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The State of Developer Education

Join us as we level up the next generation of technologists! Welcome to The State of Developer Education, a podcast by Major League Hacking. We explore how developers should and are educated to help you - the next generation - prepare for the real world. I'm your host Jonathan Gottfried, co-founder, hacker, entrepreneur, and hobbyist baker.


How to Utilize AI in DevRel
Join Greg Baugues, Raymond Camden, and Ash Arnwine as they delve into the world of Developer Relations (DevRel) and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Hosted by Jon Gottfried, Co-Founder at MLH, this podcast explores the benefits, challenges, and future possibilities of utilizing AI in DevRel strategies.
49:36 3/28/24
Campus Ambassador Programs: Scaling Your DevRel Reach
Are you ready to take your Developer Relations efforts to new heights with Campus Ambassador Programs? These initiatives are not just about spreading brand awareness; they're about tapping into the pulse of academic institutions, nurturing relationships with budding developers, and fostering a community brimming with innovation and enthusiasm. Our upcoming webinar is tailored to guide you through the intricacies of leveraging these programs to significantly amplify your DevRel reach. Dive into the world of Campus Ambassador Programs with our panel of DevRel experts who have been at the forefront of this dynamic field. They will share their firsthand experiences and proven strategies for effectively establishing and nurturing these programs. From identifying and engaging with potential ambassadors to creating impactful activities that resonate with the academic community, this session is an essential guide for anyone looking to expand their Developer Relations footprint across campuses. Whether you are initiating a new program or aiming to enhance an existing one, this webinar is packed with insights to help you make your mark in the academic arena.
54:30 3/7/24
Oh, the Humanity (of DevRel Marketing) with Reena Leone from Imply
In this week’s episode, Jon is joined by Reena Leone, the Senior Developer Evangelist at Imply and host of the podcast ‘Tales at Scale’! They discuss the confluence of developers and marketing: the importance of collaboration and organization of your content, and how to appeal to the human inside every Developer.
41:11 2/22/24
Balancing Big Initiatives and Personal Connections: Insights into Developer Advocacy with Nicolas Grenié of Typeform
In this episode of The State of Developer Education, Jon is joined by Nicolas Grenié, a Developer Advocate for Typeform. Join them as they discuss Nicolas' coding origin story, the evolution of developer advocacy over the past decade, and the impact of low-code/no-code tools. Nicolas shares valuable insights into the value of content creation and partnerships, as well as the role of AI in the developer ecosystem.
43:25 2/15/24
DevRel RoI: How Teams Measure Impact and Success
In this week’s episode, Jon is joined by Jacklyn Biggin, SJ Morris, and John Vajda. Jacklyn Biggin is a Developer Advocate at Automattic, SJ Morris is the Senior Manager of Developer Community at HubSpot, and John Vajda is DX and Growth Team Manager at Deepgram. In this episode, Jon and his guests discuss the evolving landscape of developer relations and how teams measure impact and success. They also delve into topics such as the shift towards virtual events and online communities, the importance of facilitating connections between developers, the role of content in developer relations, and how developer input influences product direction.
48:28 2/8/24
The Importance of Storytelling in Developer Relations with Liz Moy of Intercom
In this week’s episode, Jon is joined by Liz Moy, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Intercom. Intercom seeks to build a future where most customer conversations are successfully resolved without needing human support, freeing up the team to work on higher-value customer conversations. Liz is a podcaster, teacher, speaker, and writer who empowers people to build things with code and creates environments where creativity can flourish. In this episode, we hear Liz’s journey from journalism to software engineering to developer relations. Liz also explores the importance of providing engaging content to capture listeners' attention, the challenges of promoting less mainstream platforms and products, and the role of developer relations in engaging existing customers and collaborating with sales teams.
