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Belief Hole | Paranormal, Mysteries and Other Tasty Thought Snacks

Through deep research and high-strangeness storytelling, three brothers explore paranormal encounters and unexplained events. Collecting freaky listener stories and scouring the dusty pages of classic Fortean texts, the brothers use high-production sound design to set the scene for alleged real encounters with, Dogman, Poltergeists, Bigfoot, Fairy Folk, Humanoids, UFOs, Shadow People, and Sky Creatures.. just to name a few. Attempting to parse out the fact within folklore, the brothers of the Hole banter about everything from bizarre historical mysteries to emerging clandestine conspiracy theories, often challenging their own beliefs and sometimes each other's sanity. Good humor, good drinks, and good discussion! Have you ever overheard a co-worker shakily tell his story of a real encounter with a Dogman? Has your friend or weird uncle told you his close encounter with a reptilian humanoid from the sewer? Looking to corroborate your grandma's true ghost stories? Were you born with a thirst for the mysterious? Well, sit back and pour yourself a big glass from the Belief Hole, my friend, and help us dig the weird!


5.9 | High Desert Horror! Alien Invasion, Desert Witches and Bigfoot Abduction
For decades, witnesses have reported strange encounters with striking similarities- accounts of indescribable craft covertly seeding the high desert with nightmarish red-eyed creatures. A terrifying pattern has emerged. Stretching out in its haunting expanse, the high desert whispers of chilling tales. From desert demons and dumpster-diving alien imposters to black-eyed witches and canyon creature attacks, Join us as we wander these lands of eerie beauty, and explore the uniquely bizarre true accounts of mystery and horror in the high desert! CHECK OUT THIS PODCAST! Southern Gothic 🔥👻 📚SHOW NOTES 🔗 GET EXPANSION EPISODE EXP - Desert Monster Invasion and Interdimensional Tales! REFERENCED PODCASTS Symptoms of Reality Among the Missing REFERENCED EPISODES 4.13 | Camp Creeply 2 – Wilderness Horror Stories, Fairy Encounters and Sylvan Dread 2.2 | Strange Travels: Spirits and Shapeshifters 4.13 Exp | Lifting The Veil: Pre-Birth Memories And Near Death Explorations 3.18 Exp | Freaky Bigfoot Stories And Hairy High Strangeness! TIMESTAMPS03:48 | Metal Monolith 05:38 | Coming Up: Gremlin Campground Abduction, Dumpster Diving Humanoids, Giant Insect Cattle Attacks, Unfriendly Desert Cults, and space bigfoot of the high desert! 06:25 | What is the High Desert, exactly? 07:37 | The Mojave Incident: Abduction in the Canyon | Ron Felber (Bret Swanser MU) 14:03 | The Mojave Incident: Discussion 23:26 | Dumpster Preppy and Spare Parts | Albert Rosales 27:50 | Podcast Shoutout: Symptoms of Reality-Belief Hole Guest Lamar Dixon 30:13 | Coming up in the Expansion: Red eyed Creature droppings, Transdimensional Gas stations, Native Americans rescue Alien Babies, Run ins with desert cults. 30:48 | Podcast Recommendation: Southern Gothic 35:31 | Black Eyed Wondering Witch in the Desert | JC Johnson - Crypto Four Corners 39:45 | White She-Demon in the Desert | Art Bell: Ghost to Ghost (1997) 46:27 | Releasing Monsters in the Desert 52:49 | Cattle Stealing Insects | Nick Redfern (MU) 58:56 | Member Thank Yous! 1:06:18 | Outtakes  
69:14 5/20/23
5.8 | Yellowstone Mysteries - True Park Ranger Stories, Bigfoot, Buffalo Abduction!
Get ready to be immersed in the strangeness of Yellowstone Mysteries. UFO Buffalo Abduction, Strange Disappearances and Yellowstone's Secret Sasquatch Problem. "In the northwest reaches of Wyoming sits Yellowstone National Park - over 2 million acres of protected land where the wonders of the wild are preserved within its fierce tranquility. But within its volcanic forests, what secrets lurk? Where whispers of the missing are mingled with steam from deadly thermal springs of deceiving beauty, and horrifying encounters with unknown creatures echo with the roar of the grizzly, and where buffalo are stalked and slaughtered (reportedly hunted) by strange crafts in the sky. Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we traverse this strange enchanting terrain and uncover the hidden world of Yellowstone National Park." (Special Thanks to Lindsay Maves! for Post Production Assistance!) ⏰ TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 | Episode Trailer 03:37 | Coming up: Yellowstone’s First Strange Disappearance, REAL Park Ranger Horror Stories, Yellowstone’s Hidden Bigfoot Problem, Yellowstone Zone of Death and UFO Buffalo Abduction! 08:25 | Imagine Being there - Discovery of Yellowstone - The Place Where Hell Bubbled Up 16:19 | National Parks Missing People Statistics 22:23 | First Yellowstone Disappearance - L. R. Piper and the Fountain Hotel 28:15 | Yellowstone Ranger Encounters Bigfoot | Bob Jackson | Story 34:39 | Expansion Discussion: Strange Deaths, Yellowstone Vampires, the Super Volcano Question, Spirits, Strange Hums, and Lake Music 36:22 | EXPANSION PREVIEW 38:51 | Yellowstone’s Zone of Death 44:25 | Is Bigfoot Taking People? - Sasquatch Abduction in the West - Native Lore Connection 50:56 | Montana Tent Attack | John Mionczynski | Story 1:02:26 | Bill and the Buffalo Drop | UFO Bison Abduction | Encounters With Star People | Story1:12:57 | Member Thank Yous! 🔥 Expansion Episode:5.8 EXP - Yellowstone Horror! Strange Hums, Spirits, Vampires and Volcanic Doom! 📚Full Episode Show Notes: #parkrangerstories  #scarystories #podcast #missing411 #truestories #paranormal ##ghoststories #bigfoot #nationalparks #mysteries #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstone #hauntedstories #deepwoods #horrorstories #ufo #supernatural #paranormal #trueghoststories #bigfootsighting #sasquatch #sasquatchsighting #UFO #trending  #unsolvedmysteries #unsolvedmystery #paranormalpodcast #strangestories #nationalparks  
79:47 5/6/23
5.7 | Chicken Coop Hellhounds, Horned Entities, and Roadside Humanoids | SLS 20
From horned smoke entities waving from the ceiling, to pale monstrous beings chasing hunters down wooded backroads, join us, on this episode of Belief Hole, as we peer beyond the bookshelves and step off the beaten path, to explore true tales of the secrets things that slink and scurry in the dark! 🔥 This Is Strange Listener Stories 20! 🔗 Get Expansion EpisodeEXP 5.7 | Alien Imposters Visitors Among Us 📚 Full Show Notes ⏰ TIMESTAMPS 00:30 | Episode Trailer 03:18 | Coming up: Bones in the Crawlspace, Chicken Coop Dogman, Headless Ghosts, and Humanoids Hunting Hunters and more! 05:04 | It Waved From the Ceiling | Bea | Story (Horned Smoke Entity) 11:29 | Hunters Become the Hunted | Howard Hawkins | Story (Crawler/Rake/Unknown Cryptid Encounter) 13:48 | Ape Canyon and Goat Marsh Natural Area Reserve Discussion 18:22 | Dark Corners and Death Angels | Chanelle | Story (Haunted House, Grim Reaper) South Africa | 2008-2010 24:34 | Chicken Coop Fear Eater - A Dogman Story | Hunter Snell | Story (HellHound, Black Shuck, Dogman?) 32:05 | Expansion Discussion: Not From Here - Alien Imposters Among Us and UFO Rescues at Sea! 33:26 | EXPANSION PREVIEW 35:17 | The Crawlspace | Jonathon | Story (Haunted House, Disembodied Voices, Blue Ghost Entity 41:18 | The Children and the Visitors | Justin Stastad | Story (ghosts, child mediumship) 45:12 | His Head Fell Off | Kimberly | Story (Ghost Grandpa Visits)
50:52 4/22/23
5.6 | Norse Witchcraft, Hidden Folk and Gnome Encounters
Before cities and electric light, we had the true dark and stars for light. And all the monsters of the night. Before the World Wide Web, there was the world tree, connecting the 9 realms, and our ancestors living in the realm of Midgard spoke daily with spirits, bartered with elves, and avoided the trails where trolls where known to tread. Through the rational lens of the present day, we call them fairytales. They simply called them Huldufolk- the hidden people. Could encounters with the unexplained many experience today simply be glimpses of this other realm, our mysterious hidden neighbors from times long past, peaking through occasionally into our noisy modern world, when there’s a quiet moment, or a creak of the closet door, just to remind us, they’re still there. watching. Unseen in the dark. Recommended Channels:  @Grimfrost  "Combining scholarly knowledge and expert crafting skills being added to a deep lifelong interest in Viking culture"  @wardruna  "Wardruna is a Norwegian music group dedicated to create musical renditions of Norse cultural and esoteric traditions" Legend and Lore | IG "Folklore - Legends - Ancient Cultures - Creatures - Mysteries of the Universe. Interpret as you see fit." FULL SHOW NOTES: Expansion Episode: Viking Afterlife and the Undead! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 I |ntroduction trailer - Huldafolk encounters, Norse Folklore, Viking magic 02:30 | The hidden world, viking and norse belief system 05:09 | Cross-cultural gnomes, nisse, elves and fairies 08:00 | Vættir - spirits in Norse mythology, álfar (elves), dvergar (dwarves), jötnar (giants), and gods (the Æsir and Vanir) 11:05 |Snorri Sturluson and the the Edda’s 14:09 | How to see into the invisible world! Hedge-Riding and the Hag Stone 27:44 | Völva the Norse/Viking Witch / Seeress 31:12 | 4 Parts of the Soul and the Dead 38:55 | Expansion Discussion: The Huldra and the Viking afterlife and the Undead - Draugr, Haugbui And Aptrgangr  43:30 | –  35:37 | Trolls 51:49 | Tiny Toll Encounter [ STORY ] 54:09 | Dwarves ( Black Elves, Dark Elves) 56:58 | Run-in with a house gnome [ STORY ] 01:00:37 | HuldaFolk in the field [ STORY ] 01:02:22 | Red Cap Encounter [ STORY ] 01:04:00 | Bite from a Duende [ STORY ] 01:07:21 | Grimfrost, Neil Price and Wardruna 01:09:11 | Member Thank Yous!
