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Right About Now! Really Real-Time Data
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51:07 5/23/24
A Roadmap to Responsible AI
Many people use social media every day, but how often do they consider the complex algorithms that power their feeds? Most users just want to connect and share. Similarly, many businesses use AI, but may not need to understand the nitty-gritty details behind training models. This episode of DM Radio dives into Responsible AI and the Data Life Cycle. We'll explore how to ensure AI is used ethically and effectively, along with best practices for managing data throughout its lifecycle. Host Eric Kavanagh chats with Chris Mohr from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) to navigate these important topics. Tune in to understand how to be a responsible steward of data in today's AI-powered world!
52:15 5/17/24
All Wrapped Up! Why Data Products Rule
Most car buyers don't need to know every detail about how the engine works, or what the chassis looks like, or how the rack and pinion steering operates. They just look forward to driving the car! The same should be true for most data consumers: They shouldn't need to worry about whether a data mesh underpins their solution or a data warehouse. They just want to use the data products! Find out why Data Products are the new thing, and will remain the new thing for quite some time on this episode of DM Radio! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview semantics expert David Mariani of AtScale, and data storyteller Lee Feinberg of DecisionViz! They'll talk about what to expect from a data product, and how you can optimize your chances of succeeding in this dynamic domain.
51:50 5/16/24
Data for Good: Leading by Example
Data for good? Well, there’s not much data for bad, right? So notes Daniel Castro of Information Technology Innovation Foundation. He joined long-time industry Analyst and all-around smart guy John Ladley, plus Eric Polet of Arcitect in this exploration of the many ways in which data helps humanity. Topics covered include healthcare, Large Language Models, and also… a personal favorite of Ladley and Host @eric_kavanagh, mortgage-backed securities!
52:29 5/3/24
A Quality Operation - Using AI to Reduce Errors
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42:28 4/25/24
A Matter of Semantics: Summit Preview
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50:38 4/18/24
Black Boxes and Broken Rules: the Future of Data?
Policies were made to be broken. Users don't like to read instructions. And ChatGPT is a giant black box. What's the worst that could happen? Find out on this episode of DM Radio, as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews three DataVengers who will speak at the Data Universe Conference in New York next week: Kate Strachnyi of DATAcated, Scott Taylor, the Data Whisperer, and George Firican of LightsOnData! And be sure to stop by the DataVengers Booth!
52:36 4/4/24
Understanding the Universe of Data
Can you speak data? If so, you are data literate! It's an incredibly valuable skill in the modern world, and it involves much more than knowing the difference between rows and columns. Data literacy means having the ability to understand, work with, analyze, and communicate with data. This includes skills like finding reliable data sources, interpreting charts and graphs, spotting trends, and using data to support decisions. What does that mean for you? Check out this special episode of DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview two experts: Data Warrior, Kent Graziano, now an independent consultant and industry analyst; and data literacy guru, Jordan Morrow of AgileOne! Attendees will learn best practices for improving their data literacy, and could win a free pass to the Data Universe Conference slated for April 10-11 in New York City!
52:40 3/28/24
From RAG to Riches: GenAI Workshop Preview
As the biggest technology shift since the Internet, GenAI continues to shatter traditional mindsets about how work should be done. Engines like ChatGPT, Gemini and Claude can not only generate compelling text and imagery, they can perform complex tasks like ETL, the bread-and-butter of data transformation and integration. But the sands keep shifting, and hallucinations are hard to prevent. What's the solution? Listen to this special DM Radio Virtual Summit to find out! Industry Analyst Yves Mulkers of 7wData will open with a 20-min keynote about the opportunities and risks of GenAI, a teaser of the workshop he's designing for corporate training. Host @eric_kavanagh will explain why RAG models will dominate the management and use of GenAI, encompassing governance, security and even data quality. A panel discussion will then ensue, including Michael Gilfix of KX, and David Sweenor, Author of Tiny Tech Guides, who will speak at the upcoming Data Universe Conference in New York, April 10-11.
53:59 3/21/24
How to 'Edge' Out the Competition With Data
Where is the edge, exactly? And what value can it bring to your business? Simply put, the 'edge' is just about anywhere that you can install a sensor of some kind. Cell phones, oil rigs, cars, toys -- any object with a sensor can live on the edge, as Aerosmith might muse. Learn all about this fascinating landscape of compute on this episode of DM Radio, as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews serial entreprenuer Damian Black, and world-renowned Analyst Dion Hinchcliffe, of Constellation Research!  
53:58 3/21/24
Virtual Summit: Keynote with Yves Mulkers
Industry Analyst Yves Mulkers of 7wData opens a DMRadio Virtual Summit with a 20-min keynote about the opportunities and risks of GenAI, a teaser of the workshop he's designing for corporate training. Host @eric_kavanagh explains why RAG models will dominate the management and use of GenAI, encompassing governance, security and even data quality. A panel discussion then ensues, including Michael Gilfix of KX, and David Sweenor, Author of Tiny Tech Guides, who will speak at the upcoming Data Universe Conference in New York, April 10-11.
