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The #1 rated autism podcast worldwide. Autism Live’s mission is to provide information and inspiration to the larger autism community, that starts with individuals on the spectrum but includes everyone who loves and cares for those individuals. Host Shannon Penrod shares the Jargon of the Day, interviews with experts, community events and much more. Viewers are invited to interact live to address questions, concerns and topics of interests.


Autism Live 5.22.24: Amy Gravino
Amy Gravino joins Shannon today to talk about her new sex educations curriculum she has designed for autistic individuals as well as what it is like presenting on receiving a genetic result for her autism and what that has meant to her and may mean for other individuals on the spectrum. Jargon of the Day: Executive Functioning
65:46 5/24/24
Ask Evelyn Kung 5.21.24: Cognition Skills and Executive Functioning
Autism expert Evelyn Kung answers questions from around the world. Today's topics are Cognition Skills and Executive Functioning.
74:44 5/24/24
Autism Live 5.20.24- Kelly Bermingham
On this episode Shannon welcomes Kelly Bermingham to talk about her new book, “The Group Experience: How to support children on the autism spectrum moving from individualized learning to a group learning experience.”  Kelly shares vital resources and checklists to help determine a child’s current strengths and weaknesses and how to teach effectively to create progress for the individual.  Listen to Kelly’s podcast A 25 Year Look Across the Spectrum here:
65:58 5/20/24
Autism Live 5.15.24: Matt Asner
On today’s show Shannon welcomes Matt Asner to talk about current events at the Ed Asner Family center including, The Academy and the 12th Annual Ed Asner & Friends Celebrity Poker Night.  We will get the full 411 on what celebs will be present and how viewers can participate!  For more information visit:
67:25 5/15/24
Ask Dr. Evelyn Kung 5.14.24: Topic- Motor Skills
Autism expert Evelyn Kung joins for a special edition of Ask Evelyn Kung.  Today’s topic is: Motor Skills.  Tune is as Evelyn answers questions from viewers around the world.
64:22 5/14/24
Autism Live 5.13.24: Parent To Parent- Finishing the School Year Strong
On today’s show Shannon gives her top tips for finishing the school year strong, including her top tip for the perfect teacher gift, and you won’t believe it is FREE!!!
70:40 5/13/24
Autism Live 5.8.24: Parent to Parent- Summer Success
On today’s Parent to Parent Shannon shares her best tips for making summer a time for fun and success.  It is the ideal time to help our kids get caught up and keep them caught up!!  Plus it is the ideal time to take all the things we have been learning out into the sun and have fun, or take the new skills to a museum, theme park, festival, or park!  Let’s use summer as a springboard to success!
63:26 5/8/24
Autism Live 5.6.24: Atticus Jackson Cougar
Shannon welcomes Atticus Jackson Cougar to the show to talk about their new podcast, Today’s Hyperfixation, coming soon.  J discusses just some of the many thing they are passionate about, including music, creating characters, D&D, and much more.
65:12 5/6/24
Autism Live 4.29.24: Vince Redmond
Vince Redmond, LMFT joins to talk about the importance of Self Care for everyone on the spectrum and for the individuals SUPPORTING individuals on the spectrum…this includes parents, relatives, loved-ones, teachers, therapists, sibling, and significant others!  Shannon shares the Jargon of the Day:  Systematic Desensitization.
58:07 4/29/24
Autism Live 4.26.24: Christine and Abbey Romeo
For the first time, Shannon welcomes Christine and Abbey Romeo form Netflix's "Love on the Spectrum". Shannon discusses the jargon Masking. 
73:47 4/26/24
Autism Live 4. 25.24: Jennifer Yakos
Autism expert, Jennifer Yakos joins Shannon to talk about education and training those with individuals on the spectrum. How can people get more training? Shannon presents the jargon term "Celeration" for the first time. 
65:09 4/25/24
Autism Live 4.24.24: Marcy Fibrow
Autism expert Marcy Fibrow joins the program to talk about supporting autism in the classroom.  What is the evaluation you can ask for to qualify for a 1:1 aide and much more.  Shannon shares the Jargon of the Day: Premack Prinicple
64:53 4/24/24
Autism Live 4.23.24: Lillian Carrier
Lillian Carrier joins Shannon to talk about Ourtism, the non-profit started by Lillian and sister Chloe to support neurodivergent individuals. For more information visit:
63:13 4/23/24
Autism Live 4. 22.24: Lisa Ackerman
Lisa Ackerman, founder of The Autism Community in Action, (TACA) joins Shannon to talk about new trends and TACA updates including their conferences.  For more information visit:
61:40 4/22/24
Autism Live 4.19.24: Jennifer Barreto
Shannon is joined by autism expert Jennifer Barreto. The very serious topic of self-injurious behavior is discussed. What is self injurious behavior and what can be done to stop it? This is an important show, you don't want to miss it. 
58:23 4/19/24
Autism Live 4.18.24: Dr. Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin talks with Shannon about her new book: Different Kinds of Minds: A guide to Your Brain. Dr. Grandin also answers questions from viewers around the world! For more information visit: #templegrandin
62:45 4/18/24
Autism Live 4.17.24: Thomas A. McKean
Spencer Harte and Naomi Rubin from the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge nominee CARPS join to talk about their film. Watch CARPS here: Author and Advocate Thomas McKean joins Shannon to talk about IDENTITY and why this is such a "hot button topic" in the autism community.