40:16 2/1/24
Bridging the Developer Education Gap with Tim Castillo of Dagster Labs
In this week’s episode, Jon is joined by Tim Castillo, Data Engineer and Developer Advocate for Dagster Labs. Tim is a technology enthusiast and expert with a strong foundation in computer science and data engineering. Carving out his career trajectory in the bustling tech community of the 2010s, he comes with an arsenal of experience shaped by early massive open online courses. In this episode, we get to hear about Tim’s journey from college undergraduate to tech advocate, sharing insightful strategies for upskilling technologists and building adaptable, robust tech communities.
36:13 1/25/24
How to Unlock the Hacker Mentality with Pranav Shikarpur, Developer Advocate at Pangea
In this week’s episode, Jon is joined by Pranav Shikarpur, a Developer Advocate at Pangea. As a young entrepreneur and civic problem solver, Pranav is a true innovator who has already won the MIT Minor Planet Honor and Grand Award at the Intel ISEF 2018. In this episode, John and Pranav discuss how to simplify security for developers, unpack his passion for civic problem solving, and explore the business benefits of adopting a hacker mentality as a developer advocate.
39:22 1/18/24
Open Source Realities: Balancing Risks and Rewards in Development with John Richards
In this week’s episode, Jon is joined by John Richards; The Head of Developer Relations at Paladin Cloud, a rapidly growing, open-source, cloud security company with a Security-as-Code platform, helping to reduce risks in cloud environments. In this episode, John is discussing the intersection between security and development, highlighting the importance of open-source communities in fostering collaboration between different teams. Join them as they explore how to manage risks associated with open source and leverage its collaborative power to resolve issues quickly.
44:56 1/11/24
Bot Games: Gamifying the Learning Experience with Micah Smith from Automation Anywhere
In this week’s episode, Jon is joined by an influential thought leader with over 15 years of experience in the automation space, Micah Smith, the current Vice President of Community and Learning at Automation Anywhere. In this episode, Micah shares his expertise on the evolving landscape of automation, providing valuable insights into the role of an automation leader. Join them as they discuss the power of “gamifying” automation learning through the use of bot games, how to leverage generative AI to efficiently maintain educational materials, and the future of engineering as we enter the AI era.
48:57 1/4/24
Merging Creativity and Code: Transforming Robotics Education with Arielle Mella from Viam
In this week’s episode, Jon sits down with Arielle Mella, Developer Advocate at Viam, whose eclectic background sits at the intersection of art, technology, design, and education. In this episode, Arielle shares how she prioritizes a creative and fun-first approach when teaching the next generation of developers and robotic whizkids. Join her and Jon as they explore the intersection of art and technology, discuss the importance of recognizing coding as an inherently creative pursuit, and delve into how Viam is revolutionizing the world of robotics.
38:48 12/28/23
Open Source Models and Developer Education with Jacob Marks of Voxel51
In this episode, Jon talks to Jacob Marks, Machine Learning Engineer and Developer Evangelist at Voxel51, whose background is rooted in scientific research having formally been a Ph.D. resident at X the moonshot factory. In this episode, Jacob and Jon unpack the current hype surrounding the implementation of AI in computer vision and software development, assessing its current impact on the industry. Join them as discuss the importance of practical and interactive learning resources and the benefits of contributing to open-source projects.
34:49 12/21/23
Art, AI, and Developer Advocacy with Kirk Kaiser
In this episode, Jon talks to Kirk Kaiser, former Head of Developer Relations at Gitpod and author of Make Art with Python, a book that teaches programming fundamentals through art instead of print statements. In this episode, Kirk and Jon explore software development through the lens of creativity to uncover the intersections of art, coding, and AI. Join them as they provide practical insights into the world of technology by highlighting its connection to art.
42:06 12/14/23
Creating Impactful Developer Education Content with Alex Merced from Dremio
In this week’s episode, Jon sits down with Alex Merced, Developer Advocate at Dremio and YouTuber who produces a wide range of multimedia content to help the next generation of web developers. In this episode, Alex shares his secrets on how he creates impactful developer education content. Join him and Jon as they explore the importance of building a brand as a content creator, unpack the complexities in creating layered tech tutorials, and emphasize the need to embrace constructive criticism in the developer space.