78:10 4/8/23
5.5 | Mystical Potions of the Amazon: Sapo and Nü-nü
In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, along the banks of the Javari River, the jungle pulses with a sacred magic. Skillfully crafted by the indigenous Matsés people, potent concoctions are produced - mysterious ceremonial medicines capable of both healing and premonitory visions. Sapo or Kambo- is burned for cleansing, endurance, and to sharpen the senses. NuNu allows the hunter to see through eyes of the jungle, observe the future, and even project his spirit while he sleeps. Some in the west warn of the dangers, others praise the life-altering benefits. Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we explore the mystery and adventure of these controversial, ancient and mystical potions of Amazonia!  ⏰ TIMESTAMPS 3:09 | Sapo, Nü-nü, Mystical Medicine of the Amazon - Sapo on My Soul - Peter Gorman 5:00 | @jordanpeterson, Dennis McKenna - Ethnopharmacology and the McKenna Academy 9:15 | Indigenous Matsés People and the Uncontacted 14:55 | Peter makes contact with Matsés 19:28 | NuNu - Visionary Mystic Snuff 29:40 | Sapo - Super Power of the Hunter 37:38 | Lasting Effects of Sapo/Kambo 41:40 | Expansion Preview | Adventures in Psychometry and Lincoln’s Supernatural Whitehouse 47:50 | How Sapo is collected from the frog 53:30 | How Nü-nü works 54:00 | How Sapo and Nü-nü work together 58:00 | Tapir Trap - Sapo as a Shamanic Tool of Spirit Projection 1:10:04 | Peter Gorman Criticized - Angry Academia 1:13:10 | The Science of Sapo - A potential game-changing medicine! 1:14:30 | Killer Kambo? Controversial Deaths from Sapo 1:20:00 | OUTTAKES! 🔥 Get Expansion Episode! 5.5 EXP | Adventures in Psychometry and Lincoln’s Ghosts! 📕 Get This Book! Sapo In My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine Peter Gorman *Amazon affiliate link above (we may get a penny ;) 📚 Sources and Show Notes:
81:46 3/24/23
5.4 | Haunted Military Bases, Demonic Attack, and Astral Dragons | SLS 19
It’s 0:300. The base is quiet. You should feel safe here. There’s no active conflict and the barracks are secure. But you’ve seen the shadows, and you’ve heard "it’s" voice. You know there’s something more to fear than any mortal enemy. Something darker. Something already dead. From demonic winged intruders disguised as visiting angels to fierce protective dragons that guard your pathway to the astral - join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we unseal the archive and play back the tape to present harrowing accounts from the other side of the radio, and the outer edges of reality. Introducing Strange Listener Stories 19 🔥 Join the Expansion 🏕 Get Expansion Episode - Camp Creeply 3 TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Episode Trailer 01:57 | Introduction: Strange Listener Stories 19 | Haunted Military Bases, Astral Dragons, Demonic Attacks and Reincarnation 04:36 | Okinawa Demon | Anonymity | STORY (haunted army base) 15:59 | Go Back to Bed, Sergeant | Matt | STORY (haunted army base) 21:09 | I Used to Work There | Jerry | STORY (reincarnation, past lives) 26:47 | You Will Call Me Master | Maximus | STORY (demonic attachement) 35:06 | Expansion Discussion 36:35 | Camp Creeply 3 Clip (Batsquatch, Talking Sheep and ‘IT!’ In the Sonoran Desert 38:36 | That’s No Angel | Danielle | STORY (Sleep Paralysis and demonic attack) 53:40 | The Dragon At My Window | Tiffany | STORY (astral travel) 1:00:42 | Member Thank Yous 1:06:13 | Outtakes   📚 View Full Show Notes:  
67:49 3/6/23
5.3 | Dogman - The Living Nightmare - Freakiest Encounters
From the misty mountains of Appalachia to dimly lit backstreets of suburbia, a living nightmare is lurking. A frightful bipedal werewolfian beast, reported for centuries under different names, today it is called the Dogman. And some Accounts .. are more horrifying than others. There are particular attributes to these encounters which suggest a sinister intelligence and almost demonic intent, to elicit maximum terror.Who are these dark visitors, and what is their purpose. Join us on this episode of Belief Hole, as we follow the unsettling patterns to track down the darker side of Dogman. TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Trailer: the Darker side of Dogman 01:52 | Topic Introduction: Demon Dogman and Nightmare Encounters 09:27 | Terrifying Cherry bomb Dogman Encounter | Story 19:18 | Story Reaction 23:42 | Beware the Horse Eater | Story 32:43 | We Stopped Going to the Cabin | Story 36:05 | The fairy Connection - Grim -  Robin Goodfellow - Puck 42:47 | It was so wrong | Story - Paranormal Parasite 50:32 | Expansion Discussion: Dogman Demonology and Appalachian Magic 51:40 | Expansion Preview - Window Tapper 53:13 | Art Bell and Linda Godfrey Interview - Headlight Horror | Story 58:56 | Tracks of the Man Wolf | Linda Godfrey | Story 01:09:04 | Outside my Apartment Window 01:12:36 | Member Thank Yous! 🔥 Get Expansion Episode!5.3 | Backwoods Werewolves and Dogman Magic 🎧 REFERENCED/ RELATED EPISODES • Dogman, Werewolves and Beyonce Sex Magick Allegations • Dogman and Fear Eaters: Windows to Other worlds 🔥 Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! 📚View Show Notes!