30:30 3/21/24
Defining and Adopting a Data Bill of Rights
Pressing issues like data quality, privacy, fairness, ownership and accountability are all converging on the business world today. Add to that the sudden prevalence of Artificial Intelligence as a strategic asset, and it's easy to see why so many organizations are earnestly trying to understand and codify the ethics of data management and AI. Could a Data Bill of Rights help? What are some guidelines to help define such a credo? What are some best practices? How might such a doctrine help guide us through the turbulent and ethically challenging years to come? Register for this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Doug Kimball of Ontotext, Cloud Guru David Linthicum, and DATAcated Founder Kate Strachnyi.
53:58 3/7/24
Engineered for Success: Optimizing Ops
Today's software engineers carry tremendous responsibility. They need to build tools that run the modern business, and regardless of industry, the solutions they build need to be maintained. The good news is that there are countless ways to improve operations these days; the bad news? There are countless ways that things can go wrong!   Check out this episode of DM Radio to hear Host @eric_kavanagh interview two experts in the field: Divanny Lamas of Transposit, and Mohan Atreya of Rafay Systems.  
53:04 2/29/24
Innovation Alert: How to Ride the Seventh Wave
Every so often, the tumblers align to create massive, enduring change. That's where we are right now with the confuence of AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing. All cylinders are firing as companies the world over reinvent themselves, and traditionally manual business processes are automated in new, amazing ways. Find out more on this episode of DM Radio as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews Neal Hansch of Silicon Foundry, Jim Starkey of AmorphousDB, and Andrew Turner of PraxiData.
52:06 2/22/24
The Three A's of Innovation — AI, APIs and Automation
It's all coming together now! The forces of Artificial Intelligence, Application Programming Interfaces and Automation are combining to rewrite the rules of business. Everything is now possible in new ways, and at tremendous scale. But which business processes and opportunities should be addressed first? Check out this episode of DM Radio to find out as Host Eric Kavanagh interviews Marco Palladino of Kong and Lou Bachenheimer of SS&C Blue Prism!
50:47 2/15/24
All Together Now - Unified Analytics
Delve into the hot topic of unified analytics, aiming to provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their operations despite the myriad of data sources, tools, and technologies available. Join an All-Star cast including Bill Schmarzo, Mark Palmer, Ron Itelman, and Juan Cruz Viotti, to reflect on the capabilities of generative AI, highlight the potential pitfalls of blindly adopting AI-generated content and the importance of understanding its capabilities for effective utilization in an enterprise setting.  Tune in as the experts explore strategies for harnessing the power of AI while ensuring its safe and impactful integration into organizational workflows.
52:24 2/10/24
Quality First: Why AI Demands Trustworthy Data
The age-old adage of "garbage in, garbage out' takes on new meaning in the AI era. That's because AI engines are incredibly powerful, which means that feeding them garbage will result in a terrible mess! And once a model is trained, it's hard to untrain or retrain. That's why data quality must be a priority from the outset! Learn more on this episode of DM Radio as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews Kevin Kline from Solarwinds and Malcolm Hawker of Profisee.
51:31 2/1/24
Can Foundational Models Short-Circuit Enterprise Software?
Foundational models will subsume every corner of enterprise software, sooner or later. Where does analytics fall into that schedule? Or customer service? Or HR? We'll find out on this episode of DM Radio as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews industry veteran Justin Reock of Cortex and a special guest!
52:09 1/25/24
Great Expectations? Focus on Practical AI
We all know that AI will change everything, but it won't really change everything, at least not all at once. That said, big changes are underway right now, and the rate of change will likely continue. What's a savvy business person to do? Check out this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Dr. Eric Siegel, author of a new book; and Paul Marca of Ikigai Academy. They'll discuss what to expect from AI, and especially how that will affect the workforce.
49:06 1/18/24
The Best of CES 2024
What are the coolest innovations in consumer electronics? We hit CES 2024 to find out! In this episode of DM Radio, Hosts Jim Harris and Eric Kavanagh interview several experts, including Dr. Patrick Boehler of Constellium, Dave Arland for ATSC, Andy Chatham of DriveDimo, and Raja Rajamannar of Mastercard!
53:07 1/12/24
All Bets Are Off: Say Hello to Interactive AI
Just when you thought the AI game couldn't get more interesting, along comes Interactive AI! In a nutshell, this space involves the use of autonomous or semi-autonomous AI agents that collaborate with each other and traditional software systems to get things done. Think chatbots on steroids. There are many use cases, but all share a common thread: intelligent automation that tackles tedious tasks so people can liberate themselves for higher-value work. What does this mean for you and your organization? Check out 2024's inaugural DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Sanjeev Mohan of SanjMo, Usama Fayyad of Northeastern University, and a special guest! Topics will include how to make AI faster, how to reduce costs by running models on existing commercial hardware with CPUs, how to make AI more actionable; and how Mistral's new Mixtral-8x7B uses a Mixture of Experts that chains together smaller models that are more targeted and efficient.
