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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.


Greg Olsen & George Kittle, Hot Seat Cool Throne & Bo Pelini In Studio For A Special Bo Knows Ball Segment 126:12 05/25/2022
Mark Titus, Justin Thomas Wins The PGA & NBA/NHL Playoffs 123:40 05/23/2022
Nick Colletti, Randy Moss, Saban vs Jimbo And A Special Fyre Fest Guest 125:33 05/20/2022
4X NBA Champ John Salley, Heat Win Game 1 + Bring Your LunchPail Questions With Jersey Jerry 141:22 05/18/2022
Will Compton & Taylor Lewan, Chris Paul And The Suns Are Dead, Plus Hank Sat On The Floor For Game 7 131:02 05/16/2022
James Harden & The Sixers Are Dead, NFL Schedule Release + In Studio With AstroPhysicist Brian Cox 154:53 05/13/2022
Ryan Whitney In Studio, Hank Gets Public Support From Tom Brady & FAQ's 125:10 05/11/2022
Max Homa, Dmitry Bivol off his Big Win vs Canelo Alvarez, Insane Sports Weekend & Monday Reading 115:07 05/09/2022
Randy Moss, Eddie Hearn & Chris Paul Might Be Good 121:16 05/06/2022
Paul Bissonnette Talking Hockey And Guys On Chicks, Celtics & Grizzlies Win & Hot Seat Cool Throne 120:36 05/04/2022
Cowboy Joe West, NBA Playoffs & NFL Draft Recap/Grades 120:51 05/02/2022
NFL Draft Recap, American Hero Carli Lloyd And Fyre Fest of The Week 105:59 04/29/2022
NFL Draft With Todd McShay & Steven Cheah, Ja Morant Is A Killer And Introducing 132:30 04/27/2022
NFL Draft With Daniel Jeremiah, NBA Playoffs & Ben Simmons Dresses Like The Joker 123:37 04/25/2022
NBA Playoffs W/ Kirk Goldsberry, USMNT Goalie Zack Steffen + Hank’s Huge Announcement 118:19 04/22/2022
Tennis Pro Genie Bouchard, Hot Seat/Cool Throne, Billy's 1 Rep Max And Guys On Guys 131:01 04/20/2022
Jake Arrieta, NBA Playoffs And Monday Reading Is Back 128:58 04/18/2022
Ryen Russillo, NBA Playoffs, Fyre Fest And Top 5 Coaches That Could Be Number 1 132:53 04/15/2022
Play In Game Recap, The Pat Beverly Show, Craig Robinson (Darryl From the Office) In Studio Plus Things Get Contentious 114:20 04/13/2022
Scott Van Pelt Live From Augusta, Scottie Scheffler Wins The Master Plus NBA Playoffs Are Set 95:53 04/11/2022
Tom Segura, Pete Holmes, Tiger Is Back And Baseball World Series Picks 127:22 04/08/2022
Max Homa, Kansas Wins The National Championship And Guys on Chicks 94:59 04/06/2022
Coach K Is Done + Stanford Steve/Mark Titus Wing Date At Fat Harry’s In New Orleans 108:27 04/04/2022
Judd Apatow, Final Four And Fyre Fest Of The Week 84:54 04/01/2022
Buzz Williams, Patriots Trent Brown, Tiger Is Back And Guys On Chicks 135:01 03/30/2022
The Blueblood Final 4 Is Set, Coach K Suck Fest, Emergency Will Smith Oscars Segment + Bert Kreischer In Studio 142:40 03/28/2022
Chef Tom Colicchio, Duke Wins, Arkansas Upsets Gonzaga And More March Madness 107:29 03/25/2022
Stanford Steve, Coach Tom Crean, QB Carousel & Guys on Chicks 121:38 03/23/2022
March Madness Recap, St Peters Head Coach Shaheen Holloway And We're Dead Men Walking 83:03 03/21/2022
March Madness Day 1, Coach Frank Martin And NFL Free Agency 142:40 03/18/2022