81:01 2/24/23
5.2 | Shadow People Playmates, New Years Bigfoot, and Skinwalker Ranch Alien Escape! | SLS 18
🔥🔥🔥 Join us as we recount true tales of the strangest encounters from listeners like you! From disembodied hands and cursed New Year's fogs to Skinwalker Ranch escaped entities, and so much more! .... It’s New Years eve, everyone’s having a good time, but you’re distracted. You look out the window and notice a strange but familiar fog has begun to creep down the cul de sac. And in that fog a shadow looms, Something is coming, something that hunts you every year at midnight. On this episode of Belief Hole, we present the strangest true tales of the unexplained, from grasping snatching disembodied hands to faceless playmates lurking in the trees. Join us as we enter the dark woodlands of our reality and cut a pathway through the bizarre, to uncover the eternal mysteries that sit obscured by the every day but haunt us night by night. 🔥 Get Expansion Episode!Paranormal Police Encounters 2 🔥 Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Episode Trailer - Strange Listener Stories 18! 02:15 | Introduction - Shadow People Playmates, Disembodied Hands, Skinwalker Ranch |  Alien Escape! And More! 05:07 | Midnight Mustang (New Years Bigfoot) | Kat | STORY 10:33 | Haunted in Scottsdale P1 | Jerry 18:00 | Haunted in Scottsdale P2 | Jerry 24:25 | Shadow Playmates | Ismael 30:28 | Black Humanoid Attack | Phantoms and Monsters | Lon Strickler 33:12 | Expansion Discussion | Paranormal Police Encounters 2 34:10 | Member Episode Preview 36:11 | Dead in the Woods (reincarnation) | Megan 45:53 | A Hand in the Dark | Cordy 52:54 | The Boogeyman | Brandy Timms 1:00:02 | Skinwalker Ranch Escapee Full Show Notes
74:04 2/11/23
5.1 | Shadow Book of Ji Yun - Chinese Vampires, Yeren and Ghosts
Let's dig into the strange and true accounts recorded in the 18th century by Ji Yun - the imperial librarian of China’s last dynasty. From China's Zombie-like Vampires and Straddling Succubus Monsters to Ancient Trickster Spirits and the scariest TRUE Chinese Ghost Stories, let us dip you into the sweet mysterious river of the bizarre. Join us in exploring the real X-files of the Qing Dynasty! GET FULL LENGTH EXPANSION EPISODE: GET THIS BOOK! From one of the most fascinating books we've covered thus far: The Shadow Book of Ji Yun: The Chinese Classic of Weird True Tales, Horror Stories, and Occult Knowledge by Yun Ji (Author), Yi Izzy Yu (Translator), John Yu Branscum (Translator) *Amazon affiliate link above (we may get a penny ;) RECOMMENDED PODCAST: Believing the Bizarre "Believing the Bizarre is a paranormal and conspiracy podcast that uploads new episodes every Tuesday, covering aliens, UFOs, conspiracies, hauntings, cryptids, creatures, and more!" SUMMARY: ----------- In 18th Century, China - a land steeped in tradition, superstition and Magic, one man was dedicated to documenting and preserving the strange and the unexplained. With fierce intellect and dark wit, he recorded bizarre accounts from across the land. From the elusive man-stealing Yeren, to reanimated Vampiric corpses known as Jiangshi, Ji Yun's writings illuminate a world where the line between the living and the dead was blurred and the supernatural whispers from the shadows. Join us as we unroll his aging scrolls and scour his dusty tomes to present true tales of anomalous phenomena recorded by the imperial librarian of China’s final dynasty.
81:34 1/27/23
Dark Watchers of California - Haunted Cliffsides and Coastal Paranormal Encounters | EXPANSION 4.8
Standing sentinel on the California Coast is the stunning and mysterious Santa Lucia Mountain Range. But among this wild beauty, there have been reports of phantoms. Dark looming “watchers”, have allegedly been seen since the arrival of the Spanish in the 1700s, and perhaps going back millennia earlier with the native Chumash people. Reported by travelers and locals alike, the accounts remain consistent. Adorned in dark cloaks and wide-brim hats, these black giants of the fog stand motionless, and with featureless faces, surveying the crags and cliffs with a haunting, uninterrupted gaze. Should you approach one of these ever-vigilant sentinels, they will simply vanish into the mist that shrouds the secrets of this ancient land. What are they, and what is their clandestine purpose?! 🔥Join the Expansion for more than 80 Member Only Episodes just like this, plus a new bonus episode every other week!🔥: Full Sow Notes: 🔥Check Out Strange Planet podcast! Strange Planet is produced and hosted by veteran radio and television broadcaster Richard Syrett, a regular guest-host on Coast to Coast AM where he discusses UFOs, conspiracies and Paranormal phenomena. Got Get it!: TIMESTAMPS 01:20 | Dark Watchers - Description / Setting 9:49 | Los Vigilantes Oscurus 10:31 | Small Pointed Ears Wrapped in Shadow | STORY 11:26 | It Watched from Above Me | STORY 17:37 | They look like Horses on hind legs | STORY 1918 | The Raven Man | STORY 21:56| Surrounded by Hunched Creatures | STORY 24:31 | Beyond the Barbwire | STORY 30:40 |  Richard Syrett's Strange Planet | 🔥RECOMMENED PODCAST  | These things are Annual!! | STORY 32:04 | Early Records and writings of the Dark Watchers 33:06 | John Steinbeck’s Dark Watchers and his mother's encounter 37:15 | The Chumash Connection 42:04 | The Brocken Specter Argument  49:43 | La Diablesse of the Caribbean
58:32 1/15/23
4.19 | Sky Creature Attacks, BBQ Goblins, Secret Antarctic Bases, and Real Ghost Stories
It’s late at night and you’re driving down a dark and desolate road. You haven’t seen a soul for miles. As you pull off onto the berm, the sky is clear and the night is quite.. strangely quiet. An unsettling sensation begins to crawl across your skin. Something is wrong. Suddenly the car rocks.. but just a little.. yet the air is still.. Silence. Then all at once, the roof of the car screams to life as if some freakish demon is taring its way inside!! From back yard run-ins with grinning goblins, to clandestine missions under the ice of Antarctica, on this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we cast a light into the dark and forgotten passageways of this world, and explore true and terrifying tales of inexplicable and the unknown! 🔥 Get Expansion Episode! The Santalacrum - Santa Imposter Entities, Tulpa Encounters, and the Conjuring of Kris Kringle! 🔥 Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! TIMESTAMPS:1:37 | Introduction 2:40 | Coming up 7:30 | Encounter on the Road (If you blinked you would have missed it) | Virgil Myers 13:00 | Scotts Bluff National Monument - National Park Containment Theory 18:34 | Bedframe Ghost | Alex  24:42 | Electric Visitor | John Scheffer 29:24 | Ball Lightning Discussion - Dad's Account 33:45 | The Beast of 3 Pond | Victoria (Mew Pew) 42:26 | More Ball Lightning Discussion 44:54 | Disclaimer - Adult Santa Convo 45:27 | Expansion Discussion - The Santalacrum!! 49:22 | Expansion Preview - The Santalacrum!! Alien Elves Visit! 52:15 | Nightstalker Beard Products! 53:45 | If you could wish for a paranormal encounter.. 53:45 | The Fresno Goblin | Jose Torres 59:11| Goblin Sighting Corroboration in Porterville, CA! 1:04:10 | Under the Bed! | Abi Bernard 1:09:50 | SKY WHALES!: Vic Rainey, Theresa Lindsay, and Rene Patra! THANK YOU! 1:11:05 | Underneath the Antarctic Ice | Tanner 1:19:19 | Antarctica Corroboration - John Kerry's Strange Trip 1:24:26 | Happy Birthday, Jordan Brown!! 1:26:24 | Thank Yous!! 🔥SHOW NOTES📚  
98:05 12/22/22
4.18 | Missing 411: Portal Theory – Fairies, Bigfoot, National Parks Mysteries
In recent years, an unsettling and controversial subject has been gaining attention. A concerning number of people have inexplicably gone missing, from National Parks and elsewhere- Seemingly vanishing from the face of the earth. Over the past 10 years Former police officer and researcher, David Paulides, has identified unique characteristics in these cases that produce an unusual pattern. But what does the pattern mean? And where did these people go? While recognizing the heartbreak left in the wake of the missing, on this episode of Belief Hole, we attempt to search the furthest boundaries of our reality and open the unseen doors. While Cross correlating new scientific discoveries in quantum physics with ancient tribal and fairy lore, we recount witness reports of real portals appearing from places as wild as remote wilderness to as familiar as your own backyard. Join us as endeavor to explore, Missing 411: Portal Theory 🔥 Get Expansion Episode!4.18 | Golosov Ravine Mystery - Time Slips, Bigfoot magic, and the Sasquatch Underworld 📚View Show Notes! 🎧 REFERENCED/ RELATED EPISODES 3.20 | National Parks: Containment Theory, Missing 411 2.25 | Dark Fairies and Cloaked Creatures – Beyond Missing 411 2.20 The Glimmer Man, Invisible Entity Encounters, and ITEs 2.4 | Barricading the Boogeyman and Spirit Architecture 🔥 Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! 🔥RECOMMENED BOOKS:👊Throw us a few pennies by using these affiliate links 😉: Missing 411 | Western United States & Canada David Paulides Where The Footprints End: High Strangeness And The Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume I: FolkloreJosua Cutchin & Timothy Renner Time StormsJenny Randles TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Introduction - Missing 411 - Portal Theory 03:00 | David Paulides - Disappearance Phenomena - Strange patterns 05:31  | Disclaimer (sensitive topic) 06:45 | Missing 411 and Portal Theory - more on the patterns 10:45 | Timestorms - Jenny Randalls 12:55 | Neighborhood Changeling Portal Encounter - Josh La Rue | STORY20:47 | The Shadow Realm and Mirror Worlds (folklore and scientific discovery) 24:47 | Portals between our Earth and the Sun discovered! Also, Ancient Culture Portal Cultivation! 