44:28 12/7/23
Revolutionizing Coding Education with Dr. Felienne Hermans, Founder of Hedy
In this week’s episode, Jon sits down with Dr. Felienne Hermans, Professor of Computer Science Education at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the creator of Hedy, a new and exciting, gradual textual programming language that simplifies how people learn to code. In this episode, Dr Felienne shares how her experiences teaching young coders led to the development of Hedy. Join them as they explore how best to balance simplicity and complexity in programming education and discuss the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and patience when teaching coding.
46:06 11/30/23
Observability: A Vital Consideration for Software Developers with Jemiah Sius from New Relic
In this week’s episode, Jon sits down with Jemiah Sius, Senior Director of Developer Relations at New Relic. As a self-taught developer, Jemiah has a wealth of experience in a range of different areas, including full-stack development, product management, and marketing. In this episode, Jon and Jemiah discuss all things observability, unpacking its vital importance in developer education and how to lower the barriers to entry in the software developer space.
44:40 11/16/23
How to Optimize Developers’ Learning Experience with Caitlin Davey, Lead of Drivers Docs at MongoDB
In this week’s episode, Jon sits down with Caitlin Davey, the Lead of Drivers Docs at MongoDB. As a documentation specialist, Caitlin is an educator who works at the intersection of technology and learning. Jon and Caitlin discuss the enhancing effects of informal and multimodal learning, the importance of clear messaging in developers’ documentation, and how we can best optimize learning experiences through cognitive load management. Join them as they debunk misconceptions surrounding developers’ education and more!
44:19 11/9/23
Understanding the Impact of AI on Developer Education with Logan Kilpatrick from OpenAI
In today’s episode, Jon sits down with Logan Kilpatrick, a Member of the Developer Advocacy Staff at OpenAI, to discuss the impact of AI on the developer community. As a leading developer, Logan’s resume is filled with large-scale organizations including NASA, Apple, and The Julia Language. Together, Jon and Logan contemplate how AI could transform traditional learning experiences and offer new possibilities for developers.
41:10 11/2/23
Understanding the Importance of Security in Software Development with Randall Degges, Head of Developer Relations and Community at Snyk
In today’s episode, Jon sits down with Randall Degges, Head of Developer Relations and Community at Snyk, to unpack the world of cybersecurity. Starting his career as a college drop out, Randall Degges is now a self-proclaimed “happy programmer” who has been writing software for over twenty years. This episode tackles the disconnect between software engineering and security. Together, Jon and Randall discuss solutions for making security tools more accessible to developers.
49:40 10/26/23
What Make a Hackathon Successful with Brandon Kessler, CEO and Founder of Devpost
In today’s episode, Jon sits down with Brandon Kessler, CEO and Founder of Devpost, to unpack what it takes to create a successful hackathon that has longevity. Brandon is a record label founder turned tech entrepreneur, who is passionate about creating spaces that facilitate a community. Join him and Jon as they discuss the importance of fostering competition, collaboration, and community to create a space where learning through building can thrive.
45:34 10/19/23
The Evolving Landscape of Computer Science Education with Mike Zamansky
This week on The State of Developer Education, Jon is joined by Mike Zamansky, an influential voice in computer science education in New York City. Recently retired, Mike has held a range of roles in the education sector, previously having been the Coordinator of Computer Science Education and Director of Undergraduate Honors at Hunters College. This episode is about unpacking the state of computer science education in the United States. Mike and Jon discuss the disconnect between classroom teaching and industry requirements and explore how educators can better collaborate with industry professionals to close the skills gap in developer education.
66:51 10/12/23
Challenges of Developer Advocacy with Katie Hoesley, Senior Developer Advocate at BigCommerce
Join Jon as he interviews Katie Hoesley, Senior Developer Advocate at BigCommerce. In this episode, they delve into the challenges that beginner developers face and explore how to creatively bridge the gap between technical leaders and the next generation of technologists. Drawing from her liberal arts background, Katie emphasizes the importance of creativity, communication, and community in developer advocacy. Don’t miss out on their insightful discussion where they unpack the complexities of measuring the ROI of developer marketing the importance of relationships in DevRel, and much more!