70:11 4/17/24
Autism Live 4.12.24: Katelyn Giboney
On this episode Shannon welcomes Katelyn Giboney to talk about treatment and supports for teens and adults on the autism spectrum. Can ABA still help teens and adults? Is there a difference in the treatment plan for adults? How can parents support teens and adults who do not work on things like anxiety? How can parents help their teen and adult children while listening and honoring the individual’s wishes. Jargon of the Day: DRA.
59:49 4/12/24
Autism Live 4.10.24: Amanda Ralston
Amanda Ralston from NOnBinary Solutions visits to to give update on the software that she hopes will revolutionize autism treatment. For more information visit: Jargon of the day: Joint Attention
61:42 4/10/24
Autism Live 4.8.24: Sara Bradford
Sara Bradford aka SJ Childs joins Shannon to talk about the SJ Childs Global Network and the upcoming International Autism Summit. For more information about the summit visit: SJ Childs LLC is committed to bringing value to the community through education, resources, and building a community of inclusion, and understanding for Autism. Shannon also shares the jargon of the day: Prosody.
63:38 4/8/24
Autism Live 4.6.24- Lois Jean Brady
New CEO of Autism Digest shares information about the new 25 Year Anniversary Edition that is FREE during the month of April! Jargon of the Day: Receptive Language. 
59:37 4/6/24
Autism Live 4.5.24: Julie Matthews
Author, Researcher, Nutritionist Julie Matthews shares critical information about the impact of diet on Autism.
65:22 4/5/24
Autism Live 4.4.24- Coby Bird
Actor Coby Bird (Locke and Key/The Good Doctor) joins for this special hour talking about identity, passions and influences. 
82:01 4/4/24
Autism Live 4.3.24: Thomas Iland
Author, Advocate and Speaker Thomas Iland talk about mental health for adults on the spectrum and his new book. Jargon of the day: Chaining
64:09 4/3/24
Autism Live 4.1.24- Dr. Stephen Shore
On this episode Dr. Stephen Shore joins Shannon to talk about his life and work in the autism community. Dr. Stephen Shore is famous for many things, including the sayings, “When you meet one person with autism, you have met one person with autism.”  And “The potential of autism people is unlimited – just like everyone else.”  Dr. Shore is a Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University. He has written the books that include: College for Students with Disabilities, Understanding Autism for Dummies, Ask and Tell, and Beyond  the Wall.  Currently, he serves on the board of Autism Speaks,  and is one of the first two autistic board members in its history,   looking to improve the potential of those on the autism spectrum. He  once headed the Asperger's Association of New England and was on the  board of the Autism Society of America. 
63:28 4/1/24
Autism Live 3.27.24: Chrisa Sadd and Thomas Iland
On today’s show Chrisa Sadd, LMFT joins Shannon to talk about the importance of mental health for the whole family.  Chrisa has been working with the special needs community since 2003.  She has extensive experience working with families, siblings, caregivers, children, and young adults.  For many years she worked as a behavior analyst, social skills teacher, including working at VISTA DEL MAR. Providing psychotherapy services for the special needs community and others.  “I love the work that I do.  Helping others is a part of my heart and soul.  It is truly rewarding when you can see another person's life change for the better."  Chrisa now runs the mental health program at the Ed Asner Family Center, where she teaches and co-teaches classes on Sex Ed and Dating on the Spectrum.  For more information visit: Mental-Health - The Ed Asner Family Center Thomas Iland is an award winning author and an internationally recognized public speaker and personal coach.  Thomas excels at coaching individuals to be their best selves in life, love, career and all aspects of their lives.  Thomas was diagnosed with autism at the age of 13, today he is a Certified Human Potential Coach, a Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker, Award Winning Author, TEDx Speaker, Ironman finisher, Guinness World Record Holder and TOYA Award Recipient. For more information on Thomas Iland visit:
67:47 3/27/24
Autism Live 3.25.24: Harrie James O'Kelley and Rabbi Jackie Redner
On this episode Shannon welcomed Harrie James O’Kelley, from The O’Kelley Lab, and Rabbi Jackie Redner, from the Vista Del Mar “Nes ga dol” program, to talk about  The Neurodiversity of Kindness event happening on April 7th as part of the Vista Del Mar’s “House of Lovingkindness” program.  This free event will feature a choir made up of individuals on the spectrum as well as residence that live at Vista, as well as performances and presentations by Spec Labs, Dani Bowman, Ballet For All Kids, USC Glorya Kaufman Dance, Straight Up Abilities, and much more. There will also be a virtual art show highlighting and promoting neurodiverse artists. For more information about the event visit Shannon covers the jargon term Expressive Language.
64:05 3/25/24
Autism Live Parent to Parent: When your school says your child doesn't qualify for an IEP.
 In this special viewer requested episode, Shannon Penrod gives the Parent to Parent talk on what to do when the school says your child with ASD doesn’t qualify for an IEP and what to do when the school says they want to declassify your child with ASD, so they are no longer receiving Special Education Services.  What do you do?  Do you celebrate or fight?  What argument do you make to get your child services and how do you know when to let the services go?  These are difficult waters to navigate, but Shannon gives tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your child’s time at school.
73:41 3/20/24
Autism Live with Judi Uttal
On Wednesday's show, Shannon welcomes Judi Uttal from the Autism in Entertainment Conference.  This first of what we hope will be many conferences will showcase the many ways in which individuals on the spectrum can and do work in the field of entertainment.  Employers will be present sharing and learning along side those who hope to work/or work more in the entertainment field. For more information and to register for the conference visit:  Shannon also shares the Jargon of the Day:  Theory of Mind.
62:11 3/13/24
Let's Talk Movies with Moira and Shannon: Oscar Special
Moira and Shannon discuss their Oscar hopes, snubs and long shots.
81:00 3/6/24

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