28:25 | National Parks Disappearances, Containment Theory and Glimmer man 30:38 | Project Pegasus - Andrew D. Basiago 32:25 | The Shimmer Connection - MasqueradingMuppet | STORY 39:59 | Golosov Ravine Mystery - Expansion setup 41:26 | Expansion Preview | Interdimensional Traps 44:17 | Bigfoot Raindrop Portal | STORY46:22 | Arrivals and Departures Theory 50:49 | Strange Construction | STORY53:22 | Men-Stealing Dwarves from the World Beyond Stone | STORY59:29 | Strange Visitor: Realm of the Shadow People | STORY1:02:19 | The Medway Helicopter | STORY1:09:54 | Flashback Clip to Episode 13 - origins of our portal theory and first discussion of Missing 411 1:15:17 | Thank Yous! 1:27:51 | OUTTAKES SOURCES The surprising way a Portal gun could work according to physicsMedium Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field Nasa Did Our Ancestors Know How to Open A Portal to Another Dimension?Gaia NASA Researchers Disclose the Truth About Time Travel & Dimensional PortalsChristina Sarich, Staff | Waking Times Fermions, Building Blocks of Matter, May Enter Portals to a 5th DimensionThe Cosmic Web Scientists Are Pretty Sure They Found a Portal to the Fifth DimensionPopular Mechanics
93:05 12/6/22
4.17 | Nightmareland - Sleep Paralysis, Astral Goblins, and Real Dream Walking Encounters
Go Back to "Sleep"! Is our waking world just a shadow? Simply the surface on the skin of reality? What are these transient lands between wakefulness and the deep dark of sleep? When we put out the light and slip away, are we in reality glimpsing hidden frontiers that actually exist?! .. When sleep paralysis grips the body, we are plunged into the waters of a strange borderland, is this the precipice of an interdimensional realm where astral monstrosities are suddenly made visible? in hypnogogic states, can we perceive precognitive visions or even converse with the dead? From encounters with sentient dream-walkers who leave burning reminders of their reality to confounding cases of Sleepwalk murder, On this episode of Belief Hole, we explore the landscapes of slumber and the dream dimensions that may be just as real as this realm of the waking. 🔥 Get Expansion Episode!4.17 EXP | Paralyzing Astral Parasites, Cat Boy, and Faces in the Further 📚View Show Notes! 🔥 Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! 👁 Referenced and Recommended Podcasts: Campfire: Tales of the Strange and UnsettlingCheck out our appearance on the Strange Seantics episode from Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling! Induced Fear Podcast You heard Oscar share a bit of his story from Induced Fear in our Expansion preview. Check out Induced Fear Podcast here! 🔥RECOMMENED BOOKS:👊Throw us a few pennies by using these affiliate links 😉: Nightmareland: Travels at the Borders of Sleep, Dreams, and Wakefulness Lex "Lonehood" Nover TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 | Coming up on this Episode: Nightmareland, Dream Worlds, Reality of the Land of Nod 11:39 | A Summery of Lex Nover’s Introduction to Nightmareland | Reading 16:24 | Succubi, Incubus, Nacht Mare 17:10 | SP Entity Varieties and the gelatinous succubus of Ronald K. Siegel 19:00 | Louis Proud surprises astral troll 21:00 | Cultural Sleep Paralysis - The Old Hag, The kokma, Agumangia and Ukomiarik 22:19 | SP and the OBE Connection and the Astral Plane 23:55 | Wrestling with Ghosts, Psychologist Jorge Conesa-Sevilla 24:55 | Thoughts on Flying Dreams, Dream Yoga and chakra’s 27:57 | Preventing and Escaping Sleepy Paralysis 30:09 | Turning the Tables - Eating the Heart of the Gargoyle! 32:44 Fear Eaters, Nightmare Feeders - Astral Hypothesis for SP 34:24 | Expansion Discussion - Microsleep and the Black Dog (Gaurdians at the gate) Astral Attacks- by other dreamers and practitioners of magic, the Alien Connection, and Catboy! 36:00 | expansion Clip - Oscar’s Sleep Paralysis Imposter Entity Encounter! 38:39 | Parasomnias - Ambien zombies, Sleepwalking 41:23 | Graveyard Chat - Parasomnia and Communication with the Dead 47:18 | The Severed head of Sarah Hand and Precognitive Dreams 53:50 | Encounters with Sentient Dream Characters 1:01:30 | Ledru's Strange Case of Sleepwalk Murder 1:10:35 | Strange Semantics Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling 1:11:15 | Thank Yous 1:18:25 | OUTTAKES
84:33 11/18/22
4.16 | Terrifying and Untold True Haunted House Stories – Halloween Special!
Every street has one. And Every kid knows the legend. There it sits, like a sentinel. Perched on the hill, emanating a darkness and a hunger. Waiting and watching. Crouching back in shadow from the protective glow of the street lamp light. The haunted house at the end of the block. From tree-line demons calling from the shadows to astral battles with evil intruders, On this Halloween episode of Belief Hole, we detail four incredible, previously unheard accounts of true American hauntings. So tuck the kids in by curfew and check and turn off the porch light, as we walk the halls and explore the hidden world just beyond the walls. 🔥Get Expansion Episode!4.16 EXP | Grim Games - Ouija Boards, Ritual Games, and Halloween Nostalgia 📚View Show Notes! 🔥Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! 🔥RECOMMENED BOOKS:(Affiliate Links) Haunted Baldwin County, Alabama (Haunted America)Harriet Brill Outlaw TIMESTAMPS2:30 | Introduction | Untold American Hauntings 5:18 | Remembering Halloween in Canal Fulton 7:55 | Whispers, Blood, and Standard Ghostly Stories | Tyler’s STORY 11:37 | 1988 Haunted Bunk Beds of the Tallmann House 12:00 | San Pedro House - Jackie Hernandez - Cameraman (Wheatfield) hanging attack in the attic 13:21 | Documented Unresolved case of Winston House 15:19 | Daily News reported in 2015, an Oklahoma man discovered his kitchen | wall bleeding 17:15 | She Follows Me | Preston’s STORY 33:13 | Expansion Preview! Devil's Playthings - Ouija Boards, Ritual Games, and Halloween Nostalgia 🎃 37:37 | Get Nighstalker Beard Balm! 39:15 The Demon in the Tree-line | Chip’s STORY 53:58 | FISH RIVER FREAKINESS early 1900s - OL’ TWO TOE 57:52 | Haunted Baldwin County 58:18 | Haunting Brianna - Attacked at Home and Battles in the Astral - Brianna’s STORY 1:09:53 | OBEs and the Connection to Hauntings
93:58 10/30/22
SWAPCAST! The Confessionals Podcast - The Oak Ridge Dogman Portals
In Episode 468: The Oak Ridge Dogman Portals, we bring Adam into the studio! I have made it no secret as of late that I not only believe there is a parallel world like the Upside Down in Stranger Things, I am also on the verge of saying I know it exists and is far more complex and dangerous than the Stranger Things show leads us to think. A few weeks ago, Adam emailed me after hearing me discuss CERN, Oak Ridge, portals in those locations, and entities coming through them. In Adam's email, he said, "I'm ready to talk about something that happened to me involving Oak Ridge and the undeniable evil demonic entities I know are coming through there. It's a lot to talk about but I'm coming to you because I heard you mention something about the portals there. I can honestly say it's nothing like you've ever heard and it's hard to believe but I swear on my life it's true. That said it directly involves this hell beast called 'Dogman' which I now believe is not from anywhere but another dimension." With that information, I knew I had to get Adam in the studio as fast as possible to hear what he's been through. Adam experienced an event that lasted three days and traversed multiple locations. One late night when he was fishing near the Oak Ridge facility in Tennessee, he encountered UFOs acting in strange ways that hadn’t yet been heard about on this show. Those UFOs led to him encountering portals, and culminated in a high-speed chase down the highway with creatures trying to push Adam’s car off the road. How Adam survived their attack will leave you on the edge of your seat, as it did me sitting across the table from him! 🔥Connect with The Confessionals Podcast:
91:09 10/21/22
4.15 | Inhuman Imposters, Nightmare Trolls, Mimics, and the Owlman! Strange Listener Stories 16
As the year turns to autumn and the wind groans more menacing within the creaking of the trees, the lingering spirits shiver restless in the world just beyond. All manner of strange and hungry things are hastening their approach. When owls wear the shape of men and loom above our Children’s cribs, and snatching disembodied hands creep beneath your bed, thrashing to pull you down into the dark, reality itself is shifting. From four-foot troll-faces demons, to black hounds slinking through the graveyards, the season of the supernatural is upon us. So bolt the doors and keep your smile from being too inviting, as sinister things may be hiding behind human masks of the living! 🔥Get Expansion Episode!4.15 EXP | Mimics and Shapeshifters - Masks of Sinister Imposter 📚View Show Notes! 👀 Referenced Channels and Podcasts Hollosky Podcast Hang out with us as we navigate through the world of the strange and unusual.  We chat about everything from ghosts, aliens, and cryptids, to the most mind-bending government conspiracies.  🔥Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! 🔥RECOMMENED BOOKS:(Affiliate Links) Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden BeingsTim Marczenko TIMESTAMPS - Will be updated soon!
