moore says the story of 2021 is the Biden meltdown.
50:56 1/2/22
Best of Cardle & Woolley 12-23-21
Crime is running rampant in left-wing cities. Does that affect small business? What about mask and vaccine mandates? We’ll talk with Annie Spillman of the National Association of Small Business. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center addresses the smash-and-grab crime wave and the importance of the secret ballot. Plus, Charlemagne Tha god and his devastating interview with Kamala Harris.
49:53 12/24/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 12-17-21
We discuss the Biden Disaster including Build Back Better, bidenflation, and the January 6 Commission with Congressman Pete Sessions. Then Sherry Sylvester of the Texas Public Policy Foundation talks about the March primary and says to the Democrats: “Is that all you got?” We’ll talk about Liz Cheney’s hatred for Trumpers and CNN’s statements that FOX News should not be allowed in the White House Briefing Room. Plus a look at a new product called "Total Relief."
54:32 12/18/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 12-10-21
Joe Biden edits and adds to the Declaration of Independence to make it woke. Joe Pojman who went to Washington for the great Roe v. Wade debate compares the pro-life rally there to the pro-abort rally. Sen. Dawn Buckingham joins us to discuss the future of the border wall, and the Alamo. Biden zooms Putin and Tucker gets tedious. And will the slogan “Fix the Damn Grid” win for Texas Democrats?
46:21 12/11/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 12-3-21
Economist Steve Moore jumps off FOX News and over to Cardle & Woolley to talk about the disappointing jobs report – and how Build Back Better is bad bad bad. Congressman Chip Roy tried to stop the continuing resolution because of overspending and Biden’s mandates, but it passed anyway. The new leader of the Heritage Foundation does his first radio interview in his new job, and he talks about Sonia Sotomayor’s odd comments about “public perception” of the Supreme Court. And Jason Modglin, President of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, talks about why gas prices are so high.
43:32 12/3/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 11-24-21
American culture is in the toilet. How’d that happen? Maybe art has something to do with it. We’ll discuss with Lou Ann Anderson along with the reawakening of parents about school boards and Critical Race Theory. Jim and I discuss the social justice aspects of suspect Darrell Brooks who’s accused of plowing through a Wisconsin Christmas parade killing at least six people.
44:41 11/24/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 11-19-21
The Biden Border Crisis continues and we’ll get the latest from Mark Morgan of FAIR, the former Acting Director of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Glenn Hamer, CEO of the Texas Association of Business talks about the Biden economic crisis and Biden-flation. Sherry Sylvester of the Texas Public Policy Foundation joins us to pick the week’s winners and losers. And we’ll hear Louisiana’s Sen. John Kennedy take on Biden’s communist choice for Comptroller of the Currency.
48:12 11/20/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 11-12-21
Critical Race Theory looms large over the Democrat Party debacle in Virginia. We’ll discuss with Sherry Sylvester of the Texas Pubic Policy Foundation. And we’ll talk with Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s pollster, Chis Wilson. Back in Austin, a group of educators is planning to create a new University of Austin where free speech is welcomed. As you might expect, local media is already trying to cancel the project.
50:32 11/12/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 11-5-21
Crime is on a rampage in left-wing cities and we’ll discuss that with John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center. Biden’s Justice Department sues Texas over two commonsense voting protections. Jim says the education issue’s now on the side of Republicans – and Lynn agrees. Biden wants to hand out reparations to illegal aliens, even though he doesn’t realize that he does. Beto O’Rourke flames out in a new poll about the Texas governor’s race. And Suzette Porter of Capstar Financial talks about bidenflation and the Chinese threat.
48:22 11/6/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 10-29-21
On today’s show we talk with Texas State Sen. Robert Nichols about roads and transportation. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is explaining why Texas taxpayers must spend $3 billion to stop the latest caravan crossing the southern border. We’ll discuss a new poll that says Texans are in support of the new abortion law. We’ll talk to Chuck DeVore of the Texas Public Policy Foundation about Bidenflation and we’ll discuss blowback over the cross-dressing boy in Loudoun County who raped an actual girl.
51:22 10/30/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 10-22-21
We’ve got some great guests on today’s episode starting with Kevin Roberts, the incoming CEO of the Heritage Foundation, who says his first priority will be education. Steve Moore, a FOX News regular, talks about the upward swing of Bidenflation. Lou Ann Anderson exposes the “No Place For Hate” program that the Anti-Defamation League is using to infiltrate schools. It’s Critical Race Theory by another name. And Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol on the Biden Border Crisis.
52:27 10/22/21
Logic By the Minute
Here's a ten-minute collection of the last ten episodes of Random Samplings of a Logical Mind. Get ready for ten different subjects that are driven by the type of thinking that we don't see much of in Washington or Austin. Sadly. Includes two columns on the failure of government schools.
10:36 10/12/21
ISDs Go Woke As Taxpayers Go Broke
As the Left brands parents as America's new terrorists, School Districts still have their hands out asking for money. Planet Logic and Political Pursuits join forces for the most comprehensive looks at how schools are going woke as they ramp up for expensive bond issues during a time of outrageous spending by Democrats in Washington.
57:09 10/10/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 10-8-21
The Democrats are attempting to spend the country into bankruptcy and we’ll discuss that with Texas Sen. John Cornyn and with economist Steve Moore. James Quintero of the Texas Public Policy Foundation talks about parents fighting back against left-wing school boards. Elon Musk moves his Tesla headquarters to Austin, and Governor Greg Abbott meets with Republican governors at the border.
50:00 10/8/21
Best of Cardle & Woolley 10-2-21
This is the most jam-packed Cardle & Woolley episode ever, coming to you from Washington D.C. where we were part of “Hold Their Feet to the Fire.” It’s all about immigration and the Biden Border Crisis courtesy of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. We’ll start with my ambush of Sen. Bernie Sanders, then Chad Wolfe the former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security. Then we’ll talk with Sheriff A.J. Louderback of Jackson County, Texas, followed by Congressman Chip Roy. We’ll visit with Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border protection, Tom Homan former Acting Director of ICE, and we’ll wrap up with Diamond and Silk!
50:59 10/3/21