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Shocking Results on CDC’s Vaccine v-safe Data and Q & A 40 on America Out Loud PULSE
America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter McCullough and Malcolm Out Loud – I am afraid that my kids will get cancer, autoimmune disease, if they don't get killed by myocarditis first. Is it true that there is an Ivermectin protocol to minimize the damage the mRNA vaccine will have on my kids? My 45yr old daughter began having seizures after taking the initial Covid vax. Is this a common after-effect?
59:14 10/07/2022
Law Enforcement’s Support from the Governor’s Mansion is Crucial
The Voice for American Law Enforcement with Lt. Randy Sutton – In the contentious race for the governorship of the state of Nevada, the polls have Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Clark County Sheriff, a Republican almost even with the incumbent Governor. The Republicans and Democrats are pouring millions of dollars into the state of Nevada. Sheriff Lombardo...
57:54 10/07/2022
Coercive Sexuality Laws
The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – It appears that the only direction society is moving is toward endorsing more and more self-described sexual "rights" at the expense not only of the rights of the majority, but of the destruction of the rule of law. In other words, in the 21st century, it appears you only have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if it somehow involves sex.
57:17 10/07/2022
USCG (Ret) Vice Admiral Lee Calls Out Coast Guard Abuses of Expelling Cadets
Whistleblower Report – This is an explosive expose of Constitutional violations and purging of people of faith that are having catastrophic adverse impacts on military readiness, national security, and retention and recruiting. The destruction of our national security is a threat ALL Americans should be outraged about and start pressing elected officials to stop...
57:47 10/06/2022
Growing Up in 2022 is Unlike any other Time Period
America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – By the time a child reaches their teenage years, they are immersed in a world of too much information and unrealistic standards set forth by social influencers. We are awarding those that distort reality while ignoring the youths' distorted truth. As a result of the pandemic lockdowns and social media overload, children are experiencing more...
36:32 10/06/2022
Everyone’s Wrong About Konnech and the NY Times Story
The JD Rucker Political Report – Konnech stored personal data for the most important people during any election: Poll workers. We've seen how much power they can have in close elections. We all saw videos from the 2020 election when poll workers were counting, double-counting, and triple-counting ballots. We saw videos of them bringing out boxes...
56:59 10/06/2022
A Radical, Lawless Democrat Agenda is Failing America
After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – Bebe Diamond cautions voters that voting for Democrats could mean life or death. Diamond said Democrats are only concerned with power while leaving citizens like sitting ducks for criminals. She said the amount of crime impacting black and Hispanic communities is outrageous, and Democrats are doing nothing to stop it...
55:25 10/06/2022
The Detection of mRNA Vaccines in Human Breast Milk
America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Vaughn & Dr. Tankersley – They are risking the life of a young and healthy individual on a technology where the only response is ‘no evidence’, which undermines basic medical ethics, professional integrity, and public trust in our sovereign profession. Our guest today, Dr. James Thorp, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist...
57:16 10/06/2022
Pro Se Litigation: Your Action Options to Fight for Justice to Save Our Country
Whistleblower Report – “FIGHT for JUSTICE! No opponent too big. No client too small. We must hold companies, governments, and other institutions accountable,” – Attorney Warner Mendenhall. Led by a team of attorneys, to motivate, educate, and inspire citizens in a lawful, asymmetrical, and overwhelming force that will take our nation back and work to restore...
57:31 10/06/2022
Why Steve Kirsch Went From Vaxx-Pusher to Anti-Vaxxer
The JD Rucker Political Report – That's the key. All cause mortality because these guys just focus on one thing, which is, 'Oh, did the vaccine have an, uh, an effect?' Yeah, but at what cost? They never think that the vaccines could be causing any significant mortality or morbidity. You know, it's like the most recent boosters, right? They're tested on eight mice. They're not even tested on human beings...
100:38 10/06/2022
Why People Still Trust Those in Government
The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – How can you tell when a politician is lying? The answer I usually get is some variation of "When their lips are moving!" While this is probably one of the most often used jokes about politicians, what does it say about the American people? Not only do we hire liars to exercise our power in our names, but the...
56:47 10/05/2022
David vs. Goliath, Citizens’ Legal Actions Against Tyranny
Whistleblower Report – You can file legal actions against election officials, against hospitals who deny treatment and put patients on the COVID death protocols, against county and state officials who issue unlawful mandates for experimental products…and more. Turn in to learn more in this two-part series of Legal Reports as our courageous attorneys...
57:00 10/05/2022
Plagiarism, Academic Dishonesty, Outright Lies – The Biden Chronicles
America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – Biden gave a speech where he told the media and those in attendance that Puerto Ricans in Delaware helped raise him politically. This was just another lie to pander to minority groups. Biden has a long history of plagiarism, academic dishonesty, resume inflation, and recalling events that never happened. The website PolitiFact reads like an...
38:38 10/05/2022
Giorgia Maloni, Nationalist, Populist, Family First for Italy
The Ladies of Liberty Sound Off – The first woman prime minister is fiscally conservative, family first, a Nationalist who believes in God, is pro-life, and believes that biology determines males and females. Despite holding those beliefs, she has no intention to ban abortions and does not have a problem with people in the LGBTQ community, only that their...
57:53 10/05/2022
How the Media Treats Republicans vs. Democrats
After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – Who knew Joe Biden could speak to dead people or Kamala Harris had forged a US relationship with North Korea? Yet, that’s what we saw on full display when Biden was asked if Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, who was killed in a car accident in August, was present during a WH event. Now mind you, Biden had eulogized her after her death...