86:31 10/14/22
4.14 | Hat Man Encounters, Shadow People and Paranormal Parasites!
It finds you when you think you’re safe.. it finds you there, in the dark, paralyzed with terror, by its foul and vacant visage. It leans close, breathing you in.  It’s come tonight for you, and it has come to feed! Dressed in shadow, and sinister desire, the entity that has come to be called the Hat Man is the supreme Denison of nocturnal dread. What shaded secrets wait to be uncovered? What patterns trace its pathway across cultures and across time? On this episode of belief hole, we dissect these paranormal parasites and share horrifying encounters with the master of the dark. So light a candle and follow us, into the shadow.. Also.. The hypnogogic state, sleep paralysis, and the reality of astral insects! 🔥TRY MAGIC MIND! Go To: And get 40% off your subscription for the next 10 days with my code:BELIEFHOLE20 This code will be valid forever as a 20% off for both one-time purchases and subscriptions, but in the first 10 days you can get 40% off if you apply it to a subscription! 🔥Get Expansion Episode!4.14 EXP | Haunted Bellies: When Pregnancy Summons the Paranormal 📚View Show Notes! TIMESTAMPS01:00 | Coming UP - Shadow People, Real, Vintage Hat Man Encounters and Paranormal Parasites 02:40 | Magic Mind Shout Out 03:02 | The Horror and Intrigue Begins 06:36 | Book/Author Introductions: Heidi Hollis, Nick Redfern, and Jason Offutt 09:12 | Shadow People Categories - Jason Offutt 11:37 | The Face of the Hat Man/ Albert Rosales 1989 Humanoid Reports 12:33 | Jason Offutt Introduction and Shadow People cultural overlaps 14:12 | Carlos Castenda | Mud Shadows 19:58 | The Babbu, Omul Negru, L’uomo Nero, the Regional Hat Man 22:08 | Tuscarora Indian Nation Hatman Account | Heidi Hollis 27:41 | Hungry Ghosts, St. Augustine, Satyrs, Succubi and Incubi | Nick Redfern 30:01 | It Breaths You In - A Bristol Hat Man Encounter | 1967 | Nick Redfern 36:58 | Expansion Preview | Paranormal Pregnancy Parasites - Analyze a Strange Pattern of Attachment of the Supernatural 38:25 | Expansion Preview Clip 44:04 | Magic Mind Ad 42:33 | Late Night Drive | Cameron Pressley | Listener Story 47:54 | Hat Man | Eric Gray | Listener Story 51:10 | No Vacancy - A 1970’s Hat Man Encounter 52:56 | Hat Man in the flesh - Russian Encounter 54:26 | Skeptical take on the phenomena 57:15 | The Hat Man / Fred Krueger Connection (Continued) 1:00:40 | Final Thoughts - Why the hat? And Protection Ideas 1:02:33 | Member Thank Yous 1:12:34 | Outtakes!!!  
75:45 9/28/22
4.13 | Camp Creeply 2 - Wilderness Horror Stories, Fairy Encounters and Sylvan Dread
In the last days of summer, when autumn winds whisper darkly among the trees, the unspoken things within the woods are watching ever more closely at the campers huddled around their dimming fires.  What dark phantoms wait among the shadows with wide eyes and gnashing teeth? From Grinning ghosts in cabin corners to unsettling encounters with the fairy folk... on this episode of Belief Hole, we bring you Camp Creeply 2 - terrifying true tales of the darker forest trails, and campground accounts with forgotten and hidden things. 🔥Get Expansion Episode!Lifting the Veil: Pre-Birth Memories and Near Death Explorations 📚View Show Notes! 👀 Today's Recommended Podcasts: Hillbilly Horror Stories 🐕 Get Animal Psychic Help! Dr. Jill Cooper | Animal Communicator and Psychologist  From Dr. Jill: "Not your typical animal communicator. I read animals in order to help them with behavioral and emotional problems, medical issues and pain, end of life questions, and I read passed animal loved ones.  I’m trained in EFT/EMDR, bio-scalar wave (developed at UCLA), the Silva Method, and a bit of acupressure. Sessions are done remotely by phone. Please text your concern to 818-270-0034. " 🔥Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! TIMESTAMPS 01:00 | Coming UP - True and Terrifying Caping Horror Stories 03:11 | Introduction - Fall is coming 05:16 | Ghosts, Wilderness Horror, Sylvan Dread and Dark Faries 06:43 | Sylvan Dread and the Oz Effect/Factor Conversation 10:10 | Jen’s Sylvan Dread Experience 11:14 | Jon’s Bigfoot Revelation! 15:56 | Ghost in the Cabin - STORY 21:01 | The Ghost Wilderness Area 23:16 | Hooded Creatures Come at Night - STORY 26:54 | Hooded Beings Surround my Truck! - STORY 31:32 | Night Walkers in the  California woods - STORY 35:07 | Stalked by Monsters 38:50 | Feral Humans - Steve Stockton 41:58 | John Morris’ Slyvan Dread Experience - STORY 41:58 | Disembodied Voices - Tim Marczenko 48:09 | Dr. Jill Cooper - Animal Psychologist & Communicator 49:54 | Expansion Preview - Lifting the Viel: Pre-Birth Memories and Near-Death Explorations (Lamar’s Story) 54:48 | Nightstalker Beard Oil- For a Superior Breed of Beard! 55:57 | Forest Deceivers 57:32 | Summoned by the Trees - STORY 01:01:44 | The Path not Taken - STORY 01:08:18 | Man of Sticks - STORY 01:11:48 | Pissing on the Wee Folk - STORY 01:15:04 | Final Thoughts - Camp Experiences and Fairy Folk 01:16:56 | Thank Yous! 01:23:25 | Outtakes
86:31 9/11/22
4.12 | Superstition Mountains - Inhuman Wraiths, Cursed Gold, and Desert Portals
If you listen closely when among the haunted crags and rocky cliffs of the Superstition Mountains, you just might hear the echoes of lost gold and cursed treasure. A dark legend of many men who’ve met their end.  But what stories lie stranger still beneath this alleged stone abode of the Apache thunder god? From rumors of glowing desert portals to encounters with cloaked inhuman wraiths, join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we hike deeper into the mystery and seek the stranger side of the Superstition Mountains. 🔥Get Expansion Episode!4.12 EXP | Stranger Stories of the Superstition Mountains (P2) 📚View Show Notes! 🔥Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! 👀 Referenced Channels and Podcasts Missing Persons Mysteries | Youtube Hammerson Peters (Nahanni Author) | Youtube Belief Hole Reddit Fringe Radio Network Interviews Steve Stockton - National Park Mysteries Book 2 The Phoenix Enigma Website | Corey Daniels "I WILL NOT Go Into These Mountains ALONE" | The Paranormal Files TIMESTAMPS 5:00 | Corey Daniels | Phoenix Enigma 6:30 | Sky Islands 9:17 | Brief intro of Lost Dutchman’s mine / Stories of headless men  15:00 | Jacob Waltz Mysterious Gold 17:22 | Elisha Marcus Revis 22:10 | Secret Band of Apache Guardians, Portals, Cave-Dwelling Monsters (Nakani) 23:14 | the Nahanni Connection (Hammerson Peters) 27:50 | Great Cordillera Sacered Mountain theory 30:12 | What is lurking in the Superstition Mountains 31:00 | Apache and Native stories of desert portals 36:01 | LUCIFER ‘Telescope’ of Mt. Graham 38:48 | Expansion Preview | High Strangeness in the Superstition Mountains 42:35 | Campers Trapped by Vortex in the Superstition Mountains | STORY 51:00 | Floating Green Door in the Desert | STORY 53:50 | Devil Winds and a Chindi Spirits - (Steve Stockten) 59:08 | Corey Daniels Wraith Story originally told to Paranormal Files 01:03:23 | Awsang of the Apache Death Cave 01:07:00 | Thank Yous!  01:12:20 | OUTTAKES
77:13 8/23/22
4.11 | Strange Listener Stories 15 – Swimming Pool Nightmares, Mirror Demons, and Dark River Dwellers