47:51 10/5/23
Bridging the Developer Education Gap: Exploring Low-Code with Adam Reynolds, Lead Product Evangelist of Coherent
In this week's episode, Jon interviews Adam Reynolds, Lead Product Evangelist at Coherent. Join them as they discuss Adam’s journey from full-stack development into the world of low-code development. Analyzing the pros and cons, their conversation centers around exploring the potential of low-code development in simplifying and speeding up application development while making it more accessible to a range of different audiences. Join them as they ponder the potential power of low-code platforms to bridge the developer education gap and empower a wider range of individuals to build applications.
39:47 9/28/23
From Self-Taught to Open Source: Navigating the Developer Landscape with Jacob Herrington, Product Manager at Walmart
On this week’s episode, Jon talks to Jacob Herrington about his unconventional journey from a self-taught developer and college drop-out to a Product Manager at Walmart. Their discussion touches upon the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a non-linear path into the world of software engineering, the impact open-source had on Jacob’s developer journey, and how the rise of tech communities is dismantling the systemic privileges that previously churned out “white-tech dudes”.
49:38 9/21/23
Reducing Onboarding Friction for Developers with Jordan Violet and Colin McKibben
On this episode of The State of Developer Education, Jordan Violet, Head of Developer Relations, and Colin McKibben, Developer Advocate at SailPoint, discuss how DevRel professionals can improve the developer experience. Together, they emphasize the importance of documentation, tooling, and community in reducing developer friction and increasing product adoption. The episode also delves into the "Developer's Hierarchy of Needs" , a framework created by Colin and Jordan for DevRel teams inspired by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
43:54 9/15/23
Decoding Data Science: Nick Singh on Practical Learning, SQL, ChatGPT, & Winning Hackathons
In this episode of The State of Developer Education, Jon is joined by Nick Singh, Founder and CEO of DataLemur and bestselling author of "Ace the Data Science Interview". They delve into Nick’s journey in teaching developers and data scientists, his coding background, transition into data science, and experience as a growth engineer. Nick highlights the evolving nature of the traditional path to becoming a data scientist and emphasizes the importance of practical learning in data science education and the need for a balance between theory and application. As an added bonus, Nick shares insights on how to win hackathons!
44:10 9/7/23
Beyond Code: Insights on Community, Frameworks, and Growth with Scott Spence of OES Technology
In this episode of The State of Developer Education, Jon is joined by Scott Spence, Developer Advocate Consultant at OES Technology. They discuss Scott's journey into web development and his experience with the Svelte framework. Scott shares valuable insights on working with other developers, his involvement in the Svelte community, and the benefits of using Storyblok.
41:52 8/31/23
The Importance of Understanding Databases in Developer Education with Denis Magda of Yugabyte
In this episode of The State of Developer Education, Jon is joined by Denis Magda, the Director of Developer Relations at Yugabyte. They delve into the importance of understanding databases in application development, the value of comprehending the internals of programming languages, and the benefits of being involved in open source communities.
43:53 8/24/23
Finding Balance in Developer Evangelism with Michael Stowe, Senior Director of Developer Marketing at RingCentral
Michael Stowe, Senior Director of Developer Marketing at RingCentral, joins us to discuss the challenges and evolution of developer relations and marketing; the importance of documentation, community, and education; and the need for clear communication and alignment with stakeholders.
41:15 8/17/23
How to Be Present in the Dev Community with Margo McCabe, Head of Developer Relations at HarperDB
In this episode of The State of Developer Education, Jon is joined by Margo McCabe, the Head of Developer Relations and Customer Success at HarperDB. They delve into the importance of how DevRels interact – both online and in person – with the rest of the community and how developer influencers play a role in that interaction. Find out all this and more by listening to the full episode!
43:18 8/10/23

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