56:26 10/05/2022
Informed Consent and Medical Coercion in the Era of COVID
America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Marilyn Singleton – Many patients and physicians had lost their curiosity about the effects of many medications, including vaccines. But we must not be lazy about exercising our rights. We need informed consent before subjecting our bodies to any outside intervention – even if it is “for our own good.”
59:02 10/04/2022
Six Banks Are Colluding with the Federal Reserve to Take Your Freedom
America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – The WEF and the rest of the New World Order are coming for you and your freedom. They want to know every dollar purchased and penalize you when they disagree with your spending habits. The banks behind this pilot program are six of the largest in the country. They all have horrendous public trust issues as lawsuits have been...
34:10 10/04/2022
Karl Marx Was Right: ‘No Heritage, No Country’
The Prism of America’s Education with Host Karen Schoen – Globalists have plans for us, and MAGA is in the way. For them to execute their goals, they must lie. Whatever globalists say, think the opposite. Globalists hate that we love America and the freedoms we still have. Who do you want to control your future? United Nations with overly communist globalist members? or yourself?
58:21 10/04/2022
The Making of a Great America Is a Labor of Love
Unity Without Compromise with Dr. Steven LaTulippe – It took the heart of a people who were devoted to the good of one another, who were committed to Christian principles celebrating the greatness of the individual, but not in a selfish way. Just the opposite of mandates, the American story is not one of forced actions, but of inner compulsion and free...
59:06 10/04/2022
Courage to Face COVID-19 in Central America
The McCullough Report with Dr. Peter McCullough – With the worldwide nature of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, with >600M people affected and so many doctors engaged, it should come as no surprise that many different approaches developed over time and were found to be successful based upon empiric observations. While the world had a...
58:48 10/04/2022
What’s Good About Cholesterol?
Energetic Health Radio with Dr. Henry Ealy – In this episode of Energetic Health Radio, Dr. H talks about What’s Good and shares three recent positive outcomes with cases on the topics of Cholesterol, Bee Stings, and Seasonal Allergies. Energetic Health works again! Take back control of your life with... The 8 Essential Steps To Health & Freedom...
57:27 10/04/2022
Credit Suisse and the Milkshake Theory, Financial Default is Coming
America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – Based in Switzerland, the bank is now in significant trouble, losing over 50% of its value this year. They are on the verge of default, and the ripple effect could devastate world markets. October 27th, 2022, will be the day to look forward to, as they will need to decide on their path forward by then...
33:17 10/03/2022
Mass Shootings Lessons Learned
Chasing Justice with Lt. Joe Pangaro – Unfortunately, statistics tell us it won’t be the last event. Lt. Joe uses this tragic attack as a backdrop to discuss lessons learned for our schools, businesses, religious facilities, and anywhere else people gather so we can all be safer. Don’t miss this episode! 
58:31 10/03/2022
F.B.I. Now Stands for the Federal Bureau of Intimidation
The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – We have allowed federal law enforcement to become the jack-booted thugs we see in the news today because we were afraid after Sept. 11, 2001. Today, if you see someone come to your door with an FBI jacket on, realize that it no longer stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but for the...
56:33 10/03/2022
Taking Back Control of Your Life: Week 4 Herbs Everyone Should Meet
The Voice of a Nation with Dr. Henry Ealy and Malcolm Out Loud – Energy drives all cellular functions. It is the MOST ESSENTIAL factor in whether a cell works like it’s designed to, or not. Next, is alkaline cellular pH, a topic we haven’t covered in detail yet, but one that is assisted greatly by eliminating Delayed Food Allergens and eating an Organic, Plant-based diet...
59:01 10/03/2022
Is this the Fate of ‘Green Energy’?
The Other Side of the Story with Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris – According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the world will be generating about six million metric tons of new solar e-waste every year. This is because up to seventy-eight million metric tons of solar panels will have reached the end of their life by 2050. There are no serious plans on how to...
58:23 10/03/2022
Xi Jinping’s Weasel-Fart-Tactic, a Rumor of ‘China Coup’
Dr. Li-Meng Yan with The Voice of Dr. Yan – The rumor went extremely viral on social media and lasted for several days. Let’s talk about Xi Jinping & his weasel-fart tactics in this episode. When the weasel is in danger, it releases a stinky fart to prevent hunting. Why does his team create and promote it? Besides insiders, what is necessary for a real coup against Xi-CCP?
58:31 10/03/2022
Shiva Bagheri isn’t Giving Up on California or MAGA
After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – Since Bagheri started organizing her rallies, she said, local law enforcement in California has been harassing her for exercising her rights guaranteed under the Constitution. She said she hopes other people will join in and support her efforts to expose the left and its woke agenda, which is bad for America...
56:04 10/02/2022
Necessity – The Plea of Every Infringement of Your Rights
The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Most people I talk to say they place a high value on things like freedom, liberty, and their rights, but do our actions match our rhetoric? It's one thing when government pays you for the rights they infringe on, either with cash or services. What about when they simply walk up and take it? Those in government often claim they do it because...
56:33 10/02/2022
Ethics in Healthcare: Why Did Nurses and Physicians Forget their Oaths?
America Out Loud PULSE with Jodi O’Malley MSN, RN – From the onset of our government's declaration of the National Emergency Act and the subsequent novel policy and protocol changes handed down to the medical community in the name of COVID, I began to question the novel mandates being forced upon our society. Did Nurses and Physicians forget the oath they swore to uphold?
58:34 10/01/2022