It’s a warm summer night.. You’re all alone in the orange grove, and decide to take advantage of the solitude by diving into the still waters of a strangely placed swimming pool. All is peaceful.. until you begin to feel that something’s wrong. There’s an ominous brooding in the air.. and you feel as though you’re being watched! You shake it off and tell yourself it’s your imagination. After all, you’re all alone, swimming in the dark. But when you push off from the slick cement, something grabs you by the ankle!! From Roadside Hyena Monstrosities to Occult rituals in the Redlands, on this Episode of Belief Hole, we tread the dark, back-country of the bizarre to bring you true, terrifying tales of the inexplicable and the unknown. Also.. Jon is a Starchild, Jeremy urnes for Dogman Awakening, and Chris is a Whore for Horror 🔥Get Expansion Episode!4.11 EXP | Terror at Portlock, Alaska! Legend of the Nantinaq 📚Get Show Notes! 🔥Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! 👀 Referenced Channels and Podcasts - Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling - Belief Hole Reddit TIMESTAMPS 0:00 | Coming Up! 2:21 | Grinning, Braid Pulling Doppelgangers, Beccoinig Fire Lights, Occult Rituals in the Redlands, Bipedal, Highway Heyina’s, AND MORE!! 6:06 | Dog-Monster in the Road | Tavis [ STORY ] Dogman? WereHyena? 11:40 | Shunka Warakin | The North American Hyena | Ringdocus cryptic - Israel Ammon Hutchins (Hunter) Joseph Sherwood (Taxidermist) 16:25 | Call of the Fire Lights | Anonymous [ STORY ] 26:53 | The River at Dawn | Dani Turpin [ STORY ] Family Haunting | River Entity 34:03 | Braid Puller | Dani Turpin | [ STORY ] Doppelganger Mirror Entity 40:26 | Expansion Discussion | The Portlock Alaska Mystery - Terror of Chatham bay! 43:28 | Expansion Preview | The Portlock Alaska Mystery - Terror of Chatham bay! 45:43 | Nightstalker Beard Products! | Ruddyman Grooming 47:04 | Sky Whale Rider Thank you! | Theresa Burch 48:25 | Darkness Disclaimer - Redlands 48:25 | Lock Away Your Cats | Petra [ STORY ] Witchcraft and Sacrifice in the Redlands 53:20 | Hauntings and Occult Activity in the Redlands 56:09 | The Pool in the Orange Grove | Petra [ STORY ] Supernatural Pool Attack 59:59 | Grandma Tucked Me In | Lara [ STORY ] Spirit Visitation 1:04:34 | Patreon Thank Yous! 01:11:34 | Outtakes
75:03 8/6/22
4.10 | Montauk Project – the Real Stranger Things
For the last 50 years, the quaint, coastal village of Montauk has been haunted by a dark legend. Whispers carry through the town of secret military projects, bizarre creatures, portals to other times, and still stranger things. On this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we explore government mind control and psychic experiments, hidden underground facilities and time travel technology, and endeavor to unravel fact from fiction within the extreme and controversial claims of the Montauk Project. 🔥Get Expansion Episode!4.10 EXP | Reptilians at Montauk, the Real Eleven, and Future Predictions 📚Get Show Notes! 🔥RECOMMENDED ARTIST: D-WREX (Derek): D-WREX – MULTIFACETED ARTISTIC COMMANDO “Designed our killer logo upgrade!” D-WREX | Website D-WREX | Instagram 🔥Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Introduction - The Montauk Project 2:35 | Overview - Montauk Project, Stranger Things, MKUltra, Philidelphia Experiment, Time Travel and Psychic Experiments 9:00 | Montauk, Long Island - Setting the Scene 12:30 | DISCLAIMER - not for Kids 13:00 | MKUltra, Holmesburg Prison horrors and government coverups 16:50 | Project Stargate 17:40 | Stranger Things and Jurassic World Tangent! 21:00 | Camp Here and Montauk Air force Base background 23:36 | The Book - The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time | Preston Nichols and Peter Moon 24:32 | Telepathic wave - The beginning of Preston's Discovery of the conspiracy and exploring the base 35:00 | Duncan Cameran is Introduced, deprogramming reveals betrayal 41:00 | Fact or Fiction conversation 44:13 | Philadelphia Experiment 48:25 | John Von Neumann, Einstein, Tesla, Wilhelm Rieck & Project Phoenix (Precursor to Montauk) 51:23 | Expansion Introduction - The "Real Eleven" (Stranger Things), Future Predictions, and Conspiracy Trivia! 54:01 | Expansion Preview - Reptilians at Montauk, the Real Eleven, and Future Predictions 59:27 | LIVESTREAM DATE! 59:42 | The Montauk Chair, Psychotronic Experiments, and Time Travel Technology48:25 1:10:30 | Montauk Monster | Beast from the Id 1:24:24 | Barry Goldwater / UFO / Write Patterson 1:25:26 | Evidence / Footage - Montauk Underground Base - Brian Minnick
102:22 7/3/22
4.9 | Not Deer, Shapeshifters and Hoofed Horror!
It’s late at night. You’re driving a lonely stretch of forested road. Up ahead you catch a glimpse of something in your headlights. As you start to slow down you’re thinking to yourself, “It must be a deer.” But there’s something wrong. There’s something about it that’s not quite right. It’s not quite a deer. As you begin to process what you’re seeing, your stomach sinks. As the thing raises up to meet its eyes to yours, its disfigured joints begin to crack and pop into place, and with a predator's stare and sinister grin, it is eager to meet you. This is no deer. On this episode of Belief Hole, we dissect alleged true accounts of the Appalachian Not Deer and compare them to strange reports from the early 20th century. Join us, as we explore the hoofed horror of animal mimics, shapeshifters, and sinister imposters. TIMESTAMPS 3:59 | Not Deer / Deor introduction 5:53 | Description of the Not Deer 6:47 | No Creepypasta Allowed 8:20 | Imposter Entities/ Animal Mimics 11:00 | Description continues 11:27 | Zac’s Creepy Deer Encounter 16:40 | Origin: Madison’s ‘Not Deer’ 23:32 | Skeptic - The CWD argument 27:17 | Glitching Not Deer Attack | STORY 31:17 | Like a Human on All Fours | STORY 33:00 | Hiding Within the Heard | STORY 35:42 | Don’t Stop the Car | STORY 38:35 | Strange Nature: Man-Eating Plants and Gypsy Ghost Stories 44:14 | EXPANSION PREVIEW | Vampire Vine Clip 46:27 | Get Nightstakker Beard Products! 48:13 Bizarre historical encounters from Albert Rosales 48:48 | Uncanny Valley - Signs of the Imposter 49:40 | 1939 Strange Deer Creature | STORY 50:42 | Mrs Laubs ‘Pads for Feet’ 1951 | STORY 52:15 | Deer Caught Eating Human Being! 53:55 Animal Pretenders, Possessed Animals - Beyond Creepy 56:50 | You Weren’t Supposed to See That | STORY 58:33  | Unsettling Deer-Like thing in the Road from Root and Rock 1:00:49 | The Pig Boy | STORY 1:03:09 | The Still Donkey | STORY 1:04:35 | Conflating the Not Deer with Wendigo/Skinwalker and a thought on Cultural Research 1:09:00 | Thank Yous 15:40 | Outtakes 🤣🤝🙌 🔥Get Expansion Episode!4.9 EXP | Strange Nature: Man-Eating Plants, Gypsy Ghost Stories, and Sentient Forests 📚Get Show Notes! 🔥Get Nightstalker Beard Products! Don't forget to use the code beliefhole to access the products and to get 15% off! Check Out Ghost Town Podcast! Ghost Town Podcast explores and discusses all places abandoned, haunted, mysterious, paranormal, and true crime related: Click Here to Get Ghost Town! Other Referenced Podcasts and Channels: 🔥Freaky Deaky Podcast 🔥That Would Be Rad Podcast 🔥 Beyond Creepy
78:14 6/17/22
4.8 | Dark Reality of Imaginary Friends - True Stories of Creepy Kids
