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Nina is a German, living in Germany. Shaun is originally from South Africa, living in Germany. Together they compare notes about their perspectives of life in Germany.


The bureaucracy of leaving Germany
Shaun + Nina discuss the Super Bowl, and Nina explains the hoops she has to jump through to leave GermanySEND US MESSAGES OR FEEDBACK!Contact us: info@everydaygermany.deSubscribe to our YouTube channel: Everyday Germany on YouTubeMusic + Artwork by Adrian Bran
31:41 2/20/24
Meeting Nina's boyfriend, and Nina's news
Ruben, Nina's boyfriend, joins us to discuss his impressions of Germany and what it's like dating a German. Plus: Nina has some news.SEND US MESSAGES OR FEEDBACK!Contact us: info@everydaygermany.deSubscribe to our YouTube channel: Everyday Germany on YouTubeMusic + Artwork by Adrian Bran
52:38 2/5/24
Anti-extremism protests in Germany // New German citizenship laws
Nina + Shaun discuss the recent mass protests against the far right in Germany, and ask if the new citizenship laws "cheapen" the German passport.
36:35 1/24/24
German home remedies: scarves, onion bags and more
Nina explains how Germans cure colds and other illnesses with home remedies.
26:48 12/21/23
German Christmas traditions
Get into the German Christmas spirit with Nina and Shaun. 
44:31 12/6/23
The German Bundesliga
Nina + Shaun discuss German football.
46:09 11/29/23
Live at Podcast-Brause in November 2023: Deutsche Kritikkultur
Live recording of the German episode Shaun + Nina recorded at the Podcast-Brause in November 2023 in Nürnberg.
34:31 11/14/23
Fall traditions in Germany
Shaun and Nina will be recording a live episode in German at the Podcast-Brause in Nürnberg on 8 November 2023. Entry is free! More details are available here: US MESSAGES OR FEEDBACK!Contact us: info@everydaygermany.deSubscribe to our YouTube channel: Everyday Germany on YouTubeMusic + Artwork by Adrian Bran
33:51 11/3/23
The Jugendwort of 2023
Shaun + Nina are back! They catch up with their COVID experiences and talk about the Jugendwort of 2023.
23:30 10/27/23
Gendering in German
Nina and Shaun discuss the recent focus on gender-neutral language in German.
30:20 7/27/23
The story of German Americans
Nina goes solo to discuss her roots as a German American.
17:57 7/21/23
Grumpy Germans
Shaun tells Nina a story about a recent altercation he had with a grumpy German.
16:24 7/15/23
Bad graffiti flowers, the Fuggers, and Spezi: Augsburg is cool
Nina drops some historical nuggets about her home town, Augsburg. 
32:41 7/9/23
Spezi, Club-Mate, and other German soft drinks (with Dominik from Ach?)
Dominik from Ach? joins us to talk about German soft drinks.
32:02 6/29/23
How to be a good dinner guest in Germany
Nina explains what Germans expect from you when having dinner in their home.
37:07 6/13/23
King Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein castle, and listener feedback
Shaun and Nina discuss the history of Neuschwanstein castle, and they go through some listener feedback.
19:34 6/1/23
Do Germans believe in horoscopes?
Shaun and Nina discuss horoscopes and personality tests.
36:22 5/29/23
Is the German school system classist?
Shaun + Nina discuss the German school system.
35:21 5/19/23
Nazi billionaires - interview with David de Jong
David de Jong is a guest on Everyday Germany to discuss his book, Nazi Billionaires.
37:32 5/12/23
German asparagus day // 1st May protests // Naked landlord // Self determination
Shaun and Nina discuss some news stories they found
26:27 5/5/23
Using "servus" as a greeting // Germans and boardgames
Shaun + Nina discuss boardgames in Germany, and talk about the correct usage of "Servus" in Bavaria.
28:21 4/29/23
Common things Germans say and do, and what they mean
Episode previously released on The Germany Experience in March 2021.
39:33 4/21/23
Germany kind of declares the pandemic over // Germans eat less meat // 4 day work week
Shaun gives a short bureaucracy update, and they go through some news stories.
29:37 4/14/23
Der Struwwelpeter and other horrifying children's stories
Nina and Shaun discuss Struwwelpeter and some of the works of the Brothers Grimm.
27:45 3/30/23
German youths are in debt // German bureaucracy
Shaun + Nina look at some news reports, and Shaun rants about German bureaucracy.
36:57 3/24/23
Germans love breakfast, and spring traditions in Germany
Shaun + Nina discuss whether or not breakfast is the Germans' favorite meal of the day, and they talk about asparagus season. 
38:49 3/17/23
Sustainable consumerism in Germany
How sustainable are German consumer habits?
19:17 3/10/23
Listener feedback: Nina's revoked Bavarian passport, Shaun's masonry oven, and more
Shaun and Nina answer listener feedback.
30:54 3/1/23
Safety for women in Germany
Nina discusses how safe Germany is, and tells a story about an incident that happened to her. 
31:13 2/22/23
Fasching/Karneval in Germany
Shaun and Nina talk about the origins and customs around Fasching and Karneval in Germany.
33:32 2/15/23