52:52 1/4/24
Hybrid Cloud and the Need for Unified Analytics
In the old days of analytics, engineers would spend hours fine-tuning the database to optimize query times for high-value workloads. The result was highly efficient analysis on-prem. Then along came the cloud with its remarkable scalaility. Need more compute? No problem! But with hardware and software often bundled, there's no incentive for that bespoke engineering. And up go the costs! That's why some organizations are repatriating analytic workloads from the cloud. According to one CTO, for the price they were paying in the cloud, “I could re-buy the hardware every three months.” How prevalent is this? Ceck out this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Paige Roperts of OpenText Vertica, and Eugene Burke of Digital Strategies Group. They'll discuss the pros and cons of cloud vs on-prem, and why most solutions will remain hybrid for years to come.  
53:10 12/14/23
The Consumer Electronics Show Must Go On!
AI and robots and drones, oh my! The blockbuster Consumer Electronics Show returns to Las Vegas in 2024 with a rock-em sock-em lineup of amazing technologies! What's in store for the hordes of tech aficionados? Check out this very special DM Radio to find out, as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews legendary Canadian Broadcaster Jim Harris, along with world-renowned Influencers, Evan Kirstel, Chris Pereira and Irma Rastegayeva! They'll cover the hottest trends and technologies shaping the world today!
51:56 12/7/23
The Indestructible Database? You Decide!
“We have literally been unable to kill this thing. No matter what we’ve thrown at it." So said Dylan O’Mahony, then of Bose. What is this thing, this unkillable database? It's CockroachDB! Learn more by checking out this special Holiday Episode of DM Radio, as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews CEO Spener Kimball. They'll talk all things distributed SQL, cloud native, and bulletproof architectures!
44:48 11/30/23
A Universe of Data: The Foundation of AI
Data, data, everywhere! And AI needs a drink! In this very special episode of DM Radio, Host @eric_kavanagh interviews the inimitable Alistair Croll, the Chair for Data Universe, the US version of Big Data London. Tune in to hear how AI may well transform society in pleasant, and some unpleasant ways!
46:35 11/22/23
AI for AI: Back in Time
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
73:09 11/2/23
Waves of Innovation: Analytics Anywhere, At-Scale
The business challenges get harder, the data more complex. What's an information professional to do? The new mantra is scale; the tried-and-true method remains SQL. How can these two forces combine to deliver actionable insights? The first answer is a distributed SQL engine, built to handle the depth and breadth of today's data sources. The second answer is Iceberg, the game-changing open-table format for large-scale analytics datasets. Register for this episode of DM Radio to hear Host @eric_kavanagh interview industry veteran, Steve Sarsfield of OpenText Vertica. They'll get into the weeds of today's analytical landscape, and why a new, more powerful engine is table stakes for being able to access, parse and analyze relevant data. They'll also explore the value of newly supported data types like JSON, geospatial and time-series data; in addition to new functionality that streamlines the design and deployment of machine learning models.
53:35 11/2/23
The Modern Data Stack vs Hyperscale Data Warehousing
The modern data stack is a collection of cloud-based tools and technologies used to collect, store, process, and analyze data in a scalable way. It is a departure from traditional data stacks, which were often based on on-premises infrastructure and were not as well-suited for handling large volumes of data or complex data pipelines. But with this new approach comes complexity, and organizations must determine if the value outweighs the cost. Another, newer route has emerged for companies interested in serious analytical power: Hyperscale! This new architecture leverages an array of technical advances, including compute-adjacent storage, simplified data pipelines that make data available to more users, built-in integrations for a whole host of data sources, and machine learning algorithms baked into the architecture. Learn more on this episode of DM Radio as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews Chris Gladwin, CEO of Ocient, and Hyoun Park of Amalgam Insights.
49:42 10/19/23
Exchange and Exchange Alike: Data Aplenty
Sharing is caring, and that's as true in data as it is in life! Many organizations are discovering the value of buying, or even renting third-party data. This can help with targeting, planning, executing or just researching. What's it all about? Check out this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Andy Hannah of 1486 Labs, along with Analyst Eugene Burke, and Damian Black of SQLStream.
51:50 10/12/23
Where in the World? The Reality of Geospatial Data
Tune in to this episode of DM Radio to explore how geospatial data is shaping the way we understand and interact with the world around us. Whether you're a data enthusiast, a business leader, or simply curious about the power of location-based data, this episode promises to be an informative and engaging discussion you won't want to miss. Join host Eric Kavanagh as he delves into the fascinating world of geospatial data. Eric is joined by two esteemed experts in the field: Eugene Burke, a data strategy leader, and Nima Negahban, the CEO of Kinetica.
52:29 10/5/23