Recent studies indicate that the majority of children are communicating with someone or something that isn’t quite there. We call these invisible companions.. imaginary friends. Logic dictates that on the whole, these are innocuous, invented beings, playmates concocted by the child as a social supplement or as creative expression, but when unexplainable things begin to happen and little Jonny begins describing the horrid and unimaginable, might we consider that the unseen friend peeking from behind the closet door is not only NOT Imaginary, but also, might not really be a friend? On this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we recount tales of close encounters with unseen Imposters Entities! TIMESTAMPS 01:00 | Intro Preview - The Reality of Imaginary Friends 03:26 | Topic Introduction - Imaginary Friends that aren’t so Imaginary 07:54 | University of Washington Study 10:49 | Inherited Friends | STORY 11:48 | Inherited Friends 2 | STORY 12:20 | Tulpa Discussion 13:29 | Where Johnny Lives | STORY 15:34 | In the Basement | STORY 18:15 | Purple Mommy | STORY 20:30 | Spirits of Exploration | STORY 25:09 | Bra and Underpants Girl | STORY 27:18 | The Night People | Chasing American Monsters | STORY 31:35 | Expansion Discussion | The Dark Watchers of the California Coast 35:08 | Expansion Preview | The Dark Watchers of the California Coast 36:35 | Belvia and Hay-Hay | Andy C | STORY 51:33 | NIGHTSTALKER Beard Products Launch! Ruddy Man Grooming! 54:07 | Irving’s Box of Bones | STORY | Ghost to Ghost (Art Bell) 58:20 | Final Thoughts and Conclusions 1:00:45 | Thank Yous!! 1:06:41 | OUTTAKES 🔥 🧔 🐺 GET NIGHTSTALKER BEARD PRODUCTS! **IMPORTANT: Use the link below and enter the password beliefhole to unlock the Nightstalker products. Then at checkout, use promo code beliefhole to get 15% off! CHECK OUT MONSTERS AMONG US: Listen to Monsters Among Us Podcast, an anthology of true paranormal stories told by the witnesses themselves, wherever you get your podcasts! 🔥 GET EXPANSION EPISODE: 4.8 | Dark Watchers of the California Coast 📚 FULL SHOW NOTES:
70:24 5/31/22
4.7 | Haunted Paintings, Static People and Hawaiian Succubus | Strange Listener Stories 14
In your rented home, alone for now, with roommates weeks away, there’s nothing to keep you company in the dead hours of the night, except for that macabre painting you noticed when you arrived -the one at the end of the hall – a grim scene of highway murder… It shares the idle hours with you. And in the silence, things are beginning to stir. Something dead is pulling itself through its painted prison and into your hallway, and it’s walking toward your room! From insane asylum key masters to Hawaiian spirit seduction, we pull at the threads of the ever-thinning veil as we arrive halfway to Halloween to bring you true and terrifying tales of the inexplicable and the unknown! 🔥 Get Expansion Episode:4.7 EXP | Sallie House Haunting and Buried Ancient Entities 📚 Get Show Notes: 🔥 RECOMMENDED PODCAST In each episode of Knock Once for Yes, Lil & Fitz share their own spooky experiences with the paranormal, visit haunted locations, explore local legends & urban myths as well as share several of our listeners’ real ghost encounters. Go subscribe, and tell them Belief Hole sent ya 😉 🔥🐳👊THANK YOU SKYWHALE RIDERS!🔥🐳👊 We especially want to thank our most generous supporters. New Sky Whale Riders this week. Thank you for being awesome: 🔥🐳👊 Lindsay Maves 🔥🐳👊 Patra Philip 🔥🐳👊 Bob McDaniel TIMESTAMPS 0:00 | Coming Up Preview | Halfway to Halloween - Haunted Paintings, Insane Asylum Gatekeepers, Static Spirits, and Hawaiian Succubus 4:35 | The Painting and the Swordsman | Thomas Stillwell 14:20 | The Persistence of Visions | Alan Murdie | Fortean Times 19:26 | Aqua Visitor | Tanya 27:03 | Follow Up / Porcelain Visitor 30:07 | Thank You Sky Whales! 🐳 33:35 | Checkout Knock Once for Yes Podcast 37:21 | Lil's Story | Static Spirit 42:17 | Static People, Static Entity Corroboration 44:17 | Fitz's Story | One Last Cup of Tea 49:52 | Grandma Visits Chris 51:42 | One Night at the Gas Station | Jackie | 🚘⛽️👻 56:21 | Hawaiian Succubus | Joe| 🌺🧟‍♀️ 01:01:35 | Asylum Gatekeeper or You Gotta Key? | Jolene 01:09:58 | Thank You, Members! 01:17:51 | Outtakes 🤫
82:35 5/15/22
4.6 | Mystery of the Tsarichina Hole, Psychic Attack and Buried Entities
[ ATTN BELIEFLINGS!: Tune in to our YouTube Channel tonight (April 28) at 5:30PM PST / 8:30PM EST to chat it up with us and fellow Belieflings live in the youtube chat during a video premiere of this episode!... it's a real fun hang ;) ] _____ In 1990 Bulgaria, a story is whispered in the small village of Tsarichina. A secret buried beneath the earth. But the promise of ancient treasure quickly becomes the quest for an ancient being – a cosmic progenitor of all human life, entombed in a catacomb sought by the Bulgarian Military who are guided by psychics and remote viewers to dig, triggering inexplicable phenomena, witnessed by villagers and military personal alike. On this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we excavate the mystery of the Tcarichina Hole and recount tales of strange flying craft, unknown entities, and psychotronic attack Also, Jeremy takes big research gulps, “mumans” is coined, and mom destroys Jon’s karate gi! TIMESTAMPS 4:16 | Setting the scene of a 90s Mystery 7:13 | Tsarichina, Bulgaria in the 90s (some context) 10:04 | A Strange Treasure - What’s buried below Tsarichina? 12:23 | From Tsar Samuel’s Treasure to Psychic Intervention 19:29 | Tsarichina Phenomena - Colonel Kanev’s Account of Underground Discovery
 21:48 | CIA Record Confirms the existence of Object No 1 23:40 | Cosmic protohuman alleged buried in stasis
 27:06 | The familiar story | Military struggle against “Tsarichina Phenomena” 30:17 | Expansion Preview - DMT Machine Elves and Psychedelic Entites 32:22 | Check out Guide to the Unknown podcast! 38:40 | UFOs and unexplained phenomena witnessed in Tsarichina Village 46:00 | Entities slink out of ships to explore the hole 47:40 | Dimitri Ovcharov - Analysis of channeled ancient unknown language
 50:50 | Baba Vanga’s Tsarichina Hole psychic guidance
 55:00 | Tsarichina Hole: Mysterious Deaths - Naplatanov and more 57:55 | Shutting down the Tsarichina hole dig
 58:56 | Lipton Weapon! Psychotronic Attack and Telepathic Weapons Testing
 1:09:44 | Thank You Belieflings! RECOMMENDED PODCAST Guide to the Unknown has an enormous archive of episodes covering hauntings, horror movies, folklore, and cryptids. New episodes drop every Friday – Follow @GTTUPod for more! Go subscribe, and tell them Belief Hole sent ya 😉 GTTU preview clip from today's episode comes from episode 225 where they talk about the first-ever Mothman sighting! GTTU is both an audio and video show, recording live on 🔥 GET EXPANSION EPISODE DMT Elves, Entities, and Inner paths to Outer Space 🔥 GET SHOW NOTES
76:08 4/28/22
4.5 | Strange Listener Stories 13 | Creeping Hairy Hands, Grimoire Demons and Confounding UFOs!
It’s late at night. You begin to hear whispers drifting down the hall. In the bedroom, you find your little sister talking to something in the dark.. Something disembodied and scratching at the wall. From unearthly craft above your woodland cabin, to grimoire summonings gone terribly wrong, we present to you, curious listener, tales of the inexplicable and the unknown! Also.. Jon pulls the big brother card, Chris thinks his neighbors are haunted and Jeremy's Knight Worms Cometh! EXPANSION EPISODE: 4.5 EXP | Worm Knights, Mountains are Old Giants, and Secrets in Stone! FULL SHOW NOTES: TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Intro Teaser - Strange Listener Stories 13! 04:12 | The Hand Comes at Night | Megan Jackson’s Story 08:57 | The Hairy Hands Of Dartmoor and Worldwide 11:28 | Of Seances and Statues | Greg’s Story 15:30 | Statue Origin | Constantin Brancusi | Victor Brauner | Modernism and the Occult 18:23 | OBE into a Past Life | Trevor’s Story 25:40 | Lights with in Lights Over the Island of Man | Ben Morgan’s Story 30:11 | Expansion Setup: Worm Knights - Serpent Parasites and Secrets in Stone! 33:07 | Expansion Preview 34:51 | Visions of Murder | Tracy’s Story 38:40 | The Dark Boy | Dylan’s Story 42:28 | Summoning Gone Wrong | Matt's Story 47:26 | U.F.O. battle in the U.P. | Bryan King and Dena Eltervoog’s Story 59:23 | Member Thank Yous!
68:10 4/9/22
4.4 | Astral Adventures and Journeys Out of the Body
Strange vibrations begin. A warm sensation ripples through your body, gently pulling you from yourself, and out, into an undiscovered plane of existence. You are now an astral traveler.. The out-of-body experience is a globally shared phenomenon that reaches back to the very genesis of human existence.   Today up to 20 percent of the population claims to have experienced these strange adventures. What celestial landscapes lie beyond? What sorts of entities have been contacted, and what guardians oversee the barriers between?   On this episode of Belief Hole, we step through the looking glass and enter the realms of Elsewhere.   Also.. Dad dreams of Vacuumed balls, Jeremy the Unfortunate Marine Biologist, and we discover Flacko Density!   ⏱ TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Intro - Astral Travels and OBE Experiences 04:32 | Expansion Preview - Suppressed Energy Technology 5:52 | Astral Projection and the Second Body - theosophy, ancient cultures, doctor strange and statistics on experiences 07:38 | Skeptical Live Science article reading and response 09:36 | brief discussion of Remote Viewing and Project Stargate 11:04 | Robert Monroe background refresher 12:22 | Discovering the Second Body 15:41 | Astral Landscapes - What does the Astral Plane look like? 16:11 | Locale I - The ‘Here Now’ 17:01 | Locale II - Exploring Lucid Dreamscapes and the After Death Realm 28:30 | EXPANSION PREVIEW! | Suppressed, Alternative Energy Technology! 34:46 | Connection discovered with Bacci’s Spirit Radio episode! 36:00 | Dad dreams of vacuum balls 36:38 | Locale III - Exploring other worlds and possible parallel realities! 56:04 | Otherwhere - Kurt Zealand - Exploring Boundary Zones - Guardians, Rangers, and Sleepers   🔥 Get Expansion Episode 4.4 EXP | Suppressed Energy Technology and Silenced Scientists   📚 Get Show Notes
71:01 3/24/22
4.3 | Dark Amusements 2: Haunted Lake Shawnee, and Ghosts of Disney
Ah yes, who doesn’t love the joyful escape that is the amusement park? But beneath the din of cheerful screams and creaking coasters, what darkness lurks? From aviator apparitions at Universal Studios to the cursed and sacred grounds of Lake Shawnee, and with a final stop at Disney’s dark side, we explore some of the creepiest accounts from the happiest places on earth. So please, Belieflings, fasten your safety belts, and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, as we seek out Dark Amusements and embark through the treacherous gates of the Belief Hole. MORE DARK AMUSEMENTS: 3.2 EXP | Dark Amusements and Theme Park Ghosts EXPANSION EPISODE: 4.3 EXP | Paranormal Police Encounters: The Thin Boo Line FULL SHOW NOTES TIMESTAMPS 00:00 | Intro Trailer 02:23 | Welcome to Dark Amusements 3:39 | Follow Urban Legends America 10:12 | EXP Setup: Paranormal Police Encounters 12:13 | Franks Stites' Frightful Flight - The Aviator Ghost of Universal Hollywood 23:59 | Abandoned Lake Shawnee Amusement Park's Dark Past 30:05 | Expansion Preview: Paranormal Police Encounters, Cops True Ghost Stories 34:48 | Back to Lake Shawnee Amusement Park - Paranormal Phenomena 37:02 | The tractor and the ghost girl 39:07 | Cursed and Sacred Lands under Lake Shawnee Park 43:23 | Haunted Cedar Point and Disneyland Ghosts 43:53 | The haunting of CJ's Provisions in Frontier Town 45:35 | Watchers: Inhuman Astral Parasites at Disneyland 46:48 | Winged Humanoid (Mothman) Perched on Coaster (Omen) 48:58 | Ghostly Guests at the Haunted Mansion 51:32 | Stair-Shoving Spirits of the Star Trader Stockroom 54:03 | Non-Arriving Ghosts of the Haunted Mansion (Drug References) 55:26 | The Healer Wheeler - Man healed by Wildfire Roller Coaster, Silver Dollar City 1:00:26 | Member Thank Yous! FOLLOW URBAN LEGENDS AMERICA Urban Legends: America is an ongoing case study into American urban legends. The basis of the project is to make a  theme park that shows historical research of oral history, architecture, diverse culture and cryptids of the United States. Visit Website Visit Instagram
66:02 3/8/22
4.2 | Stardust Ranch: Portals, Entities and Mayhem in the Desert!
In the 1990s, the dusty Arizona winds carried strange tales from Rainbow Valley. Whispers of unusual lights, bizarre creatures, and a haunted ranch with a bloody past. A Psychiatric counselor and his wife were looking for a fresh start in this beautiful and barren land. But unbeknownst to the couple, fate had set them on a lonely trail, into horrifying high-strangeness and mind-bending terror. On this episode of Belief Hole, we explore the incredible accounts and interdimensional happenings at Stardust Ranch.  Also.. ET Executions, Homeless Monster Hunters, and Interdimensional Madness! GET EXPANSION 4.2 EXP | Evil Archeology, Cursed Artifacts, and Haunted Objects   EPISODE NOTES: TIMESTAMPS00:00 | Intro Trailer 02:35 | Stardust Ranch Overview 04:25 | How it all began 06:05 | Expansion Discussion - Evil Archeology and Cursed Artifacts 08:00 | Finding the Ranch - Strange Realty and Pool Poltergeist 14:06 | The Man Who Killed Monsters 18:49 | John Emdonds joins Bruce Mcdonald - paranormal phenomena during book development 21:11 | The Beauty that Blinds - Time in the desert and Hooves for Hope  22:06 | Southwest Bell - Telephone troubles and the ranch’s dark past 26:56 | Disquiet and a malevolent presence 28:41 | EXPANSION PREVIEW - Evil Archeology and Cursed Artifacts 32:20 | Ghostbusters Afterlife  33:05 | Dog Mutilation 36:01 | John Edmonds’ Call to Arms 43:50 | Morman Exorcism 44:35 | ET Mortal Kombat and peeking the 4th wall. 49:35 | Levitation Wife and Alien Abduction Attempts 53:06 | The Michelin Man Entity and MIB Intimidation 55:33  | ET samurai Assassin  1:01:33 | Final Thoughts, Sirian Walk-ins and Dopplegangers 1:06:42 | Bigelow, Skinwalker and Bradshaw Ranch connection 1:07:35 | The Evidence and Dr. Levengood 1:12:04 | Patron Thank You’s  
78:56 2/20/22
4.1 | Strange Listener Stories 12 | Astral Worms, Devils in Dumbwaiters, and Sinister Grinners
You turn out the lights. You slip beneath your cozy covers, eager to drift into a new dream. All seems well from beneath the sheets... Until something strange begins to happen. A curious vibration begins at the back of your head, pulling you out of your body. You sink beneath the bed to find a disturbing face, grinning at you from the darkness... Some... thing you didn’t know was there. From light beaming astral worms to camp counselor pyrokinesis, we explore the reality hidden just beyond the veil. So dim the lights and stoke the campfire, as we present to you, curious listener strange but true tales of the inexplicable and the unknown. Also.. OBEs, Haunted Restaurants, and Secret Automotive Technology TIMESTAMPS 3:03 | Sheila's Creepy Shadow Person Video 4:47 | Pyrokinetics at Camp | Sonja's Story 7:56 | Psychic/ Bioelectric Energy Convo 9:59 | Ring of Fire - Dynamo Jack - Chi Energy | CLIP 14:08 | Astral Boogeyman Under the Bed | Racheal's Story 17:20 | Hypnagogic State/ Astral Entities Convo 20:57 | Devilish Grimace | Kayla's Story 25:45 | Proving Lucid Dreaming - Experiences and Studies 31:19 | How to Share your Strange Listener Story 32:03 | Dancing Swedish | Christian's Story 37:29 | Expansion Setup: Train Tracks of Terror! Railways to Elsewhere! 38:57 | Expansion Preview 42:49 | Unseen Guests and Balls of Tangled Laser Light | Leena's Story 47:45 | Astral Entity Connections 49:05 | Astral Slugs, Leaches, Spiders and Crabs 50:05 | The Worm Comes at Night | Doug's Story 51:56 | Astral Segmented Worm Corroboration 52:25 | Ghost Worm at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 54:43 | Ceremonial Magician Attracts Attacks by Astral Parasites 58:19 | Devil in the Dumbwaiter | Cas' Story 1:05:02 | Strange Recall: Advanced Auto Parts | Brady's Story 1:09:01 | Member Thank Yous! GET EXPANSION EPISODE: 4.1 EXP | Train Tracks of Terror and Railways to Elsewhere SHOW NOTES:
75:55 2/4/22